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Video Clip of Vince Vaughn talking about Kimberly’s Glowing Green Smoothie on Letterman

January 14, 2011

Hey Guys, in case you missed it click on video to watch a clip from Late Night With David Letterman where Vince Vaughn gives a shout out to my glowing green smoothie!  He is a great guy and really funny  in The Dilemma, which opens today.



Also below are the links to pre-order my book!  I’m so excited for all you to read it!

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A Green, Dill-Picking Weekend in PA!

June 14, 2010

Hi Guys!

I hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend!

I have a huge project that I’m working on that is due in early July, so I’ve been working pretty much non-stop at home for the past few weeks. If you’ve emailed me sorry about the long delay in responses- I will re-emerge soon!

I was getting stir crazy and needed some green in my life, so on Saturday I headed up to Central Park for a nice, 2 hour bike ride. I love going up to the reservoir (pictured above) and seeing all the parts of the city the park encompasses!

On Sunday, I headed to a state I don’t often venture over to… Pennsylvania! Look how pretty it is!

I had a business meeting out there, and I made lunch for 8 people. The beautiful house where it was hosted at had this garden of dill. Look at it!! One of my favorite herbs ever. How nice it was to go out and be able to click a whole bunch of it to put in the kale salad. I think fresh dill in the kale salad really perks it up and adds a nice touch. Highly recommended.

If you have a garden, herbs are way easier to grow than vegetables and really satisfying! You can just go out and clip snippets when you’re preparing food, and it adds such a nice connection to your own, local garden. Here in the city, I’m now just starting to grow mint, which I like to throw in certain collard green wraps and make tea out of.

Here I am, starting to plate up the first course of Dharma’s Kale Salad!

Oh and of course I brought along my essential Vitamix, and made Green Smoothies for everyone to try!

The yellow plant bellow is St. John’s Wart, an herbal remedy for mental balancing, next to Tiger Lillies!

I’ll write more soon! Start the week off right with good eating habits and stay focused!

Lots of love, Kimberly


Memorial Day Weekend a la NYC

June 1, 2010

Hi Guys!

I hope you had a great weekend! I was traveling last week, so I was happy to stay in NYC this weekend and get a lot of things done. My big project was that I officially reopened up my backyard!! I got really motivated to finish the whole thing. It involved two big trips to Home Depot to get a lot of new plants and flowers…

There was a lot of time to chat while my trusty Home Depot friends were helping me repot my plants. I am so  proud of my man Donovan! (Above) Here he is throwing out his Pepsi after we had a conversation that a healthy young man such as himself should not be taking down his health with SODA!! 🙂

Plant wizard Steven.

Weekends in New York for me usually involve a trip to Chinatown, which is a nice 15-20 minute walk from my apartment. I always get durian, which is a fatty fruit like coconut, and has a nice thick skin for protection. I do not buy any of the cherries, blueberries, or other non-organic, non-peel fruits in Chinatown.

Durian is native to Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Yep, these are all countries I have traveled across and love! Durian is very high in raw beauty oleic fats, Vitamins E and A, potassium, and trypotophan! It tastes like ice cream- except more filling and it is actually beautifying! Regular ice cream made of cow’s milk dairy is of course the opposite- it destroys beauty.

I always go to my favorite fruit seller (on the NW corner of Bowery and Grand) who opens my durian for me. Then I sit at the part across the street to watch soccer while I eat at least half of the durian for an extremely filling lunch! If you go visit, tell Jay I said hello!

The skin is thick but cuts easily...

I started exploring other plant shops in Chinatown and stores to get more trinkets to fix up my yard… Here is my favorite Asian home/furniture in lower Soho: Pearl River.

Amongst all the lamps, and dishware, and Asian chochskies in general :), I found…

This incredible Buddha! Shining from amongst all the other figurines and items around him.

I decided to splurge and get him- I had to have him for my backyard. Some New York girls splurge on Manolo Blahnik shoes…I like to splurge on huge, heavy Buddhas!

Here I am carrying him home carefully…

And unveiling him in his new home!

Here is what it looks like at night!

And this is how Buddha changed this whole corner! Who are we kidding? He changed my whole backyard.

I’m writing this from my outdoor table, gazing at Buddha. Remember, environment is really important and influences our energy. Spruce up your home or your desk at work with stuff that inspires you! I will write more soon. Have a good, short work week!

Lots of love, Kimberly


The Rainbow of Health Foods

May 25, 2010

"By seeking goodness, being good, and affirming good, you see this world as a garden of beauty." Paramahansa Yogananda

Hey Guys!

I am officially back in New York, and I am SLAMMED with work. Good thing chlorophyll keeps me grounded! Are you having a good week so far?

Driving back up the coast to New York from South Carolina I was really inspired by colors. There was a huge rainstorm that passed in and out, but then it would get very sunny and light up all these beautiful flowers and green trees. I love color! If you peeked into my closet you would see an abundance of brightly colored pieces- though of course, I have my share of black too! (I do live in Manhattan after all 🙂 ). I wrote another piece on color a while back- check it out HERE.

As color applies to food, when our food is naturally colorful the greater the abundance of antioxidants, life force, minerals and vitamins. Have you ever noticed how so much processed food, such as french fries, turkey sandwiches, chicken burritos and the like are ugly tan and pasty brown colors?? Or maybe artificial neon colors are more disarming- like the bright red of the processed, canned tomato sauce on a slice of Pizza Hut pizza or the more orange than orange Dorrito. Either way- it certainly is scary!!

Here are some examples of our true Rainbow of Health Foods:

Tomatoes- coming into season shortly!! Photo courtesy of

Carrots! Picture courtesy of

RED: Contains Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant

Examples: Tomatoes, watermelon, guava

ORANGE: Contains Beta-carotene, which supports the immune system and is a powerful antioxidant

Examples: carrots, yams, mangoes, pumpkins

Photo courtesy of

Kale! Photo courtesy of

YELLOW- ORANGE: Vitamin C, flavonoids which help us detoxify of harmful substances

Examples: Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, papayas, peaches

GREEN: Folate, which build healthy cells and genetic material. Also contains chlorophyll and a broad range of vitamins and minerals

Examples: Kale, spinach, collard greens, cilantro, parsley, etc.

Cabbage. Photo courtesy of

GREEN-WHITE: Contains indoles and lutein- which help eliminate excess estrogen and carcinogens

Examples: Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower

WHITE-GREEN: Contains allyl sulfides- which destroy cancer cells, reduce cell division, and support immune systems

Examples: Onions, garlic, chives, asparagus

Blueberries! About in season as well! Photo courtesy or

BLUE: Contains anthocyanins, which are powerful free-radical scavengers

PURPLE: Contains Resveratrol- a strong anti-aging antioxidant

I’ll write more soon! Have a beautiful, colorful day!

Love, Kimberly

I make the effort to surround myself wtih my favorite colors of pink and green.


What To Eat When You Go to the Beach

May 22, 2010

Hi Guys!

I hope you are having a great weekend. It certainly has been steamy down here in South Carolina, and I have been able to get down to the beach the last few days. The big question is: What to eat at the beach??

You don’t want to eat the wrong foods, for obvious reasons. The easiest way to ruin a beach day might just be to eat something that bloats you out and then you feel fat and huge. Just a terrible feeling! On the other hand, being in the sun, body surfing in the ocean, playing frisbee and any other fun beach activities will make you hungry. So you will want to eat something.

Here’s what I like to do: I bring a whole pitcher of the Ultimate Green Smoothie down to the beach that I made first thing in the morning. That way it is ice cold. Of course the ideal is the situation I am in here- where the beach is right in front of my villa. It allows  me to run back and forth between the fridge and the beach. I brought down the Green Smoothie when I got hungry and went through the whole container first (between a few people).

Then I’ll go swimming, etc. for a while. When I get hungry again, I like to have fruit next. If I am pretty hungry, I like to have fruit with the fatty fruit of avocado. Avocado is so filling with good beauty fat, fiber and minerals. Avocado with fruit is just about the perfect beach food, besides young coconuts. Here I am having my Papaya Enzyme Salad. For the RECIPE CLICK HERE.

What I DON’T want to eat is salty, processed foods like potato chips, Sun chips or the dreaded Soy Chips (!). Of course we avoid at all costs the french fries and club sandwiches which might also be readily available beachfront! Focus on how refreshing and delicious your fresh plant-based smoothies and fruit/salads are.

Papaya Enzyme Salad. Great beach food to pack in a cooler!! Aren't the colors gorgeous? Eat colorful, vibrant food and have a colorful, vibrant life.

For dinner at the beach, I’m pretty hungry. Here I made dinner to eat out on the porch. My Raw Cauliflower “Mashed” Potatoes are featured to the left on the plate. For the RECIPE CLICK HERE.

Mr. Green Smoothie is a hit at Myrtle Beach!

Mr. Green Smoothie heads for the shade.

I know- I can be a big dork sometimes. 🙂

Take care of yourself!

With Lots of Love, Kimberly


How to Survive A (Vegan) Roadtrip!

May 17, 2010

Hey Guys!

So yesterday I took a 12 hour roadtrip down the coast. I’m happy to say that I survived- not only intact but healthy and happy! I was able to jump in the ocean at the end,  which here in South Carolina is 75 degrees. That made it all worth it.

Given what fast food and mass, commercial food companies consider “food” and stock at gas station rest stops, there was no way ever I was about to take any chances. The night before I made a huge salad to eat with arugula, buckwheat micro greens, sunflower sprouts, radishes, dulse…

And also to take with me in Tupperware to eat as an early lunch! I knew that it wouldn’t be good all day long sitting in the car, but since we left around 6 am and I had some ice, it was still okay to eat around noon. The trick? I did not put any oil on the salad so it would  not get soggy. I used lots of freshly chopped herbs and spices, and at a rest stop I cut open an avocado I brought along and mashed it into the Tupperware, and ate the salad just like that!

When we stopped for gas, I did happen to take a peek at the local gas station fare. Could not help myself!!! I didn’t know whether to laugh, shriek, gag, or do all 3 at once! Amongst the turkey and chicken Lunchables, Supersized slushies and Cokes and bags of mini powdered doughnuts I found a counter of processed delicacies that words can almost not describe. Check it out below! It was a slow turntable cornucopia of corndog, chicken, cheese and ham, and other grilled “delights”. Zits, a congested liver, cellulite and a big belly for only $2.22!!! Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

I did indeed laugh (in disbelief really) and shriek. I didn’t cry, but i did leave with a saddened feeling at once again seeing what is commonly pushed as “food” to so many hungry people that travel across the highways.

It DID make me really appreciate the organic blueberries I had packed…

And as I wearily nodded on and off to sleep with my hypoallergenic pillow…. I had a dream that healthy food would one day be as readily available for all at these rest stops rather than all the inedible crap that really isn’t fit for human consumption!!

So I guess the obvious moral of the story is to always be prepared! We can all plan a bit ahead and be sure to grab fruit, avocados, even gluten-free crackers or organic, baked chipped as road trip snacks. Because remember what the alternatives are!!!

You want to feel good and full of energy when you land at your destination… rather than fat and bloated! Just because you are on a road trip and you can’t find good food on the road per se isn’t an excuse to eat crappy food… again, plan ahead!

You’ll have a better trip, wherever you go.

I’ll write more soon. Much Love!! Kimberly


The Light Eating Plane Traveling Strategy

August 23, 2009



My bracelet is from my company Envision Beauty's charity partner, Project Concern International. They purchase them from women in Zambia that make them and redistribute them, to help support their craft-making for microenterprise. I love it because it makes me feel connected to the African women, and to Africa, which has some of my favorite spots in the world. 🙂

Hey Guys!

So this is like my postcard from LA. I landed late last week and had meetings within just a few hours from when I landed. I also got to fit in some precious hours editing the yoga video (!). I’ve been really swamped so I haven’t looked at it or haven’t been able to edit it in quite a while, so to finally sit down with the editor again was amazing. I forgot how incredible the footage looks!!! Brought me right back to Bora Bora.

These shots are of a priceless break time I had sometime Saturday, during a beach stop along the far side of Santa Monica Beach. The ocean is so powerful and healing! I love it so much, and it just energizes you so much! Saturday night I held a dinner party for some very special people :). It turned out to be extra fun because they wanted to participate and learn, so we all assembled the food together (instead of just me!) and ate outside to eat at a magnificent outdoor table. 


I just wanted to go out and dip my legs in a little bit...

With all the many things that get thrown at us, we certainly don’t want traveling to slow us down- and get us into a health rut and/or throw off our schedules. It is easy to get backed up when you are traveling, and also start a bad food pattern because of the lack of readily available healthy foods and snacks.



But then even close to shore some big waves were breaking!!


And I got completely and unexpectedly soaked- my whole pants and back. 🙂

Given that I had a very early morning flight, and given that I had to be completely on point when I landed for meetings, this is what I did:

(1). I ate an early and light, easily digestible dinner the night before, over 12 hours before my plane took off.

(2). I made sure that I got up early enough before my flight to have my hot water and lemon tea, so I wasn’t rushed and was able to eliminate completely before I got on.

(3). I made my Green drink that morning, carried it in a stainless steel container to the airport, and chugged it right before I had to go through security.

(4). That was the only thing I consumed until the end of the first flight. There is so much the body has to deal with when flying- radiation, lack of fresh air and fresh oxygen, etc.- that it is best to eat as lightly as possible, and foods that are as easy to digest as possible. That way our energy doesn’t have to be sucked up in digestion, given the other assailants that the body has to deal with on the plane.

(5). Since it was all the way to the West Coast and I had a layover (it was a last minute flight!) I did get hungry towards the end of the trip, so I ate an apple and a pear.

(6) I landed feeling light and energetic. I was able to go to a health store when I landed to grab some great light food, do yoga a little bit, meditate, and shower before my meeting, and I felt amazing. I doubt things would have gone as great had I felt heavy on the plane or had a heavy dinner too late the night before – and gone on the plane already starting a cycle of backup. I also don’t want to start any trip by putting myself “behind” from the start, ie by eating snacks on the plane that I don’t feel good about and will make me feel heavy later—- roasted peanuts, pretzels, etc. etc.!!!!

So I hope you will incorporate some of these ideas into your business and personal travel excursions to make the most of your trip and not disrupt your health patterns as much as possible- get on the plane light and stay as light as you can while you are traveling! 


I hope you have an amazing week!!!

Take some deep breaths and take a moment to focus on your goals this week as we start- health and otherwise. 🙂 Don’t lose sight as you get busy!

Much love,




The Post-4th of July Cleanse

July 5, 2009

Ah, July 4th weekend! Beach, sun, fun, and um...lots of bloat!! Don't worry we are going to work on that though! By the way does anyone know the name of this interesting looking Asian fruit??

Hello love,

How was your holiday! I hope it was relaxing and wonderful, and that you had a great time recharging. Well perhaps you did not eat um…optimally, shall we say? Which is totally okay when you are on a break! It happens to all of us, and the key is just to get back on track. Perhaps you are feeling a bit heavy from a barbeque (or two!), some poor food combining (watermelon after cooked food!!! Eek), a little too many alcoholic beverages and not consuming toooo many foods that are the color green??? 🙂

So many of you have written me that you want to start to cleanse “after the 4th of July.”
Well I get it: The holiday was a time for letting loose and hanging out with your fam and friends. But holy smokes, summer is really here and yes, you will have to contend with wearing a bathing suit and less clothing in general in the coming months (admittedly the more surface reasons to cleanse, but yes we all care about those as well!). Also, yes, now is a great time to cleanse in the warmer months as there is so much great produce available, and we can spend more time outside walking, meditating, reflecting and hopefully getting closer back to our real, balanced inner self. Sounds great right!!! Well, step by step.

The first thing to discuss, as I sort of alluded to in the Hitting the Wall blog a few blogs ago is that it is possible to hit walls of detoxing as we are going through, and now one point I must bring up is do NOT do something drastic!! You might “overcleanse” too fast meaning you will wake up too many toxins at once and totally overwhelm our detoxing, eliminative organs. This could prove problematic as you will inevitably feel crappy and could have too many breakouts and headaches, and you will further put your body out of balance. There is too much for the body to extract at once, so you are just recirculating the poisons without really pulling them out, which we need to accomplish in the true definition of cleansing. You could end up waking up way too much, too fast, so much that the poisons get reabsorbed into the body and the blood and tissue. Remember that cleansing is a gradual, long-term process and starting some new shifts after a holiday is a great motivation. But nothing crazy! So in other words, what I’m trying to say is make good progressive changes, don’t rush to do something drastic like try to be a 100% raw foodist or ….start the dreaded Master Cleanse (of which I am SO not a fan, and think is a short-term gimmicky, quick-fix, does no good in the long run, way to reabsorb and self-poison drink of BULL- shiggity!! Excuse me but I had to say it. 🙂 ).


Here is a closer view of it! 🙂 I first ate this in Thailand and you can randomly find it in some Asian markets here! Any guesses? Hmmmmmm?

So let’s make some great changes for the week ahead (and some of them you may decide to keep after this, which would be great!). Most people will have consumed a hefty scale of acidic food and beverage items this weekend (meat, alcohol, coffee, chips, pasta salad, etc. etc. ). So let’s try to restore balance by bringing in more alkalinity now. An acidic body is a heavy body, starting in the bowel and making us heavier than our ideal weight. An acidic body has less energy, less than glowing skin, and a preponderance to getting anxiety attacks and getting stressed out more easily.

So here are some great goals for you this week, say until next Sunday, July 12th. You can do it!

–    Completely abstain from alcohol.

–    Start your day with your hot water and lemon (read my post, “Good Morning, How is Your Colon Today?) to stoke the digestive fires.

– Don’t let coffee be the first thing to hit the body. If you can skip the coffee this week that would be great- or at most one if you feel that you need to be weaned off slowly!

–    After this and before your Green Smoothie take a high quality probiotic supplement.

–    Be sure to make eat the Green Smoothie every day as your first meal of the day (you can 2 days’ worth at a time to save time). THIS IS ONE OF THE KEYS!!

–    For lunch have a big salad and be sure to squeeze plenty of lemon on it. No creamy dressings. You can throw some apple cider vinegar on there, and a small amount of olive oil. You can put on any veggies you like and a whole avocado for good, long-burning fuel. Don’t eat any bread products, pasta or crackers at lunch.

–    Drink Detox Tea in the middle of the afternoon as a “snack” when you get hungry. It is freshly sliced ginger and lemon, and if you like it a bit sweet Stevia. This will give the digestion a nice boost again.

– If you need other snacks before dinner, you can have some raw veggies, the other half of your salad lunch if you only ate half of it (a smart move sometimes!), or a low glycemic fruit like some berries. Or more filling, yummy, chilled Green Smoothie!!

–    Completely abstain from red meat.

– Completely abstain from any packaged food bars, protein bars or anything containing soy protein isolates.

–    Completely abstain from any cooked oils (even olive oil!). That means if you want to eat some cooked veggies for dinner, etc. you can get steamed veggies, and if you order fish or something like that get it steamed too. Trust me, if you want to cleanse efficiently, the cooked oils will really delay the process!!

–    Dinner will be started by a green salad, again with lots of lemon and raw apple cider vinegar, and a tad of olive oil. After then make sensible choices and no red meat. But if you’ve eaten well up until now, you can have more leeway here.

– Desert should be a piece of an at least 72% cacao dark chocolate bar, or one of my deserts. But only like 3 truffles, not  12 of them!! 🙂

This is a great plan to start the ongoing cleansing process. Remember, we don’t do “A cleanse”. We cleanse!! Cleansing is work and we need to get back on track sensibly while not shocking the system at the same time. You are going to be be right on track for feeling and looking fabulous. Yay! 🙂

I hope you do well with this and make good choices!
Let me know how you do and feel.

Lots of love,



Happy New Year’s! 5 easy changes for 2009

December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's! I am so excited for you to start feeling and looking your best! 🙂

Here are a 5 easy changes to bring in the New Year- and keep them forever! My approach to food and nutrition is not about “diet” versions of things, fad diets, deprivation or counting calories/carb grams. It’s about eating the best food, in abundance, and feeling and looking your best. The food you eat has the ability to make you glow, feel great, look beautiful and effortlessly maintain your weight.

Yay! I can’t wait for you to feel and look your best! These are some tips I live by.

1.    Makes salads the base of your meals that you build around- not a protein. For instance, check out the Kale Salad and the Saturaday Salad. There is so much easily digestible, easily assimilated proteins, readily available amino acids, and good and beautifying fats in these hearty salads. Greens are full of chlorophyll, minerals and are very alkalizing. So shift your mentally completely that salads are the “side dish” to fish, chicken, etc. Salads are it!!!

2.    Don’t substitute wheat bread for white bread. The lesser of 2 evils. Have sprouted bread, sparingly (Ezekial brand, Shiloh farms, etc.- look for “sprouted” on the label). These breads are much more enzymatically active, and will digest much easier! Wheat is a huge food allergy (after dairy) that most people have a hard time digesting. Read: Makes you hold on to weight.

3.  Have at least the juice of one full lemon every day. Squeeze lemons on salads, in water, on food. Lemons thin the bile and support the rebuilding of liver tissue- so will help detoxify us and help optimize our fat-burning processes. I am constantly squeezing lemons and have 2+ a day.

4.  Time to give up the fizzy poison: Diet Coke. Your skin will never be happier, and YOU will never be happier b/c you can start to drop toxins and those few pesky spare pounds since Diet Coke is full of high glycemic fake sugars. (See my blog “The Diet that Makes You Fat). And yes, Splenda is bad!!!!

5.  Make a resolution to have a green smoothie (See My Glowing Green Smoothie recipe) every day. Okay, that may be a lot for you- start with at least two a week- surely you can make time for a little blending on the weekends. The more you have them, the constitution of your body will shift and you will have more energy, drop weight, get a ton of energyzing nutrients, and become more beautifully alkaline. It is worth the effort.

May all your goals and dreams come true this year.

All my best,



On The Road again

November 6, 2008

So here I am, in the midst of a fairly long travel jaunt. 2 hours early to JFK airport, then 5 1/2 hours to LA from NYC, a 2 and a half hour layover, then 8 hours to Tahiti, a 2 hour layover, then 1 hour to Bora Bora, then a boat ride to an outer island. Over 23 hours of travel.

Bora Bora Plane

Who’s complaining though?? The long journey will be well worth it- as I’ll be shooting my first yoga video for my company, Envision Beauty, in friggin’ Bora Bora!

But how to cope with the journey itself- in terms of food and supplies. People often ask me what I eat when I am in transit. The first thing is that unless I have to leave at 6 AM for a flight, I always practice yoga before I leave. I feel so much better about myself if I have done my physical asanas and had a chance to meditate before I go. Otherwise, I feel like a slug sitting on the plane for so long.

Before I leave, I down an enormous green juice or smoothie (depending on how rushed I am), to fortify myself with as many readily available antioxidants as possible to protect against all the radiation from air travel. I supplement that green juice (juice not smoothie was the case for this trip), with raw hemp protein (which has lots of raw plant protein and fiber so I stay full longer), bee pollen (for extra enzymes and bioflavenoids), maca powder (for B vitamins and to give my endocrine system a boost), and spirulina.

Here’s what I tote along, to avoid eating the horribly processed airline food (reheated and microwaved and dead as dead can be, sucking our precious enzymes to digest it that we so desparately need to deal with the rigors of travel) and the extremely limited choices in the airport terminals:

  •  Sprouted bread (Ezekiel or Hemp) sandwiches with raw almond butter and organic apple butter
  • Figs- #1 blood cleaner!
  • Soaked almonds- I gave them to the girl (my new friend Bridgette!) on the plane seat next to me, and she couldn’t believe how much better almonds taste when they are soaked and sprouted. Plus the enzyme content increases 300%+ !!
  • Organic Greens+ bars- I like the chocolate flavor. These are the only kind of packaged bars that I advocate eating. They are made with spirulina and algae, so there is plenty of healthy protein and fat to feel satisfied and stave off hunger. I much prefer them to sugary, date-based raw Lara bars.

That’s it! I keep drinking tons of water 20 minutes on either side of eating my snacks (so as not to dilute my digestive enxymes), so I don’t get dehydrated and bring on “false hunger.” At LAX I did see a decent looking sushi place, so the only food I bought  was a raw seaweed salad and a tiny avocado roll. It was easy for me to sleep on the flights because I didn’t feel bloated and weighed down with gross food. In fact, I feel great!! I highly recommend always thinking ahead and packing your own travel snacks for long travel.

A bientot! Talk soon from the beautiful isles of French Polynesia. ☺