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Let’s Get Muddy!!

December 8, 2010

Hey Guys!

It’s that time of year again where the wind is harsh, the temperatures are dropping (okay, well not really here in LA but I know for most of us! Not that I’m rubbing it in), and our skin may be more raw and dry.

It’s important to keep your skin nourished from within, and consume beauty fat in the form of avocados, acai, flaxseeds, coconuts, etc. Just as important is keeping your body from getting clogged, by way of not ingesting clogging foods, which can prevent your tissues from adequately absorbing the nutrients that you are consuming. Please stay away from all dairy- notice how muscusy and drippy it makes you, and imagine what it is doing to the inside of your body. And of course avoid the obvious culprits: refined starches, refined sugars and excessive meat.

One of my favorite beauty practices is clay masks, which is a time-honored ritual utilized worldwide. When I travel around the world, if I happen upon a beautiful pile of mud, especially on beautiful volcanically-formed islands like the Phillipines, Bora Bora and Hawaii (pictured here. Yes I know, I posted pics from that trip last post too. Apparently I miss my hiking expeditions there!), without hesitation- of course if I’m in a place that it is culturally acceptable and where there isn’t anyone around 🙂 – I will strip down to my bathing suit and cover my whole body in mud. Then let myself dry in the sun like a big walrus!

Photo courtesy of

Bentonite clay in particular is known for its healing properties. As a mask, it will pull impurities and toxins from the skin, refining your skin and cleaning out your pores. The result? Your skin will look more radiant, smooth, and over time more clear. But what is great about the bentonite clay masks is that they will not dry out your skin at the same time they are purifying your pores.

A feeling of tightness is common, and leaving them on for half an hour is good. I try to do one mask a week.

There are lots of other good things that can be added to masks. But for a basic bentonite clay mask, if you can get your hands on some bentonite clay, mix 2 tablespoons of bentonite clay with 2 tablespoons of water right in your hands. Spread over the whole face, but be sure to avoid the delicate eye area and around your mouth- don’t eat your mask! (Bentonite clay can be ingested for detoxification purposes, but it is a deeper detox that is not recommended for those just starting out, otherwise toxicity can actually compound in your system). You can add additional clay or water as needed to adjust the thickness.

Remove the mask with lukewarm water after it has dried thoroughly. Pat skin dry. There are commercial ones you can try also. The Jack Black Deep Detox Clay Mask and Spot Treatment is decent, at $25. It is paraben-free and fragrance-free. There’s one I really like that someone in Beverly Hills gave me, but it was in a sample bottle and I am not sure where they sell it. I will try to track it down and will share if I do.

Okay see you back here soon! Have a great day. Maybe have a mud adventure tonight!!

Love, Kimberly


On Set in Chicago

July 23, 2010

Hi Guys!

I hope you are well and having a great July!

I didn’t realize a few weeks ago that I was going to have a Chicago summer! But this is where work, life and the universe pulled me. And it is an awesome summer indeed!!

Here I am on the set of Transformers 3. It was kind of eerie to walk around the set during lunch and breaks, as it seemed like an earthquake had just happened right on Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago! I learned my lesson the first day on set wearing flip flops. There are so many props and dust and dirt strewn about everywhere, and it gets pretty muddy and gross. I’ve been on some major movie sets, including Iron Man 2, but I have to say that this set was pretty over the top!

I always feel like a dork asking actors to take pictures, except when it sort of seems like it isn't quite as dorky?? Here I am with Josh Duhamel, where we were chatting before a big stunt scene. I like Josh's outfit! Note that it was like 95 degrees in Chicago that day, and the actors really had to chug water. I reminded that room temperature is better for hydration than ice cold water. 🙂

On this day I wore double ear plugs! Crazy stunts. I thought shrapnel was going to fly on me as cars were flipping and lots of stuff was getting blown up!I like my ear drums. 🙂 They were handing them out on set in a basket like passing out rice to throw at a wedding!

I’m actually working now on the other big movie that is shooting in Chicago, creating the nutrition and diet plans and making all the food for the actors. I love it, but it is certainly a full time job. I make the food, shuttle between the trailers, go to set and drop off food at the monitors, hang with the actors in the trailers when they eat in there, watch the movie getting the made (which is quite exciting!) then do that over and over again until the end of the shooting day. But not the end of the work day for me! Then I go home and run to Wholefoods before is closes, figure out what I’m making the next day, and start making food! And then I pass out, and the day starts again the next day! Yes I am squeezing in a bit of yoga here and there, and always my meditation practice. Otherwise I would lose my mind or turn into a big stressball!!!

I will write more soon!

Take care, and do hydrate with that room temperature water in the heat!

Sending my love,


This is what I call "sprout central", the whole section of my countertop I've devoted to soaking and sprouting seeds and nuts. Dr. Ann Wigmore would be so proud!


Optimize Digestion and Chew Your Way to Better Beauty and Health

July 13, 2010

Hello my cherished loves,

I hope you are doing well! Today’s topic is on chewing and digesting food!

How many times do we rush through a meal to get on with work, get to our next task, drop the kids off somewhere- or even eat while we are working? Or should I phrase it- when do we not do those things, and actually concentrate on eating as its own separate, sacred task? I had some classes on chewing this past week at the Ann Wigmore Institute, with some interesting info and perspectives that I wanted to share with you.

Dr. Ann Wigmore says that if we are not chewing our food well or concentrating on eating- while we are eating- we are wasting our time with food!

When we eat, we are releasing stored energy locked up in the plant food (which is hopefully what you are eating!) that transfers into our body through digestion and assimilation. The food literally becomes part of our organs and glands. But in order for that plant food to really nourish us, even if we are eating the healthiest and most organic plant food on the planet, we have to be sure we are digesting it properly. This is not a mechanical task that always turns out the same no matter what- because it involves our total being, our state of mind, emotions and environment. Below are some ideas to help make sure you are optimizing your digestion:

1. Chew chew chew– the theme of Ann Wigmore. Even if you drink Green Juice, or drink the Green Smoothie, you should chew your food so it mixes well with your saliva to aid the digestive process! Solid food like salads should be chewed 40-100 times. I always ignored this popular adage 🙂 but it is amazing how much saliva you really do produce when you practice it! In one class we listened to music where every 60 seconds a bell would ring and that would signify to swallow. So it forced us to be conscious of chewing for 60 seconds, which pulverized the food into liquidity.

    When you chew this well, it is amazing how full you get on way less food! Swallowing chunks of foods is EXTREMELY harmful for the body, which has to waste copious amounts of energy and additional enzymes to then break it down. If you are a fast eater now is the time to change your ways, for your own sake!

    2. Prepare the body for eating. You eat with your whole body and your brain. So start by being totally relaxed. Take some deep breaths if that helps. Relax your jaw (most of us clench) and even say the vowels first to fully loosen up the muscles in the face. Move your hands to your stomach to prepare it to receive food. This also puts us mentally in touch with our digestive organs and we become more connected to our body. Smell your food first before eating it, and really look at it. Hopefully it will be vibrant and beautiful!

    3. Be conscious of your food in every way before you start eating it. Where did it come from? How was it grown? Who were the people that grew it? Under what conditions did it grow? When I was eating Energy Soup I started really thinking about the sunflower sprouts that it contained, that grew in the greenhouse there. We had classes on growing them, and I saw how full of amazing, vibrant energy they were and how they turned their beautiful little heads towards the light. Like us! We want to always turn toward the Light!

    So when we really think about our food, we become more grateful for it, and when we eat in a state of gratitude our food digests better and nourishes not only our bodies, but the emotional, mental and spiritual side of us. Food is energy, and energy affects us on all of these levels. There really is something to the idea of making food with love, and when someone makes something for you with love it does taste better! I always bless my food first.

    I know, deep right! Quite a contrast to people that jam the food they just bought at the drive-through down their mouth as they race down the highway driving! I don’t think they have any clue as to how the food came from the factory farm to the slaughterhouse to their packaged container, or the suffering and pain that the animal might have endured that would very much transfer if you were to eat the animal’s carcass. Bad energy transfers also, which leads me to…

    Lots of science in digestion that involves enzymes, etc...

    4. Don’t eat in a loud place! Clanking sounds and chairs and loud talking does not make for good digestion. If a place does not have peaceful energy, chances are that your food was made in a non-peaceful, rushed or agitated way as well. And I don’t want food with that energy in my body! If I sense that I won’t eat there. Many trendy New York restaurants are like that, so if I have a business meeting there or something with friends- I’ll just get something to drink. Don’t worry about what others think- the choices you make affect YOUR body.

    5. Don’t eat if you are angry, sad, agitated or stressed out. Your body will not assimilate the food in a good way! It really is better not to eat in these conditions- just wait or put it off!

    6. Don’t work, watch TV or read while you are eating. Your attention is diverted from the process of digestion, and you will not take in the food in the same way. Talking should be limited. This is really hard, as eating and socializing have been very much integrated into our culture. I too often eat with others. I try to concentrate on my food when I’m actually chewing and swallowing, then I’ll put down my fork and talk for a minute- then go back to eating, so on and so forth.

    There you are Mr. Rooster, who wakes me up at 5:30 am every morning!! You're lucky you are so cute. 🙂 I love you anyways!

    I hope that these ideas are helpful to you in promoting your digestion. Eating is a powerful and sacred ceremony of life that must be respected.



    Coconut keeper and lover!


    Advertures with Wild, Young Coconuts in Puerto Rico!

    July 11, 2010

    This is Antonio trying to take a picture of me, but I think it came out kinda cool!

    Hey Guys!

    I hope you are having a wonderful and vibrant weekend and taking great care of yourself!

    It’s so funny because through the Law of Attraction coconuts seem to rain down from the sky for me in Puerto Rico, because I love them so much! In the last few days I have met some Puerto Rican friends on the beach, with the right tools of machetes and knives, who literally went up to me and gave me coconuts! I am truly blessed! I know with confidence that all I have to do if I want to get a coconut to drink is go down to the beach!

    My first friend is Antonio, who only has about 3 teeth. 🙂 He was looking for old coconuts, as he explained that he opens them up and scrapes out the middle, tougher part, which he sells for $0.50 on the road, which people use to make candy and treats. He asked me if I wanted to drink some coconut water, which of course was a big YES PLEASE!! He used a stick to get them down from the trees around, after carefully selecting the exact ones he thought would be perfect…

    And here’s Antonio’s technique: He uses a machete and put them on the their side to remove the very outer part. You can tell how young this one is as it is yellow, and there was absolutely not a tiny bit of meat inside.

    He hones it down into sort of a cone shape, like what you would get at the health store, and then make a small hole in the top to drink out of. Since there is no meat to scrape out anyway he didn’t need to chop it in half or make it a wider hole.

    Here you go!

    Yummy!!! Thank you so much Antonio!!

    Here is my friend Amy taking her coconut into the ocean to drink. It was about 9:00 in the morning, but already hot and beautiful and perfect for swimming!

    Here is my other Puerto Rican friend, Hector. He started chatting to me in Spanish, as most people in PR do. 🙂 There is some Latin blood in the mix, but sadly I do not speak Spanish! He spoke a bit of English, and literally the first English sentence was was, “Do you want to drink some coco?” Again, YES PLEASE!

    Hector found a piece of beachwood that was on the piece and used it to scraped down some perfect young coconuts from a nearby, low-hanging coconut tree. I wish I got a picture of how he did it, because I love how self sufficient you really can be in nature. But he did it so fast!  Once he got the coconuts down his technique was to take out a pocket knife and make a wide circle around the top, which is more like the shape I make when I break mine up with a cleaver at home.

    Here I am – trying to follow Hector’s method! Much harder with a knife than a cleaver! Once the gave them to me he just went on his way, wherever he was going! Amazing!

    Back at the Ann Wigmore Institute, where they have young coconuts that are slightly more mature and do contain the soft, spoon meat I think it just magical. A perfect meal!

    While you may not be able to get them as wild as here, you can still get the young coconuts from health stores or even plain coconut water. It contains organic compounds that have growth promoting properties, and is a great source of potassium and other minerals. Great for rehydration.

    Have a beautiful day and remember to make the Law of Attraction work for you in things that you want to bring into your life. Hey- coconuts, a new job, a new opportunity to be creative- it really does work if you focus your mind! If we push fear and insecurity out of the way, in all the various forms it pops up, we are free to let our real power shine through that we all have within.

    Lots of love, Kimberly


    Back to Tropical Paradise at the Ann Wigmore Institute

    July 5, 2010

    Hi Guys,

    I hope you are having a great fourth of July weekend! I arrived yesterday back at a little slice of heaven called the Ann Wigmore Institute to take more classes and do more training. It has only been 10 months since my last trip back here, but it is a natural, beautiful place in western Puerto Rico that I love and will come back to time and time again.

    My favorite environment is tropical, hot and humid. I love the humidity!!! And the jungle!!! When I go to bed I hear the chirping of tropical lizards and critters, and the occasional thump of a coconut or a mango dropping off a tree. When I woke up this morning I heard tropical birds singing and roosters! I love sweating and cleansing the skin, then just jumping in the ocean to cool off. When I go out of my room to the little sideroad outside, it is about 98 steps for me to get into the ocean. 🙂

    Here's the path to my room!

    It’s so funny how I just posted that blog video about opening coconuts. They use machetes to open them here, right on this board. FRESH young coconuts every day!! Now you know I’m in heaven!!

    Look at ’em all!!!!! Freshly chopped and ready to be eaten/drank. Come to mama little coconut babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beach at dusk.

    This evening I went down to the beach to meditate and look over the ocean. It is such a magical time of day. My heart is swelling with joy right now on so many levels. I am so grateful to be here!

    I will share much more soon.

    Sending joy and love from my heart to yours!


    Self-picture taken at dusk


    Video: The Way I like to Open a Young Coconut!

    July 3, 2010

    Hi Guys!

    Thankfully I did not embarrass myself with this video, and was able to open this young coconut with only 4 strikes! I have been known to embarrass myself before when doing demonstrations, and taking many more chops to open it up. 🙂

    Hope you like the video!

    I’m leaving in a few hours actually, so have a great July 4th weekend!! And I’ll write more from the road- assuming Internet is easy to find!

    Love, Kimberly


    Belated Father’s Day Blog: On Making our Men Healthier!

    June 21, 2010

    Hi Guys!

    I hope you had a fabulous weekend and Happy Summer Solstice! We are officially in the summer flow (at least for my friends reading this in the Northern hemisphere!).

    I wanted to post this yesterday on the actual Father’s Day but I had to work on something all weekend, so I am a day late! But it can still count, right? 🙂

    I  love my father so much that when I really think about it, it makes my eyes well up in tears. You know that kind of love? He has always been such a support to me, even when I have been known to do a few wacky things here and there that a father might not like- such as, I don’t know, wander around the world for 3 years with a backpack?! He is super kind and mellow and easy to talk to, and probably the most non-judgmental person I know.

    My dad grew up eating the SAD way (Standard America Diet). God bless my grandmother, but the standard fare in the house was pot roasts and meat loaf. Any vegetables to be found were mushy peas. She just didn’t have an in-depth knowledge of nutrition, like most people don’t, and she was busy. Again, no judgments! But what it does mean is that my father did pick up some certain dietary habits, and likes and dislikes, which he carries with him today.

    My dad loves crackers and cheese, hamburgers, ice cream, and Cheerios, and he was not such a huge vegetable eater. That is, until recently! I am writing this because I want all you ladies out there that have fathers, brothers, boyfriends, spouses, etc. whose diets range in varying degrees from so-so to horrendous to know that things can improve! I don’t mean to single out the men… but well in this case today with this particular topic I guess I sort of am! 🙂

    My dad always exercised and went to the gym, but over time, like most men, he started packing on some excess pounds, especially in his belly area. About two years ago, I realized it was time I had to intervene. My mother is amazing too and very health-conscious, but sometimes it takes a person outside the couple to peer in and make suggestions. That is probably why I do a lot of nutritional counseling for couples! Sometimes the other person is too close to the situation, and their well-meaning suggestions can be interpreted as “nagging.”

    We certainly shouldn’t try to change everything all at once. And that’s what I want to emphasize. It is sort of like going into your kid’s room and throwing out all of his or her stuffed animals (which we know they have outgrown and need to get rid of) at once and packing them into a garbage bag. What would your kid do? He or she would throw a hissy fit! So what we do is start with one stuffed animal, and throw it out, then move on to the next, and then how about that huge old stuffed teddy bear in the corner that is leaking out stuffing everywhere?? Time for him to go!  The kid has a chance to see over time that he doesn’t really need all the old stuffed animals, and that it actually feels better to have them gone and he or she has more space to run around! We don’t shock though- we gently remove in stages.

    Men can be like children sometimes. They want to cling to their “food comforts”, especially when they view them as treats because they work hard and “deserve a treat.” Getting them to see that food should not be viewed exclusively as “treats”, but rather that it is fuel for the body is a process. And that process becomes fueled by making small improvements that allow him to feel and experience the benefits for himself. Otherwise, it just seems like we are taking away all the “stuffed animals” at once, and being mean!! And that never sticks.

    With my dad, we started introducing Green Drinks, which my mother faithfully makes for him. As long as it is front of him, he will drink it –though he would never make it for himself! At first he missed his beloved morning bagel with butter, but then the Green Smoothie crowded it out because he gets full from it, and discovered (gasp!) on his own that he feels better having that!!! So much more energy!!!

    Coffee is his true comfort so I leave that alone right now as we focus on other things…. We’ve made vast improvements in the diet (including the very important elimination of most of all the dairy) and he has lost so much weight, especially in the last few months! He looks so young and healthy. I am so proud of him!

    So remember ladies, no matter what foods your men might love, no matter how they grew up and with what foods, positive change is always possible. And the best first change might just be the Green Smoothie, and you can build from there.

    All my love,



    Update: Lessons on Body Image from High Schoolers

    June 15, 2010

    Remember when we were kids and things weren't complicated at all, and we were just so happy to play with frogs and baby birds?? 🙂

    Hi Guys! So back in February I got this sweet email from a 17-year old boy about girl issues and a girl he liked being offended when he said she looked “healthy.” Here’s the original post. I posted the initial back and forth, and over the last few months we’ve exchanged a few emails. Heck, I remember being 17, and being really self conscious and not really knowing who I was!! I would hide under ugly turtlenecks and baggy shorts and hated that my hair wasn’t straight! 🙂

    BUT- happy ending!!! Last night I got a sweet email from the GIRL!! Their names are changed and I got their enthusiastic permission to retell their story of teenage love (ahhhhhhh, 16 Candles anyone??).

    (Here’s the emails from Feb).

    Dear Kimberly,

    My name is Kyle and I’m 17 years old.  I know this might not be your particular area of expertise, but since you deal with beauty and self-image issues I thought you might have some good insight on an experience I recently had.  It involved a girl I had just met at a dance.  We talked for a good half hour and seemed to be hitting it off.  She was very pretty, smart and nice.  We even exchanged email addresses.  I was so excited!

    Then, things suddenly went downhill.  I commented that she had a “really nice, hourglass figure”. I thought she would take it as a compliment but instead she became deeply offended.  I went into damage control mode and tried to clarify my comments but I think I only made things worse when I used the term “healthy”. With a look of complete disgust, WHAP!, she slapped my face and departed.

    As I was standing there alone rubbing my cheek, with my friends nearby laughing at me, I was wondering why she was so offended.  She had a classic hourglass figure – very busty, narrow waist, shapely hips/legs. I guess she had interpreted “hourglass” as meaning big/overweight/full figured. Why can’t girls embrace their curves?

    Btw, I do have her email address.  Do you think I should her an apology note or should I interpret the slap in the face as another way of saying she does not want to see me again?



    Hi Kyle!

    I usually take up to a few weeks to answer someone back, when I get swamped, but your email was to sweet and sincere to put off!

    You are a fantastic writer and you should pursue something that involves writing as you go to college and eventually choose your career. I am impressed. Teenagers can have a very hard time expressing themselves adequately in words. You are lucky because you can do that through your writing, which not everyone can.

    For this reason, I would highly recommend emailing her, and explain what you were really trying to communicate. Use the words “beautiful” and “attractive.” I am personally trying to change womens’ interpretations to view the word “healthy” is actually the body adjective we should strive for. Unfortunately, it does get interpreted differently. A girl that is even slightly self-conscious of her body, which is pretty much every teenage girl, and most women in the world (!), will interpret someone saying she is “healthy” as a nice way of saying fat.

    Every girl wants to feel beautiful and attractive. So also tell her that you wouldn’t think she would be any more attractive if she was stick-skinny, and the reason you said she was “healthy” was because healthy is synonymous with “beautiful.” I think the world would be a much better place if women knew that guys like you thought that healthy was much more attractive, and if women thought the world “healthy” was a huge compliment. We do not all have to fit into one stereotype. It starts even earlier than 17, but especially at your age, if girls embraced their bodies it would save so much wasted energy and heartache down the road.

    Keep in touch, and let me know it goes with your lady!
    All my very best, Kimberly


    Hi Kim.  This is Adriana, the girl that Kyle met at the dance a while back.  I don’t know how to thank you for giving him advice.  It turns out that he’s a really sweet guy and we have a great relationship.  Lots of guys my age are jerks and I guess I assumed the worst about him when he made the “hourglass” comment.  I’m happy with my body shape but it’s really frustrating to be judged for your bra size and not your brains.  I do remember that he looked ashamed rather than angry after I slapped him and I was hoping I was wrong about him.  I was thrilled when I saw and read his email!

    We’re having a great time and can now laugh about the first time we met. Kyle is great guy and a true gentleman.  He’s also really tall too, at 6’6″, and I’m a short girl at 5’2″.  I really had to reach in order to connect with that slap, lol.  But I also assured him that I would never slap his handsome face ever again and planted a big kiss on his cheek 🙂

    Without your help, this might not have happened so you should feel great!


    Sooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Who doesn’t love a happy ending?!! The heart of it was that he thought she was beautiful and great all along, but  we girls are really the complicated ones with body image and words, and boys mean well, but can sometimes be boneheads when it comes to the right words and communication. 🙂 Glad it all worked out. The young uns’ are happy!! Yay!!

    Alright, back to work now!

    Oodles and oodles of love to you.



    A Green, Dill-Picking Weekend in PA!

    June 14, 2010

    Hi Guys!

    I hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend!

    I have a huge project that I’m working on that is due in early July, so I’ve been working pretty much non-stop at home for the past few weeks. If you’ve emailed me sorry about the long delay in responses- I will re-emerge soon!

    I was getting stir crazy and needed some green in my life, so on Saturday I headed up to Central Park for a nice, 2 hour bike ride. I love going up to the reservoir (pictured above) and seeing all the parts of the city the park encompasses!

    On Sunday, I headed to a state I don’t often venture over to… Pennsylvania! Look how pretty it is!

    I had a business meeting out there, and I made lunch for 8 people. The beautiful house where it was hosted at had this garden of dill. Look at it!! One of my favorite herbs ever. How nice it was to go out and be able to click a whole bunch of it to put in the kale salad. I think fresh dill in the kale salad really perks it up and adds a nice touch. Highly recommended.

    If you have a garden, herbs are way easier to grow than vegetables and really satisfying! You can just go out and clip snippets when you’re preparing food, and it adds such a nice connection to your own, local garden. Here in the city, I’m now just starting to grow mint, which I like to throw in certain collard green wraps and make tea out of.

    Here I am, starting to plate up the first course of Dharma’s Kale Salad!

    Oh and of course I brought along my essential Vitamix, and made Green Smoothies for everyone to try!

    The yellow plant bellow is St. John’s Wart, an herbal remedy for mental balancing, next to Tiger Lillies!

    I’ll write more soon! Start the week off right with good eating habits and stay focused!

    Lots of love, Kimberly


    MY (Fun?!) FOX Morning Show Philadelphia: 6 Easy Detoxing and Healthy Foods for 2010

    January 6, 2010

    Hi Guys,

    I had a wonderful day in Philadelphia today! I did this morning segment, and the Fox Studio happened to be in the Historic District of Philly- where I have never been before! Isn’t that crazy, since I live in NY? Then I parked at a coffee shop and met with some bloggers and the health reporters for some Philly newspapers. It was like my little office for the day. 🙂

    PLUS I got to see the Liberty Bell for the first time, in its new glass building home, and Independence Hall. Ah, history! I feel like I don’t really do enough of that stuff unless I’m traveling in another country. I mean, Philly is only down the way from NY (but that way does includes the rather horrific, very traffic-filled New Jersey Turnpike, which is a bit of a deterrent 🙂 ).

    Anyways, I did a post on these 6 foods recently, and I hope you enjoy also hearing me talk about them in the segment! I always enjoy meeting the different hosts for these TV shows when I go on. Some are more serious and some are more relaxed and like to joke around… like Mike and Chanel from this segment!

    Love & Light,