1. Hello, I randomly picked up your book and it has completely changed my life. It is exactly what I have been looking for ever since I had my little girl. You truly put things in perspective, and I am so greatful.

    I do have one: I love to eat, I did really well for about 2 months, really sticking to the new way of eating, and it was wonderful, energy was really up, i was getting compliments on my skin, and I was just feeling really good about me. It was amazing. All of the sudden I can’t stop eating everything infront of me. I actually feel myself not feeling well because of it and I can’t stop. I need to know if there are any suggestions you can make to me. Maybe some kind of food you can suggest to me that can maybe help. I’m going to try that tea you suggest. I don’t love salty things but sometimes something comes over me and I need something salty and I think that’s what happens, until I satisfy that craving. I hope this makes sense and I really hope to hear from you, becuase I believe this will help me tremendously. And again I want to thank you for what you have done for me! Thanks, Vicky!

  2. Hi I just got a Vita-Mix 5000 today! I love it! I was wondering if the Yoga DVD came out yet? or if it will be out soon, I would love to get one.

    Namaste πŸ™‚

  3. hi Kimberly,
    I’m anxiously awaiting the release of your YOGA video. Do you have any more information on when it will be available? It sounds like you’re super busy, but having the greatest time of your life. Btw, Taz (my vitamix blender) and I are getting along famously. We hang with each other practically every night. The Green glow in and out smoothy is my number one breakfast meal of choice!!!

  4. Cannot wait for this! Love your blog and your holistic and healthy advice!!!

    Keep smiling!

    Jess xx

  5. Hey again Kim,

    New Yoga video looks exciting! I just graduated college with my 2-year degree and am now pursuing physical therapy! I’m also studying for my Personal Trainer Certification and Nutritional Consultant Certification and your tips and info. are awesome and a great help, please keep them coming!

  6. Hi Kimberly!

    I’m from Finland and I’m just wondering if there will be a version of this DVD with a europian area code since my DVD player only plays DVDs with europian ones. I’d love to buy this because your so inspiring! πŸ™‚

    And in addition, L O V E your blog!

    • Hi Mia it is not out yet, but I’m sure when we produce it we’ll be sure it works in Europe.
      Yay! xx Kimberly

  7. So very excited πŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing your tireless smiles and radiant energy.

    • Thanks Diane! Here’s a smile just for you. πŸ™‚

  8. Hello. I’m sure you are being asked this alot, but is your yoga video ready for purchase yet. thanx.

    • HI Jill,
      Uggghhh, I’m working on it!! I wish it was. 😦
      soon hopefully!! xx Kimberly

  9. Kimberly I have tried to find a list of What to Eat When. I just found out one of my daughters has cancer and I need to stay health so I can care for her and I want to teach all my family to eat health also. I have wonderful huband and have twenty-one Grandchildren and Five children. I want all them to know how to eat right! Can you help me? God Bless you.
    Mina Faulkner

  10. Hi Kim,

    I did not turn on my TV on time this morning so I just saw the very end but to made up for the lost opportunity to see you I went and I read a few things that you recently put up in your blog, like using castor oil. Quick question after leaving it for 45 minutes do you take a shower or just leaving until next day? Another question: I had heard that soy milk is not a good choice for you. I used to drink it but now Jeff is still drinking it and he does not like the test of almond milk and he loves to prepare his banana-blueberry smoothie every morning. Any opinion about soy milk? Thank you and I hope to see you tomorrow at noon!

  11. Hi Kimberly-

    A friend forwarded me your blog as I love anything to do with happy and healthy living! I am transitioning into a whole new journey in my life as a health counseling and so eager to get my practice up and running. I love reading your blog as it keeps me inspired and motivaed to follow my dreams. Thank You for being so kind and for gracing us with your beautiful spirit. Your energy is much needed out there!!

    • HI Jeannette,
      Thanks for reaching out and your kind words! That is great you are making a transition in your career and are pursuing a health-related job! I find it extremely rewarding and I love it so much to be able to help people get healthier.
      Best of luck to you, and please keep in touch!
      All my very best,

  12. Kimberly, I recently purchased The Solution and so far am very pleased with the product. I was wondering about sunscreen. I usually wear moisturizer with sunscreen in it and this has none. Should you add a sunscreen on top of this moisturizer? Or should you use a moisturizer with suncreen on top of this. Do you have plans to add suncreen to this product? Also is the brightening cleanser available yet?? Thank you.

  13. Hi Kim,

    I’ve been taking your class at Mercer St for about a year. I go away during the summer w/my kids, but really miss your class. Is the video completed yet?



    • Hi Elena,
      Nice to hear from you! I hope you are having a lovely summer with the kids.
      Unfortunately the video isn’t totally done yet! It got set slightly to the side as we had some other skincare product issues to deal with, but the next time I go to LA I will definitely put aside time to work on it.
      It’s almost done! I have to share this with you though πŸ™‚ : We spend a whole day with me doing the voiceover for the 2 different series, and then a few weeks later we did the voiceover for the video. And we discovered that the second time around was WAY better, so then we decided we had to re-record it all!!! So it was sort of a bummer, but that and adding the music are the final elements to go.
      So thanks for your patience! And hope to see you in class soon and back on the blog.
      Love, Kim

    • I understand perfectionism, Kim! I’m sure it will be well worth the wait. Good luck with the finishing touches and have a great summer. See you in the fall.


  14. Glad to hera you are trying to come with a solution (Haha) to the Canadian shipping cost problem!

    A Canadian distributor would be great but for now why not just switch to USPS? I get loads of other skin products sent that way with no problems.

    Slyvie is right-UPS is a complete rip off.

    I am very anxious to try the Solution and so is my daughter which is why it would be nice to take advantage of your two for one offer.

    Will the Beginner yoga DVD really be geared to true beginners? You look amazingingly adept at yogay and I worry even your beginner level might be too advanced for us newbies!

    Thanks again.

    You are absolute gorgeous by the way (but I am sure you hear that all the time!)

    • Hi Maureen- Awww, thank you for your kind words! I am sure you are gorgeous too, because if you see that in me, it means you have it in you. πŸ™‚
      I am about to put up a post right now for you guys!! (Canadians I mean). πŸ™‚

      Yes! The beginner yoga DVD is not like the super hard poses I do!! It focuses on breath work, moving with the breath. There are a lot of modifications. I have an 80 year old woman in one of my beginner classes. πŸ™‚ Stay tuned!!!

      All my very best, Kimberly

  15. I was wondering if you would consider shipping via USPS to Canada? Using UPS delivery service adds at least an extra $40 to the total cost IN ADDITION to your delivery charges and then there is the exchange rate. All that extra cost to “not” get charged duty as there is no duty between Canada and the United States for these kinds of items. It makes it untenable for us Canadians.

    • Hi Sylvia,

      I totally hear you. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from you patient Canadians lately. I am in the process of investigating this ASAP.

      Please stay tuned!! I will post something about it soon.
      Thank you so much for your patience while we sort this out. Oh, and by the way, the big goal is to get an actual Canadian distributor. That would make it much more affordable in general for you. The issue is that we have to come into compliance with customs regulations and get new packaging printed up that also has usage and warnings in French. But that WILL happen one day!!

      All my very best,

  16. I am looking forward to your DVD. Do you teach yoga in NYC? Also, do you have any NYC recommendations for colonics?

    • HI Amy!

      Yes! Please read my blogs, “The Deep Detox of Colonics” and “Healing from the Gut.” I have the best colon hydrotherapist!

      Let me know if you have any more questions about it!

  17. Where’s the DVD??? πŸ™‚

    • Trust me, I am on the case!

      We are integrating the music with the flow of the series.

      It is coming soon!!! πŸ™‚

  18. Hey Kim,

    One, can’t wait for your dvd..having switched jobs in September, I can no longer take your Monday class 😦

    On a sidenote, I bought the solution, and instantly loved it…HOWEVER, as the container always looks the same color, you have no way of knowing when you’re running low..the other day, I got out of the shower, went to put the Solution on, and BLAH..NOTHING…luckily I had some other lotion that I had been using before the Solution to quench my drying up face, but is there any way to create some kind of indication when it’s time to switch bottles, or order more??

    Thanks Kim!

    • HI Jess,
      Great to hear from you!

      The Solution comes in a special double-chamber, airless pump. This costs us about twice as much as regular packaging, but allows us to not have to use parabens and other harsh preservatives. There is no exposure to atmospheric oxygen with our pacakaging- unlike screwtop jars which MUST be preserved with such chemicals to withstand the oxygen exposure as well as your finger going into it, etc.
      So the design where you can’t see is meant to provide you with the purest possible product- not be annoying!
      Also- the design incorporates a cylindrical disk which presses up as the product is pumped out- so there is not a single drop of wasted product!

      Generally, a bottle should last 4-6 weeks. You can write the date you started using it on the bottom of the bottle perhaps, so you remember. And over time, you can get a better sense of how long it takes you to go through a bottle. Also, we have an autoship program that ships you one every month, to make sure you don’t run out, if that sounds interesting!

      That is a great question though, and I will incorporate that into the website redesign, as I’m sure other people are wondering also.

      Thank you so much!!
      Keep in touch.
      Best, Kim

  19. Hey Sherry!
    There is NOTHING that will help your crow’s feet more than The Solution.

    Try applying 2 coats around your eyes- like some of our actresses do, like Jane Alexander. Better to apply two coats of something which absorbs deep into the dermis and affects the growth of new healthy skin cells, than something which is thick and heavy and blocks your skin’s exposure to fresh oxygen.

    that being said!…in April The Brightening Cleanser is coming, then there are a few exciting products launching at the same time, or around the same time. πŸ™‚
    I am very excited!!!
    Check out the latest review in our press section from a Hollywood makeup artist, Jillian Villafane. She said she puts it on her lips for a feather-free finish (?). Check it out!!!
    But as I said The Solution is the most amazing antiaging moisturizer out there. You WILL see huge results.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions! All my very best,
    Kimberly xx

  20. I was wondering if you have any other products besides the facial cream? I love it and was wanting something for around my eyes and lips to help more with the lines and crows feet. Thanks

  21. Can’t wait πŸ™‚
    Will it be available on Amazon?
    The scenery is fantastic, love the feel. Keep doing what you’re doing!
    Om shanti,

    • Hey Heba!
      Yes, I’m really excited about the video!!! One of the two cameras they shot with was the same one they used to shoot Star Wars, so the quality of the shooting is unbelievably clear and good. It really does look like you will be in Bora Bora, doing yoga next to me on the beach. πŸ™‚
      it will be available on Amazon.
      Lots of love and peace,
      Kimberly πŸ˜‰

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