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Kimberly’s Glowing Green Smoothie(R) Summer Recipe

July 29, 2009

Ta daaaaaa!!!!! Here she is, yummy and beautiful!!

So this morning I was quite the chipper, energetic thing (due to a particularly lot of greens, as of late!) and made it to the farmer’s market in Union Square and back, all before I started my work day around 9:15! My favorite produce farm only comes Wednesdays and Saturdays, so those are the days I really load up.

I usually wait longer to drink my breakfast- sometimes 11 or noon, but today I was too excited to try my new Green Smoothie combo out! And it is so nice to be out in my backyard in the morning time. :)

I usually wait longer to drink my breakfast- sometimes 11 or noon, but today I was too excited to try my new Green Smoothie combo out! And it is so nice to be out in my backyard in the morning time. 🙂

I picked up spinach (as usual), mint and basil as my herbs today (because they looked so fresh), peaches (on a whim) and lots of other things. When I came home I was excited to make a different kind of green smoothie, and this is what I came up with!


About this much spinach- 3 big handfuls.

Raw spinach is a particularly great cleanser for the colon and our digestive tract because of its high content of oxalic acid, as well as having such a high content of minerals (including calcium and potassium), chlorophyll, phytochemicals and Vitamins C and E.


And yes, you should chop off the thick parts of the stem, like here, if you are buying it freshly from a farmer’s market.


A handful of fresh mint,


And a few luscious, super yummy summer peaches!!

So the full recipe is:


1 1/2 cups water

3 handfuls of organic spinach

1 handful of  mint

3 or 4 stalks of organic celery

2 organic peaches, cored and chopped

1 organic banana

Juice of 1/2 fresh organic lemon

Remember that this makes about 4 glasses, you you CAN cover it airtight and drink it yourself over 2 days, 3 days max, or less if you share with someone else!

You CAN also freeze it in portions, like in glass trays, and thaw one out the night before so it is drinkable in the morning.

Lots of you have asked me about blenders- and I like the Vitamix (which you can get refurbished) and some people have told me Blendtec is good also. A decent blender is essential to get this to a smooth texture so it drinks down easily!


And how does it taste?? Yummy! And EXTRA yummy when you realize you are drinking your way to ultimate health and beauty. Spinach is amazing! And with this Summer Green Smoothie, you will get tons, predigested, which can go right to work building your skin, a sleek body and detoxing your system.

Talk soon and lots of love,




Japanese Commercial and Lunch Idea when you are in a Crunch

July 27, 2009

The view from the platform was something like this, just beautiful!

Hey Guys!

How was the weekend??

I had a great weekend, even though I worked both Saturday and Sunday. I got out by 4:00 on Saturday in time to throw a super fun dinner party for 7 of my friends in my backyard, getting most everything except for the spices at the farmer’s market, and though a 7 am call time was pretty rough on Sunday morning, I was done by 1:00.

windowslivewriterhanamiparty-cbcadsc-022041I was working on this Japanese commercial that will only be showed in Japan. No it wasn’t an Envision Beauty commercial! Though hopefully there will some one day. 🙂 It was a pretty big production, and the rooftop of a gorgeous building all the way on the East side was rented out, to build a platform to shoot and have an awesome view of the city. I’ve personally never been involved with a commercial shoot that had so many people working on it, a grips, electric and prop crew, as well as a huge staff of Japanese camera men, producers, and directors and assistant directors, etc.- as usually in a still photoshoot they aren’t building anything. It was more like a movie set! And this Japanese ad agency wouldn’t settle for a green screen shot to be put in or find an existing platform to shoot on…they wanted this one!!!

There was sort of a snaggle on Saturday morning, as the fire department showed up and wanted part of the platform rebuilt a certain way. My call time was 7:30 am that day, and gloriously so, there turned out to be a small park with flowers and benches right across the street from the building and the trailer I was supposed to be hanging out in. So I totally didn’t mind hanging out until 2:30, which was when I started working! (Though everything was set up by then and I only had to work for an hour and a half, if you don’t count just hanging out ☺  ). I read a whole book, part of another one, got to finish commenting on all the blog comments that were written to me through Thursday, and even sent some emails! It was sunny and I had a fabulous and productive day.

What was hilarious was that none of the Japanese really spoke English, though the AD (Assistant Director) acted like a translator. They had seen me doing yoga before and on the side, and when I would get in the elevator with them or walked past them, they would say things like “Ahh, Yoga Master!” and “Macrobiotic”, just sort of throw them in my direction. If only they knew that a real yoga master has nothing to do with doing hard physical poses, but rather having complete control over the mind and much more, and I don’t eat macrobiotic! It was quite funny.
I loved how respectful they all were though, and I absolutely loved how each one of them had style- interesting hats, accessories, glasses, etc. The stylist for the shoot was very sweet and I talked to her a bunch, since she did speak English really well. I told her how much I enjoyed traveling through Japan a few years ago and how interesting I found the culture, and we talked about how much fashion and style were part of the Japanese culture.

So, what to eat! I
was gone all day, and they had Kraft services out all day with snacks, as well as a breakfast and lunch setup. I brought my Green drink with me in a container, so had that for breakfast, and later on had some fruit. Now, what to do for lunch?! Well there was certainly nothing there that seemed very appetizing to me. The salad didn’t look great, and the vegetables looked like they had been sautéed in who knows what kind of oil. I didn’t want to eat the white bread rolls, and the nuts that were out were roasted.
Did I have to starve? No! There are always options. It’s New York, so there is a deli on every corner. If you don’t live in New York, I’m sure there are a lot of grocery stores and markets (hopefully!) around should you run into such a situation.

So I walked into the nearby deli, and bought a plain salad container filled with chopped romaine lettuce, a lemon and an avocado. I cut open the avocado and mashed it all in the salad, and covered it all with lemon. It wasn’t obviously the most seasoned salad, but as I was hungry it totally did the trick, and I felt great afterwards! I didn’t have to spend the rest of the day feeling heavy and full from eating a lunch that I didn’t want to eat, or wasn’t the best choice. So remember, if you get in a situation like that, to look around and do your best. There are always usually lemons to avoid processed and fatty salad dressings, and you can make other changes as well. Buying raw nuts would have been another option also.

I know a lot of you eat out a lot, or are stuck eating at work events, etc. so I hope this gives a little inspiration that you are not doomed to have to eat the way your co-workers or people around you are eating that you don’t want to! And I so don’t make a big deal out of it- if people ask I just say, “Oh, I just feel better eating this.” Nothing preachy, and nothing about them!

Okay well have a great start to your week and hope to see you back here soon. 🙂
All my very best,



Another Reason to Drink the Green Smoothie: Green Blood

July 24, 2009


Well we’ve talked in depth about how we need to become more alkaline, and how much of the nutrients are easy to absorb in the Green Smoothie since it is blended and “pre-digested.” Your body doesn’t have to do much!
But what else?? With the Green Smoothie, we are getting such a high density of green plants in our body that we are loading up on our CHLOROPHYLL.

What is that again? Sounds familiar from high school biology, right?

Chlorophyll is basically highly concentrated sun energy, and the basis of all plant life. Since it is the first product of light it therefore contains more light energy than any other element.

Chlorophyll is the “blood” of plants, with a molecular structure almost identical to the hemoglobin molecule of human blood.
So when we get a highly concentrated amount of leafy greens in our body, as we do with the Green Smoothie, we are virtually giving ourselves a “blood transfusion” and helping to rebuild our blood. Here’s some more info on just a few of the things that the chlorophyll-packed Green Smoothie can do:

–    Rebuilds the red blood cells which carry oxygen to every other cell in the body. ALL body tissues will function better in a highly oxygenated environment. And our skin will look radiant!

–     Helps wash drug deposits and heavy metals from the body which have become stored in the tissues.

–     Purifies the liver and counteracts toxins. Long-term, real detoxification!!

–    The high magnesium content builds enzymes that can help restore the sex hormones and fertility.

Well have a great weekend. Remember to eat your plants and drink your Green Smoothie!

Hope to see you guys back here soon!

Lots of love,




New York Morning Show Segment: Deserts, Food tips and more

July 19, 2009

Hey guys,

So check out this segment I show for the UPN Morning Show in New York.

I had a great time, and loved the host, the cameraman, and all involved. I think the label “raw food enthusiast” is sort of funny! 🙂 I think eating raw food is an important part of health, and eating items like the Green Smoothie help us get large quantities of greens in the diet. But there is so much more to it than that!

But to be clear, I don’t think everyone has to be 100% raw- and I actually don’t think some people’s constitutions do well on 100% raw, or at least for a long time. Transitions are very important, because as you shift over, you are changing the biochemical makeup of the body. No matter what, I do NOT think anyone should make drastic changes in a short time!! That invites the autointoxication I’ve been talking about, when you start stirring up too much, too fast, and your body can’t cleanse all of it efficiently. So then we have woken up poison and reabsorbed it- which is worse than letting it sleep.

So start taking one step at at time. Aim to have one, green-based meal a day to start, which could easily be the Green Smoothie. Some of you have written me that you feel great having the Green Smoothie, then a little while later start getting headaches and feeling sick. That sounds like you are detoxing quickly and stirring up a lot. In that case you can slow down the cleansing process so it doesn’t go too quickly, and eat something heavier AFTER the Green Smoothie (not before, not with it), like an avocado, or even some whole grain cereal, a healthier version of what you were eating before. So if you usually eat eggs, your next step would be to have some hard-boiled ones after, instead of fried or an omelette. Yes, step by step!!

If we want to get spectacular, excellent and sustained results, we have to look past the “traditional” modes of thinking that we have followed in the past that haven’t really worked out the best and think out of the box…or the pyramid :).

Have a great start to your week in this beautiful month of July!!

Love, Kimberly

PS- I’m almost there with answering everyone’s emails and comments. Thanks for your patience and I’ll hopefully be all the way through by Wed. or so. 🙂


Good Morning America! Detoxing Do’s and Don’ts

July 15, 2009

Hey Guys,

So here is the clip from my Good Morning America piece! It aired live Saturday morning, and the response has been INSANE. As soon as the piece aired, thousands and thousands of people clicked to the ABC website, with about 13,000 people clicking through to my blog. Many thousands more have come to visit since then! I believe we have really touched a nerve. It speaks loud and clear that people are interested in detoxing and cleansing, and what that really means and how to do that- not just turn to the prevalent “quick-fix” fads that are floating around out there!

I have gotten several hundred emails and comments to answer in the last few days- so I will get to every one of them, and thanks for your patience as I work my way through! I am trying to spent a few hours each evening doing some at a time, after I finish my work for the day. Please remember that it hard for me to go into depth with personal questions, since I don’t have know your health and dietary background. If you would like to set up a phone consultation (which I would have to charge for, or I would be on the phone all day! 🙂  ), that is a possibility if you’d like to email me. Otherwise, I will answer all of you as best (and as quickly!) as possible, and please stay tuned here for lots more posts coming. For you that are new to the blog, I usually post 2-3 times per week.

As I was watching the clip- oh and by the way we did it live twice, one for the earlier segment and one for the later- and this one is longer and far better I think with more info, it struck me how funny this is:

We talk about these foods in general in our diet contributing to toxins:

Picture 14

I am a huge advocate of weaning ourselves slowly off these food groups- animal products, alcohol, gluten, refined sugar, and caffeine- but taking incremental and progressive steps. Otherwise, we run the risk of autointoxication, getting more sick than when we started because we awaken poison drastically and don’t extract it adequately from the body, and/or feeling deprived and going right back to our old habits…or worse!

But seriously, look at this food!! I mean, really look at it.  It’s actually quite, um…UGLY! It’s all brown and dark or pasty white. Or worse, a pink slab of rotting by the second, red-meat carcass. BARF!!!!! Processed up the wazoo. When you really take a step back and look at it, you can see how this food would have to, over time slowly poison us, and see that myriad chemical and processing steps were taken to get it to look like that! And its all so tiny! The quantities I mean. When you eat those kinds of foods with super concentrated proteins and high density calories, no wonder everyone is getting bigger and bigger and still hungry, still unsatisfied, and still can’t lose any weight!

Picture 15

THEN, it’s like…“Follow me to the land of abundance, my friend!” As the host and I walked over to the other part of the set, this is what you see:

Picture 3

Beautiful, huge piles of fruits and vegetables, a whole abundance of gorgeous greens and produce from the earth! When we eat food like this, we are easily getting so much assimilated and digestible minerals, fiber, vitamins, that of course we are going to feel great, have more energy, and purify and cleanse our body on an ongoing basis! I mean, I don’t think I really have to convince you…look at the difference in the two pictures!! 🙂

Picture 8

A few items about the Green Smoothie that many of you have asked me:

1. YES you need a decent blender. You can NOT make this in a food processor. Your blender needs to be able to get this smooth- if it is chunky it will taste disgusting and grainy. If you don’t have a decent blender, I think it is worth the investment.

If that’s not possible right now, then blend it smooth and if it gets warm b/c it takes a while, put it in the fridge the night before so it cools before morning.

2. The Green Smoothie keeps for about 2-3 days max in the fridge. Keep it covered. You can half the recipe if you prefer to make it more often. You should drink at least 16 ounces a day.

Well, I’ll write more soon. Come visit again!

And have a beautiful, wonderful day!

With Love,


Picture 12


Kimberly’s Glowing Green Smoothie(R) Recipe

July 11, 2009

Making the smoothie for the cast on set at a movie trailer. 🙂

Hey Guys,

So I got tons of requests for the recipe I made this morning on Good Morning America. Here it goes!

1 1/2 cups water
1 head organic romaine lettuce, chopped
3-4 stalks organic celery
1/2 head of a large bunch or 3/4 of a small bunch of spinach
1 organic apple, cored and chopped
1 organic pear, cored and chopped
1 organic banana
Juice of 1/2 fresh organic lemon

1/3 bunch organic cilantro (stems okay)
1/3 bunch organic parsley (stems okay)

Add the water and chopped head of romaine to the blender. Starting the blender at low speed, mix until smoothi. Gradually moving to higher speeds, add the celery, apple and pear. Add the cilantro and parsley, if you are choosing to add them. Add the banana and lemon juice last.•    Try to drink at least 16-24 ounces a day, if not more! Stir before you drink!

•    Feel free to mix your greens and fruits, as greens and fruits food combine well together (except for melons). Be sure to balance the light and darker greens, so for instance, if you want to add some kale, be sure to balance with the lighter green of celery. Bill the anchor today, mentioned he didn’t like cilantro. No problem! Just leave it out and use another green instead, or up the quantities of the other greens.

•    * If you are diabetic and prefer to cut out all high glycemic fruit, you can omit the banana.  Otherwise, I suggest keeping it in, as it adds a nice consistency and taste.

•    ** It is important to blend until all “chunks” are removed from the mixture. There are a lot of nutrients encased into the cell walls of the green plants, and these need to be ruptured so full nutrition is available upon consumption without much digestive work. If you don’t have a great blender, you may have to blend longer and the smoothie will get warm. In that case, be sure to make it the night before, so it will be nice and cool by breakfast time!


I’m so happy all my new friends found my blog through GMA! Please keep coming to visit, and please explore other parts of the blog, and please pass along to your friends! 🙂 I usually post 2-3 times a week with new recipes, food tips for wellness, etc.

Take care and great health!!

All my very best, Kimberly


I love desert! So check out some of my healthy, yummy deserts. I guarantee you'll love the Raw Cacao Truffles!!


Trendy Hollywood 21-day Cleanses….and How to REALLY Cleanse

July 10, 2009

Slow and steady changes always win in cleansing and detoxing!

Hello love, So first I took a pause and talked about Amma and love- which are related to detoxing too! Anger, hatred, being overstressed contribute to an acidic body and toxicity just as processed, overly acidic foods do. We can’t separate the mind and the body. But now we’re back on the food discussion train:

So the producers of Good Morning America specifically asked me to talk about two popular cleanses, as examples of the “cleanse” and “detox” craze that seems to be sweeping across America. If you are awake tomorrow around 9 am, please be sure to catch my segment on GMA! Also, today this ARTICLE came out in the Daily News, which I contributed to…on the very same topic! Hmmm, it seems that something is definitely afoot! Well, it’s very interesting because even several years ago, you would not hear these now commonplace terms:

“I’m trying a detox.”
“I’m doing this cleanse.”
“I’m on a detox diet.”

And what is even more interesting is that with the parallel rise of the these terms, there is a marked reduction in the afore uber popular term, “I’m on a diet.”(Which sadly, was really often some form of starvation or a crash diet). Hmmmm…. When we say the word “diet” do we increasingly feel we are trapped into implying that we are heavy, there is a problem with our bodies, or we have some kind of eating disorder?
So…..what of the word that is thrown around “cleanse.” Ahh, it’s the very connotation to the word sounds so light, clean, healthy, and well green. But the problem, more often than not, is that all these various detox and cleanse regimens, for a prescribed amount of time, are really and truly just another sort of DIET.

For one thing, the words “detox” and “cleanse” should not be preceded by articles: we don’t do “a cleanse;” we cleanse. We don’t perform “a detox”; we detoxify. When people talk about “a detox” or “a cleanse,” they’re most likely referring to a program that transpires over the course of days or a few weeks. In my post 4th of July blog (2 blogs down), I touch on this idea a bit- that despite the Hollywood allure of an instant fix, incorporating long-term, gradual improvements is the real way to make any sort of real, long-term progress.

It’s this idea of an instant quick fix that really bothers me. Real cleansing—that is, really ridding the body of many years’ worth of accumulated toxins—is a process that should be undertaken carefully, consciously, and gradually. It’s ongoing, as we are also constantly accumulating new toxins even from the metabolic waste of very healthy, raw food. So real cleansing involves gradual dietary change and long-term dedication. It means the slow and steady incorporation of alkaline foods into the body and the encouraging of healthy digestion and elimination to release old waste. Anything less—especially sudden extremes—is most likely a diet in disguise.
Plans and “detoxes” also tend to suggest that if you eat a certain way for a few days or weeks, you’ll suddenly be  instantly clean. If only it were so easy! Detoxification isn’t a quickie process; it’s a journey that can, and should, take a long time. Any effort to speed the process overnight is bound to fail.

So let’s look at these two cleanses I will touch upon on Good Morning America:

The Master Cleanse: In summary, confined to drinking a concoction of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for a number of days.

The Quantum Wellness Cleanse: For 21 days, cutting out the “Big 5,” caffeine, gluten, sugar, animal products and sugar.

So here’s the problem with these two cleanses (and the myriad of other ones floating around out there right now): in a nutshell, too much too quick. To go from the way the average person is eating now to a liquid fast, or cutting out all 5 of those major categories in one fell swoop can be disasterous! I have personally witnessed people getting very, very ill from doing too much immediately. The shock to the body could initially shake up toxins (though to get to the really old, deeper stuff we need to get the body into a more alkaline diet run the risk of drudging up too many toxins too quickly, of shocking your system with the sudden absence of food, or your known food and of reabsorbing toxins that have been awakened in the process.

But the real deal, major problem, is that these trendy fasts and cleanses do nothing to teach the real life skills of detoxification: learning how to eat healing foods each and every day—and stick with it! Unfortunately, many people who go from unhealthy diets to short-term fasts end up going right back to old habits when they finish. How many people do you know, honestly, that did the Master Cleanse, then shifted into a new, much healthier way of eating as a result afterwards? I’m guessing NADA. That’s why it is much more important to learn something we can do every single day, and move us into shifting into progressing towards better dietary lifestyle choices—for the LONG term.

The goal shouldn’t be a “total transformation in 21 days”, but rather a lifetime of improvement. The steps shouldn’t be radical regimes or painful restriction, but rather manageable steps towards overall improvement. (Sigh) Yet as Americans we always seem to be looking for a quick fix. Instead, GET THEE TO THY BLENDER.

True detoxification—the kind that nourishes and heals—is a process that demands patience, a well-informed perspective, and—most of all—an immense respect for one’s body. This kind of detoxification can’t be had in quickie cleanses or spicy lemonade. It’s not that simple, and it’s not that shallow. But it does exist, and can make huge benefits to your health, your energy…oh and yes, also your physique. 🙂

In love and health,
Kimberly    IMG_1819


Amma: Pure Love

July 8, 2009


So what is a hug really? Well I think it can take many different forms. First, there is the stiff, mandatory kind of hug you would awkwardly give a co-worker (that you don’t really like) when you have to present a birthday present, maybe on behalf of the company department. Then there is a delicate hug, say of your spouse’s grandmother, where you don’t want to crush her, and sort of do the “patting the back” routine… And there are the sweeter than sweet, priceless hugs of a dear, dear friend, a loving mother, and a lover. Well I experienced a whole other kind of hug altogether yesterday, by the incredibly beautiful soul Amma, right here in New York City at the Manhattan Center.


Who is Amma? She is an Indian woman referred to as the “Hugging Saint!” That’s right, she goes around hugging people- referred to as darshan, to anyone that comes before her. 🙂 Her teachings are universal to all, and she says that her religion is Love. She does not ask anyone to believe in God or to change their faith, but only to inquire into their own real nature, and believe in themselves.

amma amma2

So I got to the center around 9 am, and as a first-timer, had the honor to be placed 10 feet or so, at Amma’s feet while I waited my turn (we were given tags with letters). For the next few hours, I was completely transfixed on her beautiful face- there was so much light and really….just pure love. There is no other way to say it! I watched her hug person after person, people of all religions and ethnicities, completely encapsulating them in her bosom, then rocking them back and forth in again…pure love. I watched grown men, children, and everyone in between transform in her arms. Many would collapse and begin to sob, as if just experiencing Amma’s simple act of pure, unconditional love was all they needed to open up some dark corner of their heart, or show them what real love was and let down their guard to the truth of their spirit. It was so beautiful and touching that I was crying myself!


After 3 ½ hours, it was my turn. As I humbly approached Amma on my knees, she just swooped me up and I was embraced in an all-encompassing wave of love, her sweet rose smell, and her whispering in my ear of Indian mantras. It was timeless. Then as she finished and I was shuffled to the side, I felt an incredible warmth in my heart. Yes, it was pure love!

So whether you view Amma as a saint, a guru, or simply an incredibly compassionate humanitarian, she is a living example that this one simple act of love can transform someone deeply, and permanently. And she is tireless in spreading her love: In the past 28 years, she has physically hugged more than 28 million people from all parts of the world. In India, her home country, she has been known to individually embrace over 20,000 people in one day, sitting sometimes for over 22 hours without a moment’s break.


It is this very pure love itself which fuels the incredible success of Amma’s charitable work, which is staggering. It is her love that motivates thousands that she embraces to wake up into action, service. Her organization raised $46 million in tsunami relief funding, feeds over 2 million people a year in India, provides free housing, health services, and lifetime stipends for the poor, has established 53 schools for needy children and those with speech and hearing defects, programs to end suicide, free meditation classes for prisoners, setting up orphanages and hospices…the list is endless. And (very close to my heart), she established the Green Friends program in 2001 to help protect our environment, with initiatives like planting 100,000 trees a year and providing sustainability education. In 2005, Amma’s organization, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, was given special consultative status by the United Nations.

Yes! This is one person! In the words of one of my all-time major heroes, Dr. Jane Goodall, who presented Amma with the 2002 Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence said, “She stands here in front of us. God’s love in a human body.”

Since yesterday, I have had Amma constantly on my mind. It is as if since we touched hearts, we are ever- connected. I think one amma-the-hugging-saintof her brilliant silent statements, as she proceeds to hug people week after week and year after year, is that the simple act of pure love…and giving a hug!, can be so powerful that we don’t even realize sometimes how we can help lift someone up, reinspire someone to pursue their dreams or help others, or believe again in love and the inextricable human connection.

Sometimes we might feel self conscious about hugging, even touching people. I am used to touching people all day long as a yoga instructor, but I realize that this is so not the case with many of us. When we hug we can really embrace and pass love, and a silent wish for the other persons’ well being and peace. Amma’s philosophy of living a life of non-duality, of seeing ourselves more and more in others, would definitely transform the whole world into a more loving place if everyone adopted it.

Amma is a beautiful example to all of us!! So let’s… smile at a stranger, consciously send love whenever we do hug someone, and remember that truly….we are all connected.

With warmth and Love, Kimberly

PS- I’m going on Good Morning America Saturday morning to talk about more cleaning stuff! So tune in around 9 am if you are around, otherwise check back here for more cleaning and detox talk soon.


In Amma's home country and one of my favorite countries: India. Here I am somewhere near the Pakistan border in Rajasthan.


The Post-4th of July Cleanse

July 5, 2009

Ah, July 4th weekend! Beach, sun, fun, and um...lots of bloat!! Don't worry we are going to work on that though! By the way does anyone know the name of this interesting looking Asian fruit??

Hello love,

How was your holiday! I hope it was relaxing and wonderful, and that you had a great time recharging. Well perhaps you did not eat um…optimally, shall we say? Which is totally okay when you are on a break! It happens to all of us, and the key is just to get back on track. Perhaps you are feeling a bit heavy from a barbeque (or two!), some poor food combining (watermelon after cooked food!!! Eek), a little too many alcoholic beverages and not consuming toooo many foods that are the color green??? 🙂

So many of you have written me that you want to start to cleanse “after the 4th of July.”
Well I get it: The holiday was a time for letting loose and hanging out with your fam and friends. But holy smokes, summer is really here and yes, you will have to contend with wearing a bathing suit and less clothing in general in the coming months (admittedly the more surface reasons to cleanse, but yes we all care about those as well!). Also, yes, now is a great time to cleanse in the warmer months as there is so much great produce available, and we can spend more time outside walking, meditating, reflecting and hopefully getting closer back to our real, balanced inner self. Sounds great right!!! Well, step by step.

The first thing to discuss, as I sort of alluded to in the Hitting the Wall blog a few blogs ago is that it is possible to hit walls of detoxing as we are going through, and now one point I must bring up is do NOT do something drastic!! You might “overcleanse” too fast meaning you will wake up too many toxins at once and totally overwhelm our detoxing, eliminative organs. This could prove problematic as you will inevitably feel crappy and could have too many breakouts and headaches, and you will further put your body out of balance. There is too much for the body to extract at once, so you are just recirculating the poisons without really pulling them out, which we need to accomplish in the true definition of cleansing. You could end up waking up way too much, too fast, so much that the poisons get reabsorbed into the body and the blood and tissue. Remember that cleansing is a gradual, long-term process and starting some new shifts after a holiday is a great motivation. But nothing crazy! So in other words, what I’m trying to say is make good progressive changes, don’t rush to do something drastic like try to be a 100% raw foodist or ….start the dreaded Master Cleanse (of which I am SO not a fan, and think is a short-term gimmicky, quick-fix, does no good in the long run, way to reabsorb and self-poison drink of BULL- shiggity!! Excuse me but I had to say it. 🙂 ).


Here is a closer view of it! 🙂 I first ate this in Thailand and you can randomly find it in some Asian markets here! Any guesses? Hmmmmmm?

So let’s make some great changes for the week ahead (and some of them you may decide to keep after this, which would be great!). Most people will have consumed a hefty scale of acidic food and beverage items this weekend (meat, alcohol, coffee, chips, pasta salad, etc. etc. ). So let’s try to restore balance by bringing in more alkalinity now. An acidic body is a heavy body, starting in the bowel and making us heavier than our ideal weight. An acidic body has less energy, less than glowing skin, and a preponderance to getting anxiety attacks and getting stressed out more easily.

So here are some great goals for you this week, say until next Sunday, July 12th. You can do it!

–    Completely abstain from alcohol.

–    Start your day with your hot water and lemon (read my post, “Good Morning, How is Your Colon Today?) to stoke the digestive fires.

– Don’t let coffee be the first thing to hit the body. If you can skip the coffee this week that would be great- or at most one if you feel that you need to be weaned off slowly!

–    After this and before your Green Smoothie take a high quality probiotic supplement.

–    Be sure to make eat the Green Smoothie every day as your first meal of the day (you can 2 days’ worth at a time to save time). THIS IS ONE OF THE KEYS!!

–    For lunch have a big salad and be sure to squeeze plenty of lemon on it. No creamy dressings. You can throw some apple cider vinegar on there, and a small amount of olive oil. You can put on any veggies you like and a whole avocado for good, long-burning fuel. Don’t eat any bread products, pasta or crackers at lunch.

–    Drink Detox Tea in the middle of the afternoon as a “snack” when you get hungry. It is freshly sliced ginger and lemon, and if you like it a bit sweet Stevia. This will give the digestion a nice boost again.

– If you need other snacks before dinner, you can have some raw veggies, the other half of your salad lunch if you only ate half of it (a smart move sometimes!), or a low glycemic fruit like some berries. Or more filling, yummy, chilled Green Smoothie!!

–    Completely abstain from red meat.

– Completely abstain from any packaged food bars, protein bars or anything containing soy protein isolates.

–    Completely abstain from any cooked oils (even olive oil!). That means if you want to eat some cooked veggies for dinner, etc. you can get steamed veggies, and if you order fish or something like that get it steamed too. Trust me, if you want to cleanse efficiently, the cooked oils will really delay the process!!

–    Dinner will be started by a green salad, again with lots of lemon and raw apple cider vinegar, and a tad of olive oil. After then make sensible choices and no red meat. But if you’ve eaten well up until now, you can have more leeway here.

– Desert should be a piece of an at least 72% cacao dark chocolate bar, or one of my deserts. But only like 3 truffles, not  12 of them!! 🙂

This is a great plan to start the ongoing cleansing process. Remember, we don’t do “A cleanse”. We cleanse!! Cleansing is work and we need to get back on track sensibly while not shocking the system at the same time. You are going to be be right on track for feeling and looking fabulous. Yay! 🙂

I hope you do well with this and make good choices!
Let me know how you do and feel.

Lots of love,



My First Acupuncture Experience!

July 1, 2009

So there are meridians in our face that are connected to our stomach line of energy, I learned today!

So I’ve always wanted to do acupuncture- but never actually have. There is nothing in particular that I have a big issue with, I just wanted to enhance overall energy/chi/prana and blood flow. Since I’m a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and a yoga instructor, I’m definitely into energy flow and healing, so you would think I would have tried acupuncture out by now… …but I guess the universe brings everything into your life when it is supposed to!

So I know this amazing acupuncturist Yvonne (who also happens to be my good friend and one of my yoga students!) and given all the changes of summer energy in the air 🙂  I thought now would be the perfect time to get a session.

Well I have one word to describe my acupuncture experience: EUPHORIC. Yvonne is such a deep and gentle healer, that I wasn’t that very nervous about the needles (and needles admittedly are so not my favorite thing). So first we chatted about my health history and what I’d like to work on- I don’t have any major health issues, so I mentioned in general detoxing, liver stuff, and increasing digestion of course!! She checked my tongue, took different pulses around my wrist, and discovered that she wanted to increase the push of my “liver energies” and my stomach fire- so those were the meridian energy lines we were going to focus on.


Ok I know this picture is very similar to the first one! Ha! Yvonne took a few very interesting ones of my stomach and leg needles- and she also burns these herbs on certain points by the way to increase circulation- but my camera was accidentally on video so these are the only stills I was able to get. Well just imagine the needles all over the place!!

So I kept my eyes closed at first and just focused on my breath, since I didn’t want to watch the needles go in…at first. 🙂 Well as the first needle entered somewhere in my left foot, I felt a WAVE of energy lap up and down the left side of my body. A few more were inserted on my left side, and I started to feel very light- like I was floating!! Yvonne’s voice faded away a bit, and I kept babbling on how great I felt. This may sound like a weird analogy, but the mental picture that came to mind was taking a sheet in both hands outside in a field and letting it flutter in the wind. Like ripples of energy rolling through the sheet. Interesting! Truly, I felt blissful and nourished by good energy.

She inserted a bunch of needles all around on my front side, and finally I decided to peak. I peered over at my right shoulder to see a stainless steel needle propped up, like a proud little Lilliputian flag, sturdy and happy looking about two inches high. Hmmm….not so scary after all! So, as my curiosity mounted, I was finally able to take a look around, and saw the needles all through my legs, middle section, and arms…and yes, could peer down and see some on my face! But I felt so great that I didn’t care that it was mildly creepy. 🙂

She also did my back and neck. By the end, Yvonne said the pulse pattern was stronger and better! (Sorry Yvonne I’m probably not wording this the best!) Everyone’s experience is different with acupuncture- but I can honestly say that I felt a ton of movement in energy, and I felt sooooo wonderful, a natural kind of laughing gas feeling, but waaaaaay better! I have no doubt that there are great benefits to the systems of the body by this wonderful form of healing.


Here is Yvonne! I just adore her- what a blessing to be fortunate enough to have her available as a healer. 🙂

So if you have an inkling to try it out- looking to give some system in your body a boost, have any kind of body pain, etc., then I would highly recommend going to see the beautiful energy, unbelievably humble, talented healer of Yvonne. She is in the East Village of NYC. For more info on Yvonne check out her website!

Well the holiday weekend is fast approaching!!! Yay.
I hope you have a wonderful, amazing, relaxing time, and I will talk to you soon.
Lots of love,