Birthday from Up Above!

February 8, 2011

Hi Guys!

So yesterday was indeed my birthday. No I’m not fishing for tons of belated bday wishes. πŸ™‚ Rather I wanted to share with you the new and exciting thing I did yesterday for the very first time: A hot air balloon ride! While I’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful adventures- sky-diving, shark diving, etc. etc. I’ve never actually been in a hot air balloon. And there is nothing I love more than a new adventure!

I also thought it would be fitting with so many exciting things coming this way for me this year. I wanted to have the feeling of floating up past boundaries and into the sky- just as all of our dreams have limitless potential! We went at sunrise rather than sunset, which also signified new beginnings for the new year ahead.

I also think hot air ballooning is very interesting. When I asked our captain Will, who is ranked #16 in the world in balloon racing BTW :), which way we would be going, he replied, “I have no idea. In a hot air balloon you only go up, down and where the wind takes you.” I love that response!!! We caught some winds, but Will did steer a little bit. We had the vans following us from below, to meet us in the field we landed in. Actually we landed right on a road! Thankfully it was pretty deserted, with very few cars!

And so it is with life. We have control over our feelings going “up” by being positive, making the most of things, spending time with our meditation and spiritual practices, etc. But he “wind,” aka life, takes us wherever… we don’t have complete control. But with our positive energy and being clear on what we want, I believe we do attract the right “winds” that take us towards where we want to go. To me, that is one of the most exciting aspects of life! We have the power to co-create our life, along with the universe.

We had 2 big propane tanks and when we started, and periodically, Will would just fan up the flame! It was pretty loud.

We also took off so quickly! One minute the dudes below were holding the ropes, then the next thing I knew we had floated up thousands of feet! The only thing that seemed a little scary to me was that the bottom of the balloon basket was just a thinnish layer of wood, with a few circular holes etched in it here and there, so you could see all the way down. It wasn’t the most solid “floor” I could have imagined!

Watching the sunrise over the Coachella Valley, east of LA, was just beautiful, and inspirational.

This is the other balloon that went up with us. I like the smiley face on the top!

But with Will we were on the more “serious” racing balloon, one that had only been up once before us! He was a very spirited character, shall we say. πŸ™‚

And there’s nothing like having a mimosa (or a few sips of one!) at 6: 30 am on your birthday morning! πŸ™‚

Have a great week!!!

Love, from my heart chakra to yours,



  1. Happy Belated Birthday Kim πŸ™‚
    Best wishes!

  2. Hi Kim and fellow bloggers!

    I am graduating in the spring from graduate school (in nutrition) and finally have the time to indulge in my passion of traveling.
    Since you have traveled to so many fantastic places, I wanted to get your advice on traveling to Thailand (where to go, stay, etc.) or any other places in Asia you think of. I want to avoid touristy places and get to know the true culture.


  3. Happy, Happy – yes belated but not forgotten – Birthday Kimbe!

    These are wonderful photos of you. Your site is even on my news bar, so I won’t miss a beat; both informational and entertaining. I know this is a public forum and will send a follow-up private email too, but we’re all so thrilled and proud of you. I will repost [on both fb and twitter] for the upcoming Beauty Detox release when it finally hits the bookstores. We’ve pre-ordered our share already and look forward to making it a NYT bestseller (my prediction).

    Much love and blessings to you. πŸ™‚


  4. Happy Birthday!!! This Year is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!

  5. Awesome post and Happy Birthday!! I’ve always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride!!



  6. kim, you are just so lovely! reading your blog has been so inspiring to me. thank you for sharing this recent adorable post – put a genuine morning smile on my face!! πŸ™‚

  7. Happy birthday, Kimberly! I’ve always found your blog so inspiring, and I hope that this new year/chapter of your life brings you even more light and abundance! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Dana, and all, for your thoughtful and sweet birthday wishes!! Lots of love to all!!
      xx Kimberly

  8. Very exciting start of your birthday. I hope you had a wonderful time. I wish you all the best, lots of love, happiness and may all your dreams come true!

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday Kim!!!

    From cold NYC I send you a warm kiss and a hug with a lot of love! The best for you and have fun!

  10. What a great gift! Happy Birthday, this will be quite a year for you πŸ™‚

  11. Happy birthday Kimberly!!! So many of your adventures remind me of myself. On my 2nd wedding anniversary my husband surprised me and took me to Napa for a hot air balloon ride. Your right, you feel so free up there, Its very peaceful. We have been sky diving, Shark diving in the Philippines, We went white water rafting in Costa Rica and down in the Grand Canyon then air lifted back up in a helicopter, Hiked Half Dome in Yosemite twice, Went zip lining in Maui and Costa Rica. Went Diving With Manta rays in Maui. I ran a 1/2 marathon in Dec. I love to snow ski and water ski. I would like to heli ski one time. I just love going on adventures and trying new and exciting challenges. When I read your blogs I feel like I can so relate to you. Oh and yes, I am drinking my green smoothies, My whole family loves them! My two year old ask’s me. “Mommie I want smoothie” Its so cute!!! I am looking forward to reading your book just as much as I look forward to reading your blogs! By any chance are you comming up to Northern Cali for your book signing? I would love to chat in person with you. Thanks Kimberly! I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday week!!! Bonnie…

    • Wow Bonnie, it sounds like we are kindred spirits! Like attracts like. πŸ™‚
      Do you still travel with your 2-year old? When I have kids I want to travel with them also!
      We are having big events in LA and NY, and I am flying to other markets for events, though I’m not sure which ones yet. Hope to see you somewhere!
      xx Kimberly

      • Hi Kimberly, Yes we take our kids everywhere with us. We have two girls one is 2yrs, and the other is almost 7yrs old. They both love traveling and being out with nature. You have to start from the beginning and it becomes part of their life. I feel its important to bond with family and nature that way! My parents were the same way with me and my siblings. Please let me know when and where in Cali you will be for your big events please!!! xx Bonnie


  13. Happy Birthday! Just one question – how do you sip a samosa? Isn’t it a pastry? :)Much love and adventure on this next year of your life! ❀

    • Wow, thanks Sarah for pointing that out!!
      You can tell how very infrequently I have hard alcoholic beverages (wine is more my style, occasionally!). It is of course a mimosa. πŸ™‚

  14. I know you weren’t fishing…but Happy belated Birthday! It looks like you had an amazing day. You’re so full of life and vitality. I love it!

  15. Yesterday was my birthday too! Looks like it was amazing, Happy Birthday Kimberly!

  16. Hi Kim,

    This looks like it was an amazing trip! Congrats on being another year older and wiser. I wish you the best in the year to come.

  17. Happy Birthday Kim!
    Best wishes!
    Thank you for your posts.
    With love,

  18. Well I amd glad you had a happy Birhday Kim, you dont looka day over 21

    • Thanks Forest! I really believe our “age” has to do with our mentality, and our lifestyle, especially our diet!
      xx Kimberly

  19. Happy Birth day may i god bless you always happy

  20. adorable, esp the last pic! Much love, many blessings and Happy Birthday Kim!!

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