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Good Day LA

Good Day LA (Pt. 1)

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Good Day LA (Pt. 2)



NYLON Oct. 2008

Real Simple Magazine

Real Simple Magazine


  1. Hi Kimberly!

    I just recently found your blog and already love it… I can’t wait to try your raw dishes! Since you have such a good handle on what we can eat to benefit our skin, I was actually wondering if you recommend a certain kind or brand of makeup that isn’t filled with yucky, skin-harming stuff, or if you have a personal favorite? Thank you so much for all of the great information you post!

    Best Regards,

  2. Dear Kimbery,
    Please post the recipe for your dandelion, spinach and arugula soup mentioned in last week’s US Magazine article with Jennifer Aniston. I cannot find it. Would like very much to make it. Do you have a cookbook??

    • My book comes out early 2011. 🙂 That soup is cold and a variation of my green smoothie actually. You can try blending all those things together with apple and avocado. Use very little dandelion because it is quite pungent! I haven’t written out the recipe for that and posted it specifically, but I will try to remember and do it next time I make it. 🙂

  3. I would like to comment that Tazorac contains mineral oil and causes my skin to get worse. WHy does an acne cream like this contain minerla oil?

    • Well pharmaceuticals are not really interested in providing us with the most green, healthy ingredients. Mineral oil is cheap!!

  4. Hi Kimberly!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Just stumbled across it and can’t get enough 🙂 As a long time vegetarian and “high” raw foodist for 4 years, I’ve witnessed first hand the dramatic results of a raw food diet. I think the best testament in your above videos was the UPN 9 one – you so obviously practice what you preach – you have that inside out glow that only raw foodists have – this was a direct contrast to the RD that was shown – not knocking anybody BUT if someone is supposed to be a health professional, shouldn’t they look the part?? thank you so much for being a great example of what we can all achieve!

    and finally I do have a quick question for your – what if anything can I do to improve my hair (yours is GORGEOUS, by the way) – Mine used to be nice but due to my crazy thyroid, it definitely has gotten dry, brittle and THIN (eeek). I eliminate all chemicals – hair/skin care and environment. I use TONS of coconut oil – as body moisturizer, a deep conditioner in hair in addition to a dab after shampooing to keep frizzies away…I take a multi; get my EFA’s; I’m sure theres more that I do that positively impact my hair, but just can’t think right now – do you have any recommendations??

    thanks soo much,


  5. Hi,

    I appreciate your information and recipes. I suffer from a slew of alleriges… soy, fish… and my skin is horrible. I have been stressed lately and I know I haven’t been eating right… so I have been battling with an acne breakout since March.. I too have started yaz and tazorac, clindamycin for the acne…however, I know its something else that I can do to improve it. I had been a vegetarian for 5 years and gave up because my skin was suffering terribly…it was dry… and itchy especially on my face. I switched hair products and have found some that work well; however, I have not found the magic tonic for my skin. Once I could get away with a hot towel and olive oil…now it is awful. I have eczema too and it seems to flare when I ate certain things. I like that you omit soy from your recipes… this is so hard to find. I am now taking vit a, mvi as well. If you have anymore suggestions please let me know. I am going to try this raw food thing… Your recipes look very easy.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge,


    • Thanks Nilaja,
      Thanks for sharing! From all that you’ve told me, it sounds like you have the classic symptoms of having some form of Candiasis, or an overinfestation of yeast in your body. The products and creams won’t help your skin in the long-term, they will just suppress symptoms. The real problem lies within, as that yeast and bad bacteria needs to be starved so it dies out and your body can get back in balance. All the acne, itching, etc. is caused by that. Here are a few things I recommend: For the next month or so, you need to do a sugar fast. Maybe only the fruit in the Green Smoothie. You can use Stevia but nothing else. No candy or Diet Coke or anything! Including white breads, crackers, pasta, anything that turns right to sugar. Be sure to take a good probiotic every single day, and look for raw sauerkraut at the healthfood store to help with your good bacteria. Eat a few huge spoonfuls of it every day. And I highly recommend getting some colonics, to help move some of that waste out. If you live in New York, I have the perfect person for you. Lastly, there is a good product in the marketplace called Candex, that is an anti-yeast product. It is very good and it might be worth you looking into.
      I really hope these items help you!!

      Much love and take care,

      • Thanks for your reply… I will try this out… I live in TN…we have a few places here that do colonics…I will try to find a good probiotic… the one I was taking contained soy so I had to stop that. And I eat a lot of fruit…so going without it will be hard!! Thanks for the info tho!! I will let you know how it goes… and btw tried to green smoothie today and it was very good… I would love to go raw, but I worry about getting enough protein, calcium, omega 3’s … I have a friend here who does raw food occassionally and she plans to help me out with a few recipes…Again thanks…


  6. Hello Kimberly,

    I just came upon your blog yesterday, and have enjoyed all the great information you have on it. I recently came across the Raw Vegan lifestyle, I am going on my second year, although I am not 100%, more about 90-95%. I have struggled for many years with skin, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, and many other health problems, and I am only 26. I always knew what was happening inside me affecting my skin, but no doctor could help me. So I put it upon myself to figure it out, which is where I discovered the raw food lifestyle. I love the whole concept about it, but I still struggle with my skin breaking out, so I broke down and went to a dermatologist. I am currently taking an antibiotic and Tazorac. I would rather be doing this the more natural way, but nothing seemed to help. I just bought some new face wash and toner, hoping this helps too. Do you think your Envision will help my skin?? Does it replace face wash and toner? Or just night creams, etc.? Also want are your thoughts with birth control pills that are aimed at controlling hormones but also helping with acne?

    Thank you so much for your time!


    • Hi Michelle!
      First off, many vegetarians and vegans can still be deficient in minerals- and deficiencies in Vitamin A and Zinc can lead to acne. Raw foodists are no exception- I know some that eat just apples and watermelon and flax seeds here and there, and look very unhealthy! You should read my blog called, “Eating for Acne.” here are some good food tips there. I think that if you are already taking birth control and want to switch to the brands that help control it that’s fine. I’m not a big proponent of people taking birth control solely to control acne- it just seems an unnecessary introduction of medication into the body for just that reason.
      See how we do with the food changes, mineralization, etc. for now and keep in touch with me. Please!
      All my very best,

      • Thank you so much Kimberly for the advice and support. I looked over your Eating for Acne blog, and it was great!! Please let me know when your face products are available this summer, I would love to get them.

        I will keep you posted on my progress with my skin and Raw food lifestyle. I am very hopeful…thanks to you.

        Also, I just finished reading The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. It was a good book that taught me a few things I was not aware of, especially elimination of waste in relation to eating raw foods. I am actually going to be getting a colonic soon, so I am excited to get rid of the old matter. I think my body is still going through a detox since I have gone raw. I believe my body was weak to begin with, so when I went raw it could not keep up, so it just kept recycling in my blood stream.

        Well thanks again!

        Take care,

      • Hey Michelle!


        Yes, cleansing is very important! I had a few posts up on colonics, but I took them down recently b/c my colon hydrotherapist was changing around her qualifications (?). So I’ll put up another one again soon. I used to have them every month for about 2 years when I first went raw, and it really helped clean me out. Now I get them every few months. So I am a big believer!

        Please let me know if you have any other questions, and keep in touch.
        All my very best,

      • Just wanted to let you know that I bought The Solution, and have been using for almost a week. And I love it!! I have bought some for the rest of my family…so thank you!!! I will share it with others too!!

      • Hi Michelle,

        Yay!! I am so thrilled to hear that you love The Solution!! And that you are spreading the word!! Thank you so much!!

        Since we don’t advertise, we rely on you guys, our loyal fans, to help pass the word along. So again, thank you so much!
        I hope to see you back on here soon.
        Please keep in touch!
        All my very best,

  7. Hi Kimberly – I’m an avid reader of the BeautyLogic Blog and I saw her interview with you today – it was GREAT by the way…I really want to try your Green Juice 🙂

    I am very interested in buying your ‘the solution’ product. But before I do that I wanted to ask you directly if this product works well with acne prone skin. I break out occasionally and I use a small amount of dermatologist prescribed acne creams in the am and pm…just wondering if your product will still have an effect on my skin if I am also using acne creams.

    I feel like I’m am taking care of potential breakouts but worried that I’m not also using products for antiaging…it’s hard to find something that does both.
    Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Carolina,

      This is perfect for you!!!

      The Solution is wonderful for acne-prone skin. I in fact, have acne prone skin myself(!), so I created The Solution to give the skin the moisture and nutrients it needs without causing the skin to break out. It also has the highest legal percentage of Alpha Lipoic Acid- which repairs old acne scars and evens out red spots beautifully. ALA also opens up the circulation in the skin, so it will purge out all the old junk and toxins from the skin that contribute to breakouts in the first place. In the purging stage (usually less than a week), there may still be some breakouts, but probably not for you since you use the acne topicals. The Solution itself will NOT make you break out and is non-comedogenic.

      What else is great about The Solution is that it is meant to absorb instantly, so there is no oily residue on the skin after application. Because it is only one product, and replaces a day cream, night cream, serum, eye cream and makeup primer, the skin can still breathe and expel toxins. Often when women pile on layers and layers on their face and the skin can’t breathe, there can be a clogging effect. Plus it is non-comedogenic, so has no mineral oil, parabens, DEA, etc.

      So you can apply your prescribed acne creams (Differin, Tazorac, whatever), wait a minute, then apply The Solution on top. It is important to keep the skin clear but as you said yourself, keep your skin firm, smooth and youthful.

      Let me know how you do!!
      All my very best,

      • Hi Kimberly –

        Thanks sooo much for your reply…I just ordered the product and cannot wait to get it 🙂


      • Yay! Can’t wait for you to try it out and for you skin to drink it up. 🙂

        Keep in touch Carolina and let me know how you do!
        All my very best,

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