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Mini Scrapbook: A few pics from the last 10 days in Atlanta

April 28, 2010

Bobby Farrelly, me, and Peter Farrelly. The Farrelly's are the best, most loving and wonderful directors and producers in Hollywood!!

On set of "Hall Pass." Bobby Farelly, a little boy named CJ :), me, a production assistant named John, and co-producer "Mudd"

Doesn't this tree bark look amazing!!

Executive producer Marc Fischer drinking his Green Smoothie!! I love him. 🙂

On, I don't like to post pics of the actors. I'm not the paparrazzi! 🙂

THIS is the reason I will never play paintball again. Traumatizing! Shot at almost point one of my friends!

Now it has expanded into a huge black mark about a third of my calf. I have a shoot on Friday and the makeup artist is going to kill me because she is going to have to cover it up!! 🙂 Thank God I didn't get shot in the arm or neck!!

Raw food- Yeah!


Hidden Beauty Secret: Asian Spas!

April 25, 2010

Hi Guys,

I love Asian spas and I found this jewel right here in Atlanta in the Korean area! I love the incorporation of Eastern healing practices in these kinds of spas. This Korean spa, called Jeju had separate sauna healing huts. The one I am in in the video is their “stone and jewel” hut that had a huge star of amethyst on ceiling, and the entire walls decorated in semi-precious stones to rejuvenate you when you are in there.

Here are some better pictures of the stones on the ceilings and side of this sauna hut:

Here's a better picture of the ceiling, with all the amethyst.

Here is a better picture of the wall of the jewel hut, which had all kinds of decorations made of stones. Amazing energy and just beautiful!!

They also had a sea salt room completely covered in huge salt rocks (to relax tension), a charcoal room (to draw out impurities), a red clay room, an ice room, a jade room with Chinese herbs steeping and so much more! You can just chill in there and go in all the various huts and rooms.

If you haven’t tried out an Asian spa I encourage you to find out in your area. Good ones, like this one, are spotless and have amazing detoxifying and healing rooms/treatments. It is quite the treat. Your skin will glow after sweating out so many impurities and toxins and you will feel great and renewed.

If you know of a good one in your area, please share!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Happy Sunday!!

Love, Kimberly

Chilling in the ice room! It is great to go into cold after the heat. They also have ice plunge pools.


Take a 30-Second Walk with Me…

April 24, 2010

Hey Guys,

I’ve been hiking almost every day here in Atlanta in my spare time. I wanted to share my hike with you! Hope you enjoy taking a pause from whatever you are doing, and imagine you are walking along the Chattahoochee River with me, right now. 🙂

Write more soon!

xx Kimberly


Happy Earth Day! Thoughts on Water

April 22, 2010

Hi Guys!

Happy Earth Day! I’ve been playing so much around the river I was thinking of the topic of crucial it is to protect our natural resource of fresh water, and also our oceans. It is so important that we all become conscious of how we use water and work to conserve it in any way we can.

I am excited that more of us are thinking about Mother Earth every day!

Peace and Blessings, Kimberly


Feeling the Inner Fire and Flow

April 20, 2010

One hand to the heart, anahata chakra, and one hand to the solar plexus, or manipura chakra. The heart is our source of love, compassion and healing, while our solar plexus governs our personal power and energetic broadcasting center as it concerns the material world, our inner fire. Our hearts and material pursuits must be in alignment and balanced for us to be in alignment, and balanced, with our purpose.

Hi Guys!

How is your week going so far? I hope you are well!

I’ve been outside so much here in Atlanta- during my time off, and because so much of the movie is shot outside. I can feel the Shakti energy within me being nourished by being so close to nature and feeling so free and in tune with the nearby river, the trees, and the forests. The pranic energy flow from all the surrounding nature is palpable!

When we allow ourselves to really pause, we can start to fully realize that there is so much dynamic movement taking place in every moment. Our body’s natural cycles are tied to the sun and the moon and the cycles of the seasons. The constant flow of our breath is our life force- conscious energy flowing in and out from Source.

Photo courtesy of

Here are some other ways our bodies are in a constant dynamic flow:

–    We have over 100 trillion body cells, and 98% of them are replaced each year. That means every 4-6 weeks the skin cells on our faces are renewed, and every few months we have new tissue to make up our organs. We can recreate our bodies to be healthy and vibrant starting right now!

–   Our heart carries rhythmic messages to every cell of our body. It pumps over 100 gallons of blood per hour.

–    The magnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times greater than the field generated by the brain, and can be detected from several feet away from the body in every direction. Love truly is the greatest power on Earth!

–    When we our hearts and minds (brainwaves) are in energetic syncopation, or being in line with one another, we experience resonance, otherwise known as harmony. When the heart and the mind are not in line with one another we experience dissonance or being/feeling out of tune.  That is why we must follow our true bliss in life! And that is why my guru Paramahansa Yogananda once stated, “There is incredible creative power behind the words of someone that always speaks the truth.”

It is against our true nature to be stagnant. Each one of us is a drop of consciousness, which means creative life force that has the amazing capacity to grow, learn and accomplish things in this lifetime. If you feel any stagnation in your life, then it is time to make a change. Find new and exciting things that challenge you to grow and truly feel alive, really feeling the sheer force of the pranic energy flow through your body. It could be taking more time to go on walks outside instead of being locked in a stagnant, air-conditioned gym! Or taking time to pick your own berries at a local farm or meditate outside. Okay those are all things I like. 🙂 So maybe for you it is making a point to go swimming in the ocean this summer, or trying a new outdoor activity you’ve never done. Or maybe it is time to get a new job in a field you really love.

We truly are all connected. If you admire the energy or spirit in someone else, it is because you subconsciously recognize the energy and spirit within yourself.

With Love,


Chakra photo courtesy of

Chakra photo courtesy of


Life & Style Organic Feature

April 18, 2010


Hi Guys!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I had a lot of fun- going hiking, playing tennis and being outside a lot. I hope you really enjoy my feature here in this week’s LIfe & Style, in their eco-friendly section since this week is Earth Day!

I even tried something new today for the FIRST time- paint ball! I don’t think I would ever play again, but it was an interesting experience, to say the least. I got dragged in by friends that wanted to play, and who have been playing weekends during the filming of the movie, but I don’t think I would ever go on my own! You know the saying, “Do something at least once a day that scares you.” Well this experience certainly took me out of my, um, element.

The balls go around 200 miles and an hour before exploding into a shot of neon colored paint. Admittedly, I sort of hung at the back of the pack and tried to shoot from afar- but really my main goal was  to keep myself from getting hammered down by one of the 50 crazies on the other team that had semi-automatic paint ball guns! I am a vegan for gosh sake, and shooting at other human beings is not something, even in a game setting, is bewildering to me. Like a live video game – except it can actually really hurt when you get hit!

But I welcome all new experiences as a way to grown and learn and see others’ perspectives- in this case a glimpse of a soldier’s perspective! At least I was on the same team as my friends, so I didn’t have to shoot at anyone I knew.

Afterwards, I fed everyone a nice big raw vegan dinner, which is far more up my alley! My motto is “Make raw food, not war.”

Well, I can never complain about my life being predictable! 🙂

Have a wonderful start to your week! Om Shanti, Kimberly

Fear not! No that is NOT a terrorist!!!! It's....

me! Underneath all that craziness. The face mask keeps you from getting pounded in the face by a paint ball coming at you at 200 miles per hour. You always have to try new things, even if you only try them once. 🙂 I was as much a fish out of water playing paint ball today as I've felt in a long, long time!


Contribution to Men’s Fitness Article

April 17, 2010

Happy Saturday mornin’!

I am in Atlanta and had an amazing first day yesterday, with an early evening hike and a fun dinner and night out filled with great conversations with friends.

I thought I would pass along this Men’s Fitness article on male superfoods, which I contributed to:

I’ll post again really soon.

Keep following your bliss!

Lots of love, Kimberly


Israeli-Inspired Chopped Salad at a Thursday Night Dinner Party!

April 16, 2010

Hi Guys,

I hope you are having a great week so far. I am leaving tomorrow morning for Atlanta, so tonight was my last night in New York. My beautiful friends Philip and Taylor invited me to their apartment in Brooklyn to have dinner. I went right after a yoga class I teach, which was a nice transition from my busy day. It was a really yummy meal! I brought an Israeli-Inspired Chopped Salad and raw cacao truffles.We also had baked yams, beets, spaghetti squash and sauteed swiss chard.

What was crazy- and awesome!- was that this wonderful lady named Amanda was at the dinner party! Amanda is a blog reader 🙂 of mine and I had answered some of her blog comments. It was so nice to meet her again and in person! And I got to meet her 3-year daughter Maddie.

I guess the universe pulls like energy together!

Beautiful yogi couple Philip and Taylor. Among many things, they shoot amazingly creative yoga demonstration videos.

Here is  my Israeli-Inspired Chopped Salad:

This is great for bringing to spring  and summer parties. It adds a raw salad to a dinner party meal, WHILE looking elegant and brightly colored. Sometimes you want a little change from big floppy green leaves all over the plate. Don’t get me wrong, big floppy green leaves as a green salad is one of the staples of my diet, but sometimes you want to try something that looks visibly different.

– Zucchini, diced

– Tomatoes, diced (1 and a half times as much as the zucchini)

– Cucumber

– A handful of chopped parsley

– A small handful of chopped mint

– Juice of 1 lemon

– a splash of olive oil

– a sprinkling of Celtic sea salt (not too much salt!!)

– a generous serving of freshly ground black pepper

Add all vegetables to a bowl and toss. Add the lemon, black pepper, olive oil and Celtic sea salt, and mix well with your love. 🙂 Think of who you are making the salad for. Stay present while making food! It can be a form of a meditation practice.

Enjoy this super fresh salad!

Lots of love, Kimberly

Maddie is one of the sweetest, most beautiful little girls I have ever seen!


Acid Reflux, and How the Diet Is the Root Cause and Can Help Alleviate It

April 13, 2010

Photo courtesy of

Hi Guys,

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

I started thinking about acid reflux or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), or heartburn (dyspepsia), because of late I’ve had numerous new clients that have this very issue. It raises the question of how common this issue really is- but when we go to the drugstore and see aisles full of tablets and liquids to help with these conditions, we know the very answer. The issue is everywhere!! Chances are love, that you reading this probably know someone that has suffered/is suffering from one of these conditions. In 2001, the antacid medications of Prilosec and Prevacid ranked second and third in the largest sums of money spent on any prescription medication, with sales exceeding $7 billion along on just those two medications!!

Sadly, most people do not do much to change their diet- instead they go right for the pills. I saw this horrible commercial lately with the almost exact wording, “Chug that coffee…Eat that burrito… then take __________ for your heartburn.” I mean really??? Can you believe that is really promoted? But then again, the reality is that companies make money by promoting drugs and pills, not promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Let’s take a closer examination of the issue in the first place. Our lower esophageal sphincter (LES, but not Lower East Side 🙂 ) is a natural anti-reflux barrier like a gate to protect the stomach. When we eat or drink anything the LES relaxes to allow the substances to pass through, but then returns to a closed position. The issue is when the LES relaxes at inappropriate times, such as between meals. This can cause digestive acids to flow back up into the esophagus from the stomach, creating that horrible acid feeling!

How can we naturally alleviate this condition, which can really adversely affect our lives? With diet. Food alone can really help- and it can also help in a non-direct way by alleviating a major root cause of this issue: constipation. A researcher of gastrointestinal disease from Yale University believes that over 90% of GERD cases in Western populations are a direct result of constipation (S.J. Sontag, “Defining GERD,” Yale J Biol Med 72, no. 2-3 (March-June 1999): 69-80). Severe straining to evacuate hard matter from the body (which is the byproduct of a problematic diet in the first place!) forces the stomach up into the chest from the abdomen. As a result of all that straining and forceful pressure, the natural opening in the muscular diaphragm through which the esophagus passes is widened. Over time, part of the stomach is up in the chest cavity, (which by the way can also be cause by excessive abdominal fat), and when we inhale, pressure is exerted on the stomach and acid is pulled up into the esophagus.

What's with the horse picture? There are only so many ugly stomach and spincter pictures we want to look at! 🙂 These are horses from Atlanta, I love that there is greenery all around the city.

So what is the first thing we need to do? Drink the Green Smoothie! More greens, fruits and vegetables! More dietary fiber! Our poop shouldn’t be allowed to get so hard and tough that we are straining so hard to go to the bathroom!! That is what happened when we eat lots of concentrated meat and dairy problems (to mention only one of the issues with these foods). The SAD (Standard American Diet) is a recipe for acid reflux disaster with lots of meatball sandwiches, mac and cheese, pot roast and potato dishes- you know, the typical fare that is seen as food in the Western world.

A high fat diet (again often animal products like cheese are the major culprit) can overdistend the stomach and cause heartburn. Need another reason to give up coffee? Both regular and decaf coffee are extremely acid-forming in the stomach and can  contribute to LES dysfunction. Switch to herbal tea!! If you have a sensitive stomach you might be best to avoid raw onions, hot spices, straight fruit juice (which I recommend no one drinks anyways), and even radishes.

Sure we can always just go to the store and buy some pills to cover up the discomfort. But that in no way gets to the root cause. If we keep eating the way we are eating, we will consistently feel pain and have GERD! As with all pills and meds, there are side effects, such as possibly interfering with our hormones and metabolism (especially the H2 receptor antagonists).

Years of unhealthful eating may have caused GERD and LES dysfunction. Here is what we can do from a lifestyle standpoint:

–    Switch to a plant-based diet, where greens, vegetables, fruit, nuts and certain non-GMO grains (like quinoa) are the basis of what you are eating every day. Low in fat, and high in fiber.
–    Don’t overdistend your stomach by stuffing yourself silly. Eat slowly so you truly stop eating when you are full!
–    Lose weight if you have excessive belly fat. Have the Green Smoothie for breakfast!
–    Cut out coffee.
–    Use antacid medications as a last resort- not casually! Work to change your diet instead of covering thing up.

I’ve seen lots of relief with numerous clients by following these simple guidelines. I hope they help you also! Here’s to a happy LES for all of us (Isn’t that a happy abbreviation, versus saying lower esophageal sphincter?? 🙂 ).

I’m leaving for Virginia Thursday to go work with a client, then back down to Atlanta. I’ll write more from there!
Sending my love!!


Awaken to the Rejuvenating Power of Spring

April 11, 2010

Hi Guys!

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

I just had an amazing full day yoga retreat right here in New York with Shiva Rea, which was from 9 am to 7 pm. Besides my main teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra, I also did a teacher training with Shiva. She is a beacon of light, energy and love. I haven’t seen her in ages, and in fact I really haven’t been able to go to any yoga retreats (though I take workshops and classes) because I simply have been too busy.

The retreat today was held at perhaps the most beautiful indoor space I have ever practiced at- the Angel Orensanz Synogogue, which was build in 1885. The second I walked into the sacred space, I felt transformed. The front was original building material, weathered and potent with history, and hundreds of candles were lit from chandeliers that dropped down.

Okay obviously the camera on my phone kind of sucks and this in NO way represents how beautiful it was! I ask you to use your imagination. 🙂

The Temple of Rasa, the theme of the retreat, was to celebrate the energetic rebirth of Spring, and what that means for us. We did sessions to awaken and activate the fire within, and flow back in tune with our innermost being.

I must say that the practice really affected me. There were times that I teared up and almost cried! That is what yoga can do- you really can’t hide in yoga and energy becomes awakened from deep within.

Spring is such a sacred and beautiful time of the year. It is the time when we can reconnect with our dreams and goals that we may have lost sight of in the dark of winter. It is a time we can say to the universe, “I’m here and I’m still standing!! This is what I really want!” It is a time to clean out, clear out, detoxify, take a re-examination and a reassessment. That can apply to our personal relationships, our refrigerator and cabinets, our closets, our eating habits- including bad ones we are still perpetuating :), our career and exercise habits. Are there actions we do every day that are not in alignment with our true goals?

With Spring we have all the energetic power of the rebirthing of the universe around us to encourage us energetically to expand out into what we want- and leave behind what we don’t. One of my goals for 2010 was to see Shiva this year, and boom! She came came to NY, which she hardly ever does. Just a few of my other goals for this year are to take some dance classes (to explore other forms of movement), finally edit and finish my yoga video, stop swearing (yes I say the F word occasionally and casually and I don’t like it!! 🙂 ), and have a killer garden in my little backyard this summer! I’ll let you know how that all goes.

Right now I feel completely charged up from my full day of yoga sadhana (practice). I encourage you to take time- at least a few hours to get away by yourself- to reexamine what you want to “rebirth” this Spring, and what you want to put your energy towards. Now is the time! You can go for a walk by yourself, go meditate or sit near a natural body of water or a quiet place. If YOU don’t get clear on what you want, then there is no way the universe can give it to you.
I’ll leave you with my favorite poem by Hafiz:

Forever Dance

I am happy even before I have a reason.

I am full of Light even before the sky
Can greet the sun or the moon.

Dear companions,
We have been in love with God
For so very, very long.

What can Hafiz now do but Forever

Sending you abundant light and love,

Here I am with my dear, dear friend Leila. She assisted Shiva today and actually picked the space! She is a wonderful teacher too. Her website is