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A Salad Chopper and a Female Entrepreneur

December 2, 2009

Meet Wendy! Mother, entrepreneur, chef, QVC extraordinaire- and an incredibly warm and wonderful person!!

Hi Guys!
So a few weeks ago I had a blog reader email me and thank me for the tips she had learned and the improvements she was making in her diet. She generously insisted on sending me a package from her cooking ware company, named Silvermark, filled with kitchen scissors, an excellent salad chopper, and more!! I’ve been using what she sent me these last few weeks, and I can say that they are all fantastic products. A few basic but very GOOD cooking products makes a huge difference as we get more into this lifestyle, which involves making our own unprocessed foods and trying out recipes.

Wendy is an incredibly sweet woman, and even wished me Happy Thanksgiving. You can always tell when someone is giving something from the heart- not because they expect something. That is who Wendy is! I am always interested in hearing about female entrepreneurs, especially in a field tied to nutrition, so I interviewed Wendy.

Kimberly: Tell us about your company!

I mean, could you ask for a sweeter face??? 🙂

Wendy: Silvermark makes kitchen gadgets and housewares which are all designed for fresh and healthy food prep. Our bestselling item is the Toss & Chop Salad Chopper. We sell to hundreds of retailers across the country including: Bed, Bath and Beyond, Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table and many more. Our products are also sold on Amazon and our own website –

Kimberly: What inspired you to start Silvermark?

Wendy: I didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur! I was a stay-at-home mother of two little girls and in my quest to eat healthier I was trying to make chopped salad out of a salad I had ordered in. As I was holding my child and stabbing at my salad with a pair of scissors, the idea that would become the Toss&Chop popped into my head. A few years and about 10 prototypes later, I had a working sample. I took the product to QVC and it launched in January of 2002 at the International Housewares Show where QVC was broadcasting live. We sold 13,000 units in 6 minutes and broke a record for an item under $20.00! From then on there was no looking back; we went on to sell 250,000 Toss & Chops in our first year on QVC alone and invested all of the proceeds into launching Silvermark. We know have over 80 items on our line and sell to stores all over the world.

Kimberly: Wow! Holy moly! That is just incredible. What lessons do you have for other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Wendy: I could write a book on the lessons that I have learned, and am still learning. One thing I have learned is that there are a lot of unexpected challenges and there is more to being successful than just having a best-selling product. It is easy to launch and get the attention of the press because they are always looking for new things; it is much harder to keep on selling your products day in and day out for years. A company can be brought down by issues other than the products not selling, such as: shipping and manufacturing problems; disorganization in invoicing and collections; not paying attention to customer service issues and other fun things like that. My passion is writing recipes and inventing, but I spend many days mired in company related issues – you have to have the stomach for it!

Wendy's famous salad chopper! It is awesome.

Kimberly:  Why is your cooking ware better/unique?

Wendy: My items are unique in a few ways. First, and most important, is we have items with both utility patents and design patents, so we are the only ones who can manufacture them. Second, we always try to build products with amazing quality and sell them at reasonable prices. Lastly, but not least, all of our products are designed for fresh and healthy food preparation and they are designed by someone who actually cooks – me! You would be surprised to learn how many houseware designers there are who don’t actually cook!

Thanks Wendy! And remember that cooking ware is an AWESOME holiday present- even if you buy it as a present to yourself and for you own family. ☺ I LOVE getting new kitchen ware!!! Silvermark’s site again is: Check it out! You’ll know you are getting great quality- plus supporting a lovely woman and a family owned and operated business. 🙂

Hope you are having a beautiful day. ☺Oh by the way, I was thinking of starting a forum on my blog so we could all talk. But I don’t want it to just be me doing the talking!! 🙂 Would you guys actually participate if I do that? What do you think??
I will write more soon.
Love, Kimberly

This is my last picture from that Gates' Foundation Gala I went to 2 weeks ago in Seattle. I am STILL in love with Bill and Melinda Gates. They are just so great with all the sincere work they are doing to help others. Admittedly, I have a picture of both of them up in my living room now. I know it is kind of dorky, but they inspire me! 🙂


Saturday Salad

December 15, 2008
On my couch, tossing away!

On my couch, tossing away!

This is a really fun salad to make. There is minimal chopping- just taking some of this and a pinch of that to create raw flavors, so you really feel like an alchemist. This past Saturday I ate this salad- an enormous serving- at 4:00 as the only meal all day (though I drank a Kombucha that morning), then did a 2 hour yoga class that evening. There are a lot of tasty flavors in the combination of these natural ingredients- so this salad really holds your attention.

I absolutely love to feel the fresh ingredients run through my fingers and inhale the really strong, garden-y scent of luscious basil. There is also a beautiful mix of colors, while I believe truly makes the salad more satisfying and nutritionally nourishing so many different levels. Some yogic teachings state that when you eat foods that correspond to the chakra colors you can help balance your energy imbalances and rejuvenate emotionally and spiritually. The colors from the  root chakra up the spine to the crown chakra are in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue-green, and violet/blue, purple. This salad has just about all of these colors!


–    Fresh mesclun mixed or herb salad
–    Basil
–    Sundried tomato (I like to slice them up)
–    One chopped apple (any red variety)
–    Av0cado
–    Clover sprouts
–    Olives

–    Olive oil
–    Dulse
–    Nutritional yeast
–    Cayenne pepper
–    Cajun spice mix
–    Juice of one lemon
–    Celtic sea salt

This is how I like to make it: I add the washed salad mix and the washed, chopped basil to a bowl, and mix with the olive oil, vinegar, dulse, lemon and sea salt. Add the nutritional yeast, cayenne pepper and the Cajun spice mix and mix well again. Add the rest of the ingredients and toss.
Add to a large bowl. Kick back, and take your time enjoying every flavor. And enjoy nourishing, balancing and uplifting yourself and your energy.

Wishing you all my very best,



Dharma’s Famous Kale Salad

May 14, 2008

This recipe has been passed down by my yoga teacher Dharma’s students. I eat this hearty, delicious salad for dinner all the time. It helps to clean your blood, gives you energy and minerals, and enhances your overall health and beauty.

People often mistakenly think that vegan food is low in protein or nutrients. As this incredible salad proves, it is possible for a vegan dish to provide a substantial mix of plant proteins, enzymes, Omega fats, minerals (including important ones found in sea vegetables), and antioxidants. Plant proteins are much easier for your body to assimilate than animal proteins, and are not acid-forming.

Dark green, leafy vegetables are, in my opinion, the most important of all food groups. They are rich in alkaline minerals, fiber, and chlorophyll- a powerful blood builder. Kale is one such dark green vegetable and is packed with nutrients. Unfortunately, since most people don’t know how to prepare kale to eat raw, they usually sautée or cook it, which destroys many of the vitamins and enzymes.

This salad is amazing- satisfying and full of protein, beautifying enzymes and nutrition:

  • 1 head of Kale (Dinosaur Kale is best because it is thick and dark green, but curly kale works too)
  • Sprouts- any kind you like. I like Sunflower sprouts and Clover sprouts best. (According to yogic philosophy, sprouts are the highest prana (energy) food of all since a sprout is gathering as much energy as possible to transition from a seed to a plant).
  • Pine Nuts
  • Sun dried tomatoes (cut up into little pieces)
  • A beautiful, perfect avocado (cut up into pieces)
  • Olives
  • Olive oil
  • The juice of 1 large lemon or 1 ½ lemons
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Celtic sea salt
  • Nutritional Yeast (Kal brand is my favorite), 2 or 3 scoops to make ‘cheesy’ and get all your daily supply of B vitamins, plus lots of protein

Recommended Additions

  • Hemp seeds (great for added protein)
  • Dulse (sea vegetable for minerals)

Take the Kale stems, one-by-one, and strip the leaves off the thick spine stem by hand. We save the stems and juice them later. Once you have gotten the leaves off, add a bit of Celtic sea salt to them and shred with your hands to break up the Kale, tearing it into little pieces for easy digestion. It is important NOT to chop but rather use your hands to break up- otherwise it is a different salad with a different energy.

Add enough olive oil so that the kale is thoroughly saturated. I usually pour out of a thin spout and count to 5. Nutritional Yeast will make the dressing thicker, so start with 2 Tbs., mix, and taste to see if you are in the mood for more. Add everything else to taste and mix well.

Don’t be afraid to experiment until you get the dressing perfect. One fun variation is to cut Nori (sushi wraps) into quarters and scoop the salad into them – like mini wraps. Delicious!

Let me know if you have any questions and Enjoy!