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Vince Vaughn Discusses Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie on David Letterman

January 11, 2011

Hey Guys!!

Very exciting!! I was pleasantly shocked to hear Vince Vaughn tonight mention me and my Glowing Green Smoothie on the David Letterman Show. Thanks Vince!! He as well as well as many other actors, directors and producers have enjoyed my Glowing Green Smooth on movie sets. It was incredibly beneficial to all of them!!

Vince even mentioned the analogy I use in my book about the Mac Truck and the Ferrari as it relates to digestion!!

You can get the full information on the Glowing Green Smoothie, as well as my comprehensive nutrition program in my book, which is available for pre-sale now!! It will teach you how to lose weight effortlessly and never count calories or carbs, get great, acne- and wrinkle-free skin, boost your energy through the roof, get amazing hair, and much, much more! There are 3 detailed eating food programs to choose from, as well as 50 easy, yummy recipes! Suitable for women AND men!

Other fans of my Glowing Green Smoothie and my program include: Drew Barrymore, Owen Wilson, Olivia Wilde, Josh Duhamel, Dr. Oz, and tons of other celebs!!

Ta da!!! Here is the first time I am sharing a little preview of the final cover:


Barnes & Noble:





Changes and Being Non-Attached

August 15, 2010

These were all taken my last night in Chicago, Thursday night, on my porch overlooking the city. This is where I would practice yoga- when I could fit asanas (poses) in! 🙂 Otherwise, I would just meditate, which is what I REALLY can't do without.

My yoga practice gives me stability and grounding in my life.

Hi there,

I hope you are had an awesome weekend!

I’m writing to you from my parents’ house outside NYC, where I had a relaxing weekend of hiking and just hanging out. It was like a mini calm in the eye of the storm! I got back from Chicago Friday morning and had a crazy day running around New York that day, trying to finish a million errands and fit in a bunch of meetings. Now I’m leaving for LA tomorrow morning…for an indefinite amount of time.

Each yoga pose makes you feel a different way. Warrior 2 makes me feel really strong- stand in your truth!

In so many ways, I am unbelievably grateful and excited! I am living my dream and my passion as a nutritionist. I get to teach others about my nutritional philosophy and being healthy from a holistic standpoint, and the difference I see in others is incredibly rewarding. I get to work with amazing and fascinating people who do interesting and creative things in the world in film, music, etc.

But in order to really soar, I have had to cut ties and leave behind some things that I really love in New York. The first and hardest was giving up my group yoga classes, which I have been teaching for 4 years exactly this month. I love my students so much, and all these new opportunities came up so quickly I didn’t really have time to say goodbye. If any of my students are reading this, please realize that I went to Chicago for only a week, and then my clients and movie work really took off, and I couldn’t come home until now, a month later. I will always love you all and will come visit when I can! And I still get to teach clients privately.

Inversions for me represent getting over fear in life and pushing forward into unknown territory to grow. When the world seems to turn you upside down, you can still be stand strong in your life- even it if it is upside down!

Now some amazing opportunities have come up that are dreams come true for me out in LA. 🙂 I am still going to keeping my apt in NY, and I am staying in a hotel the first week in LA, then looking for a place in LA for after that… I also had to give up my yoga classes that I love to take myself, some of which are from my very dear friends in NY and which I love very much. I am giving up seeing my friends, teaching Sunday School at my meditation center, visiting my favorite parks that are always playing live  music… really my life as I know it now in New York.

It is not that I am moving to LA permanently, it may be just a few months, but there has been a major shift in my life where I have to cut out ties so that I can really soar. I can’t be attached in any way with any ongoing weekly commitments…so I can just move and fly around with my clients as needed all around the country and world! I’ll also be moving a lot when my book comes out early next year! It is sort of like how I felt like when I was backpacking… but now I am staying in one city for at least a few months at a time. This is why I can’t have a dog! And I love and am incredibly grateful that by the grace of God I can see and do so much, and I will live it up until the day that I decide to have children…which will maybe be in a few years. 🙂

I think as humans, and especially us women, it is really easy to get attached to people and things, even when we are yogis and conscious of the idea of attachment. I know I do! So tonight, on the eve of leaving for my next big adventure, I am feeling a bit jittery. I am excited, sad, nervous, thrilled, joyful, overwhelmed with gratefulness and sort of feel like I’m going to puke… all at the same time! I have to let go of everything, and trust that I am on the right path. It feels right, and I know that I am following my dream, and yes, standing in my truth.

Lots of love to all, and especially my beloved yoga students that I will always love and who will always be in my heart!

Love, Kimberly

Om namah shivaya. Amen. Shanti. OM.


On Set in Chicago

July 23, 2010

Hi Guys!

I hope you are well and having a great July!

I didn’t realize a few weeks ago that I was going to have a Chicago summer! But this is where work, life and the universe pulled me. And it is an awesome summer indeed!!

Here I am on the set of Transformers 3. It was kind of eerie to walk around the set during lunch and breaks, as it seemed like an earthquake had just happened right on Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago! I learned my lesson the first day on set wearing flip flops. There are so many props and dust and dirt strewn about everywhere, and it gets pretty muddy and gross. I’ve been on some major movie sets, including Iron Man 2, but I have to say that this set was pretty over the top!

I always feel like a dork asking actors to take pictures, except when it sort of seems like it isn't quite as dorky?? Here I am with Josh Duhamel, where we were chatting before a big stunt scene. I like Josh's outfit! Note that it was like 95 degrees in Chicago that day, and the actors really had to chug water. I reminded that room temperature is better for hydration than ice cold water. 🙂

On this day I wore double ear plugs! Crazy stunts. I thought shrapnel was going to fly on me as cars were flipping and lots of stuff was getting blown up!I like my ear drums. 🙂 They were handing them out on set in a basket like passing out rice to throw at a wedding!

I’m actually working now on the other big movie that is shooting in Chicago, creating the nutrition and diet plans and making all the food for the actors. I love it, but it is certainly a full time job. I make the food, shuttle between the trailers, go to set and drop off food at the monitors, hang with the actors in the trailers when they eat in there, watch the movie getting the made (which is quite exciting!) then do that over and over again until the end of the shooting day. But not the end of the work day for me! Then I go home and run to Wholefoods before is closes, figure out what I’m making the next day, and start making food! And then I pass out, and the day starts again the next day! Yes I am squeezing in a bit of yoga here and there, and always my meditation practice. Otherwise I would lose my mind or turn into a big stressball!!!

I will write more soon!

Take care, and do hydrate with that room temperature water in the heat!

Sending my love,


This is what I call "sprout central", the whole section of my countertop I've devoted to soaking and sprouting seeds and nuts. Dr. Ann Wigmore would be so proud!


Video: How to Store Your Sprouts!

July 19, 2010

Hi Guys!

Hope you are well!!

I am here in Chicago, and it has been none-stop! If I haven’t been at set I’ve been making food at home to bring, and trying to squeeze in a little yoga here and there. It looks like I’ll be here for a few more weeks! I’m slowly finding my way around Chicago- well at least the multiple Wholefoods I’ve been sourcing groceries from. 🙂

Anyways, here is a quick video on the best way to store sprouts at home so they don’t get slimy, moldy and gross! They can if we leave them in plastic containers. Sprouts are incredibly how in enzymes and will help rebuild our bodies and supply us with beauty minerals, so we want to include them in our daily diet.

Enjoy, and I’ll post more soon!

Lots of love, Kimberly


Update: Lessons on Body Image from High Schoolers

June 15, 2010

Remember when we were kids and things weren't complicated at all, and we were just so happy to play with frogs and baby birds?? 🙂

Hi Guys! So back in February I got this sweet email from a 17-year old boy about girl issues and a girl he liked being offended when he said she looked “healthy.” Here’s the original post. I posted the initial back and forth, and over the last few months we’ve exchanged a few emails. Heck, I remember being 17, and being really self conscious and not really knowing who I was!! I would hide under ugly turtlenecks and baggy shorts and hated that my hair wasn’t straight! 🙂

BUT- happy ending!!! Last night I got a sweet email from the GIRL!! Their names are changed and I got their enthusiastic permission to retell their story of teenage love (ahhhhhhh, 16 Candles anyone??).

(Here’s the emails from Feb).

Dear Kimberly,

My name is Kyle and I’m 17 years old.  I know this might not be your particular area of expertise, but since you deal with beauty and self-image issues I thought you might have some good insight on an experience I recently had.  It involved a girl I had just met at a dance.  We talked for a good half hour and seemed to be hitting it off.  She was very pretty, smart and nice.  We even exchanged email addresses.  I was so excited!

Then, things suddenly went downhill.  I commented that she had a “really nice, hourglass figure”. I thought she would take it as a compliment but instead she became deeply offended.  I went into damage control mode and tried to clarify my comments but I think I only made things worse when I used the term “healthy”. With a look of complete disgust, WHAP!, she slapped my face and departed.

As I was standing there alone rubbing my cheek, with my friends nearby laughing at me, I was wondering why she was so offended.  She had a classic hourglass figure – very busty, narrow waist, shapely hips/legs. I guess she had interpreted “hourglass” as meaning big/overweight/full figured. Why can’t girls embrace their curves?

Btw, I do have her email address.  Do you think I should her an apology note or should I interpret the slap in the face as another way of saying she does not want to see me again?



Hi Kyle!

I usually take up to a few weeks to answer someone back, when I get swamped, but your email was to sweet and sincere to put off!

You are a fantastic writer and you should pursue something that involves writing as you go to college and eventually choose your career. I am impressed. Teenagers can have a very hard time expressing themselves adequately in words. You are lucky because you can do that through your writing, which not everyone can.

For this reason, I would highly recommend emailing her, and explain what you were really trying to communicate. Use the words “beautiful” and “attractive.” I am personally trying to change womens’ interpretations to view the word “healthy” is actually the body adjective we should strive for. Unfortunately, it does get interpreted differently. A girl that is even slightly self-conscious of her body, which is pretty much every teenage girl, and most women in the world (!), will interpret someone saying she is “healthy” as a nice way of saying fat.

Every girl wants to feel beautiful and attractive. So also tell her that you wouldn’t think she would be any more attractive if she was stick-skinny, and the reason you said she was “healthy” was because healthy is synonymous with “beautiful.” I think the world would be a much better place if women knew that guys like you thought that healthy was much more attractive, and if women thought the world “healthy” was a huge compliment. We do not all have to fit into one stereotype. It starts even earlier than 17, but especially at your age, if girls embraced their bodies it would save so much wasted energy and heartache down the road.

Keep in touch, and let me know it goes with your lady!
All my very best, Kimberly


Hi Kim.  This is Adriana, the girl that Kyle met at the dance a while back.  I don’t know how to thank you for giving him advice.  It turns out that he’s a really sweet guy and we have a great relationship.  Lots of guys my age are jerks and I guess I assumed the worst about him when he made the “hourglass” comment.  I’m happy with my body shape but it’s really frustrating to be judged for your bra size and not your brains.  I do remember that he looked ashamed rather than angry after I slapped him and I was hoping I was wrong about him.  I was thrilled when I saw and read his email!

We’re having a great time and can now laugh about the first time we met. Kyle is great guy and a true gentleman.  He’s also really tall too, at 6’6″, and I’m a short girl at 5’2″.  I really had to reach in order to connect with that slap, lol.  But I also assured him that I would never slap his handsome face ever again and planted a big kiss on his cheek 🙂

Without your help, this might not have happened so you should feel great!


Sooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Who doesn’t love a happy ending?!! The heart of it was that he thought she was beautiful and great all along, but  we girls are really the complicated ones with body image and words, and boys mean well, but can sometimes be boneheads when it comes to the right words and communication. 🙂 Glad it all worked out. The young uns’ are happy!! Yay!!

Alright, back to work now!

Oodles and oodles of love to you.



Believing it is really possible

May 7, 2010

The still photographer from Iron Man 2 took this picture of me while I was there when the movie was shooting last summer. Those of you that watch the movie, this is scene on the race track!

Hi Loves,

I just wanted to quickly share with you a revelation I had today- right on my yoga mat!

Yoga is very confrontational for whatever is going on in our life, in our mind, our lives and our spirits. What we learn about ourselves and within the poses has the power to shift our consciousness past much more than the physical pose itself! Today I took “Flight School” with a wonderful woman named Summer, which is basically a yoga class that is all about inversions. Since I love being upside down, it seemed to be a perfect fit for me.

I have been able to do handstands for a few years now, and bakasana (crow pose) which is an arm balance. But I have never seen a girl be able to press up from a straight-armed crow pose into a handstand in front of me  …until today. Summer walked right up to the front to demonstrate, and did it right in front of me.

I had always seen lots of my guy friends do it, and thought it might be one of the poses that is easier for men and the male anatomy to accomplish. I never ever really worked on it because I didn’t think it could really ever happen. WELL I was wrong!!! Seeing the quiet grace with which Summer came onto her hands, bent her knees to the back of her arms and press straight up was awesome!! Like me she is not overly muscular and does not have a gymnastics background either.

I would then straighten my arms here in this arm balance and then...

Press up into handstand!

Just SEEING that it was possible opened up my mind and I had an almost immediate paradigm shift. Once I knew she could do it, I knew I could do it too. Why? Because we all have the unlimited ability of consciousness within us. All new poses take work to master, but I never focused on that sequence of poses because I didn’t really think it was possible. I didn’t even try. But today after seeing her, I really focused on learning to press up in class today and I almost got it! And I know in a few weeks or months I will get it. Why? Again because I now believe and know that it is possible.

There are so many limitations we put on ourselves, even unconsciously. I challenge you to consider something that you’d really love to do or accomplish but didn’t think you could, and prove yourself wrong. It could be dropping back to your weight from college, learning a new language, getting the promotion at work, making the Green Smoothie every day (of course right!!), etc. It doesn’t have to be something huge- in fact starting with baby steps to accomplish “smaller” things can help us build confidence to go for more.

Except for the truly outrageous thoughts (hey we can’t all be President of the United States but we can do so many other things!) 🙂 if you can even think about trying to pull it off… it IS possible!!

Also…it is the highly anticipated opening weekend of Iron Man 2. I remember being at the set last summer and the excitement back then during every day of shooting… I can’t wait to see it one of these weeks. You won’t catch me waiting in lines this weekend though.

On that note, have a relaxing night! I’m going to rest my pour wrists that had a lot of weight on them today, as I’ll go back to practicing my pressing up from crow into handstand tomorrow, now that I fully know and believe it is possible for me to achieve.




Are you not sleeping well, fatigued or moody? You may need this!

March 23, 2010

I went to college in Washington, D.C., and one of my favorite things was the majestic cherry blossoms that would bloom every Spring! All around the monuments and tidal basin. Photo courtesy of

Hi Guys!

Hope you are enjoying the week so far. It has been a bit gray and rainy, but I like to think of it as fueling the growth of all the glorious plant life that is starting to peek out from the trees and the earth. I also know it is nourishing the wonderful vegetables I will be getting at the farmer’s market in the next few weeks and months!

I talked about Vitamin D3 a few weeks ago, and I wanted to talk about another important supplement: B12 (cobalamin). As we move towards a more clean diet and cut back on animal products, it is important to supplement with B12.

What is B12 and why do we need it?
This important water-soluble vitamin is used for many functions of the body. It can be stored in our liver for some time. We need B12 to maintain our energy and help prevent fatigue! It also helps promote healthy brain and cardiac function and helps us sleep better, as it has a critical role in the formation of melatonin, which is commonly referred to as the “sleep hormone”.  It also supports the optimal metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, promotes healthy cell growth and repair, and activates the vitamin folate in the body.

Plus, Vitamin B12 supports and protects our nerves. It develops and maintains fatty sheathes which act as a cover and protector of nerve endings. We don’t want to burn our nerves out! The great Yoga Master, Paramahansa Yogananda, spoke often of protecting our very important nervous system to maintain calmness and vitality in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of our being. If we find that we are often agitated over little things almost daily, it is really important to do something about it! It will burn us out for the long term, waste energy and exhaust our life force- our inner light.

Since Vitamin B12 is found primarily in animal sources of food, if we are vegetarian or vegan we must supplement. It is true that B12 if found in sources like sea vegetables and nutritional yeast, but this is one vitamin we need to be fully sure we are receiving in a bioavailable form.

However, for those of us that do eat meat, it does not automatically mean you are safe! Meat-eaters can still have low levels of Vitamin B12! Even if one eats sources that contain it, one might not be adequately absorbing it. Absorbing and utilizing Vitamin B12 is actually fairly complex, and there are many places where we could run into trouble. If we are low in hydrochloric acid, which releases B12 from food, our bodies may have issues absorbing B12. The stomach lining could also be lacking in its ability to produce intrinsic factor, a protein that is needed to bind to B12 in the small intestine to allow the body to absorb it.

Chart courtesy of

The synthetic type of B12 found in supplements is called cyanocobalamin. Check with your doctor if you are unsure of the level of Vitamin B12 that your body needs, but 500-1,000 mcg is generally considered a good daily amount. Be careful not to take Vitamin C at the same time, as it can virtually eliminate the absorption of B12! Only up to 500 mg of “C” should be taken at the same time. Over and above that, we may run into issues.

Be sure to take care of yourself and protect yourself with B12 supplementation! I hope you will see marked improvement in your sleep and how you feel. 🙂

By the way, if any of you have any other “green” cleaning ideas apart from the ones that I mentioned in my post last week, I’d love for you to share! I’m really into the “green” cleaning thing right now. I went to a vegan restaurant the other day and they were spraying the tables down with this disgusting toxic spray!! It really creeped me out. Yes the food was organic and vegan, but then we are to be surrounded with chemicals infesting the air all around while eating?? So ironic. Sometimes the connection isn’t made that all our choices matter- not just food.

Okay, back to work!
Love, Kimberly


Smart Ways to Plan Ahead, Save Time and Stick to Your Healthy Eating Plan

January 19, 2010

Hi Guys!

I was inspired to write this blog this morning as I went grocery shopping and was preparing food for one of my regular clients here in New York. My challenge is that she is so focused on her work that she does not take any time to make herself food. Her 2 assistants run errands for her, but I can not rely on them to make the food either. 🙂 She also travels regularly. Hmmm….how do I get her to stick to the plan we have created for her and balance her body? After all, I can’t be with her EVERY morning.

Here are some of the tools I’ve implemented for her, which you might find helpful also!

1.   I wash all the ingredients for 4 days’ worth of Green Drinks, partition them into exact servings and put them into separate plastic produce bags. That way, I can be sure she is having a Green Drink every single morning! She (or her assistant) doesn’t have to think about it. They go into the fridge and simply grab one of the bags. The apple, the right amount of celery, greens, etc. is in it, and besides the minimal chopping of the apple there really is no work! Washing everything for a few days is a great time saver- especially those in our blog community here that are busy moms or are rushing to the office. There never is enough time in the morning is there?? With everything bagged and washed the chances of you going “Nah, I’m not going to bother with that this morning. Too much work! I’m just going to eat some cereal instead,” go way down. Yay!

2.   Turn your freezer into your emergency survival kit.
Enzymes are destroyed by heat but hold up pretty well in the freezer. You can make some extra batches of the Green Smoothie and freeze them in individual-sized glass trays or containers.
The night before a busy day, you can just thaw one out in your freezer.

I also keep emergency sprouted bread (millet bread is the best) in her fridge also. That way, if we’re really in a bind with shopping and produce I can always grab the bread and toast it, and run to the corner and grab an avocado, and make a fast
and easy sandwich with some butter. If you keep some of this handy bread in the freezer you don’t have to worry about it going bad, but you know it is there in case you didn’t have time to go shopping, or don’t feel like making an elaborate meal! You are miles ahead of settling for that falafel on pita sandwich or chicken sandwich you were considering resorting to for dinner.

I also keep frozen packets of Acai in my own fridge. If I’m in a bind, I can always make an easy smoothie out of it with coconut water or almond milk.

3. Pasta cravings! Keep quinoa pasta stocked in your pantry.
Quinoa is an amazing grain that digests to leave a slightly alkaline residue in our bodies. It is also gluten free, and has a lot of great protein and minerals. When you want a nice, cooked dinner sometimes (and we all do!!), you can have a salad followed by some quinoa pasta with a great marinara sauce with vegetables. This is sooooo much better than buying some other processed, commercial pasta as “a treat.” You won’t feel deprived because you are eating some of this delicious, dense pasta once in a while and you’re not setting yourself back in your health goals! I am thrilled that my client likes quinoa! I am not so lucky with other foods I wished she liked…

4.     Soak some almonds in your fridge when you are leaving on a trip.
Simply cover the almonds with water overnight, and the next day rinse them off a few times. This is the really easy and fast way to remove some of the inhibitor enzymes on the outside of them, and help them digest faster. Put them in a dry bowl, and store them in the fridge. Now you have a great travel snack on planes, so you do NOT have to resort to the weight gain traps of roasted cashews made with refined salt that they serve on planes! Or…I shudder to think of what else. 🙂

Hope these help…or if you have some of your own time saving tips please share with us!

Lots of love,


Getting Started- and I Mean REALLY Getting Started: A Healthier, Detoxed, Perfect Weight, Energized You!!!

March 22, 2009
When you start to detox, you might experience some physical symptoms such as being moody, light-headed, breaking out a bit, feeling tired. But quickly thereafter you will feel more energized and alert! It may be a bit disorienting b/c your emotions will also detox. The countless benefits of detoxing include: Moving into your natural weight, letting go of water weight and puffiness, having more beautiful skin, nails and hair, and being more Sattvic (emotionally and mentally balanced). You will have more energy, clairty, and stamina to pursue your goals and dreams, and live to your fullest potential.

When you start to detox, you might experience some physical symptoms such as being moody, light-headed, breaking out a bit, feeling tired. But quickly thereafter you will feel more energized and alert! It may be a bit disorienting b/c your emotions will also detox. The countless benefits of detoxing include: Moving into your natural weight, letting go of water weight and puffiness, having more beautiful skin, nails and hair, and being more Sattvic (emotionally and mentally balanced). You will have more energy, clairty, and stamina to pursue your goals and dreams, and live to your fullest potential.

So, realistically speaking, it’s best to ease into any new diet. And when I say the word “diet” I never mean a way of eating for a certain finite amount of time, but rather your long-term way of eating. ☺ I don’t advise anyone to go from being a hardcore meat-eater to a raw vegan instantly! And don’t worry about fitting into any category anyway. What it’s about is upgrading the quality of your food as much as possible, so your body gets the optimal nutrition it needs and digestion is as easy as possible, while bringing in as few toxins as possible into your body.

I know it can be confusing as to where to start. So here are some ideas for starting out!

If you eat bread, switch to sprouted Ezekial and Shiloh Farms brand bread. No more white bread, and so-called “fortified” wheat varieties.

If you eat pasta- switch to wholegrain or sprouted varieties.

If you eat rice- try substituting quinoa instead, which is a delicious ancient grain from South America packed with protein.

– If you eat chips, stop. Ha! Just kidding…sort of. At least switch to flaxseed varieties that I think I’ve seen at Trader Joe’s and Wholefoods. And never eat rice cakes! They are a faux amie. This puffed grain product is off the glycemic chart and will make YOU puffier than the Pillsbury Doughboy.

– Try to use your microwave as little as possible. Until you wean yourself off it and throw it out. 🙂 If you make frozen meals, start weaning yourself off them, and instead learn to make some really easy, fast meals.
Frozen then microwaved food is deader than dead, full of preservatives, bad salt, and other yuckiness that will interfere with your vibrant health!

– Buy as much organic produce as you can afford. Yes it does make a difference and yet is it worth it! Not taking in all those pesticides and herbicides is a detox in and or itself. Plus you will get an average of 50-85% more vitamins and alkalizing minerals.

– Throw out all your table salt and only use Celtic sea salt (make sure the label says dried in the sun and wind) for you and your family. Table salt is a girl’s worst friend. It will demineralize your body and make you look bloated and way heavier than you really are. No thanks!!!!

– Limit your intake of dairy as much as possible. Or cut it out! If you really love cheese, upgrade the quality by switching to raw cheese varieties, which is at least not pasteurized. Kefir is better than regular yogurt.

– Have the juice of at least one lemon a day- on salads, in smoothies, in water, etc.
You can start calling me the lemon girl because I always talk about lemons. But it is an amazing cleanser and liver supporter. This is a very easy thing anyone can start doing, today.

– Start limiting your intake of coffee to one a day. Coffee is acidic, taxes the liver and adrenals, is laden with toxic pesticides, causes mood and energy swings… I could go on and on! Start replacing to start with green tea, which still has some caffeine. Then you can move to rooibus, yerba mate, and herbal teas! Trust me, you really don’t more than one a day!

– Limit all colas AND diet Colas as much as possible. Start having 3 or less colas a week…until you cut it out! If you think this is impossible, guess again! Once you get over the initial cravings and distance yourself from it, you will start feeling so much better and become horrified that you allowed the fizzy poison to enter your lips. For more info on why diet colas really make you fat, read my blog, “The Diet that Makes you Fat.”

– If you eat meat every day, cut it down to every other day.
Meat, which is really the muscle of an animal, has to be broken down from its complex amino acid chains into simple amino acids and then assimilated into the body. This requires a ton of energy and the enormous generation of uric acid- making meat a very acidic food product that putrefies and ferments in your digestive tract. Very, very toxic!! Not to mention the shocking amount of hormones, steroids, and toxins that are IN the meat, because animals in our country are fed corn laced with such things to make them grow faster to be slaughtered faster (including farmed fish). GROSS.
Please read my blogs on meat and corn.
Oh, and yes, fish is absolutely meat!!!! Fish are still complex beings, and have your ever thought that when you eat mussels, lobsters, shrimp, and other bottom readers- you too are taking in the toxic waste that make up their diets??

– Stop using Splenda, Equal, Sweet ‘N Low immediately! Please! Again, these are liver-clogging, high glycemic, scientifically engineered, scary products. Trust me, you will have a MUCH easier time maintaining your weight, keeping your body detoxed and looking beautiful without all this artificial crap. If you want to look vibrant- switch today to stevia, and occasionally raw, unfiltered honey and pure maple syrup.

Start making My Glowing Green Smoothie. Make the commitment to make it once a week, and build up from there.

– Make the Detox Smoothie every Sunday.

There are more but I better stop for now. This post is turning into a short book. 🙂 Don’t worry, there are more to follow but see how you do with these.
Have a great week. Happy Detoxing!
xx Kimberly


A Simple But Little Discussed Weight Loss Tip

January 14, 2009

Don't worry! This tip does not involve sweating or overexerting yourself! It is actually preeeeeeety relaxing as a matter of fact.

subway_turnstilesYesterday I had to run around all day then rush uptown to do something with a few beauty editors. I entered the Union Square subway station in one of those entrances where there are only the floor to ceiling turnstiles. I went to rush through, but I was carrying some bags and I got STUCK. Literally! I couldn’t go forward or back. I was simply wedged in. Luckily it wasn’t too crowded, or I would have been either stampeded or loudly mocked by all the lovely New York subway crowd. Only two sweet, middle-aged women saw me and tried to help me. I had to back straight out the way I came. And too much time had passed for my subway pass— so it wouldn’t let me go and when I re-swiped it said “Just Used.” Ugh. Super yuck. BREATHE!!! I told myself. And I started to feel better instantly. ☺

So this very important and amazing topic of pranayama, which is proper breathing and energy control, was in the forefront of my mind. For more and deeper info, there are lots of yogic teachings on this subject. But right now let’s not talk about how calming breath control is, or how it sets the foundation for meditation (which it does!). Let’s talk about how…

Breathing correctly can help you maintain and lose weight!! Many people overeat, day after day, because they are not breathing deeply or well. The breath brings in fresh oxygen into your body, and the more oxygen you have available to your cells, the more energy you have to go about your day and complete your goals and tasks, and the less the tendency to reach for more, and often unnecessary, food. Stop what you are doing right now and place one hand over your belly. Be sure that when you are inhaling the belly is rising and expanding. You want to be sure to breathe all the way into your belly, not shallowly into your chest or heart center.  That way you will get maximum oxygen with each breath. When we are stressed or angry, the breath is the first thing to go. You start breathing faster, you don’t get enough oxygen, and next thing you know, you are craving a bagel.

Breathing properly will also make your body more alkaline by removing the carbonic acid from the blood and lymph. And remember an alkaline body, rather than an acidic one, can let go of weight easier!

Here are some breathing tips:

Breathing seems so simple, but many of us don't breathe as deeply or slowly as we should, every breath of every day.

Breathing seems so simple, but many of us don't breathe as deeply or slowly as we should.

1.    Breathe through your nose!!!

2.    If you are feeling worn out, stressed, or tired, go outside into the fresh air and quickly rejuvenate yourself by taking 10-40 very deep breaths through your nose. Note: Do this before automatically reaching for those Sun Chips or a Diet Coke.

3.    Remember that fully exhaling is extremely important! This is when we detoxify our bodies. Take at least 3 breaths a day where you exhale completely and hold your breath with the lungs empty for 6 seconds. This yogic breath will create a vacuum force that will pull toxins from the blood into the lungs to be expelled from the body.

4.    Try this yogic breath- the 1:1:1 ratio. For instance, inhale for a count of 4, retain the breath for a count of 4, and exhale for a count of 4.

Well happy deep breathing! I really hope you discover some great benefits in your bodies and minds from these tips and start feeling even more energized. I am leaving for LA in a few hours for 2 weeks, to do some press and edit our yoga video I shot in Bora Bora. So I’ll write to you from there.
Have a great 2nd half of the week.
All my best,