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  1. Hi Kimberley,
    You are such a lucky lady to have found your niche in life, and to be able to inspire others, benefit yourself and make an income from doing what you love. Hope your wonderful journey continues.

    I have two Qs I am hoping u can answer. 1/ As a teenager, I did yoga frequently, and was very good at most of the poses. I have now fallen back in love with yoga and really want to make steady progress, but being a mother of 2 in my 30s my body isnt what it used to be obviously, and its taking a lot longer to get good at poses, which is v. frustrating. Classes r all well n good, but at once a week, they are not frequent enough. Can you please tell me, if u had to choose just 10 asanas to do every morning (to build strength, improve flexibility, lose the fat around the midriff, and strengthen the core and the back) which ones would you recommend? If i can focus on just 10 and do those daily for a month, I will see progress which will encourage me to go on and try other asanas. Otherwise there are too many asanas to choose from and that is very overwhelming.

    2/ My other Q is regarding diet. I know i cant go 100% raw, not yet anyway, so I figure, if i drink veg smoothies for breakfast and dinner, and have a “normal” lunch, that is still 2/3rd of my meals that are raw. I may have to supplement with veg sticks dipped in hummus, as smoothies may not keep me going the whole day on their own, but that is still a raw option.

    are there any veg/fruits you would especially recommend to get full because i find that i am very dependent on breads, rice, potatoes etc to fill me and give me a feeling of satisfaction. i only end up falling off the wagon if i dont feel full and satisfied.

    are there any foods that help especially with building flexibility in yoga? and any that especially help with shrinking the midriff? that’s where all my weight concentrates.


  2. Om Shanti Kimberly!

  3. Om Dear Kimberly,

    Your Knowledge and wisdom shines brighter than the north star,for you have guided me in my pursuit for divine health. Your hard work and resilience has allowed many (including myself)to benefit from a complete philosophy. A friend to atoms, diving beyond protons and electrons to bring back masters pearls. Sowing seeds of light in hard earth and reaping an audience . Always an ear pressed to the dirt and your feet in the heavens. Your voice echoes in eternity and I’m listening!

    Best regards from a SRF Kriyabon,
    Bruce Kaivalya

  4. What are your thoughts on this product, the ” Weight loss pill for Women”? Slimquick? what do you think?

    • Horrible! I DON’T believe in any of those get slim quick pills!!!!!

  5. Hi Kim,
    I know you from Leila’s class and your class. I am interested in meeting with you about a diet appropriate for colitis. I just read another book saying I should avoid all frutose (honey, apples, bananas…and everything that has natural sweetners…and of course, fake sweetners (which I never eat anyway).
    Please let me know how you work as a nutritionist–where–$–etc.
    Thank you,
    Sue Ellen
    (I work, as a teacher, and am free after 5:00 p.m. I live downtown.

  6. HI Kimberly,

    I drink your green smoothie everyday and have to say that I am addicted to it. I look forward to it the minute I wake up. It helps me sustain my energy through out the day! My hair has actually grown double the amount since drinking it. I have noticed that you like to wait to drink your smoothies until 11am-12pm. Is there a reason for this? Thanks for your help!


  7. I get so inspired every time I see more yoga photographs–problem being, there’s only one place nearby offering a yoga class, and that’s just once a week! Are there any yoga DVDs that you like, Kimberly?

    Actually, I say “Kimberly”, but I know there are so many people who keep up with your blog who have wonderful insights–anybody else who could recommend good yoga DVDs?

    Have a wonderful day–is it still snowing in NYC?

  8. Hi Kimberly, I was really inspired by your yoga photos.I myself have been practicing yoga on and off for about three years. Lately, I’ve side tracked with daily life and have not practice for three months but I will try my best to do at least 15min for at least 5 days in the week:) I also hve a question about green smoothie cleansing. I’ve been pescetarian for 3 yrs now and I intially did the Master Cleanse to detox before became pescetarian. However, I recently did another longer master cleanse in december in hopes that it would he me in giving up dairy and egg products. Though I have manage to cut out by 90% dairy and egg products, I find that i been cheating alot lately. I wanted to start off with a green smoothie detox so that I can start to incorporate raw food in my diet by 70%. I want to make the cleanse 7 days long. Do you think its safe for me to drink only smoothies as a meal 3 times a day for seven days with solid fruits and veggies as snakes? How do you suggest I go about this cleanse?

    • Hi Mimi, I’m glad to hear that you have cut out on so many animal products! Cheating means you do you need to cleanse out more, as you are prob. getting excessive cravings. As far as a cleanse, if you are unsure how to properly do a cleanse, be sure to consult with someone that can safely take you through. It is important you prepare and break the cleanse properly, which takes leading up to the day and days afterwards. You also want to be sure you are passing waste adequately during cleanses!
      xx Kimberly

  9. Kimberley,

    I love your photos. You are sooo amazing at yoga! How long have you been practicing?

    I have difficulty with inversions in particular… I get dizzy and feel nauseous. Will this pass? Am I too weak?

    Also, how long would it take me to have enough flexibility in my hips to do the splits?

    Much love,

    • HI Vylan! Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been practicing about 6 years. There is a lot of fear involved with inversions, which affects the mind. If you keep at it, you can overcome it. Be sure to start near the wall so you have support. Hips are the part of my body has taken the longest to open. Do lots of pigeons. As long as you steadily keep working on it, they should start to open more and more! Try not to put a specific time frame on it, but just see how your body responds. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Shanti! Kimberly

  10. Hi Kim,
    I love the pictures of you doing yoga…especially the upside down poses! I really wanna be able to do that one day…so far I can only stand on my head with my forearms on the floor and around my head. How long can it take to gain the strength and balance to stand on your hands!!?? You should do some pictures or a video of how you get into these positions…that would be really cool to see!

  11. That’s awesome Kim… I love yoga but due to a knee replacement I kind of got out of it. You inspire me to go back! I know I felt better about myself when I was practising yoga regularly. Even if my postures are modified it would help me tremendously. Thanks for the encouragement. I needed a bump!

    • Yes, and the breathing part of yoga, even if you are not doing advanced poses, is super beneficial!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Om Shanti.

  12. Hi Kim,

    I love your website! You have a great deal of information pertaining to diet and exercise. I absolutely love your cacao truffles, but was wondering if you could post a couple more recipes on your website. I have just started to venture to the raw side and I am loving it. Also, you have mentioned that you are almost a raw foodist. Curious, what are the cooked foods that you still eat?

    Keep the great advice coming.


  13. wow waaa zabardast shay ye,what a good thing you are.allah born you a beutifuull thing,

  14. what wonderfuln zabardast shay thing u r

  15. Hi Kimberly,

    I don’t know if you get many questions from guys, but here are a few from me : Are you married (LOL!! Just Kidding)? All joking aside, my questions pertain to your yoga practice. I have read where one can expect to have lulls from time to time in their practice. I am in one now. Seems like I can’t make the time to practice or have too many things going on. I know I should declutter and make time. I have practiced for about nine years and for a long time (about 6 years of it), I was very consistent in my practice (home and at a studio). There were some changes in my job (I worked a graveyard shift) and practically gave up on attempting to practice at all. I just started back a about 7 months ago, however, I haven’t practiced in about two months. What do you recommend in order to become disciplined in the practice and what steps should I take to remain consistent? Look forward to hearing from you soon. Oh, lastly, when will the Yoga DVD be released? Take care and God Bless.


    Rick R.

    • Hi Rick!
      Thanks so much for writing to me. You’ll notice I do try to keep my personal life entirely out of the blog- I’m actually a pretty private person. ๐Ÿ™‚
      To answer your yoga question, I think one of the reasons starting back up is so hard is because it seems like a big deal to do the whole practice, and it is a lot of time and effort. I think it would be great to start shorter- like 10 minutes right when you wake up, get home from work, before bed, etc. (but try to be consistent), of a few poses, and definitely an inversion, headstand or shoulder stand. You can also rest your legs up the wall (which Rodney Yee has said is his favorite pose) and relax! I think a few minutes a day will “remind” you why much you loved yoga so much, and how great it is to have a little time to just breathe and be present. Those 10 minutes don’t have to be intense, sometimes you may just want to lay on your back and hug your knees in and that’s your practice- but the point is that you are doing some yoga every day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Starting shorter won’t make it so daunting- and remember the practice is not all or nothing.
      Please keep in touch and let me know how you do!
      Om Shanti
      Love, Kimberly

  16. Can you tell me when your yoda dvd will be out? And will it be for beginners? I do a little yoga but nothing like what you do in your pictures. You are amazing!

  17. Hi,
    Can you give me the recipe for the green smoothie, please?

    Thank you so much,

    • Hey Satya,
      Check out my blog: Green Smoothie Recipe, and you will find it, along with more smoothie tips!

      Om Shanti,

  18. Thank you so much Kimberly for answering my question. I have no more doubt about Yoga. That is where I am going to focus my energies. My mood is happier, I don’t dread my morning workouts as when I do weight training. What I will do is do some real power yoga and as you suggested holding the posture longer. I did that and the next day, I was sore as if I had done 200 squats. Thank you very much.


    PS—I want a vita mix so bad. Any suggestions as to where would be the best place –the best price place where I can get one.

    Also, I tried the green smoothie but my blender wasn’t able to make it as smooth as I would need to enjoy it as a drink. I was so disappointed because I truly want to drink this every morning. I finally had to strain it to be able to drink it down. Any suggestions.

    • Hey Isa,
      On the Vitamix website they have refurbished ones, which is the cheapest place to buy one I believe.
      I’ve also heard that the Blendtec is good, and maybe cheaper!
      You will need a decent one to be able to drink the Green Smoothie, or it will be gross! Try chopping up the produce a lot before putting it in the blender you have now, but I definitely think you should think about getting a new blender at some point!
      xx All my very best, Kimberly

    • Hey Isabella,
      I have a very old, very basic blender, but all I do is chop up all the ingredients very fine before they go in, then the blender doesnt have to work as hard and is able to produce a smooth smoothie! its also better that way because the longer a blender is on the warmer ur concoction, which is not good for the enzymes in ur smoothie. Dont get hung up on the gadgets,esp such expensive ones….bon appetit!

  19. Greetings Kimberly,
    I saw your segment on GMA, and decided to try the “Green Smoothie”. Is it possible to make a batch to keep in the frig for as needed, and still receive the same nutrition value in place of daily prep(time permitted)?

    Peace & Blessings,

    • HI Amatallah!
      Thanks for reaching out to me.
      You can keep the Green Smoothie in the fridge, covered well and airtight, and it will keep for 2-3 days max. If you make a larger portion, you should freeze them in portions, so you can thaw one out the night before drinking.
      The enzymes hold up pretty great in the freezer, with the cold!
      xx Kimberly

    • hey Amatallah, I wanted to be sure I answered you (maybe I did already?? hard to keep track sometimes).
      Yes, keep in the fridge for 2-3 days max, and you can freeze portions separately! Cover so it is airtight and keep really cool.
      xx Take care and keep in touch! Kimberly

  20. Your pics are amazing- I want to learn to stetch myself in exactly the same way. You are an inspiration and so is your 70 year old teacher- can you post a picture with her???
    Thanks again!

  21. I accidently checked the box to block this site and I do want to receive information from this site. How do I unblock it?

    • HI Isa,
      I’m not sure! Maybe can you uncheck it from another computer?! I’m so not a techie!!

  22. I just found you on GMA. So happy to have a Nutritionist who talks about all the things I believe in about Raw Foods. I simply love eating this way. It is life-changing. Please help me solve this dilemma. I have asked this question over and over and can’t really get a sure answer. IS YOGA ENOUGH. I would love to dedicate myself to yoga but have been told that older women—I’m in my 50’s— needs to lift weights to maintain good muscle tone, increase bone density, etc. You seem to have all of that but I realize you are still very young. Can you give me a fact-base answer—-using examples would be so wonderful. I don’t like lifting at all but I do it because I think I have to, but I sure would love to use that valuable time to practice Yoga instead. What are your thoughts? Thank you so very much for your service.
    Isa Cruz

    • Hi Isa,
      Of course you could ask your doctor, but in my opinion, yoga is a wonderful way to build bone density and muscle, especially in older women. I have many students who are in their 50’s, and they are getting stronger and stronger. What kind of yoga do you practice? If you are holding the poses for a good amount of time, then this would be especially true. You are using your own body’s weight to hold yourself, plus you are flowing oxygen and increasing prana to the bones and all parts of the body with your Ujai breath.

      Bone density will also strengthen as you build the alkalinity in your body and reduce acidity, and acid foods from your diet. So that is very important.
      The one thing I would recommend, that I am going to start doing myself, is bouncing on a trampoline-rebounder. Even 5 minutes a day is supposed to be hugely beneficial. It detoxifies the lymph, which is said to be the root of all female disease, and it will also build strength for you.
      Personally- I think yoga and adding rebounding would do so much more for you than weights every could!!!!
      Please keep in touch.
      xx Kimberly

  23. Hey kim, just found your site, love it! just pstarting to change my life, inside and out. please tell me where to start, would love to feed my family,a husband, and a 1year old son, raw food and do more yoga. Do u have a book or something to get me stared? and if its okay for my baby,the green smoothie,etc. thank you for, you….Pash

    • Hi Pashion-
      Love your name!! That is so awesome you want you and your whole family to be healthy! Here are some tips to start:
      1) Start making the green smoothie as often as you can- it is great for the little baby!!! And way better than processed baby foods- he still get all the enzymes and fresh veggies…I make it for my friend’s baby all the time, who is 1 and 1/2 years. If you follow the “Glowing Green Smoothie” recipe it should be quite yummy! What with the banana, cilantro, etc. Use cold water or even some ice!
      2) You will love my yoga video which is coming out soon! So you can do it at home.
      3) Here are some good books: Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Furhman (about vegetarianism, though I don’t agree with all he says) and Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. (I can’t wait to write a book myself!!) Also keep reading my old blogs- like on raw food, tips, etc., as there is a lot of easy to read and useful info on there.
      4) Try making the Raw Cacao truffles! So you have yummy raw, healthy treats on hand all the time in the freezer.
      5) If you start eating the green smoothie regularly you will have more energy and naturally other things will start getting cut out of your life… so don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Okay let me know how you do! And if you have any other questions.
      All my best,

  24. Dearest Kimberly, You inspire me and I love your website. I visit almost every day. I can’t wait until I buy a Vitamix. I’ve heard how wonderful your Green Smoothie’s are but have yet to try one. I am looking forward to the day we meet again.

    Stacy Wooldridge

  25. Hi Kimberly,
    I’m Kristen. I just heard how wonderful the solution is so I just ordered some. I can’t wait to try it! i wanted to tell you that I just got a Vitamix and are now addicted to the green smoothie recipe you posted.I can’t wait!

  26. I would like to say Thank you for the sprouted almonds (how to) you sent my husband.


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