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The Secret Skin Beauty Food

April 30, 2009


Hello Guys!

The abundance of the most beautifying foods in the world come right from nature!

The abundance of the most beautifying foods in the world come right from nature!

So guess what is in season now?? The amazing, but super humble RADISH. You can pick up organic bunches of radishes at the farmer’s market or at the grocery store for like $1.50/bunch. So now that they are season, I highly recommend making them a weekly staple in your food rotation.

Here’s why radishes are so beautifying- and possibly one of the most exciting food items for you to seek out!! : They are high in sulfur, silicon, and Vitamin C. In fact, radishes are the only common food high in both of the beauty minerals sulfur and silica- and one of the best vegetable sources of Vitamin C. So the sulfur, silica and Vitamin C work synergistically to make your skin glow and help with healthy connective tissue formation.

Radishes are also amazing mucus dissolvers! They will detox your system from the mucus especially formed from eating starchy carbs (that bread you had at the Italian restaurant! That rice you had at the Chinese lunch! and maybe that bagel that slipped in for breakfast the other day!!!), and  stimulate your liver, increase bile flow, and cleanse your system…which will also help with your skin radiance. 🙂 And we ALL love that!!

Radishes also contain Raphanin, a substance to help balance thyroid hormones, to help keep you at your perfect, beautiful weight. Yay! Bring it on, we All love that too!!
radishes31Tips on picking Radishes:
–    Red radishes are the best because they have the most silica
–    Make sure they are crisp and super fresh- no flimsy, soft, soggy radishes going in the cart!!!!

So I usually slice them up and throw them in any salad I am making. But sometimes I make this Simple Radish Salad:

–    Sliced Radishesp10113021
–    Chopped cilantro
–    A little bit of sea salt
–    Lemon juice
–    Olive oil
–    Any spices you like, or cayenne pepper

I hope you guys go out and get yourself some beautiful juicy radishes!!

Take care.

Love you guys,


I'll see you at the farmer's market at the radish stand!! 🙂 I'm going there right now.


Food and the Mind

April 27, 2009
The monster turtle Coki is on the left, and Mottsy is on the right. I do love them both equally though!

The monster turtle Coki is on the left, and Mottsy is on the right.

So I wanted to introduce you to my two turtles, Coki and Mottsy. I got them the same time under a year ago. When I first got them, they were both the same exact size… Fast forward to now…where Coki is at least 3 full times bigger than Mottsy!

And it is not only that Coki is bigger and well, fatter. He is a nut! Crazy! You see he only likes to eat those processed turtle pellets, which I must sadly admit are made with processed fish meal and wheat. So poor food combining! The poor little guy is eating protein and starch at each of his turtle meals, and he is eating an enzyme-devoid diet of mostly cooked food. The result?? He swims around his tank endlessly, and as soon as he sees me walking near he starts swimming frantically towards the glass, going nowhere, but like a crazed maniac that is so desperate to get… MORE PELLETS! It’s as if his little face reads exactly, “Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!  Must….have…more… pellets!!!” He can’t possibly be so hungry all the time- and no matter how much I feed him he just wants more no matter what. He is so sense-driven now and loves the taste of the pellets, and wants to keep eating and eating. I love him of course, but he is not a calm being by any means, and is always going and going and going. He is a total spaz.

Now Mottsy on the other like a little Yogi. He is a strict raw foodist and only eats the raw romaine lettuce and other greens I put in their tank. He swims right past Coki’s processed pellets over to his large romaine leaves, where he calms chews little bites at a time of his raw greens. He has grown at a normal, healthy rate and has a perfect little turtle body. ☺ He NEVER frantically swims around- he glides smoothly around the tank, and chills on his rock a lot. When I pick him up he just calmly sits there looking at me with those big, half-closed Yogi eyes…he is the most meditative turtle that ever was!

p10113032So about 3 weeks ago I put Coki on a raw food diet. It was really hard the first few days. As soon as I entered the room he would start his frantic swimming dance and circle back and forth, totally turtle-paddling to push his head out of the water and seemingly call to me, “WHERE are my pellets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” But I stayed strong. After a few days when he realized he was only going to get raw food, he started to calm down more. He would sit there next to Mottsy and start tearing into the romaine leaves. Now he still circles around swims the tank and especially when I’m around…but it’s like he’s swimming in slow-mo compared to his previous frantic swimming antics. Like 30% as fast. What a huge difference! I can’t really say he’s lost weight because his shell has grown too ☺. But I think his outrageous speed of growth is now more under control!

So it reminded me how much food affects our minds and our states of wellbeing. It’s not just that calories are calories and that food only affects us as much as losing weight or getting proper nutrition. Every single food has its own energy, and this energy of the food we consume literally gets assimilated into our own bodies and our own energy. Of course we know that some food makes us feel like we are more bloated…but do we really pay attention to the fact that certain foods can make us more restless, angry, easily irritated, stressed out, overwhelmed…or tired, sluggish, totally devoid of energy….OR energetic, calm, and coming from a place or peace and resilience?

In Yoga we say there are three Gunas, which are states of being, intrinsic qualities. All matter is a

The turtle babies in the tub for their weekly bath! There Coki goes again (left)...always running!

The turtle babies in the tub for their weekly bath! There Coki goes again (left)...always running!

manifestation of the qualities of these three gunas. We need all 3 in our lives, in balance, but ultimately we want to have more Sattvic qualities. These Gunas can apply to just about anything in our lives- the television we choose to watch, our reading material, etc…but FOOD is a HUGE, HUGE way that we continuously affect the state of our minds. All foods fit into one of these 3 Gunas, and all food you put into your body have a profound impact on your mind.

The Three Gunas

Rajas: Active, or overly-active, always “doing”, constantly moving, racing mind, stressed out.

Associated Foods: All animal flesh, including eating deceased cows, pigs, birds and fish. Too much spicy food (cayenne pepper is the only pepper not considered rajastic!), too much garlic and onions, chillies.

Tamas: Ignorance, sloth, lethargy, total lack of energy or ambition, depression, resting.

Associated Foods: Pasteurized dairy but especially cheese,  overly fermented and decaying foods, such as pickles, overly processed olives, etc. All overly cooked foods that are totally devoid of enzymes (Like boiled vegetables, stews that have been stirring for long periods of time, etc.).

Satva: Peacefulness, tranquility, happiness, non-attachment, knowledge, wisdom.

Associated Foods: Fresh vegetables, all fruits, seeds, nuts and plant food.
Ideally, very little cooked food and mostly living food.

Okay, well I hoped my little turtle babies gave a nice illustration of these gunas. I’ll keep you updated on my quest to make Coki more Sattvic. 🙂
Have an amazing day! And make good food choices.

Lots of love to you.    img_9914


What’s Good for You is Good for the Planet

April 23, 2009


Hey Lovelies,

Happy Earth Day! Though we should be thinking of the earth all the time, it’s great that we have one designated day. What’s really awesome is that whatever is good for us, health-wise, is also good for the planet! It just shows how very deeply connected we are to not only each other, but also to our natural environment- the oceans and trees and wind…

Here are four Earth Day ideas that are close to my heart:

1. Get a great water filter for your house, refill a reuseable water bottle, and buy as little imagesbottled water as possible! The problem with bottled water is not just about the packaging. A huge issue is the source of the water itself! In the US, there are 3 major companies that also make soft drinks (I think you can guess who they are), that also own many of the popular and common bottled water brands. The huge companies don’t have to pay any money to pump hundreds and thousands of gallons of water a DAY, and even get multi-million dollar tax breaks! Then they sell the water that should be free for all, at a profit! This pumping of the water is destroying ecosystems all over our country, sucking water from underground aquifers and drying up streams, wells, and making clean water for farms and individual communities more and more scarce. Uggg…infuriating, isn’t it!

The other thing is that a lot of bottled water is NOT necessarily any better than tap water. The FDA does very little regulating for bottled water, and has no regulations to prevent bottling companies from drawing water next to industrial sites, underground storage tanks, or dumps. Some of these major brands’ bottled water is really tap water coming from places like Queens, NY and Jacksonville, FL, with additional treatment. That is what “purified” drinking water means. Um….are you kidding me???????

2. Only eat chocolate if it is organic. Of course I would prefer it if you guys only ate delicious, raw, organic cacao and and kept it dairy-free. But I know how it can be!!! Sometimes you want a piece of chocolate here and there, and if you stick to dark chocolate bars (preferably 70% dark chocolate or higher), and buy organic, it is certainly okay in moderation.

70% of the world’s chocolate is sourced from counties in Africa. These countries do not have the same perfect growing conditions, natural rainfall, canopy cover and protection as countries near the equator in South America. As a result, this African-sourced cacao is grown with the harshest and heaviest load of horrible chemical pesticides and herbicides that are destroying the environment over there and leading to deforestation, contamination of water sources, and major pollution. What’s even worse is that there is a ton of child labor abuse associated with these crops to produce the harvest super cheap. Because of the $$$$$$, millions and millions of dollars of this cheap cacao is imported into the US and used in tons of  commercial chocolate and cocoa products.

Sorry to be a downer, but shouldn’t we be informed?? Now that innocent little packet of M & M’s doesn’t seem so innocent anymore, does it. Many delis and stores carry organic dark chocolate! So please just try to plan ahead, if you know you like chocolate sometimes, and stock up on the good stuff. That way, if a chocolate craving strikes, you won’t be suck with el vending machine chocolates as the only choice. And just remember that that commercial milk chocolate crap will make you fat, make your skin look duller than an old sponge, and tax your organs! In case you need another reason! 🙂

y1pv0xmtttiahzkczdgvhwx1afbkc-ayxd7d1niiy39tamdephkirocezdnehgzquybgtzec6xa8do-13. Boycott commercial corn and corn-based products. Corn is now the #1 crop grown in America, with almost 80 million acres planted annually. Commercial corn requires more nitrate fertilizer and pesticide than any other crop. This tremendous amount of chemicals pollutes our water systems and is destroying the natural balance of our ecosystems.

Plus, four billion barrels a year of corn are processed and refined into high fructose corn syrup which is in tons of food products now.
It’s all wrapped up in scary politics. Have you seen the commercials that are like, “What’s so bad about high fructose corn syrup?” and they have a few pretty people that can’t figure it out and then they all laugh and say, “Oh, I guess nothing!”   Well I’ll say what’s wrong with it! It’s super high-glycemic, its virtual poison to the body, totally elevating triglyceride levels and throwing your body off balance…it will make you puffy and fat and cause wrinkles. Stay away evil commercial corn products!!!

4. Just use and buy less stuff. When I took myself out of Western society for three years and lived in my tent for a while, as well as tiny bungalows and guest houses and only had my backpack, I really learned how freeing and wonderful it is to get by with not that much…stuff. We live in a major consumerist society, that makes us feel like we need so much! Its funny how the more we have sometimes the more we keep wanting and more we think we need…do you ever get that feeling when you go into a Sephora?

Same thing with all those shoes you keep buying! I mean who needs all those shoes??? Ha!! Just kidding.  I’m not going to go there. 🙂

Have a gorgeous week. Isn’t it awesome that Spring is here?? We DO live in an amazing world.
Lots of love,



Kimberly’s Glowing Green Smoothie(R) vs. The Master Cleanse

April 20, 2009


Hello Guys,

So from time to time, people mention or ask me about The Master Cleanse…it’s usually a friend of a friend or work colleague or something. Well this weekend, my friend told me that her friend at the office was doing The Master Cleanse, which she didn’t think was healthy, and asked me to for my thoughts on it, which I wrote down for her to pass on. I thought I would pass them on to you also! 🙂

– I think that for some The Master Cleanse can be beneficial, as it can be an easy to follow plan to try to start getting healthier. But it’s not what I advocate. And I think a lot of people see it as a “quick-fix” to losing weight and detoxing…and there is no such “quick-fix.” I think if you’re going to put energy towards committing to a plan I would rather you commit to buying the ingredients for your green smoothie and making and drinking it every day. I think that you may lose a few pounds on The Master Cleanse because you are not eating for a few days. The problem is that: 1) It is really not sustainable and you will feel deprived. Most people say they want to use the cleanse to “jump start” into a new diet and detox program, but soon MOST people just go back to the same exact way they were eating after they finish the cleanse.

2)You are basically just giving yourself high glycemic sugar-water, with no fat or protein to diminish the spike (which in itself will unbalance the blood, systems and potentially contribute to glycation, wrinkles in the skin),

3) You aren’t really getting deep-rooted toxins out of the body (see below), and

4)After you get back to your regular diet you will gain all your weight back.

5) A fast is usually properly done by PREPARING one week in advance, and starting to cut back and out on meat products, dairy, processed sugar, caffeine and coffee, etc. During a fast toxins start to unlodge and end up in circulating in your blood. If you have not prepared for a fast (and what you eat when you come off is just as important), you may have too much toxic overload recirculating in your blood for your body to handle…and you’ll just keep circulating the toxins and not really do any good. As far as I understand, most people just jump right into the Master Cleanse without even preparing first!

– Being on this “cleanse” of sugar water does not address or assist with the fact that when our bodies are very acidic we HOLD on to weight and toxins. Symptoms of being acidic include: Gaining weight/having a hard time losing weight, sluggish in energy and/or tired all the time, breaking out in the skin. I know there a little bit of cayenne pepper and lemon in there, both of which I love, but so what? You should be having lemons daily anyway.

– In order to really detox and lose weight on a permanent basis, we need to shift the body into a more alkaline pH. The best and easiest way to do this is to drink green smoothies and green juices, which is the most alkaline drink on the planet. The high concentration of greens, which blended or juiced do not require any digestion, will flood the body with alkalinity and shift some of that acidic waste out. NOW we are really detoxing. That is why a green juice fast is much more effective, long-term, to the Master Cleanse, which may only unbalance the body with sugar rather than provide the deep detoxing you can get on other fasts.


– Some other issues are that you are not getting any fiber in the diet and there is no real way to push toxins out of the body. The diet recommends taking a laxative tea. Laxatives exhaust the bowl and dehydrate the body. They only expel the newest waste in the very center of the colon, rather than get at the old, acidic waste that has baked into the side walls of the colon and needs much deeper methods of toxic removal. So you are not really detoxing by taking laxatives or a tea with senna.  I recommend colonics and adding more fiber to the diet.

– I believe that the best way to detox your body on a regular basis and if it is your goal, ease into more of a raw food diet, is to start consuming the Green Smoothie on a daily basis, rather than trying to do the Master Cleanse a few days or weeks out of the entire year. With the Green Smoothie, you are nourishing your body, remineralizing it, and shifting your body to a more alkaline state, where it comes into balance, will shed weight easily and permanently, and you will detox on an ongoing basis.

– There is so much fiber in the green smoothie that it is a green meal replacement. You get so much energy that you start to cut out caffeine and coffee, you will be less tired, and you will want to eat less junk food and processed sugars. You will not feel deprived the way you will on the Master Cleanse because your body is getting so much cleansing nutrition.

–    As you continue to mineralize your body with the Green Smoothie, you will help clean out your body and will banish cravings permanently. Many cravings are because old toxic residues remain the bowel, are recirculated in the blood, and dump into the lymph, “reminding” us of those foods. When we have the Green Smoothie, we help sweep these toxic remnants out of the body forever, so each Green Smoothie is a step closer to a permanently healthier life.

Take the time to take care and love yourself. 🙂  It is an important way to respect the universe and give good energy back into the world and to all those around you.

Have a beautiful day and take care,



Raw Acai-Goji Granola

April 16, 2009

p1011298Hey Guys,

After the last post, some of you requested that I posted the recipe for the granola I was making on Sunday…so here you go!

The only thing is that to make this granola you really need a dehydrator to make it raw. 116 degrees is the temperature where the enzymes in food start to die and the properties of food get denatured, so a dehydrator (which I set no higher than 110 degrees), simply blows warm air over the food, dehydrating it over hours instead of cooking it at high temperatures.

As you get more serious about being raw, you may want to look into one. The brand I have and like is Excalibur. The dehydrator is the tool I use to make all my flax crackers, vegetable crackers, etc. (ie bread replacements!), as well as harder cookies and treats (not temperature sensitive like the truffles!), and marinated, crunchy nuts and seeds (like my spicy cayenne pumpkin seeds). Dehydrating is a time commitment though— a few hours on the weekend like once a month is what it takes me to make all the flax crackers I need—- and its not really necessary when you’re starting out. By FAR the most important investment is a great blender!!!!


BUT that being said, my friend Megan told me (who doesn’t have a dehydrator), that she “sort of dehydrates” recipes by turning her oven on the lowest possible setting, and leaves the door cracked open. Maybe you can try it!! And this mixture is SO yummy that maybe you can store it in your fridge and take little parts out of it to eat with a spoon! 🙂

WET mixture:
–    1 frozen packet of Acai (available at Wholefoods and other health stores)
–    1 cup organic Thompson raisins
–    ¾ cup maple syrup
–    Juice of one lemon
–    1 Tbs. vanilla extract
–    1 tsp. ground cinnamon
–    1 ½ tsp. Celtic sea salt
–    ¼ cup sunflower seeds (soaked for 3 hours and rinsed)

DRY mixture:
–    1 cup Goji Berries
–    1 cup sunflower seeds (soaked for 3 hours and rinsed)
–    1 cup pumpkin seeds (soaked for 3 hours and rinsed)
–    2 cups almonds (soaked 14-28 hours and rinsed)
–    3 cups pecans (soaked for 2 hours and rinsed)

** Don’t get bogged down with all the sprouting times! Just remember to soak the almonds overnight, then remember to soak the other nuts a few hours before you make the granola.

1.    In a blender, blend the wet mixture until smooth.

2.    Chop all the nuts in the dry mixture (keeping as chunky as you like your granola!) then add them to a large mixing bowl, along with the Goji berries.

3.    Pour the wet mixture on top and mix well.

4.    Spread the granola on Teflex covered over the dehyrator trays and dehydrate at 110 degrees F for about 8 hours. Flip and keep dehydrating for another 8-10 hours, or until the granola is crunchy.

5.    Break into pieces and store in an airtight container in the fridge. The granola will harden in the fridge!

Enjoy and let me know how you make out with this super yummy granola!

All my very best,

PS: This is Megan's dog Brittany eating a green smoothie!! Megan is one of you guys, my beloved readers. Megan, thank you for sharing this adorable picture with us! I'm so happy she likes it and slurps it right up. Animals love greens and fresh food too! :)

PS: This is Megan's dog Brittany eating a green smoothie!! Megan is one of you guys, my beloved readers. Megan, thank you for emailing me and sharing this adorable picture with us! I'm so happy Brittany likes the green smoothie and slurps it right up. Animals love greens and fresh food too! 🙂


Peace In Silence

April 13, 2009


So this past weekend I did a yoga meditation retreat. There’s nothing so unusual about that- except for this one was totally silent. At first it was a little strange, to be around other people and not say anything(!). But then a beautiful thing happened: I started going deep inside, and started feeling very peaceful and contemplative. I have a lot going on, and I feel like I really need it. Sometimes we don’t realize how much energy and concentration we expend in useless conversations! Sometimes silence is necessary, so you can really feel and hear your own intuition trying to guide you. And get a break from the chaos of the world and your daily life- which constantly pulls the mind and the senses this way and that. When you can be still, you can recharge yourself. You can also find answers and clarity to some difficult problems or situations in your life that have been bothering you. Yoga teaches us that all the answers to our questions are already inside us. It’s just that sometimes it is difficult to hear yourself with everything going on.

Matahma Gandhi practiced this- by observing one day a week of silence.

Two days may seem very difficult! But if you can find time, even a few hours or ONE hour, to go for a walk, not bring your phone (gasp!), or garden or make food, etc. and be silent each week, I think you will find it a very beautiful way to feel grounded and bring more peace into your life. 🙂

Then I came home and made a very special batch of Acai and Goji berry granola to give as presents this week. I was still very meditative…


But also joyful! And I love making food for people! ☺

Lots of love,


Making granola is so fun! You do need a dehydrator though. After you make the dry mixture, and mix with the wet mixture, you spread over wax paper on the dehydrator trays. Turn the dehydrator to 105 degrees, leave overnight, flip, and voila! That's it for raw, yummy, grain-free granola. 🙂


Eating for Acne

April 9, 2009


Hey Guys,

I wanted to write about a major beauty buster- acne!!

Stress and emotional issues can also be contributing factors. The skin is a major detoxifier, so emotional and mental challenges that we are trying to purge out may manifest in acne.  Suppressed anger and not loving oneself  can manifest in acne.

But FOOD is definitely a contributor. Your skin mirrors your liver and blood to a large extent. So here are some food tips for you!:

Cooked fats and oils can cause breakouts because they are difficult for the body to digest and process. Fried foods and cooked oils — especially cooked vegetable oil, margarine, and animal fat — are toxic trans-fatty acids that are not miscible with water.   Since our bodies are water-based, these oils are extremely difficult to metabolize, presenting a challenge to our digestive system and our liver.  When fats and oils are not broken down properly, it leads to acne and pimples.

Also, watch what you cook with. Though in is raw form olive oil is a healthy, monounsaturated oil, it is very prone to oxidation when exposed to light, air and heat. Heat turns the normal fats in olive oil into trans-fatty acids, creates free radicals, and causes rancidity. The only oil I recommend cooking with (if you must cook!) is coconut oil.  This saturated, cholesterol-free fat is the best to cook with because it remains stable up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Even healthy fats, like those found in raw nuts and seeds, should be eaten with green-leafy salads to ease digestion. The excessive intake of ANY fat and oil, even if it is raw, can lead to breakouts!

– Acne can also be a sign that your body is too acidic. Soda is by far the most acid-forming food, and diet soda is the worst.  Other acid-forming foods to avoid include meat and dairy (my arch nemesis!!).

– Zinc promotes cell repair and helps the lymphatic organs properly eliminate waste.  A zinc deficiency can cause acne, so consuming more zinc-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and coconut can be beneficial.

– A deficiency of Vitamin A is also associated with acne. So load up daily on the plant-form of Vitamin A, which is found in arugula, broccoli, spinach, cantaloupe, and many other foods.

–  Watercress contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E, making it a great acne-fighter. It neutralizes watercress-soupacidic waste products throughout the blood and lymphatic system while promoting the delivery of minerals to the skin cells.  Watercress also contains mustard glycosides and mustard oil, which act as internal antiseptics and tissue and skin cleansers. (Throw some in your green smoothies!)

Watch your digestive system and make sure you are going to the bathroom regularly!! (Sorry but it has to be said!) You need to purge out impurities and toxins that might otherwise be repeatedly cycled through the blood and eventually purged out through the skin in the form of acne. Take a probiotic and add more fiber if you need to (again the green smoothie is great for this).

Hope this helps keep your skin radiant and gorgeous!!

Have a beautiful day!

All my very best,



Trust me, I'm not one of those people born with perfect skin. I have to really work at it! The diet helps a lot.


I Dream of Africa

April 5, 2009
Here I am at Melissa's bungalow half way up the whole coast of Mozambique. I met Melissa in South Africa, who was a part-time film producer and part of the time stayed in Inhambane, where she helped support and run an orphange. I stayed with her for about six weeks.

Here I am at Melissa's bungalow half way up the whole coast of Mozambique. I met Melissa in South Africa, who is a part-time film producer and part of the time stays in Inhambane, where she helped support and run an orphanage. I stayed on her property for about six weeks.

With a sweet family I stayed with in a tiny village in the hills of Swaziland.

Me with a sweet family I stayed with in a tiny village in the hills of Swaziland.


The farmer's market, African style.

So lately, Africa has been on mind so much. I was looking through some pics, and I thought I’d share a few with you. Several years ago, I spent many months traveling in Africa during my world journey. About 90% of the time (except in cities, really), I slept in my trusty tent,


And waking up (as always sunrise), to a curious ostrich right outside my tent, somewhere in Namibia!

And waking up (as always sunrise), to a curious ostrich right outside my tent, somewhere in Namibia!

And kept all my supplies out of my car- which I bought for $4k US and sold back months later and got half my money back.


It was quite crappy on the gravelly roads, and one time I got 3 flat tires in the Namib Desert! (that is a whole other story...)


With my friend Matunzi at his family's village in Swaziland.

The people there were so amazing and warm, and filled with light. I had women and men offer to make me food and share meals with them, even when they were all but starving. Food and water were very scarce in many of the places I traveled to- but there was no scarcity of love and warmth. I feel such a strong connection to Africa, to the people and to the land. I am really aching to get back soon!!!

Dugout canoes up the Okavanga Delta in Botswana...definitely an interesting lion run-in during this particular journey.

Dugout canoes up the Okavanga Delta in Botswana...definitely an interesting lion run-in during this particular journey.


The roads are notorously crappy in Mozambique- I couldn't bring my car in there b/c I couldn't get car insurance there. Here are Melissa, her friend DB, and I, with Melissa's broken car on the side of the road, and local villagers trying to help.


tn1My charity partner is Project Concern International (PCI). PCI organizes amazing, sustainable projects- including clean water initiatives, microenterprise, agricultural education, and life-saving medical relief in Africa, the Americas, and in Asia.


A gorgeous Zambian child.

We are thrilled to be part of a Project Concern International CHARITY EVENT at the Saks Fifth Avenue in San Diego on May 7th.. For all you Southern Californians, come check it out! I’ll have some raw treats at our booth for sure, and I’d love to meet you.

The event will support Project Concern’s programs specifically that support women and mothers worldwide, and there will be a 15% shopping discount, cocktails, a wine bar, hos d’oeuvres, and more! Check it out:

Thursday, May 7th  l  6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Saks Fifth Avenue  l  Fashion Valley, San Diego
$45 for advanced purchase  l  $50 at the door

More info


Thanks again for all the support. And those of you that happen in live in Southern California, please let me know if you have any questions about the event. 🙂 Hope to see you there.

Have a wonderful week!!

xx Kimberly



In Zimbabwe. Um, this was before I learned from the locals how dangerous and fast elephants can be! They cause more human fatalities than lions... Yikes!


Battle the BLOAT

April 2, 2009
Feeling BLOATED sucks!!! It will bring down your energy and keep you from radiating your inner light as much, because all you can think about and feel is your tummy! :(  So let's work to prevent it! :)

Feeling BLOATED sucks!!! It will bring down your energy and keep you from fully radiating your inner light, because all you can think about and feel is your tummy! 😦 So let's work to prevent it! 🙂

No one likes feeling bloated. Especially us ladies that wear skinny and/or snug-waisted jeans and form-fitting shirts. You may be headed out for what you think will be an awesome party or dinner and then…BAM….the BLOATING bug hits you and you are rendered feeling gross, fat, unattractive and uncomfortable. So check out some of the reasons for bloating I’ve pinpointed for you:

1. When you add more vegetables to the diet (and Yay! for you if you are), you also have to be sure that you have a good buildup of Hydrochloric acid (HCI) in the stomach. HCI breaks down all the plant fiber and roughage in the stomach. Low HCI is a reason why some people say that raw veggies make them bloat out.

–    When HCI is low, it affects the metabolism and you don’t digest your food well (even if it is raw plant food) and will yes, cause a protruding belly and BLOATING- and can contribute to candida, anemia, chronic fatigue, etc.

–    So here’s the skinny on what causes your body to lose its ability to produce HCI: Eating a ton of heavy animal foods, and high quantities of refined carbs and sugars, prolonged emotional stress.

–    Here’s what can help build up HCI: Raw apple cider vinegar (especially with a  salad), black olives, lemon juice, ginger (see the Detox Tea).

2. Poor food combining can reek havoc in the stomach and also screw up proper digestion- so yes, again BLOATING. As an example, on a technical note, when you eat carbs and proteins together, the carbs will not be properly digested in the presence of the pepsin protein- digestive fluids. Furthermore, protein digestion is compromised by the presence of the carbs in the chyme. The result?? Fermentation of the carbs and putrefacation of the protein. Gas, gas, gas, and bloating, bloating, bloating…no, no, no!!!

Food combining really deserves its whole own blog altogether, but here are a few basic tips:
–    Don’t eat cooked carbs and cooked proteins together

–    If you are going to eat cooked protein- pair it with salad

–    Don’t eat fruit after cooked food- at least 20-30 min. before

Of course, if you are eating all raw plant food at a meal- you will keep building up your HCI and your digestive power, and you will digest foods from various raw plant groups well. 🙂  Dr. Jubb always told me that if you’re eating all “life food,” don’t worry too much about complex food combining because the enzymes in “life food” help it digest so well.


3. You may have a candida overgrowth, or some other kind of microbial/fungal imbalance in the digestive tract. Candida is a nasty fungus that excretes toxic waste and definitely causes BLOATING. Candida forms long roots and can penetrate the tissue, bridging the boundary between the internal body and the digestive tract. (Yes, I said roots! A absolutely terrifying word to describe something in your intestines! I know).

– Refined sugars and cooked starches feed candida- bread, baked potatoes, cakes, pasta, as well as a heavy history of taking antiobiotics, which kill the healthy intestinal bacteria.

–    If you suspect you may have candida, I definitely recommend getting gravity colonics. It will help to flush those disgusting little creatures out of your body. If you think colonics sound gross then think how much worse it is to let them suckers STAY in your body, getting bigger and bigger…EEEEEEK is all I have to say.

–    Take a very high quality probiotic supplement on a daily basis. Make sure it contains at least acidophilus, bifidus, and L.bulgaricus.

4. Don’t drink large amounts of water and liquids when you are eating! They will impede the digestive process by diluting gastric juices, such as your HCI. You also dilute the digestive enzymes your body needs for the effective digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. You will BLOAT out sister. So just sip on water and other liquids at meals, but no chugging please. (See my Easiest Weight Loss tip blog for more on this topic).

5. Pasteurized dairy is known to particularly cause BLOATING…since it lacks all its enzymes and is one of the hardest foods most people can digest. So avoid or cut back.

Hope this helps you and your belly feel more comfortable and beautiful. ☺
Much love,