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Tips on Survival Snacks

March 3, 2011

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Hello love,

How are you doing???

I got in from NY last night and hit the floor running by 7 am this morning with clients and responsibilities out here. It was the first time I had been to NY in months where it wasn’t freezing cold, and it was also the first time in months I was served a heavy-handed dose of home-sickness. And I still think of NY as my home! With biting temperatures replaced with tepid ones, and piercing winds switched to gentle breezes, NY morphed back into the friendly, very livable and completely amazing place that I love so much.

I’ve been in LA since August, and while I love the trees and how I get to hike all the time, etc. there’s that indescribable vibe to NY that once you live there for a while, I don’t think you can ever really shake. On this past trip I went to my favorite tea cafe, met with my publisher and book editor, went out with friends in the Lower Eastside, saw my parents, went to my favorite Thai restaurant (Boyd, on Thompson Street), ate a few times at LifeThyme, my favorite grocery store, took a yoga class from one my fav NYC yoga teachers (Nikki), saw my friend Kelly at the Regis and Kelly show… It is a real phenom how much you can pack into a few days in NY isn’t it?

In LA I can stock key items in my car (yes I have a car!! I haven’t had one in years!) and I’m often at clients’ homes or my kitchens so don’t have to worry about running around getting stuck in a bad jam or going hungry.

But in NY, it could be hours, or avenues, before finding something exactly ideal. So here are some of my important on-the-go lifesavers. Whether you are a NYer or not, hopefully they can be of use to you as well!

Here are a few of my survival items:

The Tazo Vanilla Rooibos at Starbucks… is completely delicious! I know, I know Starbucks is a huge chain and I do always support little coffee shops when I can. But inbetween meetings in say midtown, or unfamiliar areas in any city, Starbucks is always a reliable and familiar entity that is sure to have this staple tea (a recent addition I think for them) that I now love. Or if I have to meet someone there, I always order it, or if I want something, but not necessarily food this little tea is awfully handy!

Fruit with skins or prepackages of fruit. In NY there are fruit-sellers at every corner. If I have a meeting and only 50 minutes before a yoga class, but I’m dying for a ‘lil sumptin sumptin, as I was before I took Nikki’s class yesterday, I ran to the corner deli and got a little cup of pre-cut fruit. Okay it wasn’t organic, but it was a decent last resort. I go for the blueberries or a ripe banana if I can find it- rather than a cantaloupe which was cut who knows when! Cut fruit has experienced oxidation and can be far less nutritious in terms of vitamin content. So BTW never buy the pre-cut apples you may find at Trader Joe’s!

Coconut water. Even in cold whether you can get dehydrated. I love how coconut water is sold so widespread now. I even found it at JFK airport! I particularly love the VitaCoco min-cartons, which have a recloseable plastic cap. If I can’t finish it all I throw it in my purse!

The salad bar…but be sure to make good choices there! When I’m really hungry and need something that is more meal-like, there are plenty of places sporting salad bars. Some are behind a counter with glass and the dude working there tosses it for you, and sometimes they are out in the open. The latter I approach with great caution, and only if it looks clean and seems that the food is rotating quickly (like certain Wholefoods).  Otherwise- yucky!!! And I avoid. Here’s the key to the salad bar experience: keep it simple! Don’t get more than 5 items, with one being the lettuce or other green base itself. I usually get mixed greens or chopped romaine, avocado if they have it, sundried tomatoes (not if they are soaked in oil though), sprouts, broccoli, and quinoa if they have it (at dinnertime) or some bell peppers. If you are really hungry and there’s no avo or quinoa, the chickpeas are a better bet than the sad looking, almost definitely hormone and toxin-filled chicken cutlets or mercury-filled tuna.

So there you have it… a few little survival tips when you’re on the go!

Come visit me again really soon…. I have a big upcoming surprise for you!!! 🙂

Love! Kimberly


Here I am hiking in California... I'm kind of between worlds right now. My city world in NY, where's I'll be spending more significant time in later this spring and my LA world, which is now part of my life. I'm sort of like a bird that migrates around in winter, but finds food and shelter wherever they might be... and is happy anywhere and everywhere!


Sacred Land

February 9, 2011

Hey Guys!

So I wanted to share this stunningly beautiful part of California with you where I was a few days ago: Indian Canyons in Palm Springs. It is made up of Palm, Andreas and Murray Canyons, which are full of rocky gorges and formations, natural date palms, streams, and lots of amazing wildlife and natural plants and shrubs. I really fell in love with it- and in fact, I can’t wait to go back!

The land is sacred and was once inhabited by the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indians. Because of the abundant water supply and fertile land, they lived off the land by growing crops of melons, squash, bans and corn, gathered plants, practiced natural medicine, and wove baskets. They lived in complete harmony with the land and had complete respect for the earth.

I could definitely feel the spirit of the Cahuilla while I was there- who thrived there for so many years. It is such a spiritual, beautiful place for hiking, meditating, and wildlife-watching. I’m so glad there are sacred places like this that are preserved.

In love and natural health,



Birthday from Up Above!

February 8, 2011

Hi Guys!

So yesterday was indeed my birthday. No I’m not fishing for tons of belated bday wishes. 🙂 Rather I wanted to share with you the new and exciting thing I did yesterday for the very first time: A hot air balloon ride! While I’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful adventures- sky-diving, shark diving, etc. etc. I’ve never actually been in a hot air balloon. And there is nothing I love more than a new adventure!

I also thought it would be fitting with so many exciting things coming this way for me this year. I wanted to have the feeling of floating up past boundaries and into the sky- just as all of our dreams have limitless potential! We went at sunrise rather than sunset, which also signified new beginnings for the new year ahead.

I also think hot air ballooning is very interesting. When I asked our captain Will, who is ranked #16 in the world in balloon racing BTW :), which way we would be going, he replied, “I have no idea. In a hot air balloon you only go up, down and where the wind takes you.” I love that response!!! We caught some winds, but Will did steer a little bit. We had the vans following us from below, to meet us in the field we landed in. Actually we landed right on a road! Thankfully it was pretty deserted, with very few cars!

And so it is with life. We have control over our feelings going “up” by being positive, making the most of things, spending time with our meditation and spiritual practices, etc. But he “wind,” aka life, takes us wherever… we don’t have complete control. But with our positive energy and being clear on what we want, I believe we do attract the right “winds” that take us towards where we want to go. To me, that is one of the most exciting aspects of life! We have the power to co-create our life, along with the universe.

We had 2 big propane tanks and when we started, and periodically, Will would just fan up the flame! It was pretty loud.

We also took off so quickly! One minute the dudes below were holding the ropes, then the next thing I knew we had floated up thousands of feet! The only thing that seemed a little scary to me was that the bottom of the balloon basket was just a thinnish layer of wood, with a few circular holes etched in it here and there, so you could see all the way down. It wasn’t the most solid “floor” I could have imagined!

Watching the sunrise over the Coachella Valley, east of LA, was just beautiful, and inspirational.

This is the other balloon that went up with us. I like the smiley face on the top!

But with Will we were on the more “serious” racing balloon, one that had only been up once before us! He was a very spirited character, shall we say. 🙂

And there’s nothing like having a mimosa (or a few sips of one!) at 6: 30 am on your birthday morning! 🙂

Have a great week!!!

Love, from my heart chakra to yours,



The Tour Hits the Desert!

November 19, 2010

Hey Guys!

As you can see from this picture, taken about half an hour ago, I am still alive! And doing well! Despite multiple overnight trips on the tour bus, chefs that didnt’ want me to use their space, food sourcing issues and stress, etc. I am just doing it!

I’ve learned a lot about working in huge kitchen spaces, as I am usually put in the banquet kitchen at some of these hotels. To make a salad…

Some of my clients just simply won't chew enough! They like to eat fast. So I try to chop up their romaine salads very well for them. 🙂

I get to use these enormous industrial salad spinners! I like them though, because it is the one piece of equipment that I am sure hasn’t been contaminated on some level with animal flesh. 🙂 I do always use my own knives.

I can take a lot (I like to think!) as far as not getting grossed out. I’ve been using those big walk in fridges with lots of pasteurized dairy products and some smelly cheeses (big deal you might say), BUT there was one room I went into today that I seriously wanted to vomit. The head chef was already very “chefy” and sort of hardcore about his craft and stern, so I didn’t want him to see me wrinkle my nose at the smell and general energy of this one room. It reeked of dead chicken. Not cooked chicken, not fried chicken, but dead chicken. It was a cleaning room where lots of raw chickens get um, processed. The smell was nauseating. Barf central! I breathed through my mouth and got through it though!

But then I went back to the other kitchen room with all the happy sous chefs and it was all good! 🙂

I love happy kitchens!

A few days ago we were in San Antonio and I have to say I had a great time! Our hotel was right along the river, and I loved how I could open my window and see the little boats go by and have the walking path right there. Magical!

I also went to the Alamo. I liked the short film they played on its history and seeing all the old buildings.

Then we headed to the REAL desert- Phoenix! I really loved all the amazing cacti and interesting shrub plants all around. Hardy little things aren’t they! Growing in that crazily hot, dry climate.

And I woke up on the tour bus this morning… and found myself in San Diego! I took a short walk this morning before trekking to Wholefoods. Beautiful!

The end is in sight my friends!   I am so excited to soon not to have to pack up the annoying old kitchen bag every day. 🙂 Ha! If you scroll back a few blogs when we started in Las Vegas you might remember how excited and cool and organized I thought my kitchen bags were. Well let’s just say the novelty of the constant packing has worn off, and me and Vitamix can’t wait to be positioned for one place…for more than 48 hours!

I send my love.



Southern Times!

November 15, 2010

Hey Guys!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! So I’ve been up to a bit of a southern tour these last few days. After DC we headed to Atlanta. I have to say that with the crowd I’m traveling with do get invited and get to do some pretty fun things 🙂 … like getting on the field during warmup for the Atlanta Falcons vs. Ravens game! The players are ENORMOUS up close and personal- I got a glimpse of how downright frightening it would be to actually be on the field with those big boys!

We also got to meet the owner of the Falcons… and sit in his box!

What's for dinner? In Memphis some kind of salad and something with raw kelp noodles...

We headed to Memphis and consequently some pretty hardcore barbeque territory. I got to see some of the traditional white gravies and fixins’ when I had to use the kitchen at our hotel. Below is Chef Leroy, who was incredibly accommodating and sweet to let me use all his equipment (though I think he was baffled by my raw kelp noodles and other goodies 🙂 ).

What’s my favorite part about Memphis? The trolley! It runs right down the middle of the city, and it is so old-fashioned. I love how it is made up of all wood. Fabulous!

I did get a chance to check out famous Beale Street, jumping with live music.

But here’s me about to do my favorite thing in the world right now: sleeping in my bunk on the tour bus. There is something about the rocking of the moving bus that puts me right to sleep! Sometimes I sleep better on the bus than in all these different hotels. To be honest, we are all so exhausted that I’ll take sleep anytime and anywhere I can!

We hit Dallas, which was cool, and I’m in Houston right now! Moving on tomorrow…

Come back to visit soon!

I send all my love! Kimberly


DC and Literal Renderings of the Axiom “You Are What You Eat!”

November 11, 2010

Hey Guys,

I hope you are doing well!

I’m in Atlanta, a city I am a bit familiar with from having done some nutrition work on a film here last spring. But alas, there isn’t much time to pause and breathe, as we are leaving for Memphis in a few hours!

I did have a second to pause in Washington, DC (just under 48 hours), the city right before. I attended Georgetown University, so it brought back a few memories. Admittedly, I have not really gotten around to visiting DC very often the past few years. But since our hotel was right downtown and a block from the White House, I did have just enough time the first day to walk around the monuments and the Reflecting Pool, and up to Lincoln’s Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Here’s a blast from the past: Walking along the exact same paths and sidewalks that, in college, I used to run so often as I trained for my multiple times running the Marine Corps Marathon. Was that really me? I could not help but wonder as I walked around the Reflecting Pool. Running any distance (except a few yards to dash onto a train in a Manhattan subway!) seems like such a foreign activity. I have not run in years, and have no plans to run in the future! I still have creaky knees from years of running such long miles, and since discovering yoga and walking to all my errands, it just doesn’t seem as fun of a choice!

On my second morning in DC, I had a limited amount of time, so I could choose one of the Smithsonian Museums. What did I pick? The National Gallery! I love art, and I wanted to spend some time taking in interesting and beautiful images.

Vertumnus, c. 1590

Ironically, there was a completely fitting and wonderfully literal exhibit on show that I was able to catch that I wanted to share with you: Acrimboldo (1526-1593) Nature and Fantasy. The artist Arcimboldo painted during the latter half of the 16th century. He had his work commissioned by Maximilian II, who became the emperor of the Roman Empire in 1564 and was particularly interested in natural sciences and studies.

It was in the 16th century that the new sciences of botany, horticulture and zoology came into play, encouraging artists to take a close look at the natural world and contemplate various species of animals, as well as flower blossoms and the structure of entire plants, including their stem and roots.

This first painting (Vertumnus, 1590) is a loose rendering of the emperor himself, with rosy cheeks represented by apples and a crown of the bounties of nature, include fruits like cherries and grapes, vegetables like snaps peas and corn, and grains like wheat. It was a favorable representation of course, to symbolize the peace and prosperity of Maximilian’s reign. (This was obviously before the age of GMO corn and hybridized wheat, two foods I definitely recommend avoiding! 🙂 ).

Summer, 1573


I also love this painting, Summer (1573), which displays the bounty of summertime produce and grains which were locally available. I really connected with the exhibit because I love the literal representation of the foods making up the people’s faces and upper torsos- their bodies! It is in fact accurate that the foods that we eat make up the cells, tissues and organs of our body, and are the material upon which our hair, skin and nails are built. So if we want beauty, we must be sure to eat beautiful things found in nature!

The Jurist, 1566

I also found this not so flattering portrait of the vice chancellor Ulrich Zasius, called The Jurist (1566), quite amusing. He was apparently not a um, popular person in court, who was often ridiculed for exercising some questionable legal practices. The inscription at the exhibit read that Arcimboldo’s friend Gregario Comanini commented, “Of the pleasure it gave the emperor and the laughter it provoked at court, there is no need for me to tell you.”

Interesting enough, what references did Arcimboldo draw from to create this caricature? Cooked chicken carcasses to create the majority of the face and the nose, a fish mouth as the mouth, and a fish tail for chin. There ‘aint no beautiful fruits and vegetables in this painting!! When Arcimboldo wanted to create a highly unflattering rendering, he used animal food – not plant food – to make up his subject. I don’t think I need to spell out what I think about think about that! We are, quite literally, what we eat!

Lots of love,


PS: If you haven’t already checked out my campaign to raise money for sustainable gardens in Africa, and other great projects where you will directly hear from the beneficiaries, click HERE !!!


Okay, I also popped into the Museum of Natural History for a moment to to into the live butterfly exhibit. I love butterflies! To me they are a symbol of freedom and beauty.

Coming to a city near you!! Here I am spotted by a blog reader on the corner near 14th Street in DC! While I'm tourning around you never know where we'll run into each other. 🙂 We hit the south next!!



I’m Officially a Carnie (Vagrant)!

November 7, 2010

(loosely taken from Urban Dictionary)
Carnival workers. Good, hardworking, trustworthy, honest, vagrants who travel or tour with a show for work

Hi Guys!

Hope all is well!

It is Day 9 of the press tour, and I have to admit that it feels like Day 30. Eek!  There is just so much packed into each day and each location. More on that in a sec but first… I wanted to show you my new haircut! Do you like it?? It wasn’t my idea at all! I had my beloved hair stylist, Mel, come to my hotel room in my very limited spare time when I was passing through NY to cut my hair, and she was like, “Girl, you need to change it up. You’ve had the same hair for over 2 years. I think we should try bangs.” Really?? Okay… maybe?... was my reaction. I never color, highlight or blowdry my hair, and I’m not one who has periodic drastic hair changes. But then I thought, Why not? It’s only hair! So here you have it!

After Boston, we briefly passed through New Haven, CT and Long Island (where one of my actors has some family) on the drive down, then had a few days in NYC!!! It’s funny b/c everyone asks me if I miss NY when I’m in LA, and I usually reply…no, not really. It’s not that I don’t love it, but it is more that I always seem to adapt to where I am and try to be present with where I am. I guess I needed to learn to be adaptable to backpack for so long. Or is it more that that is my nature in the first place, so that is why I could even backpack at all for that long?

Stocked 4 fridges at my fancy NYC hotel!

Coming back to NY brought a flood of emotions. It did feel great to come home! I saw a bunch of my friends, my parents, rode the subway, visited my apt to grab more clothes, squeezed in a few important lunch meetings, visited my old favorite farmer’s market in Union Square, dropped off food at the poster shoot for a major film coming out early next year… oh yeah and did all my work with the clients I am traveling with now on the tour. 🙂 I realized how much I do love the vibe and energy of NY!

We actually had 3 nights in NY! Which on this tour felt like moving in!

Then we left for Atlantic City. I’ve been making all the Green Smoothies and certain things that I can in my hotel rooms:

Okay I might have clogged a few sinks with bits of green items. 🙂 But I act responsibly and always call the maintenance man!! I am also a big tipper on this trip. 🙂

For dinner I have to use the restaurant kitchens in the hotels, or pictured here in AC I used the banquet kitchen at the fancy casino where we stayed. Nerdy little thing that I am, I did not go out to the casino that night. I stayed in reading Michael Pollan books!

Usually my clients are on the same floor as me, which makes it SO much easier. But at this last hotel they were not. You know those elevators that split- say one goes to Floors 1-26, then another set goes to Foors 27-56? Around 9:00 last night I was already in my jammies, but I had to drop off some food in my client’s room. I figured I would just pop up into the elevators a few floors and no one would really see me. Weeeellll… I forgot it was one of those annoying elevators that had the split, so I had to go down to the (fancy) lobby, walk around a hallway, then go to the other set of elevators- in my jammies and slippers holding a Wholefoods bag and some food! There were lots of dressed up people that looked at me like I was an alien. I felt like saying, “Um, actually I am not an alien I am a carnie!!! So get over it!” 🙂

Now one of my standards for judging hotels now is counter space in bathrooms.

So far the Mandarin Oriental is my favorite hotel

We’re in Philly now. What a great city!

Write more later. Have a great early week and take care!

Love, Kimberly

h1 and Organic Home Garden Kits!!!

November 2, 2010

Here I am in Zimbabwe with some incredibly warm and amazing women! After a few days in my campsite, they invited me to visit their rural village, which I really enjoyed!!!


Hi Guys,

I hope you are having a great start to the week! I’m currently in New Haven, CT this time for less than 24 hours (!). Craziness! I got to use a really nice kitchen tonight in the hotel, and the day in food went really smoothly. But honestly, I really need to get a good night’s sleep! I was starting to nod off periodically on the road down from Boston.

I also wanted to share something with you today that is very, very close to my heart. In my travels, I have seen so many different people from different backgrounds- many with the kindest hearts and biggest and warmest smiles, but all the while living without clean water or steady access to life-giving food (especially fresh produce).

Do you ever think about all the people out there you want to help, but weren’t sure how to help, or if you really could make a difference?

That’s why I was incredibly excited when I heard of this revolutionary new organization: It gives us all the ability to donate any amount, say a $10 mosquito net, or a $18 school uniform. Literally, about 2 weeks after you donate on their website, you’ll find out exactly who you helped! will email you a picture and a story of the real person whose life you changed with your gift. In two weeks! I’ve never seen anything like it. You’ll know their name and you’ll see how your donation is helping them. It’s so amazing!

Here’s an example. When I was visiting their website in October, I saw that a donor named Kellie had donated to my favorite gift: $25 home garden. By the end of the month, she had received this email of her gift in action:

Afisa and Asman get help feeding their children!

Dear Kellie,

Your donation has helped to provide nourishment for a family in rural Rwanda. The mother’s name is Afisa, pictured in the purple shirt, and the father’s name is Asman.

Afisa and Asman have two kids of their own, and a third orphan child in their custody. The community health workers notified Humanity for Children about their family because they are very poor, and thus have had problems keeping their kids from getting malnourished.

Thanks to your donation, Afisa and Asman received the seeds necessary to plant a garden!

Whenever I read this letter, it does make me tear up. 😦 During my travels, I’ve encountered families struggling to find a steady supply of food, let alone healthily organic vegetables. And here are inexpensive home gardens that enable families to live healthier, more sustainable lives and you get to see exactly who you’re helping!

Help me change the world!

I want to do something really special with you this week. I’ve launched a campaign with to provide gardens to 15 families in Rwanda and Colombia.

All it takes is $25 to provide a family with a beautiful healthy vegetable garden. Even better, I contacted the organization, and they’ve provided me with gift certificates to give to the first 10 donors. Hurry, give and you’ll receive a $25 gift certificate to that you can email to a friend!

The preschool gets a garden!

Oh here’s more info on the gardens: In Rwanda your donation will provide a family with a permaculture garden. These gardens retain water better during the dry season, and require less overall work to maintain.  In Colombia your donation will turn an abandoned backyard into a productive organic vegetable garden.

I am so excited about and I know that you will be too. Please help me change the world for just a few people by donating a $25 home garden kit today!!! I’m eager to see the photos and stories we receive back! Share yours in the comments. offers more than just gardens. Their gifts focus on healthcare, education and clean water in Africa, Asia and Latin America. A one-year beauty care course for handicapped women in India is another really cool program. After completion of the course, graduates receive a formal certificate, and all the materials they need to start their own beauty business! Check out the site for yourself. What are your favorite gifts?

In a few weeks, I’ll share the pictures of the lives we’ve changed. Let’s see what we can do! Again, please join me and click HERE and check it out!! Let’s impact some lives!!!

Please pass this along to your friends and family. You can even use the social network links listed below (see how I’m trying to get more techie these days?! And I will launch my Facebook page soon- hey I’m only 5 years behind. 🙂 ).

Love always,



The Press Tour Begins: From Vegas to Boston!

November 1, 2010

Hey Guys!

Happy Halloween!! I can’t say that I did much for the holiday this year, but I do appreciate the costumes I saw floating around everywhere I went. And Saturday night in Vegas they certainly were in full effect!

So the long press tour I’m on with my clients has begun! It calls on me to stay impeccably organized, 100% on my game, and constantly thinking of all possible situations, backup plans and different food moods (within boundaries of course!) my clients might be in.

Of course, at the beginning of the trip I get spoiled right off the bat. We had an amazing villa in Vegas complete with a private pool, and a great side kitchen. I could really move in, all of the 2 days I was there! But I can’t get too cozy because the rest of the tour I won’t have a private kitchen.

I try to label things as clearly as possible for the times when I am not doing the actual food hand offs right at eating times- to avoid error and confusion! There is a certain order that the foods are optimally eaten in. Fruit first!

Besides my completely indispensable Vitamix (have you gotten yours yet??), my favorite Global knife is another must have for the road. I don’t bring the whole set, but only the one I love to cut with, wrapped in a towel with rubberbands.

This is Piece 1 of my “portable kitchen kit.” Admittedly, the biggest pain with being on such a fast-moving tour on the road (we are in each city only 2 days or less), is the constant packing up and packing in. I have to be super efficient, and I am not the super duper master packer that someone like my mom is! Still I do my best, and always pack the most important thing first, ie the Vitamix!

Essential to the kit are all my spices, partitioned into categories and bagged up to prevent massive spillage.

So just when I have everything packed up, and am feeling pretty proud of myself…

I look over at the counter and noticed that I forgot to pack my salad spinner top. Crap!!!!! Back to the drawing board!!

We took a long leap over to Boston via plane, where the buses are meeting us (since they departed Vegas immediately). It is freaking freezing here Mr. Bigglesworth!!!!!!! It is safe to say I’ll be wearing approximately the same outfit until we get to New York in a few days, where I can actually get back to my apartment and get some warm weather clothing! Here I layer a tank top, long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, and thin jacket. That’s all I got since I’ve been in Cali-land since summer!

I set my clients up with their food and had a few hours to myself. I really enjoyed walking around Boston! I had to make 2 separate trips to Wholefoods and one to Trader Joe’s (to get just a few small items I forgot), so I got to know my way around a little bit- at least as far as markets go!

The highlight of my day was getting to sneak away for a few hours to the Boston Museum of Fine Art. It is incredible! Below are some of my favorite images from the museum that I wanted to share with you:

Photographs by Avedon. The actress Suzy Parker above left. I love the outfits from the 50’s and 60’s!

Claude Monet’s Water Lillies– very serene.

And I love all the Buddhist and Asian art!

… and the Renaissance-style ceiling!

Here is me exploding my portable kitchen kits in my 5-star hotel room. 🙂 I have a few mini fridges. Tonight I had to go to the kitchen below to use it for a few things, and I have to say that the staff there were incredibly accommodating!! (Quite the contrast to some places in Europe that I won’t mention, that were not so keen at having me share their kitchen, just because I was traveling with celebrities!)

So now I feel newly inspired by spending time at the art museum today! I like this sort of artsy picture my friend took.

Have a great early week! Come back and visit, and continue on the journey with me!

Lots of love,



The Best Vegetarian Food in Maui!

September 29, 2010

Hey Guys!!

Hope you are doing well!! I just got back from Maui, and am (trying to) adjust back from the amazing last 9 days that I just had. My body is extremely sore from all the hikes we had- many of which were not really “trails” but rather picking our way right through the rainforests! Let’s just say that I’m really happy that there are no snakes in Hawaii… I don’t think I would do the same type of hiking in Thailand or Laos! It was slippery, there was a lot of falling involved, and trying to find mossy rocks to step on for extra stability. But the worst thing was a few scary huge spiders the size of my palm- it could be way worse, and hardly any comparison for the spectacular payoffs of each hike!!

The lush, rainforest part of Maui is Hana, which is reached by traveling along a beautiful highway that winds around the cliffs. It is marked by milemarkers, and right around mile marker 29 I found the glorious sign pictured in the very first picture of this blog!! I had been making food the whole time, partly because there was a great grocery store (below) and partly because there really wasn’t great vegetarian, soy-free, gluten-free options. So imagine when I saw the sign! I was like NA UHHHH!!!! There was a group of trucks parked in a little parking area: one was a man that cracked coconuts open for you and sold coconut candy, there was a little taco stand of sorts, and Cafe Romantica!!

Cafe Romantica is a real jewel. Run by Hans (pictured here) and his wife Lori (who I met on another trip but unfortunately did not get a picture of her!), Cafe Romantica serves absolutely delicious and gourmet vegetarian food, right out of the truck. Hans has worked at such kitchens at the Beverly Wilshire, but he and Lori are travelers at heart- like me!- and take off periodically after they make enough money! For the past 2 years they have been traveling around, and just opened Cafe Romantica 2 weeks before I happened upon it.

Here’s the inside of Hans’s spotless truck. He is trained in Ayurveda teachings, and his food ranges from fresh Indian curries to cacao desserts to the most delicious vegetarian soups. It is not raw, but it is hearty and delicious after a 6-hour hike! My predominant dosha is Vata, so I felt quite grounded by their food. Hans and Lori make the food with such love, and recite mantras while they are cooking. We talked about raw food, and they plan on adding a lot more raw food dishes to the menu and are going to get a dehydrator so they can make raw wraps! Might be there i by the time you go visit. 🙂

Also, along all these wonderful waterfall hikes I took this week, there was an abundance of guavas! Most people are just familiar with guava juice, but to have a ripe guave picked fresh from the tree is a real treat! Some might think they are too “seedy”, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. I would knock them down from the trees with a bamboo stick, and chow on them whenever I needed a snack or a natural boost!

I was staying near the town of Pa’ai, where there is the most amazing grocery store. If you happen to be in Maui, you have to go there!! It is called Mana Foods.

Besides a ton of Maui-grown, beautiful tropical fruit…

Mana Foods also carries an abundance of organic greens and sprouts grown locally, in farms in Kula, Maui! I even found my beloved sunflower sprouts!!

I’ll write more soon- now that I’m back on the mainland!

Hope you are taking care as we roll right into October. Let’s rock the last few months of the year- and your daily Glowing Green Smoothie!!

Lots of love, Kimberly

Here is another treasure I hiked down to on our friend's property- a hidden beach that emerges about an hour and a half into the hike! Absolutely not another person in sight, and around the bend begins the waterfall hike... truly a little piece of heaven. I think if every person on earth also had the wonderful privilege to come to this hidden beach, I don't think anyone could ever pollute or hurt the earth in any way.