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Video: The Way I like to Open a Young Coconut!

July 3, 2010

Hi Guys!

Thankfully I did not embarrass myself with this video, and was able to open this young coconut with only 4 strikes! I have been known to embarrass myself before when doing demonstrations, and taking many more chops to open it up. 🙂

Hope you like the video!

I’m leaving in a few hours actually, so have a great July 4th weekend!! And I’ll write more from the road- assuming Internet is easy to find!

Love, Kimberly


Raw Food and the Mind, Part 2

October 25, 2009

There is Coki on the rock, with his huge, partially webbed feet. Aren't they amazing looking?! And there's Mottsy hanging out in the water below.


You can see Coki and Mottsy's tank behind me. Ha! They know by now that they are going to eat whatever we eat. So today it is going to be curly kale!

Hey Guys,

So several months ago I introduced you to my 2 turtles, Coki and Mottsy. Coki, the huge monster one, was the one who used to be a crazy nut for turtle pellets. For the first year that I had him, it truly seemed that his only mission in life was to eat as much as possible. Each and every time I would walk by his tank he would go nuts begging me for more food, scrambling at the glass side of his tank, frantically swimming back and forth! Mottsy, the little one, mostly stuck to eating the raw greens I also fed them. He was always more of a docile turtle, looking up at me with big eyes when I came near, then go back to chewing his lettuce, totally unconcerned. 🙂

P1011303 It has been only about 4 months since Coki has been eating a 100% raw diet and I stopped feeding him turtle pellets. There have been some astounding changes! Sure, he didn’t go raw by choice! 🙂  But like any mom, I was doing it for his own good. It was a hard transition for the little guy I’d say, and I did have to give some hard love and turn a blind eye to his begging for many moons. But now finally he has stopped with the antics and drama.

P1011304It was obvious before that he was thinking about food all of his waking hours, and he would motor over Mottsy with his huge feet to snap up every pellet that came into the tank, and eat it whole. What a piggy turtle! He was also jerky and overly sensitive, and dive off his rock into the pool at any sort of loud noise in the apartment, and swim-no flouder!- like a banchi in the water.

Now he stays on his rock for most of the day, keeping me company when I am working at home. He enjoys fully relaxing while sticking his huge feet straight out. He doesn’t even flinch when I put my hand in his tank to pet him or drop some raw greens in, which is all that he eats now. His growth has slowed down, while Mottsy, always the raw foodist, has caught up to be about ½ his size how- whereas before he was about 1/5 his size!

Even though Coki is “only” a turtle, it is fascinating for me to observe that keeping him in the same tank and in the same environment, by only changing his diet, his entire attitude about life and energy have completely changed. He is now calm, peaceful, not obsessed with food, and content to swim in a relaxed manner in his water or be on his rock. He is not crazed by the sensory pleasures of waiting for and pouncing on his next food treat. Food is no longer running his life!


And so it is with us- food definitely has an effect on our mind, and it is undeniable that the body and the mind are connected. The food we eat isn’t just a compilation of calories and various nutrients (or toxins!) that build up our body. It is also matter and energy that can open up or clog the body- and therefore the mind. The more we eat certain foods which really stimulate us- refined sugar, artificial sugar, and artificially sweetened sodas, salty chips, meat, etc.- the more we will be driven and ruled by food.

We can change our mental outlook by our diets. Exciting! There may be a transition period when we switch over to eating more raw and unprocessed foods. But after that our minds will inevitably calm down and relax. It may get a bit harder before it gets easier, as we work to break old habits that have kept us prisoners to sensory attachment with food. After the transition though, we are free, and we will feel much more calm, relaxed and peaceful. There is a great deal of mental balance that can be promoted by eating raw, natural foods.

Be conscious of how much better your body AND your mind feel as your start to shift your diet! Hopefully you will start to see some wonderful changes all around.

Have a great Monday!

xx Love, Kimberly



Fresh Mint Tea: Rethinking Tea

October 22, 2009
Fresh Mint! Photo courtesy of

Fresh Mint! Photo courtesy of

Hi Guys!

I’m always surprised, and slightly amused, when I make fresh mint tea at a dinner party or for friends, and they act like it is the most novel and amazing thing in the world!

It made me contemplate that there are so many things that we have accepted, just because we are used to them.  Like mint tea for instance. If you want an herbal mint tea and you go to Starbucks, you’ll pay $2.50+ for a tea bag made from tea fillers and tea dust, and hot water- which who even knows is filtered or not. Besides not getting the freshest flavor, each time we get a tea we also have to throw out a tea bag, and the individual packet that the tea bag came in.


It doesn’t have to be that way! If we make our own tea, we can experience the freshest possible taste of that tea on earth, AND we will not be consuming excess packaging.

Something as incredibly simple as making mint tea can be a great first step to someone being more in touch with making their own food. This is especially true for some of you that write me that you really “aren’t a chef” and that you are uncomfortable making your own food. The very sourcing of the green, beautiful mint, and the ceremony of making this tea, could help connect you back to your food source. And then we can move on to making our own almond milk, raw sauerkraut, salad dressing, flax crackers, etc.- things we are always used to buying- but things we could make fresh and natural ourselves. 🙂


1. Make sure to pick mint that is robust and a beautiful green color. You can buy mint at your local farmer’s market (highly recommended!), at Wholefoods or most grocery stores.

2. Simply pick 4-6  leaves off of the stem and place in your mug.

3. Pour hot (not boiling), filtered water on top of the leaves, and let them steep for 3 minutes or so before drinking.

4. If you like sweet mint tea, Egyptian style, stevia would be your best bet!


Ta daaaa!!! That is it!! Try it out, and see how much more special your mint tea drinking experience becomes! Especially now that it is snuggly tea weather. 🙂 Make fresh mint tea for your friends and family, or serve after a dinner party with a  new yummy dessert to really impress everyone!

Happy tea making!

xx Kimberly


An Extension of Our Skin We Must Protect: Our Nails

October 18, 2009


Hey Guys! Hope you had a nice weekend. 🙂 Friday afternoon, after a long but wonderful week, I decided to go out and buy this dark nail polish (pictured here). I painted it on, and felt instantly transformed! Isn’t it so great that us ladies can transform with something so simple as nail polish? I haven’t worn dark polish in ages- usually I trend towards red polish on my toes, and clear tones on my fingers. Why? Hmm…Well I try to keep my keep my feet looking decent because I am barefoot so much in teaching and practicing yoga. I really like classic red, or let them breathe with no polish at all (especially when I’m traveling). In warm months and when I do food demos, I like clear polish on my fingers or nothing because I like that light, clean look and  I don’t want my nails to be distracting to people or on TV.

By the way, our nails are a fantastic indicator of our overall health. Which we’ll talk about in another nail blog!

IMG00029-20091018-1832-1But what girl doesn’t like some dark polish in the cold winter months?? 🙂 Again, like I said- very transformational and very satisfying, that we can just sit in our apt. and instantly (and not permanently- so no big commitment!) change our whole look!

Well this is all safe and good fun except that I want to remind us that our nails are part of our skin. They are very porous, and can absorb chemicals and compounds right into them. That is why acrylic nail add-ons are toxic, hideous inventions that should be banned. That is also why I haven’t stepped foot in a nail salon in years. Unless it is a “green” nail salon, which I hear about sometimes,though haven’t seen one- (has anyone seen one??). I haven’t exactly been seeking them out either though. But in most nail salons, you are almost 100% guaranteed to have to choose from toxic nail polishes. Nooo thanks!!!! I guess I could bring my own polish in there and have them use that- but I don’t bother. Plus I sort of like doing it myself, while watching TV or letting them dry while reading at home. 🙂 Cozy!

Here are the 3 Big Nail Polish Toxins that we should avoid:

1. Toluene: This is a clear liquid also used paints, thinners, and inks. It makes nail polish smooth and makes it dry quicker. So beware of all those “quick dry” polishes!! Toxic to the liver and kidneys, and can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

2. Formaldehyde: A carcinogenic preservative and is used in nail polish as a nail hardener and to keep it from chipping. Also toxic to the organs and can cause immune dysfunction (!).

3. Dibutyl phthalate (DBP): Also found in plastics, personal care products, paints, and pesticides. It’s used as a plasticizer that makes plastics soft and flexible. In nail polish it acts as a binder to make the nail polish last longer. Phthalates are also known carcinogens, are known to cause birth defects, and damage the reproductive organs. Particularly, it has shown to cause underdeveloped genitals in newborn boys and long-term fertility problems. It has also shown to be toxic to the liver, lungs, and kidneys. We can absorb phthalates through skin contact. Note: Many moisturizers and skin care products also contain phthalates!!!! Of course, The Solution, my moisturizer does not. Be sure yours doesn’t either!!

Ladies, this is not a time to cheap out and get crappy drugstore brands if you buy your own polish. Make sure you get polish that is of good quality. Your nails after all, are part of your skin. And if you DO go to nail salons regularly, I recommend bringing your own polish that is free of these Big 3 Toxins.


You can still get nectarines at the Union Square Farmer's Market in NYC!

Some good non-toxic brands are Aquarella, Suncoat, and Honeybee gardens. I think they sell some of these brands at Wholefoods? If you know of more great color/quality/non-toxic brands or where they’re sold, please pass that along!

Have a beautiful day. 🙂  See you back here soon.

Lots of love,



Union Square Farmer's Market this past Saturday


Why I Will Not be Getting the Flu Vaccine OR the Swine Flu Vaccine

October 13, 2009




Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of




Hey Guys! So the last few days I’ve been skipping about New York, walking as I usually do across all different neighborhoods and listening to my iPod as I get from appointment to yoga class to appointment again. 🙂  On Sunday, I was in Grammercy, then had to pop up to the Upper East Side to visit some friends, then came back Downtown. I believe it was that day, when I passed a bunch of different Walgreens or Duane Reades, all with propped up signs outside their door announcing “Flu Shot, only $24.99!” Then today, the same thing happened! I kept seeing signs on the street and proudly bolstered in windows for the friggin’ flu vaccine!

My first thought was, “Oh no! Are they already starting to promote that??” Then I thought, “Damn big pharmaceutical advertising!” And theeeeen I thought, “Hmm…Well maybe people don’t always get to hear the other side-  why we shouldn’t get a flu vaccine.” Hence I felt the rather urgent need to write this blog.

THIS is what I am talking about!!!

THIS is what I am talking about!!!

There have been lots of studies that conclude that Flu Vaccines don’t work!! And in many cases actually can cause more harm.

We have to understand that these vaccines are promoted for commercial reasons. And oh boy, you better believe that there is a LOT of money to be made with vaccines. For this year’s flu season, five biopharmaceutical companies have been awarded massive contracts by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for development and production of more than 195 million doses of swine flu vaccine, in addition to the seasonal flu vaccine. 

The companies — Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, MedImmune, Australian drug maker CSL, and Sanofi-Pasteur — will likely make a great deal of money. 

CSL has contracts to supply $180 million worth of bulk antigen to the U.S.  MedImmune will supply 40 million doses of its live attenuated nasal spray swine flu vaccine for more than $450 million. And Sanofi-Pasteur is providing more than 100 million doses of monovalent swine flu vaccine, a $690 million order (Source of statatistics, Dr. Mercola).

Whew, that is a lot of money! Now let’s see why these vaccines may not be such a great idea after all…

First of all, there is mercury and aluminum in these vaccines, deemed to be “safe levels” by some upper echelon of government. But what does that mean? Mercury is a serious toxin, and has been linked to brain damage, and aluminum has been linked to serious illnesses as well. These vaccines are certainly not anything I would willingly inject into my body!!

There are serious adverse reactions and deaths from vaccines, but it is estimated that only 1 to 10% of side effects or deaths are ever reported. As there are currently no laws about following up and reporting side effect we really have no true picture about the negative effects of these vaccinations.

Second of all, an overwhelming amount of independent studies, not linked to the pharmaceutical industry, have reached the same conclusion—that flu shots simply do NOT work as advertised. I urge you strongly to do some independent research and see what you find if you are on the fence. Be sure that the information you are reading is not put forth by the big pharm. companies or even the US Health officials- I would look into independent sources.

With so much money at stake, there certainly is a lot of disinformation and fear being spread around. I know many people fearful about getting the dreaded flu! Vaccines support the notion of “germ theory,” first popularized by Louis Pasteur (who late in life admitted that he was wrong, by the way), which advocates that outside viruses and germs are solely responsible for us getting sick. 

I believe, as many natural health care practitioners and doctors also believe, that these external germs can only “get us” if we have internal toxicity or an impaired immune system. Isn’t it the case when people are exposed to the same exact germs, that some people get sick and others don’t?? If you are healthy from the inside out, you can be exposed to these germs and not get sick. We DO have some control as far as these sicknesses are concerned, and we can do something to prevent it!


Here I am in Botswana. I was eating extremely healthily all the months I was in Africa, and mostly raw vegetables and some fruit. I kept myself strong, and did not get sick once! Despite the exposure to lots of "germs." I can't say the same for India though, :) but i was really run down and roughing it in a major way over there...

Here I am in Botswana. I was eating extremely healthily all the months I was in Africa, and ate mostly raw vegetables and some fruit. I kept myself strong, and did not get sick once! Despite the exposure to lots of "germs." I can't say the same for India though, 🙂 but I was really run down and roughing it in a major way over there...

Well what should we do?

Well I won’t be getting the flu or the swine flu shot, and certainly don’t recommend it. Like I mentioned, if you are really interested in this topic you should educate yourself and really look into some info so you can make your own either way. I would definitely not rely on all the fancy TV ads and pop-up ads outside drugstores, painting a happy and safe picture of the vaccines, to sway my decision. Remember: Big business pharmaceuticals are looking out for their profits- not necessarily your health. So we have to all look out for ourselves and each other. 

And of course, through our diet and lifestyle, we must work to strengthen our immune system as much as possible. We have to eat clean-digesting, natural and unprocessed foods as much as possible, and constantly cleanse out all the junk. That way, we will be much less susceptible to the “evil” germs of the world, and be healthy in a way that we control ourselves. Let’s focus on making ourselves as healthy and strong as possible, rather than getting a toxin-filled vaccine that has widely been shown not to work anyways!

 I have noticed a huge difference since I started living this lifestyle. Although I get a little cough or cold maybe once every 2 years or so, I’m constantly (and I mean constantly!) exposed to sniffling, coughing fellow subway riders in enclosed spaces on trains, and by my yoga students. If the germ theory were 100% correct, that would mean that I should be sick about 50 times a year!

 Take care of yourself loves. Hope you have a lovely evening and day tomorrow!!!

In health and love,



Whew! Chilly African morning. Here I am with some of my beloved African peeps I met along the way. :)

Whew! Chilly African morning. Here I am with some of my beloved African peeps I met along the way. 🙂


My First Acupuncture Experience!

July 1, 2009

So there are meridians in our face that are connected to our stomach line of energy, I learned today!

So I’ve always wanted to do acupuncture- but never actually have. There is nothing in particular that I have a big issue with, I just wanted to enhance overall energy/chi/prana and blood flow. Since I’m a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and a yoga instructor, I’m definitely into energy flow and healing, so you would think I would have tried acupuncture out by now… …but I guess the universe brings everything into your life when it is supposed to!

So I know this amazing acupuncturist Yvonne (who also happens to be my good friend and one of my yoga students!) and given all the changes of summer energy in the air 🙂  I thought now would be the perfect time to get a session.

Well I have one word to describe my acupuncture experience: EUPHORIC. Yvonne is such a deep and gentle healer, that I wasn’t that very nervous about the needles (and needles admittedly are so not my favorite thing). So first we chatted about my health history and what I’d like to work on- I don’t have any major health issues, so I mentioned in general detoxing, liver stuff, and increasing digestion of course!! She checked my tongue, took different pulses around my wrist, and discovered that she wanted to increase the push of my “liver energies” and my stomach fire- so those were the meridian energy lines we were going to focus on.


Ok I know this picture is very similar to the first one! Ha! Yvonne took a few very interesting ones of my stomach and leg needles- and she also burns these herbs on certain points by the way to increase circulation- but my camera was accidentally on video so these are the only stills I was able to get. Well just imagine the needles all over the place!!

So I kept my eyes closed at first and just focused on my breath, since I didn’t want to watch the needles go in…at first. 🙂 Well as the first needle entered somewhere in my left foot, I felt a WAVE of energy lap up and down the left side of my body. A few more were inserted on my left side, and I started to feel very light- like I was floating!! Yvonne’s voice faded away a bit, and I kept babbling on how great I felt. This may sound like a weird analogy, but the mental picture that came to mind was taking a sheet in both hands outside in a field and letting it flutter in the wind. Like ripples of energy rolling through the sheet. Interesting! Truly, I felt blissful and nourished by good energy.

She inserted a bunch of needles all around on my front side, and finally I decided to peak. I peered over at my right shoulder to see a stainless steel needle propped up, like a proud little Lilliputian flag, sturdy and happy looking about two inches high. Hmmm….not so scary after all! So, as my curiosity mounted, I was finally able to take a look around, and saw the needles all through my legs, middle section, and arms…and yes, could peer down and see some on my face! But I felt so great that I didn’t care that it was mildly creepy. 🙂

She also did my back and neck. By the end, Yvonne said the pulse pattern was stronger and better! (Sorry Yvonne I’m probably not wording this the best!) Everyone’s experience is different with acupuncture- but I can honestly say that I felt a ton of movement in energy, and I felt sooooo wonderful, a natural kind of laughing gas feeling, but waaaaaay better! I have no doubt that there are great benefits to the systems of the body by this wonderful form of healing.


Here is Yvonne! I just adore her- what a blessing to be fortunate enough to have her available as a healer. 🙂

So if you have an inkling to try it out- looking to give some system in your body a boost, have any kind of body pain, etc., then I would highly recommend going to see the beautiful energy, unbelievably humble, talented healer of Yvonne. She is in the East Village of NYC. For more info on Yvonne check out her website!

Well the holiday weekend is fast approaching!!! Yay.
I hope you have a wonderful, amazing, relaxing time, and I will talk to you soon.
Lots of love,


Recipe: Key Lime Pie Bars

June 18, 2009
One glorious hour next to the ocean before heading for the plane!

One glorious hour next to the ocean before heading for the plane!

Hey Guys,

How are you??
So I realized that I forgot to post my recipe in the last blog! So check it out, below.


I just got back to New York late last night, and hit the ground running today!! In a very good way. 🙂  Some exciting meetings, and I got to teach my first yoga class in a week today. I really miss teaching and my students when I am away, so it was nice to teach a nice big class today.




Backbends are probably my favorite yoga poses. I love to shine the heart energy open!! 🙂 If you don’t have any kind of regular backbending practice you can start with some gentle ones, even holding on to the sides of your chair (if it isn’t a rolly chair!) and leaning back at work sometimes! Don’t worry if you aren’t too flexible, your spine can open up over time. Keep your shoulders relaxed and don’t hunch them up. Feel and imagine the light of energy expanding from your heart and throat chakras!

It is always interesting for me to be constantly traveling between New York and LA. In LA, I find that you have to spend a lot of time in cars driving around! I was  on some really cool movie sets  with my smoothies and had some great dinners. And of course having the ocean so close is so energizing and revitalizing, and great to connect back to our divine nature connection. These photos were taken in one last yoga hurray about one hour before I had to leave for the airport ☺ Today back in New York, I welcomed the flurry of running after cabs to rush into meetings in conference rooms and creative brainstorming sessions in coffee shops, and welcomed back the rush of high energy in the compressed space of Manhattan. So I really love and am grateful to be able to experience these very different environments.

I hope you are having a great week! How is your diet doing, as we adapt into summer? In the next few weeks I’ll be talking a lot more about summer food and diet choices.
Take care. 🙂
Lots of love,


Fat-Burning Key Lime Pie Bars


The whole family will love this recipe! They are a great substitute for all the summer ice cream and other deserts- as the lime is summer-y tasting, and they are creamy, rather than icy.

This desert contains coconut oil, which is an unprocessed, cholesterol-free oil that contains Lauric Acid. Overall, coconut oil stimulates the thyroid, increases your metabolism and can help you burn stored body fat!
Secondly, like lemon, lime has over 200 enzymes and helps restore liver tissue. The liver is our main fat-burning organ, so with this recipe we are also giving it a boost.

This recipe is low-glycemic, so will NOT spike your blood sugar the way refined sugar will. This is great for us adults that don’t want to gain weight, but it is ALSO great for kids-so they don’t get those crazy sugar rushes that other recipes give them!

Remember that one serving size is ONE bar, about 2″ x 3″. Nuts still have a lot of calories, so that is a good serving for a dessert!

1 cup organic lime juice

½ cup unrefined coconut oil

1/4 cup raw organic honey

4 cups cashews

Liquid stevia as needed, to sweeten

½ -1 cup water

Combine all ingredients in a blender except for the water, and blend on high. Add the water last and as needed to keep the blending going and make the mixture smooth.

Freeze at least 4 hours, or overnight. Cut into bars and serve! Makes about 15 full-portion sized bars. Can store in the freezer and keep for a few weeks.


Grounding Down and Expanding Out

May 26, 2009


Hello My Loves!

Hope all is well and that you had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend, wherever you happened to be. Did you have fun, I hope? 🙂

I just got back a few hours ago. I was up along the beautiful coast of Maine, where there are lots of wildlife preserves, walking trails, and big, deserted beaches! It was at a spot where I used to go as a little girl, so besides the great scenery there were nice memories. There is still this quaint inn I stayed at when I was little, and when I called my parents and told them how I saw it and remembered it, the first thing my dad said was, “Oh yeah, that is where you buried your clam!” I guess I found a whole clam on the beach one day back then, and when his little slimy head or fingers or whatever poked out I realized he was alive! And I wanted him to be my pet! But after 24 hours, even though I kept him in a pail of sea water…alas, he did not make it. So I had a whole funeral for him, and buried him in the back of this same inn! Aahhh…memory lane. 🙂


Check out these sea vegetables I found!! I wouldn't eat them straight off the beach like that, but you can get plenty of types of sea vegetables from the health store. Full of minerals and B Vitamins, they are a great addition to the diet.

P1011331Anyways, being up there reminded me that one of the best and easiest forms of therapy: Touch the earth. Yes, touch the earth! The earth has subtle magnetic vibrations, and when we are more in tune with that, we can connect back more with the earth and all of nature. Concrete sidewalks and rubber-soled shoes (or any shoes!) can keep us isolated from our innate connection with the vibrations of the earth. It is important to restore this connection as much as possible- by walking barefoot when we get the chance. Walking barefoot grounds us down into the earth- and all those 1,300+ nerves in our feet can open up and be in the fresh air and the earth’s full magnetism.

If we isolate ourselves all the time- in our shoes- or in our minds for that matter!- we can get too wrapped up in our own perspective and limited egos. It is important to expand out, to expand our consciousness, so we can fully feel and realize our connection to the earth and all other beings!


So literally stepping down on the earth is one way that I have found very therapeutic for me in my own life. Though I live in NYC, I do get out often, and you can be sure that I am always walking barefoot in the grass or on the beach whenever I get the chance! I also live right near a park in New York, and often take my shoes off and walk around over there and make phone calls (“Oh yes, I am outside actually! Sorry I had to do this conference call outside, because I um…got caught up with something and couldn’t make it back inside. You can hear me clearly though right? ☺ Hee hee).  It makes me feel grounded and strong and supported- and helps me put things back into perspective.

So I hope you will kick off the old shoes next time and as many times as you can find the opportunity, and just feel relaxed and connected back.

Happy short work week!
Lots of love, Kimberly


Sometimes being barefoot makes me feel so free!!! I love to be a big DORK sometimes!! 🙂 🙂


Feel and BE more Sexy

May 21, 2009


Ha! Do you like my title?? Bet you wanted to read what I was talking about, didn’t you?? I mean, who doesn’t want to be sexy? I think that sexy is so much more than slapping on nice makeup and heels. It has to build from within. And that starts on the cellular level with providing our cells with optimal mineralization to build strength and vitality and magnetism…

Sexy, attractive, magnetic people are healthy-looking and strong. We are programmed from the beginning of mankind, from the time of our ancient ancestors, to be attracted to a potential partner of the opposite sex that would be a good carrier and producer of our offspring. ( This is in a general sense- I know that many people choose to live very happy, healthy lives and don’t want to actually have children or opt to adopt instead of having their own, which is great. So don’t take this tooooo literally…. bear with me!) For women, that translates into a curvy differentiation between the waist and hips (to translate into being able to bear children), healthy hair (which implies mineralization, being a strong, healthy mate), and glowing skin. That is why I think ultimately and overall, strong, curvy and healthy women are much more attractive than girls that don’t eat!!

Focus on eating for nutrition- so will feel strong and healthy, which will automatically make you more sexy. If you eat "fat-free", "low-carb" processed crap, that can throw your body out of balance and can promote seeming dissatisfaction with oneself and one's appearance- since you feel that you can't eat "real" food. Focus on being healthy, and focus on what you like about yourself. Everyone has things that they'd want to change- so why even focus on that??

Focus on eating for nutrition- so will feel strong and healthy, which will automatically make you more sexy. If you eat "fat-free", "low-carb" processed crap, that can throw your body out of balance and can promote seeming dissatisfaction with oneself and one's appearance- since you feel that you can't eat "real" food. Focus on being healthy, and focus on what you like about yourself. Everyone has things that they'd want to change- so why even focus on that??

So let’s get down to food. We truly are what we eat- and the energy of the food we eat will get assimilated into the cells of our body, where it will become part of OUR energy, and the energy we radiate out into the universe and what all other people that cross our path sense and feel, whether they realize it cognitively or not. That is why people that eat more raw, living plant food, grown in abundance right in the earth, are more magnetic and glowing than those that eat the flesh of dead animals (Eeeewwww). I mean sorry, but look at fresh luscious spinach, healthy as can be and bursting with life force. Would you rather that be part of your constitutional makeup or a piece of dead pink salmon- that has been plucked from the sea, probably suffocated to a slow, horrible death, and plunks on your plate where its dead-energy muscles are going to make up your lunch?? It is not living anymore – it is dead in every possible sense of the word. I mean yucky yucky yuck.

But I didn’t want to go on a vegetarian rant today! I wanted to talk to you about fruit! And in particular seeded vs. seedless fruit. Fruit is an amazing gift from the earth, and so full of life force that the great yogi Yogananda says that it should be the first thing you eat after you meditate, to support your prana and life force swirling through your body.

The very definition of a fruit is that it bears its own seed (that’s why tomatoes and avocados are really fruits!). These seeds have the DNA programmed in them to become huge trees or plants. Seeded fruits are ripe, pregnant with fertility, and the potential to reproduce. Oooohhh- isn’t that sexy??? ☺  So when we eat seeded, natural fruit, we TOO can take in the energy of that fruit, which is bursting with life force and reproduction capabilities, and increase our own magnetism. Now this is true for women of all ages- it doesn’t matter if you’ve passed menopause or not! Don’t take it too literally, remember I am talking about energy and radiance. Some of my favorite fruits are avocados, durian, cherries, apples, pears (well seemingly everyday and boring but great staples!!), lemons, papayas, blueberries, Acai, Goji berries, etc. etc.

In Bora Bora, French Polynesia in November when I shot the yoga video. The people over there are So glowing and magnetic- magical really. I ate the best watermelon over there, bursting with huge seeds. And of course all their indigenous fruit is totally natural and luscious!

In Bora Bora, French Polynesia in November when I shot the yoga video. The people over there are So glowing and magnetic- magical really. I ate the best watermelon over there, bursting with huge seeds. And of course all their indigenous fruit is totally natural and luscious!

No nothing is more sad to me than when I see a sign for “Seedless Watermelon” or “Seedless Grapes” at the grocery store. Do you know what those poor inert pseudo-fruit beings are??? They are HYBRIDIZED. It means that their genetic makeup has been tampered with by scientists in a lab to produce strains that would sell well commercially (Scientist, “Yes, let’s make seedless grapes, because people are too lazy to pick out the little seeds and then we’ll be able to sell tons of them!”). Scientists have engineered a way to make these hybrid fruits lack a double set of chromosomes in their reproductive cells. So it means that these fruits can no longer reproduce- they don’t have seeds!!! And that defies the very definition of what a fruit is in the first place. And that is SO not sexy. Hybrid fruit is so unnatural and is also much higher in sugar and lower in minerals. And that is not helping our sexiness factor either.

So to feel and be more sexy from within, always go for the natural, organic varieties of fruits which have not been tampered with and DO bear their own seeds. I relish in picking out about 12 seeds from each of my lemons before squeezing it onto my salads.  I would much rather take the 30 seconds to do that and know that I am getting the freshest, best lemon juice on the planet, from a living, sexy fruit!!!

Have an awesome Memorial Day! Yay, for the beginning of summer. I’ll talk to you at the end of the weekend you sexy thaaaaaang. 🙂

All my very best,
xx Kimberly



Eating for Acne

April 9, 2009


Hey Guys,

I wanted to write about a major beauty buster- acne!!

Stress and emotional issues can also be contributing factors. The skin is a major detoxifier, so emotional and mental challenges that we are trying to purge out may manifest in acne.  Suppressed anger and not loving oneself  can manifest in acne.

But FOOD is definitely a contributor. Your skin mirrors your liver and blood to a large extent. So here are some food tips for you!:

Cooked fats and oils can cause breakouts because they are difficult for the body to digest and process. Fried foods and cooked oils — especially cooked vegetable oil, margarine, and animal fat — are toxic trans-fatty acids that are not miscible with water.   Since our bodies are water-based, these oils are extremely difficult to metabolize, presenting a challenge to our digestive system and our liver.  When fats and oils are not broken down properly, it leads to acne and pimples.

Also, watch what you cook with. Though in is raw form olive oil is a healthy, monounsaturated oil, it is very prone to oxidation when exposed to light, air and heat. Heat turns the normal fats in olive oil into trans-fatty acids, creates free radicals, and causes rancidity. The only oil I recommend cooking with (if you must cook!) is coconut oil.  This saturated, cholesterol-free fat is the best to cook with because it remains stable up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Even healthy fats, like those found in raw nuts and seeds, should be eaten with green-leafy salads to ease digestion. The excessive intake of ANY fat and oil, even if it is raw, can lead to breakouts!

– Acne can also be a sign that your body is too acidic. Soda is by far the most acid-forming food, and diet soda is the worst.  Other acid-forming foods to avoid include meat and dairy (my arch nemesis!!).

– Zinc promotes cell repair and helps the lymphatic organs properly eliminate waste.  A zinc deficiency can cause acne, so consuming more zinc-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and coconut can be beneficial.

– A deficiency of Vitamin A is also associated with acne. So load up daily on the plant-form of Vitamin A, which is found in arugula, broccoli, spinach, cantaloupe, and many other foods.

–  Watercress contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E, making it a great acne-fighter. It neutralizes watercress-soupacidic waste products throughout the blood and lymphatic system while promoting the delivery of minerals to the skin cells.  Watercress also contains mustard glycosides and mustard oil, which act as internal antiseptics and tissue and skin cleansers. (Throw some in your green smoothies!)

Watch your digestive system and make sure you are going to the bathroom regularly!! (Sorry but it has to be said!) You need to purge out impurities and toxins that might otherwise be repeatedly cycled through the blood and eventually purged out through the skin in the form of acne. Take a probiotic and add more fiber if you need to (again the green smoothie is great for this).

Hope this helps keep your skin radiant and gorgeous!!

Have a beautiful day!

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Trust me, I'm not one of those people born with perfect skin. I have to really work at it! The diet helps a lot.