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Doctors Against Eating Animal Products

October 20, 2009


Moooooooooooo! Photo courtesy of

Moooooooooooo! Photo courtesy of

Hi Guys! It is interesting too see that slowly but surely, with surmounting evidence that even physicians can not deny, veganism is starting to be promoted heavily even by certain members of the medical community. Hallelujah!

 I am NOT a doctor myself. But I firmly believe that being a vegetarian is great, and to reach new levels of health and beauty, it is critical to give up dairy. For more info, check out my blog, “Calcium Myths Debunked.


Hello sweet cow! Photo courtesy of


There is a non-profit organization called The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), which currently boasts a membership of about 5,000 doctors and 100,000 lay members. 

 PCRM advocates that a vegan diet will help combat many different diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and can even help to prevent cancer. PCRM runs a website that collects reports of adverse health effects experienced by people on the Atkins Diet. PCRM also argues that consuming dairy products is unhealthful and advocates for improving the food served in school lunchrooms. In addition, PCRM runs The Cancer Project, a program for cancer prevention, research, and nutritional assistance to cancer patients.

It is so great to see that there are progressive doctors out there that are adopting their views on nutrition. I recently went to a health lecture out in New Jersey by a prominent cardiac surgeon and well published phD that totally changed his views on nutrition and had become a vegan. How awesome is it that after all his schooling and being so prominent in the community, this surgeon is not so arrogant to admit that what he believed in the past was wrong! At this point in his career, he puts on a lecture for the public and his patients to share with them his new beliefs that he discovered and now, after all his years of experience, wholeheartedly believes to be the truth. 

 The USDA’s four basic food groups, introduced in 1956, are so outdated. The health of our country is in a crisis mode, with obesity and disease clearly on the rise. We have to re-examine all our old habits, even ones that we have come to accept as being “the truth,” because we were just told so, which the mainstream also promoted.

A plant-based diet provides superior nutrition and will promote the highest levels of beauty and health. Plant-based foods digest cleanly, without leaving toxic, acidic residue in our bodies which over time is aging, brings down our energy, and make us sick- in various forms. In the past, erroneous information has spread, such as the belief that protein and calcium can only be obtained in adequate amounts from animal products. Now we know that to not only be false, but we now realize that getting protein and calcium in our diet from plant-based sources is much easier for our bodies to assimilate and digest with much less energy.

It’s NOT all or nothing though. Even if you don’t become a full vegetarian or vegan right away, I greatly encourage you to cut back, and eat animal flesh at most one meal a day. I tell you not because I am an animal freak- but because I love you and want you to feel and look your best! 🙂

Love, Kimberly 




I worked all afternoon on my computer today in this cute coffee shop in the West Village. That's herbal Roobios tea I'm drinking by the way, not coffee! About half of the coffee shop's munu was vegetarian, I am happy to report. However, I know outside NYC and big cities veggie dishes may be slim pickins'- or no pickins'! 🙂 So do your best, plan ahead with your snacks and meals, and relish in making your own, life-enhancing and beautifying food!


Getting More Sleep Naturally…For Beauty and Weight-Loss

June 4, 2009

200140664-001This Blog is dedicated to Chantal.

Hi Guys,

So as a little reminder, the low-down on sleep is that getting a consistent amount of good sleep makes you LOOK good, FEEL good, and keeps you SLIMMER and your ideal weight. Yay sleep!! 🙂

Our bodies are governed by a biological clock, and we rely on it for the regualation of our metabolic processes, such as our hormone levels, blood sugar levels, body temperatures, metabolism, immunity, etc. Faulty sleep patterns could impede surges of growth hormone, that promotes lean muscle tissue and the burning of body fat. Inadequate sleep also forces cortisol levels to rise, which can quicken fat storage, especially around the belly area! So not getting enough rest, unfortunately, can definitely make you fat and look more FLABBY. Eeeek. (Now THERE IS some motivation to cut back on your late night web surfing hmmmmmm??????).

Everything suffers if we don’t get adequate sleep! You’ll feel crabby and sloth-like during the day, and won’t have as much energy to achieve your goals. To help combat the energy slumps you will also be more apt to reach for snacks and more food— even though it is more sleep that you need, NOT more food!

3-Toed Sloth!

3-Toed Sloth!Can you relate- just wanting to chill out when you're tired?

How much sleep do we really need? Well I’m sure you’ve always heard that scientists insist that we need 8 hours of sleep a night. I think that it is more individual than that, depending on our lifestyle and diet. If you are eating mostly raw food you should require less sleep, since you have so much more energy freed up from the processes of digestion. I need about 6 hours of sleep a night to feel amazing and fully energized! Be intuitive with your own sleep patterns and understand your own body to know how much sleep your really need. Then be responsible for your health and get to bed at the time you need to get those necessary beauty sleep hours!

All of us have trouble falling asleep sometimes- or for some of us it is a chronic problem. We live in such a fast-paced world, with so many sensory elements pulling us this way and that, it is no wonder that it difficult for us to shut everything off at the end of the day and immediately pass out! So we must be conscious of the root causes of our sleep problems and work to correct them- rather than put a bandaid (and an unnatural and liver-harming one at that!) on the issue and resort immediately to the multiple varieties of sleep pills available to us today!!! Sleeping pills should be a very last resort.

Smiling Sloth hanging from a tree

So you ever feel like you are just "hanging on" to get through the day, because you didn't sleep well??

Here are some easy, natural sleep tips:

–    Eat dinner 2-4 hours before bedtime. Do your best, and eat as early as is feasible for you. Be sure your dinners are of the best food combining possible (more on that later). As a general rule, avoiding eating complex starches with heavy proteins. We want our digestion to be as easy as possible and not impede our sleep or rest at all!

–    Avoid drinking any caffeine (a stimulant)- even green tea- in the evenings. Remember raw cacao has some caffeine, so if you are having your raw cacao truffles or raw vegan hot chocolate for desert, just be sensible in limiting the amounts and again, have dinner as early as possible.

–    Avoid eating “Rajastic” (stimulating activity) foods at dinner. This would include excessive spicy chilies, lots of garlic and onion, and a large amount of animal flesh foods.

–    A cup of warm almond milk (see Megan’s Almond Milk recipe to make it truly raw or buy the unsweetened kind at the store) before bedtime is very soothing and contains magnesium and calcium, which can be helpful for falling asleep.

–    Try to avoid taking naps after 4:00 PM.

–    Take a hot shower before bed. There is a signal to your body that it is bedtime, created by the rise in body temperature followed by the decline in the core temperature. I take one every night! And I find it immensely helpful. I like to imagine the stream of water also as white light flushing away the stress and other peoples’ energy from the day, off my body and down the drain. It soothes my muscles, which are always sore from yoga 🙂 and makes me feel fresh and restored.

–    Try to get to establish a (somewhat) consistent pattern of going to bed and waking up around the same time. I know, I know, the weekends are when things go a bit awry in this area, and you deserve to kick back and hang out with your friends or stay up late watching  movies etc on your weekends (!) but like I said, just do your best!

–    Make sure your bedroom is cool- a warmer temperature creates a harder sleep environment. I sleep with my air filter on “turbo mode” which makes a pleasant white sound and produces cool air!

–    Make sure you don’t have any electrical appliances plugged in in in your bedroom. That includes plugged-in alarm clocks, etc. These appliances have subtle radiation currents which can interfere with our body’s natural sleep clocks and REM sleep!  So buy a $10 battery-operated alarm clock instead! 🙂

–    Drink a cup of Kava Tea, which is a tea derived from a root from the South Pacific, and has been shown to reduce anxiety. When I was in Fiji, at night and whenever I met some locals, they would always invite me to a cup of Kava. They would put the root in a cloth and use their hands to rub the essence into a bucket of water for over 10 mins., then ladle it out into cups. Of course I tried not to focus on the level of everyone’s hand cleanliness 🙂 , but it sure did make me feel relaxed! You can get Kava Tea at the health food store with several popular brands.

–    Don’t watch TV in your bedroom or right before you fall asleep. The TV is a lightbox of sounds and images meant to stimulate your senses. How can we be expected to instantly rest peacefully when we have just watched the imagery of all the drama shows they have one, or even worse…the nightly NEWS??? Which is often about doom and gloom and fear-based things and not really peaceful sleep material we want on our mind as we are drifting off!

–    Lastly and most importantly: Be sure to arrange your schedule for a nightly meditation practice. Even more importantly in our busy, busy lives, we need a barrier between the craziness of our days and our sojourn into peaceful sleep. We need some time to reconnect back. Allow yourself at least a few minutes (1/2 hour would be blissful!) to go into meditation. It will make all the difference! If you have no definite technique, do some deep yogic breathing techniques and focus on being still. It will really help you calm down. There are some breathing techniques in my blog, “A Little Discussed Weight Loss Tip.

Happy rest dear ones. ☺
xx Kimberly

Look at this beautiful bird and its reflection!!

Look at this beautiful bird and its reflection! Just another amazing facet of nature.


The Fire Within

June 2, 2009


Hey Guys,

So I hope you had a great weekend! I know that it is already Tuesday, but I am STILL processing a very interesting experience I had over my weekend that I wanted to share with you!

I spent the weekend up in upstate New York, where I was invited to take part in a sweat lodge.  I remember vaguely hearing about it but I really didn’t know what it was. It did sound amazing though, so of course I was up for it! Well a sweat lodge is a traditional Native American ceremony to purify yourself and offer up prayers and intentions for the world and what you want to manifest. Sounds cool right? Well I had NO idea how intense this ceremony would be…

A shaman/tribal leader from out West, a descendent of a long line of medicine men of the Apache tribe, was flown in, and assisted by 4 of his “sons and daughters.” (I was told members of the tribe consider themselves all family- which is so beautiful! By the way.) Everything was done very respectfully, blessing the earth and planting tobacco where we were building, blessing the trees and keeping their edges in the water to keep them “alive”, then volcanic rocks were brought in. A fire pit was build, then an altar, then the actual lodge itself, which was no higher than 4 feet tall, and had a fire pit in the middle. 44 volcanic rocks were heated over the fire for 2 hours, until them became literally red-hot.

There were so many sacred ceremonies that took place- to bless the earth, the water, everything. I can’t talk about all of it- but I want to tell you the gist! Basically there were 4 rounds of prayer, where the shaman decided how many rocks would be brought into the pit for each round. He called for good energy, good spirits to come in, and it did create a sacred, spiritual space. Us women had to cover our shoulders and wear long skirts.

imagesOur first round started with 7 rocks, plus the 5 “blessing rocks” underneath. The sweat lodge is covered in heavy sweat blankets, so when the door closes, you can not see a single spot of light. It is the darkest dark you can imagine, and extremely claustrophobic, since you have to just sit there and there is really nowhere to go. You really can’t get up in the middle of a round, as it is totally dark and so small you don’t want to accidentally burn yourself on the volcanic rocks! So you have to surrender to the panic and the discomfort. They pour water over the rocks, producing a sauna-like effect- except like a bizillion times hotter! They pour herbs over the rocks, so there is also smoke. What was the hardest about the first round is that you have no idea how long it is going to be! Later I found out that the rounds were over an hour! The sweat just poured and poured, and through the intense heat I did my yogic breathing through my nose, as slow as I could. Right when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I HAD to get out and breathe, get away from the fire heat, the shaman ordered the door to be opened.

After the first round, many left, so there was me, the family that invited me, another friend, and the Indian tribesmen left. In the second round, 12 more fire rocks were added. When I didn’t think that it could get hotter- it became an inferno. My skin was throbbing and felt like it was on fire. All the while there are Native American chants going on, and the shaman was praying outloud. It was so unbearably uncomfortable that I couldn’t just breathe slow- I had to put my mind somewhere else. So I began to chant OM, over and over again, the sacred yogic sound, and some others joined in with me. It required a lot of energy, given the tiny amount of air in that smoky inferno- but it put my attention on something much higher than me, and I forced myself to detach from the situation I was in.

fire pit

We weren't allowed to take pictures! So this is sort of what the fire pit looked outside where the rocks were being heated. Inside the lodge it was the blackest black- completely dark, and no fire light.

Round 3: Some of the few that stayed lay on the earth, as the air was a bit cooler down there. 12 more rocks were added. Round 3 was the round that broke me. I chanted OM much of the time, as well as some Sanskrit chants I know. At that point I was sitting next to one of the tribesman and I could hear their rattles and Indian chants so clearly- someone else was chanting Tibetan Buddhist chants. At the end of Round 3 there was a pause and I put my head down for a minute. I can’t explain how my body and mind felt- so wiped out, sweated out, uplifted in a weird way, and very much on fire.

In Round 4 I completely surrendered. The last 8 rocks were put in the fire pit. As the door closed again, I sat completely still in meditation. I could no longer chant or say anything. I just let the fire and smoke take over…and gave in. In the other rounds I was praying for peace, the earth, my family, Envision Beauty, everything. But in Round 4 I was just still- very still. Finally the shaman called the end of the ceremony, and the door opened for the last time. I was totally out of time and space, and I crawled out of the lodge I saw the most beautiful starry sky. Spent and exhausted- I wandered out of the woods and finally saw the time- the whole ceremony was 6 and a half hours long!!!

I am still processing what happened in that lodge, but I can say that it was an extremely powerful experience. Like an analogy to life, when things are uncomfortable and not easy, you must use your will power to get through- not focus on the pain or discomfort of the present time, but really learn to focus your mind and detach, and then you can get through. Fighting it never helps- you have to surrender that the conditions are what they are, then figure out to move forward. For me, it really was a 6 ½ hour meditation, an extremely intense one. But yoga teaches that we must learn to retain our equanimity, evenness of mind, under ALL conditions. And conquer any challenge. You are stronger than you realize.

On Sunday I returned to the city, and since then I have felt more clear, and more calm. There are challenges I am facing right now that I must rise up to with getting everything done with the business, etc. and now I feel even stronger to deal with them. So I am very grateful for having experienced this amazing ceremony, and thanks for reading this, I wanted to share it with you.

Have a wonderful day! And hope to see you back here soon!

All my love,


Easy Travel Snacks

January 29, 2009
Alas, I am parted from my beloved blender sometimes!

Alas, I am parted from my beloved blender sometimes!

So I was going to post that salad recipe I was talking about in the last post. But what is really on my mind right now is the topic of traveling snacks. For two reasons: 1) I’ve been traveling a ton lately and 2) A friend of my mine is about to travel soon and she was just asking me! So this blog is dedicated to Nadine. ☺ Traveling can be challenging, because there is  not a lot of great food on the go. But try to plan ahead, if possible, and also be flexible. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t eat perfectly- but don’t let your daily diet go to total hell either. ☺ Here are some ideas that have helped me out:

– Dried figs are the #1 blood cleaner. Have a few but not too many.

– An avocado. Just plain! It has such great healthy fats that it keep you full. One time recently I went to the airport I brought one and just ate it for dinner.

– Along those lines, if you are near a deli in a natural foods store (in NYC Lifethyme, Natural Frontier, even Wholefoods) and you are pretty hungry you can also buy a smallish container of guacamole and eat it plain. I’ve done that before after a super hard yoga class. 🙂

– A Kombucha drink– GT brand. Full of B vitamins and probiotics. Also suppresses the appetite. Sometimes when I’m busy I just grab one for lunch. (There are tons of great flavors and I switch around- but I like Guava, Grape, Green, Cranberry and Gingerade).

– Greens+ bars- I like the chocolate flavor. They have spirulina and algae in them, but don’t eat more than one a day. A good meal replacer- or 1/2 of one as a desert! (Note: Don’t eat fake-sweetener filled Luna, Cliff, or Balance bars).

– Raw almonds- or walnut/almond/Brazil nut/cashew mix. (I’ll do another blog sometime on sprouting your raw nuts too).

– Oranges. I read somewhere that they are the fruit that make you feel the fullest, out of the common fruits. Plus it’s great they have a peel, so they don’t get all beat up if you are traveling and lugging them around. If I’m in a huge bind I’ll buy them from  fruit vendors on the streets of New York. But if I’m in a medium bind I’ll take a wee bit more time to run into Wholefoods and get an organic one. 🙂

Okay, well have a great rest of your week! Hope all is well.
And hope to see you back soon,


LA Raw

January 26, 2009
Me and the super lovely, sweet-as-Charlotte in real life, Kristen Davis.

Me and the super lovely Kristen Davis.

Hey guys! Things are still great here in LA. I’ve been making food for lots of people like a banchi. 🙂

download-13So Friday was the biggest dinner party of the week, with 16 guests, held at a really awesome producer’s house in Pacific Palisades. His wife was totally into learning about the raw food, and she helped me as a wonderful, good energy, quick-learning sous chef. ☺ What was really remarkable, was that although the first floor of the house was an open layout with several huge rooms, all 16 guests crowded around the kitchen and liked watching me make all the food! I made three different appetizers, and had two platters’ full of two of the appetizers by the time the first guests had arrived. But the third one, the raw sushi, I only started once at least 8 people were there so the nori wrappers wouldn’t get soggy.

As soon as I sliced up and put a few pieces of raw vegan sushi down on the plate, they would immediately get snapped up. So it was a bottomless tray! I loved, loved, loved talking with all the guests while I was making food. I literally had alone time with each and every of them, which is fun about a stand-up dinner party where people can mill about and go to different counters to get different foods and talk to different people, rather than sitting down in one seat the whole time.


Ally and I having a great time with the food!

From there, I started making a big salad. I wanted it to be cool and very fresh, with bursting natural flavors to separate the apps, which had some dense nut flavors, from the main course. Then I served the main dish, then two deserts. Sometime on Wednesday I am going to post a basic recipe of the salad I made though you’ll have to improvise with the spices and keep finding what tastes perfect to you. You already intuitively know what your body needs!


I get standup comedy live while making food with the hilarious, genuinely kind Derek Mears. Note: I am wearing 3 1/2 inch heels in this picture! 🙂

There was such good energy at the party. One of my favorite guests was Derek Mears, who at a very broad 6.5’ plays Jason in the upcoming Friday the 13th remake

Danielle Panabaker and Juilianna Guill- the stars of the upcoming Friday the 13th remake. I love them!

Danielle Panabaker and Juilianna Guill- the stars of the upcoming Friday the 13th remake. I love them!

(releasing actually on Feb. 13th!) and is a “hobbyist” UFC fighter, was one of the most genuinely nice, open-minded and sweet people I have ever met! He was very interested in the raw food, and really dug it. I am proud to say that he got very full from my food! So ladies, yes you can feed your male friends, roommates, boyfriends, brothers and husbands nutritionally balanced raw food and they will be very satisfied!

Well, I send my very best. I hope this is your best week ever. ☺ Because…why not? It’s the present.
See you Wednesday!


Some Not So Tasty Facts About Meat

June 16, 2008

Many of us grew up eating poultry and red meat. All of us are the targets of lobbying efforts by these industries telling us that we need more protein in our diets, and that meat is the best source. But overwhelming evidence today – from the rise of colon cancer to heart disease – suggests that we have a major, major problem with our diet.

Most of us here in the U.S. are fortunate enough to have a vast amount of food choices at our fingertips, including many diverse plant proteins, which are more easily assimilated by the body, not acidic and toxic, and yes- much more beautifying!

Remember: the more clean and pure your food is, the cleaner your blood is. The cleaner your blood is, the more beautiful the skin and body will be.

Here are some reasons why I don’t eat meat:

  1. 2700 Unlisted Drugs and Hormones

“Animals (raised for meat production) are kept alive and fattened by the continuous administration of tranquilizers, hormones, antibiotics, and 2700 other drugs. The process starts even before birth and continues long after death. Although these drugs will still be present in the meat when you eat it, the law does not require that they be listed on the package.”

Poisons in Your Body, Gary and Steven Null

The animals are fed food to make them fat. And when you eat meat you are eating what the animals have eaten. Is it a wonder so many people are struggling with their weight nowadays?

1. Antibiotic- Resistant Microorganisms

Each year, 15 million pounds of antibiotics (half the total U.S. production) are fed to farm animals. Over time, this drug overkill allows disease-causing micro-organisms to develop immunities to antibiotics, posing a threat to people who later consume the meat. A prominent example: Time magazine presented startling evidence that government health offices “traced a serious outbreak of a gastrointestinal illness that was caused by antiobiotic-resistant germs.” The source of the bacteria, say the investigators, was hamburger from cattle that had been fed the antibiotic chlortetracycline.

Drugs, hormones and antibiotics also clog our livers and blood- which can lead to weight gain and drab skin. Not beautiful!!

2. Pain Toxins

The trauma of being slaughtered – moral reasons and Ahimsa (nonviolent yoga principles) aside – causes the animals to secrete powerful hormones and toxins into their blood and, consequently, their meat. These join with un-eliminated wastes in the animal’s blood such as urea and uric acid, to further contaminate the flesh that consumers eat. This is one of the main reasons that the meat that humans consume is so toxic and acidic.

3. Diseases

Animals raised for slaughter are subject to dozens of diseases that can be passed on to humans. Government meat inspectors condemn only the diseased part of an animal, allowing the rest of the carcass to go to market. The government also permits the sale of chickens with airsacculitis, a pneumonia-like disease in which chest cavities are cleaned out with air-suction guns, which burst the air sacs, allowing the pus to seep into the meat.

4. Straight-up Filth

Newsweek magazine reported the following about conditions in Colorado’s Cattle King Packing Co., a major supplier of beef to school lunch programs, the Defense Department, and the Wendy’s fast food chain: “Government inspectors described the rats, roaches, and paint chips that littered the plant, while workers told of people urinating in the slaughter area and repacking spoiled meat returned by dissatisfied customers.”

Responding to the sanitation defects at the Cattle King Plant, attorney Robert McAllister admitted, “Yes, those things did happen, like they do in every other packing plant in the U.S.

Need I say more? Do yourself, your skin, your planet, your fellow beings on earth a huge favor: stop supporting the meat industry. You will be more beautiful on the outside, and you will be surprised at how much calmer and lighter you feel inside!


Eating Vegan in Costa Rica

May 27, 2008

I am writing this from the beaches of Costa Rica.  Tough life, right? 

As great as the beach is, it was really hard to leave the mountains.  Waking up to the Arenal volcano and watching it erupt from my bed at night (every night!) was a nice departure from waking up to honking cars and a tiny Manhattan bedroom.  There were at least 10 hummingbirds outside my window every morning, plus giant hawks, yellow-tailed birds, blue birds, and parrots with curved beaks!  Every morning I took in the amazing view and meditated for an hour. 

The rainforest was amazing.  I took jungle walks almost every day, hiked to waterfalls, rode on horseback, and even trekked up to the lava flow.  You can actually see and hear the rocks crashing down.  Now that we’ve made it down to the beach, a few hours drive away, the surfing begins.

One thing people always want to know is how I eat when I’m on the road.  It depends quite a bit on the country.  In Mongolia, for example, it was really tough.  But here, in Costa Rica, the earth provides many amazing options. 

Along the road and in the towns, fruit stands are everywhere.  During the day I feast on freshly cut papaya, pineapple and watermelon.  I signal with my hands that I want the stand owner to cut my fruit up for me, since I know nada in Spanish.   Whenever possible, I eat the nutrient-filled coconut (pipa).  First, I drink out the water with a straw.  Then, I ask the stand owner to split open the shell and cut a sliver off the end for a spoon, so I can eat the wonderful meat inside. 

Now that I’m surfing a lot and doing yoga on the beach, I need more substantial food.  More coconuts!!  Just kidding.   I could get by on just fruit and coconuts, but I also like to experience the local food.  This is when being flexible is really important.  After all, I am in Costa Rica, and I’d like to see what Tico food is like. 

Big salads can be found everywhere, with tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and topped off with a big avocado.  There are lots of different varieties of veggies in the cucumber family.  They crinkle cut the veggies, which reminds me of french fries from when I was a kid.   Since I don´t drink coffee, they have manzanilla tea, or herbal chamomile tea. 

I haven’t seen many lemons, so for a dressing I plop down a bit of vinegar.  I avoid the oil because I have no idea what kind of oil it is.  Here, I’m sure they use irradiated salt, so I avoid using it as much as possible, though I know it is probably in the food. 

I’ve even tried the vegetarian casados, which are a staple food.  They go great with a salad, vegetables, rice and black beans.  Since I’m not getting as many greens as I usually do, I am also taking a wholefood supplement of Greens.

So there you go- I’m not completely all raw at the moment, but I still feel great and have lots of energy to hike and surf and do all the other physically demanding things that I have been doing.  Proof yet again that you don’t have to leave your diet at home when you travel.


Feast on the Yeast

May 21, 2008

It is an unfortunate fact that many vegans suffer from deficiencies of key nutrients such as Vitamin B12. But that doesn’t mean that these nutrients and amino acids come only from meat. Introducing one of my favorite dietary supplements….Nutritional Yeast.

Nutritional yeast, unlike some other kinds of yeasts, is a primary product grown on mineral-enriched molasses. Do not confuse it with Brewer’s Yeast, a by-product of the beer brewing industry, which you may find in the same part of the health store. My absolute favorite brand is Kal.

While it is technically not “raw” (the yeast is not living anymore by the time we get it) nutritional yeast is generally accepted by raw foodists. Check out some of its benefits:

  • It is a complete protein and contains more protein than even meat;
  • It has 18 amino acids (forming the complete protein) and 15 minerals;
  • It is rich in the B-complex vitamins and that elusive B12, which is vital in many ways and particularly good for stress reduction;
  • In 3 Tbs. you get 150% of your Daily Value of Vitamin B12, 560% of Vitamin B6, 820% of Vitamin B1, 9 grams of protein, and 40% of the beautifying mineral Selenium;
  • One element of yeast is the trace mineral chromium, also known as the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF), which is necessary to regulate blood sugar and is important for diabetics and people with a tendency toward low blood sugar; and
  • It enhances the flavor of many recipes.

I put a scoop of Nutritional Yeast in my Green Smoothie or green juice every day. I also sneak it into salads all the time (check out my Kale Salad recipe) and tons of other recipes. Lately I’ve been using it to replace parmesan cheese.

I think you’ll be surprised how good nutritional yeast smells and tastes, and you can be really creative with the different ways you can use it. Let me know if you discover a great way new way to use it!