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Video: Durian Shopping and Opening in Chinatown!

June 30, 2010

Hi Guys,

Here’s a video from me, your obsessive durian eater friend! I just love them so much. 🙂


Lots of love, Kimberly


Teas and Sights on the Streets of New York!

June 28, 2010

Hi Guys! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I had some long walks through New York (lower Manhattan of course, I am a downtown girl!), which inevitably leads to some pretty interesting sites and adventures!

First, at this random street fair I happened upon I found the most amazing tea and spice seller. He had amazing different sea salts- but what I was really excited about was his incredible loose leaf teas!

I LOVE loose leaf teas. And could these possibly be more beautiful??? Lots of dried flowers, plants, herbs, etc. mixed in with the tea leaves. I got three different kinds- including 2 different rooibos varieties, which are my favorite. They have no caffeine but lots of antioxidants. One was called “Mexican Wind” with pieces of red pepper and one was “Cocoa Ginger” which I’m drinking right now. Yummy!!! Even in the heat of the summer I love. 🙂

Here is my French friend that ran the stand. This is his family’s business, which they have had for generations! Highly recommended to check them out! You can get calming, enlivening, healing, medicinal or just plain tasty teas to nourish your spirit, as well as spices. Here is his website: It seems kind of not really finished, so you can also email him at or look for him at the NYC street fairs this summer!

I started to make my way down to Chinatown…but got distracted by this outdoor TV in Nolita and a crowd of people watching the World Cup. I love the World Cup Fever cursing through NY! Sad that the US lost, but I must say that now I hope that an African team takes it!

Okay you know what I love to do in Chinatown! Eat durian of course!! A wonderfully beautifying, fatty Asian fruit.

Back uptown to the Village…

Love the street musicians, street art, and um free advice counselors?! 🙂

What’s for dinner? Kale salad with avocado and sprouts! Check out this huge head I scored. I didn’t make it to the farmer’s market this wkd (sometimes I can’t deal with the Sat. crowds), but if you go right now you’d probably do really well with the huge bags of spinach you can get.

Is it me or does this guy look like a statue???

Okay- I admit it! More detours along the way! Love the handmade street jewelry in Soho. Each piece is unique. I take it over mass manufactured stuff any day!

I’ll write more soon! Have a great Monday!!

With love from my heart chakra to yours,



A Dozen Ways on How to Eat Beautifying Food on Budget!

June 23, 2010

Hi Guys!

Finally, I have made it to this topic! So many of you have written me requesting it, and here it is.

I know, I know-  it may seem that eating healthily is hugely expensive and that you can’t really afford it, but rest assured that that is not really true! It doesn’t have to be. Check out some of these tips that may help you along your path, ensuring that you can eat well, and maybe still even have money afterwards to get those hot new sandals you want for summer or save up for a beach trip somewhere!

1. Put your money into your food, not your beverages. We want to eat, not drink our way to beauty. If push comes to shove, you really and truly could get by on fresh water with lemon squeezed in. Expensive beverages like bottled Kombucha, or even coconut water, are far down on the list of priorities if we are in a bind. They are like the icing on the cake, but remember that the “cake” or as it holds here, our beauty, is built from organic greens, vegetables and fruits.

2. Along those lines, nix that bottled water! What a waste of money it is to buy bottled water day in and day out. And (and!) bottled water 1) Is often just  tap water that has been filtered, see my blog on water HERE and 2) All the plastic bottles add to so much waste on the planet, and energy even if it gets recycled! Get yourself a nice water filter and use your stainless steel reusable bottle. I still use the nice blue one I got from the movie Hall Pass!

3. Buy spices, nuts and condiments in bulk. That is clearly the way to go! There are so many websites on line that you can source them from. If I had to spend $6 for every tiny little cayenne pepper container or coriander container, I would be broke. Now I buy them by the pound or half pound since I use them so much!

What a beautiful couple! Photo courtesy of

4. ALWAYS support your local farmer friends! Oftentimes they are not labeled as organic, but they still use organic farming practices. It can cost them a lot of moola to get an organic certificate, so they might not always have the certificate or paperwork done. But often they aren’t using scary chemical pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and are rotating crops. Not mass production! When possible, I always love to meet the people that are growing my food.

5. Buy or grow your own sprouts. Sprouts are pretty cheap, and they are a really abundant source of beauty enzymes and minerals. Rare is the salad I eat without some sprouts thrown in there. For my ambitious, green-thumbed friends, you can get a jar with some holes on top, or buy one of those sprout kits and grown your own! That would make the cost of your enzyme-filled treat a few cents a day!

6. You can actually get some organic, bulk food at Costco. Yes Costco! Check out their bagged organic baby spinach and their organic 5 pound bags of carrots. Great for families that really plow through huge amounts of produce.

Photo courtesy of

7. When push comes to shove, stick to the most important foods to buy organic. They include (but are not limited to): celery, strawberries, bell peppers, pears, apples, spinach, apricots and tomatoes. Some that are not as important (they don’t attract as many bugs, don’t require as many fertilizers, etc.) include avocados, sweet potatoes, onions. Of course if we had unlimited funds we would but all organic…but sometimes choices are necessary. You can soak your inorganic vegetables in a diluted raw apple cider vinegar soak or some grapefruit seed extract. It won’t increase mineral content, but it will at least help remove some of the creepy chemicals! For more info on this see my feature in Life & Style HERE.

8. Join a food co-op, where you would work a certain amount of hours each month in exchange for really cheaply priced bulk foods and produce. In NYC there is a good one in the East Village, some in Brooklyn, and all around, really.

9. Join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. How does it work? You buy into a certain amount of “shares” of a local farm, and every week you get a box of vegetables or produce that is in season at the time, at a set pick up/drop off location that that farm establishes. It is a wonderful way to get a ton of organic produce at a great price. I would totally do it but I travel so much I would miss most of the drop-offs! Highly recommended though, and it helps out our friends the local farmers, who we must all support as much as possible in this increasingly commercial, genetically modified world.

Here is a great website to find a CSA near you!

10. Bring your lunch…or at least part of your lunch!! Check out the blog HERE I wrote on great lunch ideas, complete with a link to some beautiful lunch bags my friend Isolde makes. They are great. I have the blue and grey bag.

11. Skip all that dehydrated, expensive raw food. That is what makes food shopping expensive! You don’t really need it. Make your own smoothies, your own salads, your own simple nut pates or dishes. Those foods are really dense anyways. I don’t buy them myself!

12. Plan ahead so you don’t get stuck having to eat out or buy expensive food. I always try to keep something in my purse- like my chlorella tablets (more info HERE) or an apple or something so I don’t have to buy a $12 pre-made salad at Au Bon Pain (sorry, but it is mostly barf food anyway 🙂 ). Also plan to meet your friends for tea, instead of going to spend $30 for a salad and some veggie sides you could easily make yourself for $7 at home. Allocate your funds wisely!

Cute! Photo courtesy of

I think I’ll stop here because 12 is a good number. 🙂

Happy eating well, and without breaking the bank!

Lots of love, Kimberly


Belated Father’s Day Blog: On Making our Men Healthier!

June 21, 2010

Hi Guys!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and Happy Summer Solstice! We are officially in the summer flow (at least for my friends reading this in the Northern hemisphere!).

I wanted to post this yesterday on the actual Father’s Day but I had to work on something all weekend, so I am a day late! But it can still count, right? 🙂

I  love my father so much that when I really think about it, it makes my eyes well up in tears. You know that kind of love? He has always been such a support to me, even when I have been known to do a few wacky things here and there that a father might not like- such as, I don’t know, wander around the world for 3 years with a backpack?! He is super kind and mellow and easy to talk to, and probably the most non-judgmental person I know.

My dad grew up eating the SAD way (Standard America Diet). God bless my grandmother, but the standard fare in the house was pot roasts and meat loaf. Any vegetables to be found were mushy peas. She just didn’t have an in-depth knowledge of nutrition, like most people don’t, and she was busy. Again, no judgments! But what it does mean is that my father did pick up some certain dietary habits, and likes and dislikes, which he carries with him today.

My dad loves crackers and cheese, hamburgers, ice cream, and Cheerios, and he was not such a huge vegetable eater. That is, until recently! I am writing this because I want all you ladies out there that have fathers, brothers, boyfriends, spouses, etc. whose diets range in varying degrees from so-so to horrendous to know that things can improve! I don’t mean to single out the men… but well in this case today with this particular topic I guess I sort of am! 🙂

My dad always exercised and went to the gym, but over time, like most men, he started packing on some excess pounds, especially in his belly area. About two years ago, I realized it was time I had to intervene. My mother is amazing too and very health-conscious, but sometimes it takes a person outside the couple to peer in and make suggestions. That is probably why I do a lot of nutritional counseling for couples! Sometimes the other person is too close to the situation, and their well-meaning suggestions can be interpreted as “nagging.”

We certainly shouldn’t try to change everything all at once. And that’s what I want to emphasize. It is sort of like going into your kid’s room and throwing out all of his or her stuffed animals (which we know they have outgrown and need to get rid of) at once and packing them into a garbage bag. What would your kid do? He or she would throw a hissy fit! So what we do is start with one stuffed animal, and throw it out, then move on to the next, and then how about that huge old stuffed teddy bear in the corner that is leaking out stuffing everywhere?? Time for him to go!  The kid has a chance to see over time that he doesn’t really need all the old stuffed animals, and that it actually feels better to have them gone and he or she has more space to run around! We don’t shock though- we gently remove in stages.

Men can be like children sometimes. They want to cling to their “food comforts”, especially when they view them as treats because they work hard and “deserve a treat.” Getting them to see that food should not be viewed exclusively as “treats”, but rather that it is fuel for the body is a process. And that process becomes fueled by making small improvements that allow him to feel and experience the benefits for himself. Otherwise, it just seems like we are taking away all the “stuffed animals” at once, and being mean!! And that never sticks.

With my dad, we started introducing Green Drinks, which my mother faithfully makes for him. As long as it is front of him, he will drink it –though he would never make it for himself! At first he missed his beloved morning bagel with butter, but then the Green Smoothie crowded it out because he gets full from it, and discovered (gasp!) on his own that he feels better having that!!! So much more energy!!!

Coffee is his true comfort so I leave that alone right now as we focus on other things…. We’ve made vast improvements in the diet (including the very important elimination of most of all the dairy) and he has lost so much weight, especially in the last few months! He looks so young and healthy. I am so proud of him!

So remember ladies, no matter what foods your men might love, no matter how they grew up and with what foods, positive change is always possible. And the best first change might just be the Green Smoothie, and you can build from there.

All my love,



Burgeoning Triumph in Cell Phone Radiation Law

June 17, 2010

Stay healthy, vibrant, flexible... as we eat in a natural way and work to minimize the damaging effects of man-made electropollution in our lives, which can diminish the natural beauty we all have within us. Photo courtesy of Josh Maready.

Hi Guys,

Back in December, I wrote a post about the potential dangers and aging effects of cell phone radiation damage. If you missed it, I urge you to please check it out HERE.

Today it was posted by the Associated Press that Cell Phone Radiation Law Gets Preliminary OK in San Francisco!

This article says:

San Francisco could soon start requiring retailers to post notices showing how much radiation is emitted by the cell phones they sell. The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted 10-1 to give preliminary approval to the ordinance, which would require stores to provide each phone’s “specific absorption rate,” a measure of radiation registered with the Federal Communications Commission.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign the legislation into law after a 10-day comment period and a final vote by the board. Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, chief sponsor of the legislation, says it’s about “helping people make informed choices.” But cell phone industry representatives say the measure could mislead consumers into believing that some cell phones are safer than others.

I believe the issue is not so much in misleading consumers to believe that some cell phones are safer than others, but that the consciousness of the dangers of cell phone radiation damage are being raised in society!!!!!!!! As in all things, consciousness and knowledge are the keys!

There is more science I present in my earlier post on this topic, but there is  increasing evidence that things that are deemed “safe” in our society such as cell phones, microwaves, etc. may indeed have damaging effects on our bodies. Of course there are always the naysayers that insist that these things must be safe otherwise the government wouldn’t allow them. It is true that the evidence is not yet completely conclusive in incriminating cell phones, and many of the tests have been performed on lab animals. But I for one, find it scary enough that I am taking precautions!

Here is some other info:

In Australia the National Radiological Protection Board studied the effects of mobile phone electromagnetic signals.  Almost half of all the mice exposed to the signals developed cancer after just one and a half years.

In England thirty-three percent of scientists on one project stopped using their cell phones after their experiments with cellular phone signals.

In July 1998 scientists at England’s Defense Establishment Research Agency were working on a slice of a rat’s brain.  The slice was from the short-term-memory portion of the brain.  The scientists stimulated the cells to make them function and then proceeded to broadcast radio signals.  The signals they used were at a lower level than is currently considered safe in cell phones.  Within minutes their equipment showed readings that indicated the equivalent response of sudden memory loss and confusion in a living rat.  The readings returned to normal once the signal was switched off.  The project director, Dr. Rick Hold said, “This is the first real evidence that these sort of radio waves do have an effect on the brain.  We cannot say whether, at this stage, this is dangerous or not – but clearly we need to find out pretty quickly.” (The English scientists did advise to use caution when making the leap between the effects of these studies on lab animals and what the same effects would be on humans).

Scientist Dr. Roger Coghill said that he found five separate laboratories had produced evidence that cell phones were hazardous when used to excess.


For precautions on how to minimize the risks when using your cell phone, please refer to the ones I list in the earlier post.

Take care!!

Lots of love, Kimberly

PS- Ironically that earlier post was right near Winter Solstice, and Summer Solstice is right around the corner! 🙂


Update: Lessons on Body Image from High Schoolers

June 15, 2010

Remember when we were kids and things weren't complicated at all, and we were just so happy to play with frogs and baby birds?? 🙂

Hi Guys! So back in February I got this sweet email from a 17-year old boy about girl issues and a girl he liked being offended when he said she looked “healthy.” Here’s the original post. I posted the initial back and forth, and over the last few months we’ve exchanged a few emails. Heck, I remember being 17, and being really self conscious and not really knowing who I was!! I would hide under ugly turtlenecks and baggy shorts and hated that my hair wasn’t straight! 🙂

BUT- happy ending!!! Last night I got a sweet email from the GIRL!! Their names are changed and I got their enthusiastic permission to retell their story of teenage love (ahhhhhhh, 16 Candles anyone??).

(Here’s the emails from Feb).

Dear Kimberly,

My name is Kyle and I’m 17 years old.  I know this might not be your particular area of expertise, but since you deal with beauty and self-image issues I thought you might have some good insight on an experience I recently had.  It involved a girl I had just met at a dance.  We talked for a good half hour and seemed to be hitting it off.  She was very pretty, smart and nice.  We even exchanged email addresses.  I was so excited!

Then, things suddenly went downhill.  I commented that she had a “really nice, hourglass figure”. I thought she would take it as a compliment but instead she became deeply offended.  I went into damage control mode and tried to clarify my comments but I think I only made things worse when I used the term “healthy”. With a look of complete disgust, WHAP!, she slapped my face and departed.

As I was standing there alone rubbing my cheek, with my friends nearby laughing at me, I was wondering why she was so offended.  She had a classic hourglass figure – very busty, narrow waist, shapely hips/legs. I guess she had interpreted “hourglass” as meaning big/overweight/full figured. Why can’t girls embrace their curves?

Btw, I do have her email address.  Do you think I should her an apology note or should I interpret the slap in the face as another way of saying she does not want to see me again?



Hi Kyle!

I usually take up to a few weeks to answer someone back, when I get swamped, but your email was to sweet and sincere to put off!

You are a fantastic writer and you should pursue something that involves writing as you go to college and eventually choose your career. I am impressed. Teenagers can have a very hard time expressing themselves adequately in words. You are lucky because you can do that through your writing, which not everyone can.

For this reason, I would highly recommend emailing her, and explain what you were really trying to communicate. Use the words “beautiful” and “attractive.” I am personally trying to change womens’ interpretations to view the word “healthy” is actually the body adjective we should strive for. Unfortunately, it does get interpreted differently. A girl that is even slightly self-conscious of her body, which is pretty much every teenage girl, and most women in the world (!), will interpret someone saying she is “healthy” as a nice way of saying fat.

Every girl wants to feel beautiful and attractive. So also tell her that you wouldn’t think she would be any more attractive if she was stick-skinny, and the reason you said she was “healthy” was because healthy is synonymous with “beautiful.” I think the world would be a much better place if women knew that guys like you thought that healthy was much more attractive, and if women thought the world “healthy” was a huge compliment. We do not all have to fit into one stereotype. It starts even earlier than 17, but especially at your age, if girls embraced their bodies it would save so much wasted energy and heartache down the road.

Keep in touch, and let me know it goes with your lady!
All my very best, Kimberly


Hi Kim.  This is Adriana, the girl that Kyle met at the dance a while back.  I don’t know how to thank you for giving him advice.  It turns out that he’s a really sweet guy and we have a great relationship.  Lots of guys my age are jerks and I guess I assumed the worst about him when he made the “hourglass” comment.  I’m happy with my body shape but it’s really frustrating to be judged for your bra size and not your brains.  I do remember that he looked ashamed rather than angry after I slapped him and I was hoping I was wrong about him.  I was thrilled when I saw and read his email!

We’re having a great time and can now laugh about the first time we met. Kyle is great guy and a true gentleman.  He’s also really tall too, at 6’6″, and I’m a short girl at 5’2″.  I really had to reach in order to connect with that slap, lol.  But I also assured him that I would never slap his handsome face ever again and planted a big kiss on his cheek 🙂

Without your help, this might not have happened so you should feel great!


Sooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Who doesn’t love a happy ending?!! The heart of it was that he thought she was beautiful and great all along, but  we girls are really the complicated ones with body image and words, and boys mean well, but can sometimes be boneheads when it comes to the right words and communication. 🙂 Glad it all worked out. The young uns’ are happy!! Yay!!

Alright, back to work now!

Oodles and oodles of love to you.



A Green, Dill-Picking Weekend in PA!

June 14, 2010

Hi Guys!

I hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend!

I have a huge project that I’m working on that is due in early July, so I’ve been working pretty much non-stop at home for the past few weeks. If you’ve emailed me sorry about the long delay in responses- I will re-emerge soon!

I was getting stir crazy and needed some green in my life, so on Saturday I headed up to Central Park for a nice, 2 hour bike ride. I love going up to the reservoir (pictured above) and seeing all the parts of the city the park encompasses!

On Sunday, I headed to a state I don’t often venture over to… Pennsylvania! Look how pretty it is!

I had a business meeting out there, and I made lunch for 8 people. The beautiful house where it was hosted at had this garden of dill. Look at it!! One of my favorite herbs ever. How nice it was to go out and be able to click a whole bunch of it to put in the kale salad. I think fresh dill in the kale salad really perks it up and adds a nice touch. Highly recommended.

If you have a garden, herbs are way easier to grow than vegetables and really satisfying! You can just go out and clip snippets when you’re preparing food, and it adds such a nice connection to your own, local garden. Here in the city, I’m now just starting to grow mint, which I like to throw in certain collard green wraps and make tea out of.

Here I am, starting to plate up the first course of Dharma’s Kale Salad!

Oh and of course I brought along my essential Vitamix, and made Green Smoothies for everyone to try!

The yellow plant bellow is St. John’s Wart, an herbal remedy for mental balancing, next to Tiger Lillies!

I’ll write more soon! Start the week off right with good eating habits and stay focused!

Lots of love, Kimberly


How to Eat Like an Islander… and Get Beautiful in the Process!

June 9, 2010

This picture was taken on a very small motu (island) somewhere in Polynesia. We could this guy in a moment- love the intensity! Usually he was quite smiley. 🙂

Hi Guys!

I have been fortunate enough to spend many months of my life on many islands across Asia and the Pacific, including islands that are part of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Fiji, Hawaii and Polynesia. The people that live on these islands and in the remote communities and villages I visited were so beautiful, full of life force, spirit and happiness. There was a presence that is hard for me to describe- the locals are really intertwined in each moment of life. These islands have nourished me, and rejuvenated me on so many levels… and not to mention shaped aspects of my nutritional philosophy that could never be learned from a textbook.

As we come into summer, and the heat index is rising here in NYC, I can feel my body shifting to adjust to the seasons. Accordingly, my diet is adjusting as well. In this climate, my diet is closer to how I ate on these islands.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. I say this time and time again, but here goes: Do not eat a heavy breakfast. You will not see islanders hunkered down in a café, eating the likes of egg white omelets, bagels and fat-free cream cheese, or Cheerios and skim milk. No! The islanders are out on the fishing boats in the morning, running around and setting up their shops and places of business for a full day ahead. They drink beverages, or may have some fruit, but they stay very light, which keeps them on their toes.

Don’t you get weighed down with a heavy breakfast! Have your Green Smoothie, and become more beautiful every morning!

2. Fruit it up! One of the most important detox fruits is pineapple, because the bromelain enzyme it contains helps bust up toxins in the body. I don’t really do set “cleanses” from time to time, because the honest truth is that I am constantly cleansing from my lifestyle diet. I don’t believe in short-term diets.

In the summer, sometimes I’ll do a few days in a row like this: Green Smoothie for breakfast, pineapple for lunch, Green Smoothie a few hours later, a bowl of blueberries, then a salad for dinner. I’m going to put my beloved father on a program like this soon- he just doesn’t know it yet. 🙂 My beloved mother will support me with this for him as well.

Summer is the season for fruit! We don’t intuitively need heavier foods like we do in the winter.

3. Drink your coconut water if you are active. If you are not active, I don’t recommend having very much of it. Why? It still has sugar calories in a liquid form. If I was sitting at a desk all day and went home and watched TV, I would NOT drink coconut water! But now when I am sweating my _____ off doing yoga, I am drinking coconut water. When I was in Bora Bora and doing yoga on the beach every day, sometimes I would eat/drink 4 coconuts a day. But that was also a big part of my diet. I worry that with the recent coconut water craze people will drink coconut water in addition to their 3 course dinners or turkey sandwich lunches, then get fat, then blame it on the coconut water. It really is for active people. Of course, if someone insists on drinking something with flavor it is better than any soda or pasteurized fruit drink out there!

The Polynesian guy in the picture showed me how to drive a stake into a log in the jungle, then smash a coconut on top to make a hole and pour the coconut water right into my mouth! He also had a technique for squeezing the mature coconut meat to get the coconut milk out, which was quite interesting!

4. No dairy. Dairy is not a natural food of the islands, and you tell by how much better their skin is in general. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Say goodbye to the milk, the cheese, and the highly overrated (and still pasteurized and problematic) yogurt. GOODBYE ugly clogger!

5. Yes, there is some fish and other animal products in some islanders’ diets, but it is WAY less than what the typical Westener eats. And last time I checked, there was no factory farms on Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.  If you do choose to eat some animals (which I personally do not), then make sure they are hormone and steroid-free, and cut back your quantities and frequency of eating them.

6. Celebrate your food! Eat with relish and gratefulness and a joyous attitude. Food helps support our God-given life force. All of us are so lucky, in so many ways.

Much, much Love.

Warmly and with More Love, Kimberly


Tumerica- !

June 7, 2010

All of these amazing pictures are credited to Daniel's friend, Bethany Bandera.

Hi Loves! Hope you had a great weekend. I wanted to share with you an amazing beauty and health elixir created by my friend and fellow yogi Daniel Sullivan. I talk about turmeric on my blog so much, and after Friday’s post I was thinking about ways I could encourage all of us to get more into our diets. Then I thought, “Duh!” Why don’t I share with everyone about Daniel’s fabulous endeavors?!! Below is my interview with Daniel.

KS: What is Tumeric- ( all about?

Daniel: Tumeric- is a transformational anti-inflammatory Elixir. It is effective in combatting literally all known inflammatory agents thereby reducing risk of cancer, arthritis, asthma, Alzheimer’s Disease, and chronic fatigue. Our therapeutic enzymatic formulas empower immune response, improve memory and facilitate fat metabolism. Tumeric- Elixir of Longevity energizes the body and helps maintain a healthy balanced weight.  Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric root, can actually reset and realign your genes, activating your life’s highest health potential.
Tumeric- is an antioxidant detox blend, which alkalizes the body, chelates, or draws, heavy metals from blood and tissue, rejuvenates the skin, and lowers high blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Our beverage is high in anti-oxidants and can strengthen weakened cells, and increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.  The Tumeric- Evolution of Nutrition promotes a very graceful aging experience.

Each bottle is artisanally and energetically handcrafted with a purpose and a destination.  We strongly believe that our vision, guided by great passion and Love for our product, will manifest and proactively change and improve the lives of many.  Our goal is to enable people to realize and activate their fullest health potential through awareness, education and experience.  Tumeric- is committed to offering the very best in natural, sustainable health and education.

KS: What inspired you to found it?

Daniel: While farming in Hawaii, Dec 2008, my dear friend Lindsey and I discovered the turmeric crop at a place called Haleakua.  I was instantly and magnetically drawn to the turmeric root.  The volcanic nutrient rich soil of Hawaii was the perfect place to cultivate this tropical herb.  I ate the fresh turmeric root right out of the ground and quickly noticed transformational and healing effects.  My body and mind resonated deeply with the herb and I began researching it and talking to people about its qualities and health benefits.  My yoga practice was enlightened by the profound anti-inflammatory nature of turmeric.  Stiffness that I had experienced began to dissolve, and my energy levels increased, as well as mental clarity and blood circulation.
When I left the farm, I made it my practice to always have fresh, living turmeric with me.  For the next 10 months my relationship with turmeric evolved and I continued to nurture and to expand my awareness of its incredible healing potential.  I shared my passion and discoveries in the hope that others could heal and empower themselves through the gift of turmeric.
After trying extracts and supplements I came to realize that, for me, the best and most effective source of turmeric and curcumin was the raw root.  It was my dream to facilitate fresh enzymatic turmeric into the lives of all people.  I decided to consult a chef and to create a turmeric elixir.  Lindsey gave me some creative suggestions and I met with Chef Irek to formulate the world’s first ever fresh turmeric beverage.  We were delighted to find that the proportions of our formula were aligned with our own numerology and the number 3.

KS: Tell us about the benefits of turmeric and the other ingredients in your fabulous elixir.


Turmeric, the ancient root of longevity, is one of the most powerful “natural healers”.  Turmeric has been used as medicine for thousands of years. Its super potent therapeutic qualities, pleasant taste, and a beautiful bright golden colour make it a particularly attractive food.  Studies show that people who eat turmeric regularly have much lower incidence of cancer and liver disease.  Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anticancer agent.  It aids digestion, especially that of fats through increased bile production in the liver.   Other health benefits include:  anti-viral(flu), anti-cancer, increased energy levels, reduction of high blood pressure, and promotion of good cholesterol levels.

Ginger’s medicinal qualities are similar to those of turmeric.  Botanically they are very close cousins.  Ginger has been known and used for more than four thousand years.  It is one of the most powerful natural digestives, which increases flow of saliva, bile, and gastric secretions.  It is antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.  It also aids blood circulation.

Cayenne pepper has been used as a natural medicine for millennia.  It aids digestion, stimulates appetite, and increases blood flow to the body’s tissues.  It is a powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant agent, and also increases the effectiveness of other herbs when taken together.

Cardamom’s medicinal and culinary use goes back several thousands of years.  It is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and an aphrodisiac.  It increases blood circulation, stimulates appetite, and aids in digestion.  Ancient Indians regarded it as a cure for obesity.

Mint has been used for millennia as a remedy for indigestion and other gastrointestinal disorders.  Mint stimulates production of bile in the liver and increases peristalsis, making it a powerful digestive agent.

Sun dried, hand harvested sea salt is an amazing source of bio-available ionic minerals.  It contains more than 90 minerals, including essential trace minerals. It increases blood circulation, blood supply to tissues, and it regulates blood pressure.  It stimulates flow of saliva and gastric secretions, making it essential for good digestion.

Organic lemon juice has a powerful alkalizing effect on our tissues.  It assists digestion, removes constipation, and regulates bile flow.  It is a powerful antibacterial agent that regulates blood pressure and also supplies vitamin A and C.  It is especially effective in combination with bio-flavonoids.

Honey is one of humankind’s oldest culinary and medicinal substances, and its use dates back several thousand of years.  Honey is antimicrobial and it promotes tissue healing.  Honey is also a superb source of enzymes and sugars. The honey in our formula is organic, local, unfiltered and unheated.

KS: How often do you recommend someone drink it? Once a day? More? Less? Good to have after/before yoga or other physical activity?

Daniel: I drink Tumeric- Elixir everyday and my energy energy levels are always at peak.  My body is light free, clean and clear like a crystal.  I attribute this freedom to the ‘Queen of All Herbs’, Turmeric, and our therapeutic Tumeric-Elixir.
If one could drink 8-12 onces of Tumeric-Elixir each day, you will notice significant improvements in your energy levels, mental clarity, focus, lightness of body, seratonin levels, detoxification, skin tone, asthma, allergies, digestion, fat metabolism, and immune system strength.  Tumeric- is wonderful on an empty stomach for increased absorption and bio-availability and is also great after a meal as a digestive.

KS: What is your favorite thing about your business?

Daniel: My favorite part of creating the Tumeric- experience is serving a fantastic healing movement and connecting with like minded, conscious, awakened, and progressive people.  I love sharing what I’ve learned on my path and I love learning from others by seeing my reflection in others.  I am fully committed to activating my highest mental, physical, and spiritual health potential and facilitating the same activation in others.

KS: Where can we get it?

Daniel: The Tumeric- grass roots expansion began and radiated from Alphabet City, a subsidiary of the East Village in downtown Manhattan.  It is from this community and neighborhood that Tumeric- will grow into national healing beverage.  The mindfulness, creative integrity, and community values of the Village are infused in Tumeric-.  We buy from, sell to, and support local business, community, and economy. By bicycle we sustainably distribute our Elixir of Longevity to health food stores, yoga studios, restaurants, gourmet markets, and bodegas.  The evolution of Tumeric- began in downtown Manhattan and will extend to reach all of the five boroughs.  The Tumeric- vision is limitless.

KS NOTE: Guys, did you read that? Tumeric- is distributed by bicycle!! You can’t get any greener than that!! For NYC locations that sell it click HERE. If you are located in New York, you MUST try it!!

Hopefully soon Tumeric- will be available nation and worldwide! Here’s the website one more time:

Take care of you! Lots of Love, Kimberly


Sweet Walnut Chutney

June 3, 2010

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Hi Guys!

One of my favorite cuisines in the world is Indian food. Unfortunately, not much Indian food is raw, so it is not something I get to eat very much… Occasionally if I eat it I’ll get yellow dahl with rice or some vegetable curry. Too bad the korma and masala sauces have cream! I won’t eat those dishes.

However, there are some great raw substitutes for some Indian Flava with a capital F! One thing I used to love is chutney. I just think it is a nice accompaniment to have at dinner. Here is a recipe for a raw version of chutney. My camera “yellowed” out and I took an extremely ugly picture of it as I made it tonight (top picture). 😦 Sorry guys! I definitely am by no means a photographer. I can’t figure out why it does that sometimes.

But to give you an idea of more of what it should look like (though this recipe will come out a lighter tan color), I posted the second picture, which isn’t this recipe! I just wanted to not have my ugly picture up there all by its lonely self. Who would want to try the recipe then?? But I assure you if you like a little sweet condiment with dinner, or with a green salad, it has quite an interesting, yummy taste.

Sweet Walnut Chutney

– 1 cup chopped organic raw walnuts

– 1 Tbs. raw organic honey

– 1 tsp. cinnamon

– 1/2 tsp. turmeric

– 4 Tbs. pure filtered water

Blend the water, honey, cinnamon and turmeric until smooth. Then throw the walnuts in and blend again, but leave it a bit chunky so don’t blend too much. I like to stick it in the oven (without turning it on) for an hour or so before dinner so it gets a little warm, like how I like it. This makes just over 1 cup. Just like regular chutney, eat as a condiment in small quantities, like 1-2 Tbs.

Turmeric is an amazing antioxidant and beauty food. It helps cleanse our systems and is great for the skin.

I will write again soon! Happy Friday. 🙂

Love!! Kimberly