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Back to Tropical Paradise at the Ann Wigmore Institute

July 5, 2010

Hi Guys,

I hope you are having a great fourth of July weekend! I arrived yesterday back at a little slice of heaven called the Ann Wigmore Institute to take more classes and do more training. It has only been 10 months since my last trip back here, but it is a natural, beautiful place in western Puerto Rico that I love and will come back to time and time again.

My favorite environment is tropical, hot and humid. I love the humidity!!! And the jungle!!! When I go to bed I hear the chirping of tropical lizards and critters, and the occasional thump of a coconut or a mango dropping off a tree. When I woke up this morning I heard tropical birds singing and roosters! I love sweating and cleansing the skin, then just jumping in the ocean to cool off. When I go out of my room to the little sideroad outside, it is about 98 steps for me to get into the ocean. 🙂

Here's the path to my room!

It’s so funny how I just posted that blog video about opening coconuts. They use machetes to open them here, right on this board. FRESH young coconuts every day!! Now you know I’m in heaven!!

Look at ’em all!!!!! Freshly chopped and ready to be eaten/drank. Come to mama little coconut babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beach at dusk.

This evening I went down to the beach to meditate and look over the ocean. It is such a magical time of day. My heart is swelling with joy right now on so many levels. I am so grateful to be here!

I will share much more soon.

Sending joy and love from my heart to yours!


Self-picture taken at dusk


Video: Durian Shopping and Opening in Chinatown!

June 30, 2010

Hi Guys,

Here’s a video from me, your obsessive durian eater friend! I just love them so much. 🙂


Lots of love, Kimberly


Teas and Sights on the Streets of New York!

June 28, 2010

Hi Guys! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I had some long walks through New York (lower Manhattan of course, I am a downtown girl!), which inevitably leads to some pretty interesting sites and adventures!

First, at this random street fair I happened upon I found the most amazing tea and spice seller. He had amazing different sea salts- but what I was really excited about was his incredible loose leaf teas!

I LOVE loose leaf teas. And could these possibly be more beautiful??? Lots of dried flowers, plants, herbs, etc. mixed in with the tea leaves. I got three different kinds- including 2 different rooibos varieties, which are my favorite. They have no caffeine but lots of antioxidants. One was called “Mexican Wind” with pieces of red pepper and one was “Cocoa Ginger” which I’m drinking right now. Yummy!!! Even in the heat of the summer I love. 🙂

Here is my French friend that ran the stand. This is his family’s business, which they have had for generations! Highly recommended to check them out! You can get calming, enlivening, healing, medicinal or just plain tasty teas to nourish your spirit, as well as spices. Here is his website: It seems kind of not really finished, so you can also email him at or look for him at the NYC street fairs this summer!

I started to make my way down to Chinatown…but got distracted by this outdoor TV in Nolita and a crowd of people watching the World Cup. I love the World Cup Fever cursing through NY! Sad that the US lost, but I must say that now I hope that an African team takes it!

Okay you know what I love to do in Chinatown! Eat durian of course!! A wonderfully beautifying, fatty Asian fruit.

Back uptown to the Village…

Love the street musicians, street art, and um free advice counselors?! 🙂

What’s for dinner? Kale salad with avocado and sprouts! Check out this huge head I scored. I didn’t make it to the farmer’s market this wkd (sometimes I can’t deal with the Sat. crowds), but if you go right now you’d probably do really well with the huge bags of spinach you can get.

Is it me or does this guy look like a statue???

Okay- I admit it! More detours along the way! Love the handmade street jewelry in Soho. Each piece is unique. I take it over mass manufactured stuff any day!

I’ll write more soon! Have a great Monday!!

With love from my heart chakra to yours,



More Random Thoughts: Raw Food, Yoga…

December 12, 2009

Hi My Loves,

Yes, my brain does like to jump around sometimes. Not in a frenetic ADD way, but more in a way where I get really excited about a lot of different thoughts all at the same time that I want to share! While they don’t all really seem interrelated- well, I think everything really is related.

Here are some random thoughts- to give you an idea of that is playing on in my head:

1.  I know it is cold and winter because my coconut oil has turned white and solid. What should I do?
In a word- nothing. We love our coconut oil because it is a wonderful and commonly used ingredient in raw deserts, and because when we apply it topically it penetrates and makes our skin smooth and hydrated. It doesn’t matter whether it is a liquid oil or a solid butter- it will still work the same. I actually like it when the jar I keep near my bed to put on my skin gets a bit thicker and more milky. It is a little easier to scoop out how much I put on. When it is liquid it is a bit more unwieldy, and yes I have definitely oiled my sheets up more than once!

You don’t have to worry about refrigerating coconut oil in any form. If you are mixing a recipe by hand (like my Raw Cacao Truffles recipe) and you are worried that your coconut oil is too chunky to mix well, I would just sit your jar on your stove, which is always slightly warm anyway, and it should liquefy quite nicely.

2. I know it is winter because my body is craving warm food and cooked food sometimes. Great! It is important to transition with the seasons. No one said you have to eat 100% raw to get amazing, fantastic results. Some cooked food can be very beneficial in fact, as long as it is placed correctly and is easily digestible food. I do NOT believe in the die-hard 100% raw food philosophy people that promotes if you eat anything cooked you are doing something really “bad.” Please! Who wants to live a life of restriction?? To me, that is sort of like the calorie-counting people, which are also restricted and have to know how many calories are going into their mouth at all times. I reject both of those schools.

This is really a whole blog post which I’ll do soon as it is getting colder- and could really fill a whole book on how to eat, but I will say a few things. Non-cream soups like Miso soup and vegetable soup are fine. If you feel like something heavier, like a grain for dinner, I recommend quinoa, millet or amaranth after you’ve eaten a salad, and along with some lightly steamed vegetables. You can spice it up and make a whole meal out of it. Delicious!

Days when you eat some cooked food I do recommend being sure to have your Green Smoothie that morning, and also be sure to have a nice green salad beforehand. Remember that if we eat very well most of the time, and follow certain rules, such as the ones I just said, you are not being “bad” for eating some cooked food sometimes!

3.    I know it is winter because I can intuitively feel that my yoga practice needs more fire. Of course, this could apply to other forms of movement. In winter, it is easy to want to close ourselves off, burrow ourselves in our homes and apartments, and withdraw. We are wrapped up in layers and layers of clothes, hustling to get from place to place and spending much less time in the fresh air and the outdoors.

With all this happening, we need to be conscious that we are not closing our heart chakras. We need to find ways to stay open and passionate, engaged with what excites us and makes us feel alive and energized and joyous. We have to put out a bit more effort in the winter to ensure we are still living our life to the fullest and not getting sucked into a familiar routine that just rolls along. Where is the fire??

One way I am actively seeking and bringing more fire into my own life is with my yoga practice and the way I teach yoga. After warming up I am bringing a much more a fiery routine with sun salutations, faster and more modern music than I might usually play in my classes, and series where I have my students move one breath per pose. It is really helping me feel the fire right now. I love it! We much naturally adjust to the seasons and the cycles of nature. How can you bring in more fire into your own life right now?

4.    Along those lines, it is a good time to be reminded to remain unattached. With the closing off of the heart chakra and feeling more withdrawn, we tend to get a bit more attached to our routines and the minute components of our life because it makes us feel safe and so we have something to cling to. Have you gotten more upset lately over something that usually wouldn’t bother you? Of course, the upcoming holidays can also add more stress…

Yesterday in fact, I had a few situations that challenged this in me : 1) I was at a crappy airport terminal at JFK with 0 good food selections, and I was truly starving and about to get on a 6 hour flight. I did the best I could- baked rice chips and a not so great salad. Instead of dwelling on being mad at myself for not bringing food, or that I would throw myself off, I focused on letting it go. I also counter balanced it by not eating any peanuts on the airplane- alflatoxin mold! Even if I was near dying I don’t think I would eat those peanuts. 🙂

2 ) I take my friends’ yoga class once in a while and I get really excited when I can make it. And yesterday there was an unexpected sub! I noticed that feeling of frustration rising up, and I immediately took some deep breaths and tried to open up. And you know what? I loved the sub! She had beautiful energy. (And yes, I do think it is important for yoga teachers to keep being students as well!).

3) I was stuck in a cab for 2 hours and missed my flight. I had to pay a $50 change fee and got stuck with a middle seat instead of my original window seat. I am actually sitting in that middle seat as I write to you! I did get a bit put off for a minute, but then I realized, DOES IT REALLY MATTER? What’s the big rush anyways? I’m still breathing, still alive, and ultimately, everything will be okay. So I got to LA a few hours later- it is worth getting upset and secreting a large amount of harmful stress hormones?
Things are never such a big deal when we step back and become unattached to a specific outcome (even if we have to force ourselves to do so sometimes), and realize that in the big scope, 99% of the stuff we are attached to can shift, and it is okay. Being unattached in a very important practice, with our food and our lives. We just have to do our best and go with the flow. Everything does happen for a reason!



Trick or Healthy-Halloween-Chocolate Treat!

October 29, 2009

Photo courtesy of

Hey Guys!! Hope you are having a great week. 🙂

Halloween is right around the corner, and chocolate is in the air!! And probably all around your office, your kids’ schools, and maybe at home right now! As you might be able to tell from some of my recipes, I am definitely a chocolate lover. Make that a cacao lover- the original bean from which chocolate is derived from. Commercial chocolate creeps me out. What’s in THAT can be a real Halloween scare!!!

So if you’re going to Halloween parties, office parties, shopping for treats at your house for trick-or-treaters, or buying for your kids, here are some tips to have the healthiest chocolate possible. I know we don’t have all time to make raw 300 cacao truffles! (Though I will mention that I have done that before for some events 🙂 ), so when we buy we can just make the best choices we can. Eating chocolate does NOT have to mean it is automatically makes us fat, bloated, and zit-faced. 🙂

Hmm yum! Dark chocolate is packed with flavonoids, magnesium, iron and polyphenols. Photo courtesy of

– Choose organic chocolate, which has more of the healthy nutrients and flavonoids, and less chemical and pesticide contamination. A Fair Trade certification means that it was made according to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. We should choose the organic/Fair Trade combo wherever possible!!

– Choose dark, organic chocolate that is at least 72% cacao. Trader Joe’s, which many of us have access to, has some great organic, dark chocolate choices.

–  Avoid chocolate made from milk or milk byproducts of any kind!!! Pasteurized milk in chocolate zaps the goodness of the chocolate. Fzzzzzzzzzz………… 🙂 Besides its mucus-forming (read: toxin-inducing!) and energy-eating qualities, milk in chocolate can diminish the potent antioxidant benefits.

–    Avoid chocolate products containing any high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) – which leeches B vitamins and other nutrients in our bodies, and raises blood sugar levels…leading to insulin resistance and weight gain.

– Avoid anything with artificial sweeteners. Chemical poison!! All that “sugar free” stuff made with anything artificial is pure crap, and will take our beauty down.

– Avoid chocolate made with soy proteins or soy protein isolates. Check the label! They could be lurking in there. These are highly processed ingredients that could block our bodies’ absorption of protein and depress thyroid function.

Okay sorry about all the “avoids”, but we are still left with plenty of choices if we nose around for the dark, dairy-free varieties. Remember not to overdo any kind of chocolate though, because it still contains caffeine. Halloween can not only be chocolatey-fun, but healthy chocolatey-fun!

I’m headed to Cali so I’ll write from there. Lots of love, Kimberly 🙂


Boo! Happy Halloween loves. I'm afraid I won't be dressing up this year. I'm actually sort of glad I won't be in NY this year for it. Not to sound like Grandma- but it gets a bit crazy for me. 🙂


A Potent Cleanser to be Used Correctly: Garlic

October 27, 2009


Hi my loves! In lieu of many of us being concerned with immunity and keeping ourselves healthy right now, I thought I would talk about an old, common kitchen friend: Garlic. Well maybe not so much of a friend to some of us! Many of us have strong reactions to garlic. It notoriously may cause some stinky breath, which doesn’t seem to go away for a while…. But this can be offset with some strategically placed parsley. 🙂 I actually love the lingering smell of garlic on my fingers hours after I chop some up for a recipe. (Is that weird???!?)

Garlic can be extremely helpful in cleaning out our bodily houses. Garlic is rich in mustard oils and in conjunction with the cleansing elements that make it up, is beneficial for our whole system. Garlic promotes peristalsis and diuretic action- both of which are important flushing mechanisms to support our ongoing cleansing efforts, as well as boost our immunity. 

Its potency is also an important ingredient to eliminate intestinal parasites. We don’t want parasites and unfriendly bacteria to build up and unbalance our bodies, which can be a contributing cause to not so great skin. So some garlic can really help keep that in check!

Garlic is so potent that is can dissolve mucus in the sinus cavities, flushing this waste out of our systems for good. This is extremely important for my friends that are still transitioning away from dairy! And have you ever felt when you had a bunch of garlic that is was just pouring out of your skin?? Well it probably was to an extent, as garlic can help poisons exit the body through the pores of the skin itself. A little smell might be worth it for some cleansing/purging action!!

Photo courtesy or

Photo courtesy of

Now that being said, garlic has to be respected and utilized properly in our diet. Garlic’s medicinal and cleansing properties are strongest when it is raw and crushed or very finely chopped. Therefore, it is best used in nut pates and blended into salad dressings. When garlic is cooked- as it often is to start sautéing vegetables or roasted and added to certain dishes- it retains very little (if any) of these amazing cleansing properties. 

We also don’t want to overdo garlic- especially if we have a very high vibration diet (mostly raw food), and we don’t have much mucus in our body. In these cases it can overly irritate the digestive tract and the lining of our mucus membranes. So use moderation and intuition to assess how much you personally need. It can and should be eaten with plenty of greens. Again, defer to the salad! 

 Have a great day and see you soon!! 


Warning: Do not try this at home! Having huge quantities of garlic has been known to cause bad breath and an upset stomach. 🙂 Use garlic in moderation. Everyone's system is different, so we have to individualize our own diets. I personally consume garlic only a few times a month at most, but I used to have it a lot more.




The Green Baby Movement

June 25, 2009


Hello my Loves,

Have you ever met someone who is so full of light and love that it just strikes you like lightening that this person is very special? And they stick in your head? And you just want to do everything you can to help them in whatever they are up to?

Well I have met one such person: Mary Boehmer. She is a beautiful young woman who is now my friend and is extremely motivated to bring light and health into the world. She started this amazing organization called, which is all about creating healthy babies and health in the world for the next generation! Below is my interview with her:

Kimberly: So, Mary what is all about?.

Beam Green - Bio PicMary: eco-educational community dedicated to The Green Baby Movement! Beam Green is a Green Social Club for women – a forum created for the sharing of Green knowledge and wisdom in order to guide parents and children towards superior health and wellness.

Beam Green’s mission is to be a positive eco-educational community for families that will assist in the creation of children who are strong, vibrant, and healthy that they contribute to the world in countless ways.

Kimberly: I know that you don’t have kids yet yourself and are not pregnant (right! 🙂 ), so how did the inspiration come for working with pregnant women??

Mary: I speny most of my childhood and College years overwhelmed by “death”. After losing my 42 year old Dad when I was 12 in 1996, and my 17 year old brother when I was 20 in 2004, and having my mom diagnosed in 2005 with two benign brain tumors and helping her undergo two craniotomies- I CAME TO TRULY APPRECIATE THE NOTION OF A HEALTHY HUMAN BODY free of disease! 🙂 I wanted to contribute to the prevention of disease/death and contribute to the opposite side of the coin … LIFE! There is nothing better then healthy, happy children and families!

Kimberly: Wow! Amazing that you turned tragedy into so much love!! (Her story does bring a tear to my eye whenever I hear it.) Tell us a little bit about the importance in detoxifying in preparing for pregnancy?

Mary: A healthy child starts before conception. The healthier the parents re at the time of conception, the stronger genetic foundation of the child. Beam Green suggests that couples prepare at least six months to a year prior to conception by cleansing and building their bodies using certain guidelines that will be shared during The Green Social Club each month. Prevention is a critical component! Cleansing and re-building the body may also have a favorable effect on fertility challenges once any underlying medical problems can be ruled out.

Note by Kimberly: This is not to make anyone feel bad that perhaps didn’t detox at all before conceiving! We can onlypregnancy-baby-massage-how-to do our best with our given information at the time. So if you already have children Mary’s forum can be more about having them lead more detoxed childhoods or getting more info now!

And what are some easy ways that women thinking about getting pregnant can start to detoxify?

Mary: My Top 3: What is Simple is True! (and often makes the greatest impact!)
1) Each 5-9 servings of GREEN vegetables a day. (Do not eat pass 7pm
at night! This will help you to get the best and most healing sleep!)
2) Exfoliate in the shower!
3) Rebound! Rebound! Rebound!

Kimberly: Oooph, eating past 7 is hard for me a lot, but I’m trying! (LOL). So, what’s on the agenda for BeamGreen this year?

Mary: will continue to hold its monthly Green Social Club meetings at Tavern on the Green once a month with guest speakers from across the country who are experts on Going Green! Women nationwide and international (we have 15 different countries who watch the archived uploads and live webcasts) can watch the Green Social Club Meetings by going to and clicking on the button at the top of the homepage that says “Green Social Club” Monthly meetings!

Kimberly: Anything else??

Mary: YES 🙂 The ultimate mission of and The Green Social Club is to have fun and take small steps everyday, in our own individual lives, to MAKE THINGS BETTER FOR THE NEXT GENERATION.

When you almost have your entire family die (me) you realize that other people’s families are actually your own as well
— that all are equal — if I am a single twenty-something year old girl who has embraced this — then anyone can embrace the notion that we are all detoxing and preparing for the next best thing …. Our next best version of ourselves and our next best version for generations to come.

Just amazing!!

Well have a great day and happy Friday tomorrow!

Love, Kimberly



Movie Sets and Charity Events

May 7, 2009


Hey Guys,

I’m in sunny, warm LA! I just got in yesterday.

So today I was on the set of Iron Man 2 all afternoon and night. It was great- I can’t believe how many props and equipment and crew are involved in making a humongous movie like that (!). The actors are all great too- very friendly and sweet. Definitely some of my faves.

I have to tell you a funny story that happened this morning. I walked down to the beach in Santa Monica for a walk and a long meditation. It was so nice to just hear the ocean and reconnect back. Then after I was done meditating I put my sweatshirt down in the sand and thought it would be nice to lay down “for a second.” Ahhh….so comfy and nice to rest! 🙂 Well I woke up about an hour later, face down in the sand, my hair and half of my face COVERED in sand, and I completely forgot where I was for a minute. It totally reminded me of my around the world trip, where I was moving so much that I often forgot when I woke up where I was, and what country I was in. I mean, I just totally passed out. Then I remembered I had a conference call in half an hour so dusted myself off as best I could (after looking around sheepishly, I must have looked like a passed out drunk), and hurried back up the hill to where I’m staying!

I’ve been working a lot lately…All day long running around, then going to bed at 2:30 am every night and waking up early. So it finally caught with me, and yes, I passed out face first right on the beach!! To that end, I better make this short as I have to wake up at 5 am to drive to San Diego to be on the morning television show (gosh, I’ve barely gotten to think about that!!! and figure out what I’m going to wear!!), and then the Project Concern Event is tomorrow night. If you live in Southern California, please come by!

(Yawn) Okay my loves, I’ll write more tomorrow or Friday. I’ll let you know how the event was and I’ll be back at set on Friday.

Lots of love, Kimberly


What’s Good for You is Good for the Planet

April 23, 2009


Hey Lovelies,

Happy Earth Day! Though we should be thinking of the earth all the time, it’s great that we have one designated day. What’s really awesome is that whatever is good for us, health-wise, is also good for the planet! It just shows how very deeply connected we are to not only each other, but also to our natural environment- the oceans and trees and wind…

Here are four Earth Day ideas that are close to my heart:

1. Get a great water filter for your house, refill a reuseable water bottle, and buy as little imagesbottled water as possible! The problem with bottled water is not just about the packaging. A huge issue is the source of the water itself! In the US, there are 3 major companies that also make soft drinks (I think you can guess who they are), that also own many of the popular and common bottled water brands. The huge companies don’t have to pay any money to pump hundreds and thousands of gallons of water a DAY, and even get multi-million dollar tax breaks! Then they sell the water that should be free for all, at a profit! This pumping of the water is destroying ecosystems all over our country, sucking water from underground aquifers and drying up streams, wells, and making clean water for farms and individual communities more and more scarce. Uggg…infuriating, isn’t it!

The other thing is that a lot of bottled water is NOT necessarily any better than tap water. The FDA does very little regulating for bottled water, and has no regulations to prevent bottling companies from drawing water next to industrial sites, underground storage tanks, or dumps. Some of these major brands’ bottled water is really tap water coming from places like Queens, NY and Jacksonville, FL, with additional treatment. That is what “purified” drinking water means. Um….are you kidding me???????

2. Only eat chocolate if it is organic. Of course I would prefer it if you guys only ate delicious, raw, organic cacao and and kept it dairy-free. But I know how it can be!!! Sometimes you want a piece of chocolate here and there, and if you stick to dark chocolate bars (preferably 70% dark chocolate or higher), and buy organic, it is certainly okay in moderation.

70% of the world’s chocolate is sourced from counties in Africa. These countries do not have the same perfect growing conditions, natural rainfall, canopy cover and protection as countries near the equator in South America. As a result, this African-sourced cacao is grown with the harshest and heaviest load of horrible chemical pesticides and herbicides that are destroying the environment over there and leading to deforestation, contamination of water sources, and major pollution. What’s even worse is that there is a ton of child labor abuse associated with these crops to produce the harvest super cheap. Because of the $$$$$$, millions and millions of dollars of this cheap cacao is imported into the US and used in tons of  commercial chocolate and cocoa products.

Sorry to be a downer, but shouldn’t we be informed?? Now that innocent little packet of M & M’s doesn’t seem so innocent anymore, does it. Many delis and stores carry organic dark chocolate! So please just try to plan ahead, if you know you like chocolate sometimes, and stock up on the good stuff. That way, if a chocolate craving strikes, you won’t be suck with el vending machine chocolates as the only choice. And just remember that that commercial milk chocolate crap will make you fat, make your skin look duller than an old sponge, and tax your organs! In case you need another reason! 🙂

y1pv0xmtttiahzkczdgvhwx1afbkc-ayxd7d1niiy39tamdephkirocezdnehgzquybgtzec6xa8do-13. Boycott commercial corn and corn-based products. Corn is now the #1 crop grown in America, with almost 80 million acres planted annually. Commercial corn requires more nitrate fertilizer and pesticide than any other crop. This tremendous amount of chemicals pollutes our water systems and is destroying the natural balance of our ecosystems.

Plus, four billion barrels a year of corn are processed and refined into high fructose corn syrup which is in tons of food products now.
It’s all wrapped up in scary politics. Have you seen the commercials that are like, “What’s so bad about high fructose corn syrup?” and they have a few pretty people that can’t figure it out and then they all laugh and say, “Oh, I guess nothing!”   Well I’ll say what’s wrong with it! It’s super high-glycemic, its virtual poison to the body, totally elevating triglyceride levels and throwing your body off balance…it will make you puffy and fat and cause wrinkles. Stay away evil commercial corn products!!!

4. Just use and buy less stuff. When I took myself out of Western society for three years and lived in my tent for a while, as well as tiny bungalows and guest houses and only had my backpack, I really learned how freeing and wonderful it is to get by with not that much…stuff. We live in a major consumerist society, that makes us feel like we need so much! Its funny how the more we have sometimes the more we keep wanting and more we think we need…do you ever get that feeling when you go into a Sephora?

Same thing with all those shoes you keep buying! I mean who needs all those shoes??? Ha!! Just kidding.  I’m not going to go there. 🙂

Have a gorgeous week. Isn’t it awesome that Spring is here?? We DO live in an amazing world.
Lots of love,



Raw Cacao Truffles- For Valentine’s Day, or Any Day!

February 11, 2009

One of my favorite deserts in the world! So yummy!!! And great for you too!

I thought I would post a cacao recipe with Valentine’s Day around the corner…an excellent excuse to remember to bring more chocolate into your life!!! But raw chocolate – not the kind with processed sugar and pasteurized dairy. Sorry!! Kit Kat bars and Mars bars and stuff like that are  NOT acceptable. But trust me, with this recipe you won’t want that crap anyway! Your cravings will be totally satisfied and you’ll feel great.  🙂

Cacao promotes feelings of love and joy and opens up the energy of the heart chakra. It contains the neurotransmitter anandamide known as the “bliss chemical.” In yoga, ananda means bliss. Even better- cacao ALSO contains anandamide inhibitors, keeping the compound from breaking down quickly and the feeling of cacao anadamide lasting longer, so we feel great longer!

This is not to say that we should eat cacao often- and certainly not every day! It is a very occasional treat. Cacao is NOT a superfood! It contains caffeine, and toxic compounds such as theobromine. It has taken off in the raw food world because it tastes good and people want so badly to believe it is good for them, since it is a tasty treat. But the reality is that it is not. We do not need it at all in the diet for nutritive value- it is a treat and must be treated as such!

That being said, here is the recipe for your occasional truffles, for special times like this- Valentine’s Day!


Everybody just needs some love! Valentine's Day can just be a little reminder to send as much love as we can all around, to all beings we encounter and around the world.

¾ cup raw cacao powder (available at health stores)
2 cups ground raw almonds
1/2 cup raw organic honey
1 Tbs. organic coconut butter (sometimes called oil)
Pinch of Celtic sea salt
1 cup shredded, dried unsweetened coconut flakes

Combine all the ingredients except for the coconut flakes in a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Roll up your sleeves, take a small amount of the mixture, and roll small balls between your palms. Add your love! Dip each ball in a separate smaller bowl containing the coconut flakes.

Freeze overnight to harden the truffles.  I keep them frozen until they are ready to serve.

Make for your loved ones, friends, and yourself. 🙂

Lots of love!