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Whip It Movie Premiere

September 30, 2009



Whip It movie poster

So last night I went to the premier for Whip It, and I have a really funny story to tell you guys! Which is ironically related to my last post- though they seem completely unconnected!

First off, can we talk about how AWESOME this movie is???? I absolutely loved it!! It is Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut, and she stars in it along with Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis, and Eve. It is all about roller derby, Girl Power!!, and it made me cry and laugh. Definitely go watch it!! Drew deserves major props for directing this amazing movie. 🙂

So after the film’s showing and on the way to the party, I was trying to weave around the lobby (while mumbling to myself…oh there’s Steven Spielberg! Quentin Tarantino! Ed Norton! Kate Beckinsdale!), and who do I run smack into? I mean she literally happened to turn her head just as I was coming up right near her shoulder…Olivia Wilde!

I blurted out, “You’re Olivia Wilde!”

And she gasped, “You’re the hot frozen yogurt girl! Jillian (from Good Day LA) loves you!”

And I said, “Um, yeah, I guess (?)… But we were both on the show yesterday!”

And she said, “I know!!”

It was a rather awkward intro, but we chatted for a little bit, and she was super, super nice. It was so wierd to run right into her after we were in the Good Day LA studio just yesterday! I guess the world really is a small place, and things seem to get more and more connected. 🙂


Here I am with Eve. She is the BEST. She doesn’t care if I post her pic from the party, but I definitely can’t post anyone else. 🙂 Eve has gorgeous skin and just radiates. We had a little chat about her diet too! 🙂



Can you see the roller girls behind me that were there promoting the movie?? Awesome!

Well I normally don’t post just about movie premiers I go to and stuff like that unless I can tie it in with our health and beauty conversations,but, well…my Olivia Wilde story was too funny to me, and well….Eve is gorgeous! 🙂

Talk soon and love,

xx Kimberly



Good Day LA Segment: All Natural Banana Fro Yo

September 29, 2009

Hey Guys,

Here’s the segment from yesterday! This was a very fun, light segment. I love Dorothy and Jillian, and Jillian is just the most beautiful pregnant lady in the world!! The show’s producer is pregnant too, and due in 2 weeks. So in the Good Day LA kitchen after the segment I had a great time feeding her the fro yo and all the rest of the raw desserts I made. And her baby started kicking like crazy!! Baby likey the raw food!! 🙂


xx Kimberly


Banana Soft Serve with Raw Fudge Sauce

September 28, 2009


Hey Guys!

So I literally just walked in the door after finishing a Good Day LA segment. I will post that soon too! It was kind of rough because I was hosting a sit down dinner party last night for 9 people, which had 6 courses. I didn’t get home and into bed until 1:30 or so, exhausted, then had to drag myself to the studio by 7:30…Ugg. But now I can sleep! 🙂  I just wanted to quickly post the recipe for what I made.

With dozens of frozen yogurt brands constantly popping up everywhere that you can see (especially in my hometown, NYC!), touting themselves as health food, it is easy to get sucked in and eat frozen yogurt regularly as a “healthy snack.” Remember moderation!! While better than some other things I can think of, I certainly wouldn’t call commercial frozen yogurt health food. It is also usually made with refined, synthetic sugars, pasteurized skim milk derivatives, additives and chemicals. Remember just because something is low in calories and fat grams does not mean it is beautifying, easy to digest, or again… healthy!

So this Banana Soft Serve recipe is totally NATURAL!! Your body will be able to digest and process it easily, because there is nothing synthetic in it at all! You are going to die when I tell you how easy it is to make. And not only is it the most truly natural, unprocessed alternative, it will also save you money, as you don’t have to pay a few bucks every time cravings strike to wander down to one of the numerous fro yo counters. Last time I checked, organic bananas were oh…around $0.39 each at Trader Joe’s. 🙂 I love it when healthy is EASY and CHEAP!!!!

Okay so here goes:

Raw Fudge Sauce

– 1/2 cup raw cacao

– 1/3 cup organic Thompson raisins

– 1 tsp. vanilla extract

– Liquid stevia, as needed to sweeten

Banana Fro Yo

– 4 frozen organic bananas

Serves 2 people, with extra fudge sauce to keep in your fridge!


Amazingly so (and I think you will be truly amazed), when bananas are frozen well and blended well in your food processor, they will get blended into a smooth, creamy consistency just like soft serve frozen yogurt that you would buy.

Taa Daaaaaaaaaaaa!!! That’s it.

Show off t to your friends and make this, and they will freak out, and think you got an ice cream maker or something fancy. 🙂

Little shout out to my friend Gil that was the first person to show me this trick with the food processor!

Okay well write soon!! Try out this recipe and let me know how you do.

xx Love, Kimberly



The Fall version of Kimberly’s Glowing Green Smoothie(R) Recipe

September 23, 2009


Hey Guys!!

Here I am at a glorious farmer’s market in California which inspired this Fall Green Smoothie. I had a few great trips to the farmer’s market this past week, which is definitely one of my favorite pastimes. 🙂 What did I find out in ‘ol Cali???? Um, what didn’t I find?!! To name a few TREASURES I spotted…4 different kinds of Haas avocados, and all for $1 each!! Enough sunflower sprouts that I could swim in them, and the most perfect collard greens, all the exact same size and tied together like a little bundle of flat, green soldiers!! Plus let’s not forget the to die for white nectarines (I’m not embarrassed to admit that I chomped down on the cut up samples, greedy little nectarine-eater that I am!) and heirloom tomatoes from ancient seeds!! Waaay better than a NYC clothes sample sale, in my opinion. 🙂

What a blessing to meet the people that grow our food, as well as their families. The produce from farmer’s markets is the freshest and the best, and it supports the local farmers. Be sure to check out your local market whenever you have the chance!

In season through the Fall, the extremely powerful dark leafy green kale is the main feature of the Fall Green Smoothie.

Kale is one of the most mineral-rich, beautifying greens there is. It is abundant in calcium, lutein, iron, fiber and Vitamins A, K, and collagen-building Vitamin C. Kale has seven times the beta-carotene of broccoli and ten times more lutein. Full of phytochemicals, it also packs in Vitamin E, which rebuilds beautiful skin.

As we switch from season to season our bodies can become more sensitive and it can be easier to get sick. The high content of Vitamin C in kale also helps with immunity, and kale’s naturally rich sulfur content helps boost the body’s detoxification enzymes and provides a great cleansing response in the body to wash the system of toxins.


Dinosaur Kale, also known as Lacinato Kale  (my favorite vegetable in the world!!!)


1 1/2 cups water
1 head organic romaine lettuce, chopped
3-4 stalks organic celery
1 bunch Dinosaur or Curly Kale

1 organic apple, cored and chopped

1 organic pear, cored and chopped
1 organic banana
Juice of 1/2 fresh organic lemon


Curly Kale

Strip the kale leaves (whichever type you are using) off of the stem, discard stems, and blend all the rest of the ingredients until smooth. Tastes best cold, so be sure to use cold water. If your blender is not very strong, and takes longer to blend up, thereby warming the smoothie, make the night before and keep in the fridge overnight. Keeps for a maximum of up to 3 days in the fridge. Makes 4 servings.

Aim to drink a glass of the Fall Green Smoothie, or regular Green Smoothie, 3-7 times a week to start your day! You will feel energetic, vibrant, and beautiful, just like the mighty kale. 🙂

With love! And see you back here soon.

xx Kimberly




Raw Organic White Corn

September 21, 2009


Hey Loves!

 So here I am at the end of Emmy weekend, and I have survived!!!!!!!! I am in LA, and with the Emmy’s and all, I was running around a lot and making a lot of meals and snacks for various people. Now I am exhausted and about to pass out… and I don’t have to make another meal for people now until …Tuesday! 🙂 

So I wanted to mention to you guys that one of my new, seasonal ingredients that I’ve been working with is raw, organic sweet white corn. I’ve really slammed corn in the past (see my blog “When Good Veggies Go Bad”)- but that is the commercialized, pesticide-ridden, government-subsidized kind of corn that is produced in ginormous quantities, much of which eventually gets turned into high fructose corn syrup or feed for animals in factory farms. The kind of corn I’m talking about it is in season right now, and you can pick it up at your local farmer’s market or a health food store.


Here is a a salad I made one day: kale and sunflower sprouts, with a side of guacamole and a side of corn salad!

Make sure that the white corn you get is organic (!!!) and local, if at all possible. You only want corn that you can eat shortly after being picked, otherwise it will become too starchy. Corn has a lot of fiber- but most people cook it, grill it, steam it, make some variety of corn on the cob!! You don’t need to cook organic white corn. In fact, it would be a great idea not to, since if you keep the enzymes intact it will digest much easier. You can just shuck it and then carefully saw the corn off each side with a long knife. Corn has some vitamins, like Vitamin C, which will be preserved if you eat it raw. It is just a great ingredient to spruce up a salad here and there. I particularly like it with dulse (sea vegetable), which provides an organic sodium source, and onions chopped up in a salad.


One day, I took a break after making lunch and went to the pool for a little bit…

IMG_2424And admittedly, I think I put my face down in this fluffy grass and passed out for a little bit! It was a glorious day, and…

After all, on this particular day I  was making food at THIS HOUSE!!!

Today, after everything, I made it back to Santa Monica beach, where I am staying, in time for the sunset!!


And got a great meditation in. I didn’t even watch the Emmy’s tonight. 🙂 Ssssshhh don’t tell!


Hope you had a great start to your week!!!!

All my very best,



Seasonal Transformations and The Garden of Earthly Delights

September 15, 2009




I was thinking about transformations this past Sunday, when I went to check out the amazing artist Sebastian Wahl transform an entire NYC block with his art work. Check out the after shot (top) and the before picture (below it) of what this building in the East Village looked before and after he put up his mural!! He blow up a replica of one of his pieces, and had it printed in sections. Then like wallpaper, he glued on many, many different layers into the design.

 Hey Guys!

 Well the change of seasons is once again upon us. When the weather and all of nature is shifting, it is natural that we may want to make personal shifts as well.

 Many of you have been making shifts in your diet, which is wonderful! 🙂 Keep it up. I am a big fan of creating a supportive outer environment to support inner change, and the dietary changes you are making. Feng shui, the energy of space, is a very real force that can elevate us and help propel us into achieving all our goals, which include our dietary goals.

When you shift your diet, you should update your kitchen! Here are some easy ideas which will make you feel great, and reinforce that you are committed to really improving your health and nutrition, achieving  your weight goals and increasing your beauty:

– Throw out those dusty and irradiated old spices from the spice rack or drawer that you haven’t used in years. You know what I’m talking about! Buy new organic ones that you really use.

– Go through your whole pantry and get rid of canned and packaged food (like boxed mac and cheese. Nasty!!) that doesn’t fit into your diet plan now. Old energy!

– Throw out any old, chipped cups or plates. Bad feng shui. You deserve to eat out of good quality silverware, and you will feel better eating off      them.

–  Wash out your refrigerator so you feel good about putting your fresh produce in there.

–   Throw out your microwave! This is a huge one for your and your family’s health. What were you going to use if for anyways? It zaps all the life force out of your food and destroys any vitamins and nutrition that existed in the first place. And there’s other ways to heat up water. 🙂 

Clearing out old stuff will make space for new, positive energy to flow in.



All of Sebastian the artist’s work is done in layers, and sometimes the layers float in resin. Really unique and beautiful! 

He voluntarily funded and put up this mural for the community to enjoy, and the inside of the building is the site of his upcoming show with his other pieces. Isn’t it amazing how art work can change a whole space? Art for art’s sake, that really makes you feel something in your soul. 🙂 


Hello there! It’s me!! Here I am being a big nerd trying to blend into the mural. 🙂 Don’t I blend in pretty good??? 🙂

photo-4Part of the inspiration for Sebastian’s forest-based mural was this incredible garden right next door. My friends and I ran freely in and out of the garden all day while we watched Sebastian work!


Can you believe this is in NYC and the EAST VILLAGE??

photoWell it is partly because of this amazing woman, Connie, who we met that day. She has been caring for the garden since 1973. She said it used to be just an abandoned concrete lot. There was an art installation across the street that used a ton of soil, and afterwards she asked if she could take the soil, and threw it down on the lot…photo-3Now look at it! Thanks to Connie’s work, and the work of the neighbors, this sure looks different from an old concrete lot, doesn’t it??

Last time- See how this Garden of Earthly Delights changed the whole space of this building, and this block.


Here is the artist with the mural! Going through that Alice in Wonderland like door is so tempting, right?? For more info on Sebastian’s gallery show click HERE. If you are in NY, you should come by, it is open from Sept. 18-Oct. 8th, M-Sat., 12-6.

Have a great day!! Take the time out of your schedule to make some transformations in your own space, for yourself and your own goals, and the benefits will come back to you a hundredfold. 🙂 It is the beginning of putting your intentions into the physical world—and the results will follow.

Much Love,




The Alkaline Fruit Rule

September 13, 2009



 Hi Guys!

 Hope your weekend was lovely. I feel back in action and myself again!! Despite the shock of going from perfect paradise weather to a rather dingy New York week, I am happy to be back. 🙂

So first off, let’s remember in our discussion today that we can not tell which foods are acid or alkaline by taste a alone. For example, an organic lemon that is ripe tastes acidic, and will add a nice acidic base to salad dressings, but is actually alkaline-forming in the body, as its high concentration of alkaline minerals has an overall alkalizing effect. Lemon juice promotes the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach (a great thing), and its acids are oxidized into carbon dioxide and water, which keep it from acidifying our systems.  


Remember that we want to consume alkaline-forming foods in abundance and make our bodies more alkaline, which will help keep us vibrant and beautiful, full of youth-inducing oxygen, and mentally calm and peaceful. Acidity is associated with a hard, lined face, wrinkles, disease, toxicity, low energy, a bleak outlook on life, and depression. We simply have more life force when we are alkaline!

 While most fruits have both alkaline and some acidic minerals, along with greens and other (non-root) vegetables we can say that fruits are the most alkaline of all foods.



Here is the fruit of the cacao tree, native to South America near the equator...

Here is the fruit of the cacao tree, native to South America near the equator...




However, let us remember this very important Alkaline Fruit Rule:

 Fruits that are ripe are alkaline-forming. Organic fruits are the most alkaline, because they are grown in mineral-dense soil. Most fruits that are not ripe are acid-forming. Therefore, only eat fruit that is ripe!



And the luscious beans within the fruit are where we get our RAW CACAO from!! Oh yeah, and when mixed with pasteurized dairy derivatives and refined sugar, we also get crappy, low energy ordinary chocolate products. :)

And the luscious beans within the fruit are where we get our RAW CACAO from!! Oh yeah, I almost forgot, but when mixed with pasteurized dairy derivatives and refined sugar, cacao also turns into crappy, low energy, ordinary chocolate products. 🙂


For example, if you were to test the pH of 2 different bananas, you would find that the one that has the most black spots has a pH of around 6.5 (the higher the number the more alkaline), which the banana that has a top that is still slightly green with no black spots has a pH of only around 5.6. That is a big difference in the world of pH readings!

Ripe fruit will also be more juicy and grow sweeter, being more delicious anyways! How to tell when a fruit is ripe? (Besides the obvious spotted banana? 🙂 ) As a fruit ripens, it deepens in color, and will start to emit a sweet aroma. In general, when selecting fruit for ripeness you should look for an evenly colored and textured fruit with a delicious smell. The color should be bright and full, with no hints of green or white unless the fruit naturally has these colors. With fruits like melons, a discolored area indicates where the fruit rested on the ground, which also happens to be the sweetest and most delicious part of the fruit.


Avocados can be purchased green, and stored outside your refrigerator to ripen as needed. They will change from green to black as they ripen, and their flesh will slightly yield upon pressing. I like to press the the little “buttons” on the top and bottom, so I don’t bruise up my whole avocado.

 So eat those bananas only when they have black spots. And the same is true for all your fruit! Don’t wait until it is a rancid and mushy mess, just until it is perfectly ripe and tasty…and ALKALINE FOR MORE BEAUTY! 🙂 





Check out this cool iguana I saw next to our car one morning in Puerto Rico! He was about 2 feet long!

Check out this cool iguana I saw next to our car one morning in Puerto Rico! He was about 2 feet long!


Proper Travel Snacks :)

September 9, 2009


Hello Guys!

So I am back in New York now. I got pulled back by a formal event that I had to attend, pictured here. It was fun, and now I am starting to get myself back into my busy life, with the many different hats I wear! It takes me a minute when I’ve been away to get back in…

But it has gotten right back to busy again! So last night and this morning I was running around and getting ready for an assignment I had: Make travel food for a big celebrity (who I happen to love!! FYI) and the 10 people that were traveling with her.




I was sure to pack some fruit- apples that I prewashed! And some bananas, as well as some celery and carrot sticks, with various dips and spreads. I always emphasize to them to get some water-containing foods in the body first, which are alkaline. If you only eat concentrated food (non water-containing), especially when you are traveling, you can backed up and thrown off! So always make it part of the plan! 


I made my famous grain-free, gluten-free granola in my dehydrator, which is always a crowd-pleaser and always handy on the road, to be eaten after the produce. And these sprouted sandwiches with 2 different spreads and avocados, which are to be eaten before the granola also! 


Okay I’ll write more soon as I get settled!!!!

Lots of love,






Papaya-Avocado Salad and More… in Puerto Rico

September 3, 2009


Hey Guys-

Just a quick checking in! Hope you have been well.

I must say that I LOVE the happy, smiley and warm Puerto Rican culture. Love it! Plus there are fruit sellers everywhere on the side of the road- and like pictured here- they even sell fruit at gas stations! Caribbean avocados are huge- about 2 or 3 Haas avocados. They are more watery, but still quite tasty. Right now, the best fruit I’ve had here are the papayas, which are juicy and perfect. Great fruit enzymes for the skin! Naturally, I’ve been making my Papaya-Avocado salad…


And of course, like everywhere tropical I go- lots of young coconuts!! My favorite. The coconut water has so many natural electrolytes and is so yummy. :


This restaurant, Zona, is right near the Ann Wigmore Institute. I eat there when I’m at the Institute usually, and it has great salads! For other raw food, she also has some nut pates.


Here is Evlyn, the owner of Zona restaurant!



How YUM does Evlyn’s salad look??


Oh yes, gotta love lots of beach time. 🙂


This is my new friend, a very sweet stray dog I always see at sunset on our beach. I wish I could adopt him!!

Have an amazing Labor Day weekend!!! I hope you have a fabulous break. 🙂

Om Namah Shivayah

I bow down to the inner light in each and every one of you.

With Love,



The Ann Wigmore Institute

September 1, 2009


So a special highlight of this trip has been visiting the Ann Wigmore Institute, which is right here in Rincon. Dr. Wigmore is one of my heroes and has been one of the biggest influences on my personal nutrition theory. She studied food science for over 35 years, and is the “founder” of raw food in the modern, Western world. 

Dr. Wigmore always stressed how the mighty enzyme was key to health and life- it is after all, the life force of our food. She also stressed the importance of blending foods, to predigest them, and her Energy Soup is the basis from which my Green Smoothie is based!


Here I am with Leola, one of the Directors of the Institute. A very youthful 85 years young, she is just too precious for words. 🙂 She was good friends with Dr. Ann, who insisted she move to Puerto Rico to help with the Institute.



Dr. Wigmore was a big fan of eating weeds. 🙂 Wild crafted herbs and plants are very high in natural antioxidants and minerals- much more so than commercially grown crops that could never survive on their own in the wild without the protection, sprays and pesticides that basically keep them alive. Wild plants have a very strong and potent  life force.


My favorite sprout- the mighty sunflower sprout! An integral part of Dr. Ann’s Energy Soup. Leola gave me an in-depth lesson on their composting and sprouting process- also showing me how they work the soil. She showed me their special, refrigerated room where they keep their heirloom seeds! 


Look at these strong little guys! Just bursting with energy out of the sunflower seeds. 🙂



If you left Leola and I in there all day we'd probably eat the whole tray of sunflower sprouts!



And of course Dr. Ann talked about how potent grasses where- and here we are with the Institute's lovely trays of Wheatgrass!



Ann_Wigmore_w-greensThis was a special moment for me- to be with a portion of Dr. Wigmore’s ashes, which lie beneath this heart-shaped rock. Dr. Wigmore proclaimed that she would live to be 120- and I have no doubt she would have. Very tragically, she passed away in a fire that engulfed the room she was staying at in Boston when she was 85 years old. This always makes me tear up. 

Still, her amazing and important work lives on in the millions of people that she has influenced all over the world. Her spirit is very much alive, and to all of you that have tried the Green Smoothie, you can rest assured that she too has also touched your life and health, through me, in a special way. 🙂


Lots of love,