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Health-Related Interpretation of Mantra

February 16, 2011

Look at these amazing hummingbirds! We took these shots at the trading post at Indian Canyons. They are such a beautiful symbol of freedom, being able to fly in all directions, without any restraint.


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May All Beings Be Happy and Free

Hey Guys,

Though I have heard this popular Sanskrit yoga chant for years, as I was chanting it lately (it was in my head after the Donna de Lory concert, as she has whole extended song chants of it!), I had a different perspective on it for the first time. It’s really interesting how we can hear something thousands of times, but as we change it can suddenly resonate very differently to us. And thus is the beauty of Sanskrit mantras having the power to reveal so much to us about ourselves at any particular moment.

We all have our own idea of happiness. To me it is that inner joy that wells up from our heart and pours out. It is about being in a place that might not be perfect but where we are totally content and at peace. I have always thought of freedom in a literal sense- having the freedom to go where we want, when we want, and not be obstructed. I loved traveling the world, at my own pace and on my own path. Now I love the pace of movement in my life and with my work, and how every day and every week is very different. It really works for me!

But now I also have a new meaning of freedom: health. When we’re in our teens we can take health for granted and not really understand what a blessing good health is. I used to never really make the connection between freedom and health But now I see how many people have various challenges on optimal health, experience inferior energy, or constantly worry about deteriorating health. That can really limit our freedom and cause suffering , because suddenly there are physical restraints and worries and limitations. Since the mind and body are completely connected ill health not only impacts what we can physically perform, but also impacts our thoughts and mental wellness. So in other words if we aren’t healthy we can never truly be free.

The mantra includes “all beings”, meaning that we all have the responsibility to share with each other and help one another achieve this freedom, in any which way. And of course now I am talking specifically about the freedom found from superior health. Maybe there is someone you could help make a healthy meal for (or pass on some extra Glowing Green Smoothie! 🙂 ) or gently and positively share some health information you have that they might not.

We all have so much inner power to make the world and all beings in it much happier and achieve more freedom, which in turn will increase our happiness and freedom.

Have an inspirational day and see you soon!

With deep love,