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Summer Solstice Goals

June 21, 2009


So today is a very auspicious, important day of this year. Not only is it Father’s Day (and yay for all our fathers as well as the fatherly aspect of Divine Love!), it is the Summer Solstice, which marks the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.

The solstices mark important times in the year- turning points, phases, energy shifts. I remember being really amazed when I was hiking the Incan trail in Peru a few years ago, and exploring other Peruvian ruins, and discovering that many of their structures were created around stonery that would light up perfectly on the highly worshipped summer and winter solstice days. In fact, their calendars were built around the solstices. So they have indeed been considered very significant time periods by many cultures and throughout the world’s history. I had a very contemplative weekend—just spent time with family members, moved things around in my apartment, did a lot of mediation (but very light asanas). Since this is also marking about halfway through the year, it was a time that I took a really hard look at my goals.

So I think this is a great time to really examine our habits and figure out a few doable goals to stick with this summer! Again, unlike New Year’s, which is a completely manmade holiday based on our Western calendar, the solstices mark actual new energy beginnings, as we begin to shift into a different phase within the sun and nature and our natural environment. So I believe is an even more powerful time to create new “resolutions” or goals or whatever you want. And constantly being conscious of our own habits and creating goals to improve ourselves is the way to sustained long-term improvement- it creates steps that enable us to do so.

And maybe you are in the right mindset for a change? Are you feeling ready to do some kind of detox, cleanse and re-energize yourself for summer? Maybe get out of a little rut or just elevate your energy, skin, balance your weight??
As it applies to food, here are a few suggested Goals You might adopt right now, without having to find the “perfect staring time”!

–     Having one coffee or less per day
–    Eat a huge salad for lunch at least 3 times a week and/or making your own lunch (so you can use sprouted bread and the best ingredients if you are going to make a sandwich)
–    Give up Diet Coke once and for all (and switch to lemon water)
–    Have the Green Smoothie at least 3 times per week
–    Visit a local farmer’s market at least once a week to stock up on organic, local greens
–    Stop microwaving any food- or buying microwaved meals
–    Replace packaged protein bars with fresh fruit or some raw nuts

So go for it!! Pick 1-3 Summer Stolstice Goals and start incorporating them this week. Pick doable ones that you know that can accomplish, but still make them challenging, and know that each one is moving you towards your newest, most beautiful and energized self!!! It always helps to write your goals down to make you more serious about htem, so they aren’t just floating around as a possibility. Make them real! And look at them when you need reinforcement or in moments of weakness. And I like to write down why I’ve taken on that particular goal anyway. For instance, “I am giving up Diet Coke, because I want to have more energy and I want more glowing skin.” The universe and nature will be particularly supportive of you right now. ☺ As will I!

I’m excited for you to get excited about your new goals. 🙂
All my very best,


Look!! Doesn't this wonderful looking tree I happened upon in LA last week look so happy?? Like he is just waving and welcoming us to summer?? 🙂