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Herbs for Beauty

December 13, 2010

Hey Guys!

I hope you had a great weekend! Since it is the beginning of a new week, I wanted to suggest really early on that next weekend you should go see Tron when it hits theatres. Not only is it awesome, but the female lead, Olivia Wilde, is a really lovely and warm person. I like her very much. And she is a vegan!

Today I got to engage in one of all-time favorite pastimes: hiking. It was about 85 degrees today! It is a joy that here in LA I can drive 15 minutes and be in the beautiful forest. There is an abundance of interesting plants and flowers out here in LA, and I love exploring, smelling, and taking a close look at the many remarkable natural wonders that are around. (I also saw an adorable bunny and a majestic hawk- but alas the living creatures in nature are usually too fast and sprightly for me! After I stare for a few minutes I’m too slow to get to my camera!)

There are lots of amazing wild weeds and plants that have beautifying properties. Here are a few of them:

Nettles: This incredible wild herb is rich in natural minerals and is great as an astringent to help tone the skin. When rubbed into the scalp it is said to help stimulate circulation and promote hair growth.

Horsetail: This natural herb is very high in silica. It helps strengthen hair, and can be applied to hair after washing. Place a few tablespoons of dried horsetail (you can add nettles as well) in a glass mason jar, add some boiling water and place cap on. Allow to infuse for a few hours, then straight out the herbs and rinse hair with the infused water.

Red Clover: These blossoms are great for dry or sensitive skin. They have anti-inflammatory properties and are great for steaming the face. Here’s the best way to do an herbal steam: Place red clover and other wild herbs (like wild rose) in a large glass bowl, and place very hot water over the herbs. Cover with a towel over the bowl so that the oil from the herbs will infuse into the water. Allow to steep (like tea!) for 5-7 minutes. Then place face near the bowl and cover your head over with a large towel. Be sure that the steam is not too great or that you are not overheating your skin in any way. Breathe deeply, and gently steam your pores for about 10 minutes or so.

Wild Rose Leaves: These leaves are great for using in facial steams as well. They have astringent properties which are particularly useful for oily skin, or skin that is combination with oily “T zone” areas.

Comfrey: The root and the leaf both are great for dry and sensitive skin. Can be used as a toner or incorporated into creams.

Yarrow: An infusion made from the flower blossoms is a good natural treatment for acne. As an astringent, it is quite strong.

Chickweed: This herb is rich in minerals and has medicinal properties to sooth the skin.

If you are being adventurous and harvesting your own wild weeds, be sure to use a detailed field guide with pictures to help ensure you are properly identifying the correct plants. And please be respectful so as not to hurt the local environment. You can also get dried herbs from specialty health stores.

Have a healthy start to your week! Do your best to make good choices, even in the midst of the holidays.

See you soon!

Love, Kimberly


Skin and My Other Product Obsessions Of the Moment

August 23, 2010

Last night I went to an Emmy's party in Hollywood. The first person I met right when I walked in the door, through a friend of a friend, was Kathy Griffin! I admire her courage and just putting whatever she is thinking out there, and for being a strong woman! I'm a fan. I'm wearing the Sally B's natural lipgloss here in Ruby's Red.

Heeelloooo there!!

Hope you had a great weekend! I just finished my first week here, which was amazing! It was busy, but very successful. Again, the past week sort of feels like a month, because so much happens and my days are so full. The days never blur together. Isn’t time funny how it can seem to fly by or slow down?

I have noticed my skin freaking out a bit since I’ve gotten to LA. I am not a huge fan of the dessert climate, but what are you going to do? In the summer I usually don’t put any lotion at all on my body, but here my legs started getting flakey, almost immediately. I feel the moisture being leached right out—–eek!! I’ve been doubling up during the day with coconut oil as a lotion.

I really love the Artisana brand’s coconut oil, which is free of pesticides, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, stabilizers, added oils, GMO’s. Coconut butter is the coconut meat ground up, but coconut oil is only the oil pressed out, and that is what you want to use on your skin rather than the coconut butter.

By the way, the Artisana has a great raw tahini! I used it yesterday to make my Raw Chickpea-less hummus for a party yesterday.

I was given a bottle of Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion, which is decent. It sort of creeps me out that there is milk (dairy!!) in there, and I found that I had to keep applying it to make my skin feel anywhere near “naturally nourished.”

The quest continues to find a good paraben-free body lotion! For now I’ll just stick to the coconut oil.

I managed to squeeze in getting to the steamroom at a very luxurious, organic spa the other day, because I miss the humidity of Chicago and New York so much!! Call me crazy, but I love the moisture on my skin. It makes me feel moisturized, rather than my skin is being choked of every last drop of its precious natural water!

I’m totally obsessed with the Ojon hair products now. They are awesome because they don’t contain parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMO’s, or triclosan. Here are my faves: The Ojon Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment, Ojon Ultra Hydrating Shampoo, and Ojon Ultra Hydrating Conditioner. You can get it straight from their website,, or at Sephora.

And speaking of Sephora, you know how everybody gets those little tins of lipgloss/moisturizer that they sell at the front? They seem so innocent because they are strawberry flavored (I think) and are labeled as “natural.” I can’t remember the name because I never use them…because they are all petroleum-based! Terrible for the collagen in the lips. My advice? Chuck ‘em right now!

When I was working on a movie in April in Atlanta, I found a great brand down there called Sally B’s Skin Yummies. I now use their B Glossy Organic Lip Gloss, which not only moisturizes, my lips, but it is a pretty color and has a great smell/taste. Check out the ingredients: Organic Castor Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Vitamin E, Carneuba Wax, Organic Lecithin, Mica, Peppermint.

I use Ruby’s Red. I keep one in my purse and one in my bathroom. Love!! Their website is

Speaking of lips, I love the non-toxic lipgloss by the Christopher Drummond line ( Here are the ingredients: Castor oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, beeswax, candella wax, mica, iron oxides, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

My favorite is Carnival, which I think is so pretty. It feels and looks great!!

Enjoy! I’ll write more soon!!!!

Lots of love, Kimberly


An Extension of Our Skin We Must Protect: Our Nails

October 18, 2009


Hey Guys! Hope you had a nice weekend. 🙂 Friday afternoon, after a long but wonderful week, I decided to go out and buy this dark nail polish (pictured here). I painted it on, and felt instantly transformed! Isn’t it so great that us ladies can transform with something so simple as nail polish? I haven’t worn dark polish in ages- usually I trend towards red polish on my toes, and clear tones on my fingers. Why? Hmm…Well I try to keep my keep my feet looking decent because I am barefoot so much in teaching and practicing yoga. I really like classic red, or let them breathe with no polish at all (especially when I’m traveling). In warm months and when I do food demos, I like clear polish on my fingers or nothing because I like that light, clean look and  I don’t want my nails to be distracting to people or on TV.

By the way, our nails are a fantastic indicator of our overall health. Which we’ll talk about in another nail blog!

IMG00029-20091018-1832-1But what girl doesn’t like some dark polish in the cold winter months?? 🙂 Again, like I said- very transformational and very satisfying, that we can just sit in our apt. and instantly (and not permanently- so no big commitment!) change our whole look!

Well this is all safe and good fun except that I want to remind us that our nails are part of our skin. They are very porous, and can absorb chemicals and compounds right into them. That is why acrylic nail add-ons are toxic, hideous inventions that should be banned. That is also why I haven’t stepped foot in a nail salon in years. Unless it is a “green” nail salon, which I hear about sometimes,though haven’t seen one- (has anyone seen one??). I haven’t exactly been seeking them out either though. But in most nail salons, you are almost 100% guaranteed to have to choose from toxic nail polishes. Nooo thanks!!!! I guess I could bring my own polish in there and have them use that- but I don’t bother. Plus I sort of like doing it myself, while watching TV or letting them dry while reading at home. 🙂 Cozy!

Here are the 3 Big Nail Polish Toxins that we should avoid:

1. Toluene: This is a clear liquid also used paints, thinners, and inks. It makes nail polish smooth and makes it dry quicker. So beware of all those “quick dry” polishes!! Toxic to the liver and kidneys, and can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

2. Formaldehyde: A carcinogenic preservative and is used in nail polish as a nail hardener and to keep it from chipping. Also toxic to the organs and can cause immune dysfunction (!).

3. Dibutyl phthalate (DBP): Also found in plastics, personal care products, paints, and pesticides. It’s used as a plasticizer that makes plastics soft and flexible. In nail polish it acts as a binder to make the nail polish last longer. Phthalates are also known carcinogens, are known to cause birth defects, and damage the reproductive organs. Particularly, it has shown to cause underdeveloped genitals in newborn boys and long-term fertility problems. It has also shown to be toxic to the liver, lungs, and kidneys. We can absorb phthalates through skin contact. Note: Many moisturizers and skin care products also contain phthalates!!!! Of course, The Solution, my moisturizer does not. Be sure yours doesn’t either!!

Ladies, this is not a time to cheap out and get crappy drugstore brands if you buy your own polish. Make sure you get polish that is of good quality. Your nails after all, are part of your skin. And if you DO go to nail salons regularly, I recommend bringing your own polish that is free of these Big 3 Toxins.


You can still get nectarines at the Union Square Farmer's Market in NYC!

Some good non-toxic brands are Aquarella, Suncoat, and Honeybee gardens. I think they sell some of these brands at Wholefoods? If you know of more great color/quality/non-toxic brands or where they’re sold, please pass that along!

Have a beautiful day. 🙂  See you back here soon.

Lots of love,



Union Square Farmer's Market this past Saturday


Dry Winter Skin: How to keep your body and face moisturized in the cold months

October 15, 2009


Hi Guys,

So 2 days ago that once-a-year occurrence happened, that really means the cold weather is a ‘comin: The heat turned on in my apartment. “What?! Big deal,” some of you non-New Yorkers are probably saying. But in NYC, guys, most of us have NO control over the heat in our apartments. It goes on when it goes on, and stays on at whatever temperature your landlord dictates. There are minimums it shouldn’t drop below, but I have friends in Brooklyn that would argue that that rule is not always enforced- and attest to it with the use of their multiple space heaters.

Fortunately for me, my apartment gets STEAMY HOT. I live on the ground floor, so I’m not sure if that is a factor, but my apartment gets nice and toasty, just the way I like it. 🙂 So when the heat turned on the other day when I got home from being out all day, it was sort of like walking unexpectedly into a sauna!! Cozy but also wow….hot!!!

Well, whether we control our apartment heat or not we all have to deal with one thing: dry winter skin. It is already time to start warding it off and keeping our skin healthy!

One of your best weapons to fight dry, scaley skin is the mighty coconut oil. In Sanskrit, the translation for the word for coconut tree literally means “Tree of Life.” Coconuts indeed will give us life- and beauty- in different forms.

We’ve talked a lot about young coconuts that you can crack open and eat and drink fresh (I sort of recall a rather embarrassing video that took me WAY more cracks than usual to get open! I swear!! 🙂 ). But today we’ll focus on coconut oil, which is made from the hardened white flesh. In countries like French Polynesia and the Philippines, I have seen coconut milk pressed out of the white flesh with hand-made tools from the local forest, which is always an amazing-looking process to witness.

But raw, unrefined coconut oil is made when the white flesh is shredded up, and then the oil is pressed out further to make the concentrated essence: the coconut oil. Because the pressing process doesn’t get hotter than 100 degrees Farenheit in raw coconut oil, the coconut oil can remain raw and unaltered, with its natural enzymes intact. (Around 116 degrees is generally accepted as the temperature when enzymes can start to become denatured, as well as vitamins and amino acids).

Consuming coconut oil is a great way to beautify and moisturize your skin from the inside out. It has a plumping and softening effect, which makes your skin look and feel more healthy and attractive (and so much nicer to the touch! 🙂  ).

Coconut oil is great in desserts. Check out the recipes for the cacao truffles, macaroons, and key lime pie bars that are in the Recipe section. I talk about coconut oil in the key lime pie bars dessert recipe post also. It is also great in certain smoothies- but not the Green Smoothie!! You want the greens and fruit alkalizing your system first, and not getting slowed up with any kind of fat, even this amazing one. Save it for later on in the day. Also, you can cook with it. It stays stable at higher temperatures, meaning it won’t oxidize and get rancid the way other oils become when heated, which includes even olive oil.

Coconut oil is a healthy saturated, cholesterol-free fat made of medium chain fatty acid that our bodies can break down and be emulsified easily, and without overburdening our livers, the way other fats can (like clogging animal fat- yuck. Sorry, I had to insert that!:) ). Coconut oil contains Lauric Acid, which supports the thyroid and can help increase our metabolic rate.

This is the last time I ate a truly fresh coconut- early September in Rincon, Puerto Rico!

This is the last time I ate a truly fresh coconut- early September in Rincon, Puerto Rico!

Well, not only can you eat coconut oil, you can put it all over your hands and body. It makes a great body moisturizer- and absorbs right into the skin. It can be used on your hair as a conditioner (leave in or rinse out, depending on the texture of your hair), and for massage as well. It will keep the skin tight and moisturized. There are natural anti-bacterial properties in coconut oil as well, due to its content of Capric Acid, which makes up about 6% of its fatty acids. It can even be great to alleviate stretch marks! Some of us may feel funny about using the same bottle for kitchen purposes, that we also use to slather on our bodies in the bathroom and bedroom. It just seems a little…gross? I personally keep separate jars in the kitchen and in my bedroom. Don’t worry if the coconut oil gets liquid or stays a white solid. In either case, it works great! You don’t have to refrigerate your coconut oil, by the way.

“What about putting it on my face?” Some of you are asking. Ah, the face. 🙂  The face, the face. The face is to me, is a whole separate territory. The thing with the face is, that it is especially important to all of us to keep our faces looking our best. And we do not live in a completely natural environment. Our faces are constantly exposed to environmental toxins and pollution, and we live stressful lives surrounding by radiation and electropollution. And yes, if we overdo it, just the way we can overdo anything, the sun can be harmful, and especially if we are toxic on the inside.

So no! I trust my elbows and calves to coconut oil, but not my face.

Make sure to get coconut oil brands that are raw and unrefined.

Take care, and let me know how you do with your skin!

xx Kimberly


I am REALLY proud of this. 🙂 I scraped out all the meat in a young coconut (which matured and hardened more than the soft spoon meat but not quite as hard as a mature coconut), in one piece!! Ta da!!


Beauty, Makeup and the Heat

August 20, 2009


Hi Guys,

Hope you are having a great week so far in this wonderfully hot and steamy month of August! I just love hot nights.

With the hot weather and this going on today, I wanted to talk about beauty issues for a minute. Many of you email me and ask me for makeup tips. My passions of skincare and health are actually more connected than you might think- as skin is our largest organ and our largest detoxifying organ.

60-70% of whatever we put onto our skin is absorbed through the dermis, and ends up in our bloodstream and has to be processed by the liver. That is why more medications are delivered through the skin, like the Patch for smokers. This has serious implications for moisturizers and other skin products, as they sit on the skin 24/7!


As women, I understand that we want to look good too, it’s part of life! And I think part of being healthy should be looking your most beautiful. The right products are key to the whole equation. What if you spent all the money to buy organic foods, then put products on your skin (and therefore into your body) with high levels of chemicals?? Not good!! And not beautifying. We don’t want to tax our skin and organs unnecessarily.

I’m not a huge advocate of foundation for every day use because I think your skin should breathe as much as possible. For special events, parties, at night, big work presentations, sure! But every single day??? Hmmmm.

Well I am by no means a makeup expert. So I called on 2 of my absolute favorite makeup expert extraordinaires, one based in NY and one based in LA. Let’s see what they say about makeup and the HEAT!

photoCheryl Nick is one of Hollywood’s top makeup artists. She has been nominated for an Emmy as well as Two Hollywood Makeup Artist Guild awards.

Nick’s personal clients include Sharon Stone, Tea’ Leoni, Gloria Reuben and Vince Vaughn.

She has also served as a Key Makeup artist on over 30 motion pictures including Meet The Fockers, all three Austin Powers films, Charlie’s Angeles, Tombstone, Couples Retreat, Four Christmases, Swordfish, Collateral Damage, Spanglish, The Number 23 and Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Currently she is working full time on CSI Miami.

ROBIN_brownRobin Schoen is a New York based makeup artist veteran of over 20 years. She has collaborated with cosmetic campaigns such as Urban Decay, L’Oreal, Prescriptives, Origins, Avon Global, and Rimmel Underground. Editorially, Robin’s work has appeared in W, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, In Style, Marie Claire, Flaunt, Seventeen, and Surface magazines.

Her celebrity roster includes Kate Winslet, Giselle Bundchen, Jessica Simpson, Kerry Russell, Natasha Henstridge, Jessica Biehl, Elle McPherson and Parker Posey. From Milan to New York, Robin’s work has graced the fashion runways for designers that include Giorgio Armani, Oscar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera, John Galliano, Nicole Miller, Patricia Fields, and Victoria’s Secret.

Her website is Weddings, special events, and in depth makeovers, are just a few services Robin offers there.

How do you avoid your makeup sweating off in the summer?

Cheryl: To create a nice base, one thing that important is to exfoliate with a mild exfoliant; a few times a week-it can be really beneficial. Then start with clean skin, prime with your favorite primer. Proceed with base and use a light powder.

Spritzing with a toner/rose water after application can also “lock” in the makeup. (MAC has a spritzer that works great!)

Robin: During the warm steamy summer months, moisture in the air and heated temperatures can do a number on your makeup. If you remember to be very strategic about what you put on your face and think in terms providing a sort of “preventative base” that will support your look, you will give your makeup staying power and avoid an unnecessary “meltdown”.

What’s the best way to pick your concealer or powder color?

Robin: Lighting is SO vital when it comes to selecting the right color of concealer and powder. With regards to concealer, most women (unless your skin is porcelain or VERY fair) should choose creamier more yellow-based tones that blend seamlessly texture wise as well as color wise. You shouldn’t be able to see anything sitting on top of your skin.

Powder is an easy one for Caucasian women. ALWAYS choose a completely colorless or translucent loose or pressed version. No color is needed because the powders only function is to set makeup and absorb excessive shine.

For women of color, it really depends upon the dominant pigments in your skin. Skin tones can range from yellow, golden, and burnished tan skin to ashy brown and deep mahogany. My advice would be to find out which are your dominant tones and test some shades on your jaw area while looking in flat daylight (truest light).

How do you keep your eye makeup from smudging in the heat- even the waterproof stuff??

Cheryl: One nice and simple thing that can be done to help with eyeshadow lasting and prevent from sweating off is use a eyelid primer before you apply your shadows. (MAC, Lancome are a couple that make nice ones).

Robin: While waterproof makeup might be unaffected by water, it IS NOT unaffected by oil. And the oil is what ultimately creates havoc on your makeup, causing it to smudge and smear. That’s why it’s essential to put oil control products underneath the liners and eyeshadows to create a barrier that will prevent oil from creeping into your makeup.

For eyes, apply a drop of shadow base or primer to lids to grab and hold onto color. A good one to try is Benefit’s F.Y.Eye Nude Primer. Then go with cream shadows with formulas that dry and never crease. My favorite is Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadows! Coat lashes with 2-3 coats of waterproof black mascara for a smear proof finish.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the tips, and have a great rest of your week!

I’m leaving for LA for more work stuff, so I’ll write from there. 🙂

Love, Kimberly



Skincare on the Brain…and “Raw” Skincare??

May 4, 2009

When I'm feeling overworked and overwhelmed (like Now!!), then my mediation practice truly saves me and keeps things in perspective for me.

Hey Guys!  So I recently wrote this interview for iVillage, and I thought it was totally relevant to share with you guys what is on my mind at this exact moment! Here goes…

iVillage: Why is natural skincare important in terms of health and putting less toxins on the body?
Kimberly: 70% of what you put on your skin, the largest organ, is absorbed into your bloodstream and into your liver. Toxins in cosmetics and skincare products can lead to problems with the endocrine system (especially the thyroid), the reproductive organs and the brain.

When you consider that products sit on the skin 24 hours a day, constantly being absorbed, you realize how significant this is! Think about it…that is why more and more medications are administered through the skin, such as the nicotine patch.”

iVillage: Since you are a raw foodist, do you recommend using raw product? As in cold-pressed oils?
It’s great to be natural, but…we still want to see results.  As a raw foodist myself, I am familiar with the benefits of ingesting raw olive oil, coconut oil, etc. as well as raw aloe. However, as far as facial skincare products go, I would NEVER be so literal as to only use raw ingredients!! If you want to see results, it is essential to include the potent scientific ingredients. There is no such thing as “raw” DMAE or “raw” Alpha Lipoic Acid or “raw” dipeptides, etc., which are powerful lab ingredients.

Please be sure to check the ingredient list for any skincare claiming to be “raw”- it will be made primarily of aloe as its main ingredient, and some other botanicals. I’m all about natural and chemical-free…but remember that if you want your skin to glow, be youthful and smooth, you need to use a whole lot more than aloe!


iVillage: Can you ever make a product 100% natural – why or why not (the need for preservatives, especially)?

Kimberly: Well you do need to have preservatives in products, as well as anti-microbials. It is important to read the safety profile for each such ingredient and determine which one is best. Parabens, which mimic the endocrine system and are carcinogenic, are not necessary. It’s really scary when certain products have parabens listed high up in the ingredient list! However, an anti-microbial called phenoxyethanol has a good safety profile comparatively, and is considered safe in very tiny quantities. Plus, it is illegal to sell products in certain countries, such as Japan, without this specific ingredient.

iVillage: Do many of the products that claim to be natural not live up to the fact?

Kimberly: Unfortunately, I think a lot of companies label themselves as “natural,” when in fact they are using different technicalities to use that term. For instance, some companies say they are paraben-free, but use grapeseed extract stabilized with parabens in the product, to get around the labeling! However, I am optimistic that more and more people are getting educated, and will be able to identify the truly beneficial companies out there.

This is the same with using products that you think are vegan or not created with animal cruelty. For example, “natural, organic” Hyaluronic Acid is usually derived from rooster feathers, and is not as stable as the lab form of HLA. Using the absolute most natural form of all ingredients whenever possible- for example, the active form of Vitamin A as Retinyl Palmitate, but without the potential side effects of Rentinoic Acid, and Phosphatidylcholine (PPC), in its natural form of lecithin is important.

iVillage: Can you ever be sure what’s going into your cosmetics? How?
Well you can check out the ingredient label first, and look out for mineral oils, which can sit on the skin’s surface, clogging it, hindering its respiration and oxidizing into free radicals.  Other ingredients I avoid are sulfates, urea, glycol, ethyl-alcohols and parabens.

But for the reasons that I mentioned in Question #2, you really CAN NOT be sure what is in your products just from looking at the label. You really have to trust the brand, the formulators behind it, and the ethos of that particular brand and what they stand for.

iVillage: What should people be careful of when buying products from large established cosmetics lines?
Well… (LOL) this is a funny question for me because I worked at one of the largest beauty companies in the world and I know how good they are at getting around labels and identifications in order to cut costs.

So yes, I would always be careful. Large companies have a lot of infrastructure and people’s salaries to pay, so profits and the bottom line are the top of the priority list, NOT making sure you have as few toxins as possible going into your body.


Well I think I have spoken on that topic! 🙂 I hope you guys have a great week.

I’ll be heading to LA tom. for press and for the Project Concern charity event at Saks Fifth Avenue, so I’ll write to you from there.

xx Kimberly


The Secret Skin Beauty Food

April 30, 2009


Hello Guys!

The abundance of the most beautifying foods in the world come right from nature!

The abundance of the most beautifying foods in the world come right from nature!

So guess what is in season now?? The amazing, but super humble RADISH. You can pick up organic bunches of radishes at the farmer’s market or at the grocery store for like $1.50/bunch. So now that they are season, I highly recommend making them a weekly staple in your food rotation.

Here’s why radishes are so beautifying- and possibly one of the most exciting food items for you to seek out!! : They are high in sulfur, silicon, and Vitamin C. In fact, radishes are the only common food high in both of the beauty minerals sulfur and silica- and one of the best vegetable sources of Vitamin C. So the sulfur, silica and Vitamin C work synergistically to make your skin glow and help with healthy connective tissue formation.

Radishes are also amazing mucus dissolvers! They will detox your system from the mucus especially formed from eating starchy carbs (that bread you had at the Italian restaurant! That rice you had at the Chinese lunch! and maybe that bagel that slipped in for breakfast the other day!!!), and  stimulate your liver, increase bile flow, and cleanse your system…which will also help with your skin radiance. 🙂 And we ALL love that!!

Radishes also contain Raphanin, a substance to help balance thyroid hormones, to help keep you at your perfect, beautiful weight. Yay! Bring it on, we All love that too!!
radishes31Tips on picking Radishes:
–    Red radishes are the best because they have the most silica
–    Make sure they are crisp and super fresh- no flimsy, soft, soggy radishes going in the cart!!!!

So I usually slice them up and throw them in any salad I am making. But sometimes I make this Simple Radish Salad:

–    Sliced Radishesp10113021
–    Chopped cilantro
–    A little bit of sea salt
–    Lemon juice
–    Olive oil
–    Any spices you like, or cayenne pepper

I hope you guys go out and get yourself some beautiful juicy radishes!!

Take care.

Love you guys,


I'll see you at the farmer's market at the radish stand!! 🙂 I'm going there right now.


SET me up

March 7, 2009
I'd just like to call attention to Amanda Righetti's - one of the stars of The Mentalist and one of the sweetest people ever- prop of a gun and badge. Don't mess with Amanda! I love it. So much fun to dress up like that. :)

I'd just like to call attention to Amanda Righetti's...ah-hem...gun and badge- part of her costume on set at The Mentalist, where she is one of the main stars. So watch out, she is a tough lady- don't mess with Amanda!! 🙂 But in real life she is one of the sweetest people ever.

On the set of CSI with Cheryl Nick, one of my favorite LA makeup artists

On the set of CSI with Cheryl Nick, one of my favorite LA makeup artists.

So the last few days I’ve visited a flurry of television sets, around also editing the yoga video.

Yesterday I shot a segment for Good Day LA! Which I’ll post it next week. Also went around to a bunch of television sets. It is fun to visit the sets, because it’s like stepping into its own little world. There are so many different people running around in all directions- but all focused on the positive outcome of one collaborative, creative project. Cool! 🙂

On the Universal lot! Within each soundstage each televison show/movie is its own world!

On the Universal lot. Within each soundstage each televison show/movie is its own world.

One actress I just love is Amanda Rhigetti, one of the stars of The Mentalist, on CBS. I went to visit her on set tonight and bring her some raw food. She has such great energy, and is so easy to talk to and so much fun to be with. 

download-4Have a great weekend!



Prevent Dark Under-eye Circles- Don’t Just Slather on the Makeup!

October 14, 2008

Are dark circles under your eyes weighing your complexion down? Do you look in the mirror before work and have to really load up on the under eye concealer to feel like you look “presentable” for the public? Uggh. Our under eye skin can definitely look better (please!).

These dark circles are related to adrenal exhaustion. Coffee, and other stimulants, such as refined sugar, soda, candy, cigarettes, and recreational drugs can all contribute to this. Eating too many foods that are very high in potassium can also contribute to this issue- such as bananas and dried fruit.

We’ve all heard (or tried) applying cucumbers slices topically to prevent puffiness. But except for when you’re at the spa or kicking it on the couch with the TV on in the background, is this really a daily solution?  Um… realistically and honestly, probably not.

The good news is that you can correct dark circles with food! Yes, back to the basic building blocks of diet, which does have a profound effect on the way we look.

Eating foods high in organic sodium will help, such as: Celery, kale, spinach, olives, sea vegetables, and Swiss chard. Ingesting cucumbers and pumpkin seeds may also help. If you use small amounts of salt in your diet make sure it is Celtic sea salt. (The proper sodium balance is so important for the skin to be hydrated, supple and gorgeous, which is why one of the key ingredients is NaPCA (Sodium PCA), which is a naturally occurring, powerful moisture-binder for the skin).

Add some of these foods to keep your eye area and overall complexion looking fresh and beautiful. An easy celery option for a work snack is chopping up celery sticks and slathering raw almond butter on them.  Dulse is a great sea vegetable that you can buy in health stores and throw in salads. And of course, check out the kale salad recipe on this blog.  Here’s looking at you- pretty eyes.  ☺


Smoothie Skin Facial

September 15, 2008

This smoothie is like drinking a facial, and will help repair your skin from within. The watercress is especially rich in sulfur, which helps to build collagen, a nutrient necessary for elasticity. Grape seeds are full of essential fatty oils and antioxidants that protect the skin against free radical damage. The lemon and ginger work together to detoxify your liver and purity your blood, as the cleaner your blood the better your skin. Finally, cucumbers keep you well hydrated, which is a must for good skin!

–    6 cups green grapes (try to find seeded organic ones, which have not been genetically modified in any way and are naturally fertile and vibrant)
–    2 inch square of ginger
–    ½ bunch watercress
–    1 large cucumber
–    Juice of one lemon

Run all the ingredients through a juicer except for the lemon juice, which you can add at the end.