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Detoxing through our Organic Produce Choices

June 7, 2009

Here I am chilling in my backyard with a nice big salad. Yes, I am one of the lucky few to have a private backyard in the West Village! Ah, so relaxing... Shall we imagine we are having this conversation lounging here outside? 🙂

Never doubt for a minute that a small group of committed, thoughtful people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead

Hello there!
How was your weekend? I hope your weather was as nice as it was here in New York. It was so sunny and amazing out!P1011446

P1011436On Saturday we took a big trip to the farmer’s market in Union Square to get some greens (we get produce there about 3 times a week) and stock up on more plants and flowers! Do you have access to a farmer’s market? I know that hundreds of communities do now, which is such a great thing.

Over this weekend in particular, I began to think about the importance of organic farming again. I am so grateful for organic farmers- they provide an amazing service to humanity by providing the highest quality produce that protects our soil and our nourishes our planet. Organic produce has around 88% more nutrition than commercially-grown produce, including the beauty minerals (zinc, selenium, iron, etc.) that we rely on to have beautiful skin and luscious hair. Organic farming practices are grown in harmony with the earth, so that the soil can remain living with beneficial bacteria in an ecosystem that rotates crops and does not deplete the minerals from the soil.

Just like I say with skincare, it is just as important what is NOT in our produce and food as what it is comprised of. If we are not eating organic produce, guess what??? We are continually exposed to pesticides. The scary truth about these pesticides, is that a congressional report in the 80’s estimated that 85% of registered pesticides had not been adequately tested for their ability to cause cancer, 70% for their ability to cause birth defects, and 93% for their possibility to cause genetic mutations. These toxins are harming our biological makeup and polluting our blood and therefore our skin, and can therefore contribute to accelerating the aging process. Everyone wants to talk about detoxing these days, which is great! Since we’re starting to realize that toxins make us fatter and look older, to put it bluntly. But again, if we don’t look at the root cause of the problem and keep going on constantly piling up toxin levels in our bodies, what good is it to detox just once in a while?! A major source of pulling the plug on constantly bringing toxins into our body is to choose organic produce.


Right when I got home from the farmer's market on Saturday I unpacked then eagerly made this salad out of all the stuff I just bought!! I just couldn't wait! Arugula, sunflower sprouts, cilantro, radishes- yum! So fresh and amazing with a light lemon/olive oil/cumin dressing. 🙂

Pesticides are neurotoxins, which are designed to specifically attack the brain and the rest of the nervous system in biological, living beings. WE are biological, living beings! So though our nervous systems are more complex than insects and it may take longer for us to be poisoned, it still happens. Besides the fact that these toxins could initiate cancer, other subtle effects on the brain and nervous system include reduced mental functioning, poor concentration, decreased mental clarity, and hyperactivity. Children, whose brain and nervous systems are still developing, are particularly susceptible to these neurotoxins. Is it a wonder that over 10 million children in the US today are diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Ritalin? Childhood cancer and many other diseases have skyrocketed in the last few decades. People are getting sicker, our ecosystems and the earth is suffering, all because a few people in the chemical business can materially profit. And by the way, errrrr…. it’s not even actually working! There are at least 500 new strains of insects which have mutated to be unaffected by the pesticides. So they keep trying to spray more and more toxic chemicals into the soil and crops, which of course go into the food supply, and the little buggers are just too smart for them. So sad isn’t it??

We really have to vote with our food choices. If we keep choosing more and more organic food, then it will become cheaper. And we should be pressuring with our demands, for places like Costco to carry more organic produce. I know it is a tough economy right now, but for our health, we should choose to purchase as much organic produce as we can afford. Perhaps if we shift our perspective a little to think about how much healthier, more mineralizing and beautifying it is for our planet to consume organic food, we could make some different choices. For instance, I love picking out my food directly and talking to the farmers at the farmer’s market who are growing my food. It is pretty inexpensive there… I can get a huge bag of cilantro for $1.50 and a bag of spinach for  $3.00. It makes me so eager to go home and make a delicious, enormous salad, that I have no desire whatsoever to eat at a restaurant. I SO much more prefer my food. Then if I want to do something social and see friends (which is a big reason for eating out I know), then we can meet up to grab a takeout tea and sit in the park. So I don’t spend money on eating at restaurants…and so even though I’m buying organic, if we make intelligent choices as to our sourcing of food and how we spend our money on other activities we do NOT have to be way out of pocket.

As we give ourselves better food, the practice organic farming grows, which is so much more beneficial for the planet! Isn’t it amazing that when we truly take care of ourselves, we naturally live a “green” lifestyle in many ways.
So I hope you will try to get yourself more organic, local greens. Give yourself the very best! And when you are picking out your own produce from these beautiful markets, you will be so inspired by your food that you will not want as much crappy junk food snacks either, and that is beautiful too!

I’m leaving for LA on Tuesday so I’ll write to you from there. Have an inspiring start to the week!
All my love,



Detoxing Daily

February 2, 2009

img_15492It is important to keep our bodies as detoxified as possible, by cutting back, weaning down, then eventually cutting out completely the toxins we have control of- our food, products, etc. It’s cool if you want to do a Master Cleanse for a few days here and there, which many of you tell me you do, but what if you put less toxins back in your body in the first place, so there was less to have to detox? How would you like to feel consistently better and better through your life, not just when you are on a cleanse?

Detoxing and making choices to lead as pure and toxin-free a life as possible will make you feel great, and more energized. The more you clean your internal space- your bodily temple- the more you will open up your nadis, what yogic scriptures call your subtle energy channels. The simplicity of eating only natural, pure foods from the earth will make you connected to the earth and you will become more intuitive, receptive to higher energy, and feel much more calm and peaceful.

Here is a partial list of things you should avoid, to be as clean and detoxed as possibly, on any given day:

– Dairy!!

– Anything with refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup

–    Table Salt (check out my blog, “To Salt or Not to Salt)

–    Any kind of soda

–    All fake sugars– Splenda, Equal, Sweet ‘N Low, etc. And products containing them.

–    Processed and refined oils (All trans fats, corn, canola, vegetable oil and DEFINITELY animal fat)

–    Meat– Completely in an ideal world. 🙂  The more you cleanse and detox the less you will want toxic, dead animal energy.        But if you are going to eat meat, make sure you are getting hormone and antiobiotic-free, and wild fish- not farmed.

–   Genetically modified food

–   Bleached and refined flours

–    Any food that has preservatives, nitrates, and/ or artificial flavorings

And… img_15521
–    Make sure all spices are NOT irradiated

–    Make sure your dried fruit (figs, dates, etc.) contain NO sulfur dioxide

–    Use only paraben-free and other harsh synthetic-free skincare products. Remember that 60% of what you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream and in your liver!

–    Buy organic food whenever possible- or at least local. Sometimes local farmers are not certified organic but still don’t use pesticides and rotate their crops.

–    If you drink coffee, always get organic coffee, whenever possible.

Don’t worry about cutting out everything at once, just pick a few things to work on, then as you feel better and better you can let go of more and more. You may also experience detoxing headaches or moodiness. It is part of the process, and drink lots of water and stay positive that you will feel so much better in the future once certain substances start to clear out of your lymph and bloodstream.

Well, hope you start feeling more amazing than ever! Happy February! xx Kimberly



The Hidden Cost of Commercial Produce

May 19, 2008

You might have heard that buying organic food is better for the planet, which is entirely true. Organic foods don’t use the harsh chemical pesticides (the equivalent of chemical fillers and preservatives in a face cream!), herbicides, hormones, and genetic tampering and nitrates that unfortunately pervade most commercially grown crops. But let’s face it, sometimes you may not want to pay the extra moolah for organic produce just to help out Mother Earth. Before you decide to save those few cents, consider the hidden cost of un-organic produce: the more toxic foods you eat, the more toxic your body becomes- resulting in dull skin, weight gain, reduced energy, and other negatives. When theses real costs are factored in, un-organic food doesn’t seem like much of a bargain.

That un-organic apple you are eating is making you fat. Up to 40 different toxins can be embedded in the wax on the surface of a commercially-grown, pesticide-sprayed apple. Your liver –the main fat-burning organ in your body — has to take time off its job processing fat to focus on a new project: processing all the toxins and pesticides you’ve just flooded it with.

You are robbing yourself of extra, skin-beautifying Vitamin C by not reaching for that organic orange. Organic farming utilizes crop rotation to prevent soil depletion. This translates directly to the nutritional content of organic produce because we literally consume minerals from the soil through what we eat. Commercially grown produce, on the other hand, is often grown in soil where the naturally occurring nutrients have been depleted. These plants are frequently sprayed with chemicals just to keep them alive, even though in nature the plant would not have been healthy enough to survive. Commercial bananas and other fruits are also picked way before they ripen on the vine, a process which allows them to achieve their full vitamin range. They are then shipped across the world for consumption. No wonder un-organic fruit tastes so well….tasteless compared to organic fruit. Beyond taste, the consequence of eating weak, unhealthy plants is that they become part of our being.

Organic products, grown in accordance with nature and in good soil, yield healthy, vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables. Even though it might be half the size, an organic orange has 30% more Vitamin C than a non-organic orange. Organic spinach has twice the calcium, 3 times and potassium, 32 times the iron, and 117 times the manganese of commercially grown spinach!

When we choose to buy organic, we are supporting our soil and our planet. We are also making the most naturally supportive, beautifying choice for our own bodies and complexions. When you consider the real costs, buying non-organic produce doesn’t seem like such a great value after all.