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Food Prep for Life on the Road (Again)!

October 26, 2010

Hey Guys!

I hope your week is starting off well!

I went and had an infrared sauna last night then a deep tissue massage.. which was amaaaazing!! I figured I might as well work out some kinks before they come back tenfold during the long road ahead!  I’m leaving Friday to go on a nearly month-long press tour with my clients. This time I’m not touring Europe like I did this summer (check out that blog HERE!), but we are traveling to many markets nationally across all timezones and regions of the U.S.

To prepare, I’m making as much of the dehydrated foods that I can before I leave, which make up a small percentage of the diet I put my clients on. Namely, it includes flax-based seeds and breads.

It is really important to soak flaxseeds overnight, to make them more easily digestible and assimilated by the body. Here are some major reasons we should soak them, as well as our other seeds and nuts:

–       The amounts of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals exponentially increases

–       Enzyme inhibitors are released into the soak water (so be sure to rinse very well!)

–       The nutrients turn into their simpler form: Proteins turn into amino acids, carbohydrates turn into simple sugar, fats turn into fatty acids, etc.

–       It makes the nuts and seeds more alkaline-forming in the body

I make my flax crackers 50-60% veggie, as I throw in tons of red pepper, zucchini, onions, etc. Looks like a party in my mixing bowl!

Here are a few other tips:

–       Sesame seeds should only be soaked about 2 hours, because they get bitter very easily.

–       Most cashews are not really raw; they have been steamed to remove them from their hard, and partially toxic shell. Therefore, soaking and sprouting cashews is futile.

I’ll write more soon as I prepare this week. The next time I’ll have a day off is (gulp) right before Thanksgiving!

I’ll leave you with one last thought:

Yes it’s true! Believe it!!!

Lots of love, Kimberly


Where’s My Vitamin D?? And Why “Fortified” Foods are Bogus!

October 21, 2010

Hi Guys,

Hope you are having a lovely week!

Just when I was chirping about the sun’s grace a few blogs ago, it went and disappeared on us for these past few days here in LA! It is has been cloudy, a little bit misty, but still warm. Quite cozy actually… but definitely not sunny!

So where the heck is my Vitamin D?? Vitamin D is a very important nutrient that we must ensure we are getting in adequate levels. It helps our body’s uptake and absorption of calcium, helps build strong bones and teeth, can prevent rickets, and may be helpful in preventing such issues as heart disease, IBS and rheumatoid arthritis, among other things. Unfortunately, many Americans are deficient in this important nutrient.

I am definitely of the opinion that the best way to get Vitamin D is naturally through sunlight right on our skin for a few minutes every day, sans sunscreen. The food sources for Vitamin D are slim pickins.’ It exists is small amounts in the flesh of certain fish such as salmon and tuna (served up along with a portion of toxins like mercury and PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, which are synthetic chemicals!), egg yolks and beef liver (nasty!!!). You can be sure I won’t be counting on any of those foods for my Vitamin D! But what I find extremely misleading and downright tricky is when we see foods such as milk saying they are “fortified with Vitamin D”. I’ve had some of my clients tell me they drink milk, and give it to their children, “for the Vitamin D.” Big business marketing at its finest!

Commercial milk is in fact fortified with synthetic Vitamin D, aka D2. Vitamin D2 is different from Vitamin D3, which is the natural form for us humans, by way of an unsaturated side-chain. D2 is derived from the irradiation of ergosterol, which is a vegetable sterol found in yeasts and ergot. D2 is not fully compatible with our bodies, and we should not believe that our nutritional needs are being met for Vitamin D by consuming “fortified” foods.

Yes back to my first thought- and the reason I was musing about this blog in the first place. Where’s my Vitamin D?? Cocky little me just last week was talking about how I make a point to get into the sun every day for a few minutes. Ha! You would think I lived in LA my whole life, right? 🙂 Alas, I am actually a displaced New Yorker at the moment! How quickly we can forget that for many of us, sunlight is simply not available for much of the year.

If sunlight is not available every day, and especially for long stretches of time, you can consider supplementation. Be sure to purchase a form of Vitamin D supplement that is D3, and not the synthetic D2. Be sure to check with your doctor or get your blood levels tested to determine the right amount for you. You don’t want to overdose on supplementation! For more information on this, definitely check out my other blog: The Supplement We All Need. But if the sun does poke its bright head out, get thee to the light! Even my office friends can try to roll up your sleeves and sneak out for lunch and into the light for a few minutes!

Take care!

Lots of love,


In life we must strive to be steady and balanced even when everything around us is changing and even crashing! Life is ever-changing, so we better hold fast to our internal grounding!




October 18, 2010

Those who live in tune with the attractive force of love achieve harmony with nature and their fellow beings.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Hey Loves,

I hope you had a great weekend and are well!

I think one of the greatest changes for me moving out to LA for a few months is being so close to the ocean. I’ve been in a really meditative mood lately. These pictures were taken in Maui when I was there a few weeks ago, but here in LA I am also only a few blocks from the water.

Even when I’m not right next to the ocean I can feel its presence. There is something about such an enormous, boundless energy in nature nearby that puts things in perspective.

I love the harmony of the waves eternally flowing in and out, like our breath. The great yoga master Paramahansa Yogananda used the analogy of how we are all waves part of One great ocean, all beings everywhere. As we start to understand more and more that we are all One, hatred, ill-will and anger towards others increasingly becomes replaced by love and compassion.

We also become more in tune with universal laws, such as proper diet, which increase our happiness and harmony. When we become out of harmony- for instance eating only for taste or to please the senses- we experience negative vibrations, pain, and varying levels of self-destruction. If our bodies become clogged, full of toxins and poorly digesting foods, then the prana, or life energy, can not fully circulate throughout beings. As we clear out bodies and minds from negativity and habits that go against the harmony of the universe, we become more receptive, radiant and joyful.

We should bathe our spirits in the deep, pure feeling that stirs within us when we gaze on the glories of His creation. That is the way to know God as beauty.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Make good choices to increase harmony in your life! I am here for you. 🙂

Love always, Kimberly


Decoding Produce Codes

October 15, 2010

Hey Guys,

Hope you are having a great week and happy Friday!! This week has flown by for me. The weather has been sunny and beautiful here in LA, and I’ve been hard at work! I am going to be traveling for work in the very near future, sooooo even given the glorious weather here I did go and buy my first pair of this season’s winter boots this week! Don’t you just love the first shopping purchase (or 2) for the new season? 🙂

When I was recently in Hawaii I was talking to a friend about grocery store codes, and someone recently asked me about it here yesterday in LA. Hence this topic was on my mind! When shopping at the market, most individual fruits are labeled with stickers. Not so at the farmer’s market, but all regular markets. Have you ever wondered what all those little digits mean? And wondered if there is any rhyme or reason to them? Maybe you’ve never really paid attention to them, except to think they were a nuisance that you had to rip off so you wouldn’t accidentally bite into them!

I used to think they were random and only corresponded to each grocery store. But then I discovered that there is actually a uniform system! It is set up by the International Federation for Produce Standards. Doesn’t that sound so official and serious?? There are only a few basics you have to be aware of, and then you can always be sure you are buying organic produce. Buying organic ensures we are getting the highest quality produce with the greatest amount of health and promoting minerals. It also supports sustainable farming practices that don’t use pesticides. Buying certified organic produce is the only way to ensure that we are not consuming genetically modified (GMO) produce, which unfortunately does not have any labeling codes to abide by (!). Genetically modified foods have been altered from their original form, and may introduce allergenic or toxic characteristics to foods. The way GMO foods are grown is detrimental to the environment.

Here are the basics:

Organic produce: Always begins with a 9 and has a PLU number that is 5 digits long.

Here’s an example: Organic Bosc Pear #93296


Conventional produce: Always begins with a 4 and has a PLU number that is 4 digits long.

Here’s an example: Conventional Bosc Pear #4568


So always check to be sure that you purchase produce that begins with a “9” on the PLU code on the sticker –  as much as possible!

Now that you’re aware of the number system, it is kind of fun to know that you know a little something about the coding for grocery stores! You can feel like a grocery store “insider.” 🙂 Go ahead and check it out next time you are at the store!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!! I’m going to my best to get my butt hiking again this weekend.

I send my love,




Sunlight: Giver of Life, Promoter of Health and Beauty!

October 11, 2010

Hi Guys,

Hope you had a great holiday- for those that actually got to observe it!

I was thinking about the sun as I went on this beautiful hike in Malibu on Saturday when I got off work.

Everywhere you turn, you’ll be sure to find information on how “bad” and “aging” the sun is for you. You’ll be bombarded with reprimands urging you to avoid the sun as much as you can, and not step in the sun for a second without being sure you are completely slathered in sunscreen!

But I have a different opinion about the sun. I actually think the sun is a beautiful thing. After all, the sun gives life to the entire planet (by the plan and grace of God). It supplies all plants with chlorophyll, and all animals and humans live directly or indirectly off plants. The sun hitting our bare skin promotes the formation of vitamin D naturally in our body, an essential nutrient for our health that keeps our bodies functioning properly.

Wait you say- what about all the talk about the sun causing skin cancer and premature aging??? Isn’t the sun evil?? Well…. let’s dig a little deeper into the topic. The sun can certainly trigger such issues in a toxic body. Our skin is our biggest detoxifier through which pints of fluid and material are poured out every day. The sun promotes an even larger amount of fluid being extracted from the body to the surface of the skin. If the body and the fluids of the body are toxic, the fluids will act as carcinogens that will bake in the sun’s rays on the surface of the skin and can develop into cancer or other issues. But if the body is clean and free of toxins, these issues will not be a problem. This might sound “controversial”, but if you really think about it I think it will intuitively make sense to you.

This doesn’t mean any of us should bake in the sun all day! We only need a few minutes of exposure every day to stimulate Vitamin D formation. We can build up from as little as 5-7 minutes up to 20-30 minutes, depending on our complexions and skin tone. If you are trying to protect your skin from OVERexposure do what I do- wear a hat or get out of the sun and into the shade! Most sunscreen is toxic and just adds ugly chemicals and synthetics to bake on the surface of your skin. Not beautifying!!  Also, an antioxidant-rich plant-based diet can greatly help protect our bodies (and skin) from radiation damage. I make a big effort to be in the sun at least 20 minutes every single day, and I don’t have an issue with fine lines! Yes I’m not fair-skinned, but I also have the Glowing Green Smoothie every day and keep my system clean and free of foods that putrefy upon digestion (dairy, meat, etc.) and release ammonia (associated with causing wrinkles), that can be pulled to the surface of our skin.

The sun is the most important entity in nature to give life. It has a multitude of healing powers for our bodies and minds. Do not look at the sun with fear! Treat it with respect, and get into the LIGHT!




How to Keep Your Body More Toxic-Free

October 6, 2010

Hey Guys,

My recent visit to the pristine waterfalls located in untouched areas well off the beaten path in Hawaii had a big impact on me. It was so cleansing to swim in the waterfall pools and breath the incredibly clean air of the rainforests there. The pools were always cold, and I can never help but wonder what is in water that I can’t see to the bottom of (ask me one day about my crocodile story from Kakadu, Australia! 🙂 ), but I was always so grateful and glad to feel that slightly scary and exhilarating chill of just diving into the unknown! While I’ve always been very conscious of living as chemical-free and clean a life as possible, being exposed to that ultimate clean environment really brought this topic to the forefront of my mind.

LA is not exactly known for its clean air… but living on the ocean here in Santa Monica and having more space definitely feels healthier- heck I even have lemon trees in my yard!

There is an estimated 80,000 chemicals in the market and in products in the United States, and what is really scary is that companies aren’t required to do any safety testing on these chemicals. It is tempting to reason that our exposure to these chemicals in certain products are so small that it can’t really hurt us. But the truth is that when we combine multiple different chemicals from many different sources, we can create toxic overload in our body, which can affect our body and prematurely age us.

Here are a few of the practices that I personally adopt to help keep reduce toxicity in my body:

1.     Use a shower filter. There are an estimated 314 pollutants found in tap water, including arsenic, vinyl chloride, chlorine and benzene. When you take a hot shower your pores open up, thereby allowing some of these chemical compounds to enter your body and bloodstream. I’m so sensitive to non-filtered shower water that when I got to LA I could literally smell the chemicals on my skin— that is until I installed my shower filter a week after I moved in. Highly recommended!

2.     Don’t wear your shoes in the house! My mother never allowed shoe-wearing in our house growing up, so it always seemed normal to me to take my shoes off upon entry. My friends know that they can’t walk past the first doormat in my NYC apt without taking their shoes off- otherwise they get the stink eye from me! The Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in NYC claims that the majority of dirt, pesticides and lead found in your home are brought in from the bottom of your shoes! EW!! It is even more gross if you throw yoga mats down and play all over the floor, the way I do. I always wear my super comfy open-toe white cotton slippers at home!

3.     Don’t wear perfume. I love great smells just like the next gal, but I haven’t worn perfume in at least 6 years. 95% of the chemicals used in perfumes are synthetic and petroleum-based. Toxic!! Even when a product is labeled “fragrance-free”, beware that they can still contain other scary chemicals to cover up scents. Natural oils are acceptable, and sometimes I apply them. The only thing is that they fade rather quickly, so reapplication may be necessary.

4.    If you ever eat processed food, look for “non-GMO” on the label. Upwards of 70% or more of processed foods contain GMO ingredients, and chances are if you see corn or soy on the label it is GMO. The DNA of these foods have been tampered with to grow bigger and faster, but they are low in nutrients and heavily sprayed with pesticides. Check labels- or better yet- do not eat processed foods at all!

Please take care of that precious body of yours!

I send my love.



The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market…and an Alpaca!

October 3, 2010

Hi Guys!

You might be wondering why there is an alpaca and goat in this post(!)… I will explain shortly!

First off, isn’t it crazy how fast life can change? Last Spring I lived a short walk away from the Union Square Farmer’s Market in New York City, and now I live an even closer walk to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market here in LA! I’ve learned to embrace change as being exciting and bringing constant opportunities for growth. It doesn’t mean we all have to make drastic moves, but if you sense any stagnation in any area of your life, it is definitely time to do something about it!

The Santa Monica  farmer’s market is still going strong this time of year, with a variety of vegetables, greens, sweet and subacid fruit, avocados, etc.! My only complaint about this LA market is that it closes at 1:30 pm…versus the Union Square one which goes until at least 6 pm. They both start early in the morning. Is that because New Yorkers are notorious for always working so darn hard?? 🙂 Even when it comes to farmer’s markets??

I would say that my 2 biggest fruit obsessions of the moment (since cherry season went bye bye) are white nectarines/white peaches, and figs. Plums come in (a rather distant but still respectable) 3rd place!

A lot of the time, I’ll just buy what is seasonal and looks the most fresh and beautiful, and figure out what to do with it later. These chives looked amazing! They inspired me to make a raw “chive cream cheese” this week, with a macadamia, lemon juice, garlic and onion base, and I’ll chop up the chives to add.

I always buy radishes whenever I see them, to add to my salads. They are a skin glowing food, with lots of silicon and beauty minerals. Yummy!

As I was leaving the market, I found this amazing little petting zoo. I talked to the man who brought in the animals, and he says he runs a petting zoo about an hour away that children come to visit, and he comes to the Santa Monica market once a month. The animals will never be eaten or used for commercial purposes, and are treated extremely well. I think petting zoos are really wonderful, because it teaches children to love animals, care about them and respect them.

Okay, I admit it- I was the only adult in there not with a child… 🙂

Isn’t this sweet alpaca’s face hilarious!?!

Come here chicky!! This adorable chicken had really hairy legs. A lot of people don’t realize how social- and playful- chickens really are by nature!

I hope you have a great start to this first week in October!

I send my love, Kimberly