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How to Kick Your Cold…Fast!

January 18, 2011

At a duck pont in Piedmont Park, Atlanta!

Hey Guys!

I’m on the plane back to LA now. I am still amazed how we can get online on planes!! I popped down to Atlanta from NY for a few days to visit a movie that is filming down here. It was a lot of fun, and the whole crew went bowling on Sunday (I am an abysmal bowler BTW!).

The last few weeks of this past press tour, with travel and visits to cold cities, a million meetings, running around tending to clients, very little sleep and yes, a lot of stress, have contributed to a few days of feeling a bit under the weather. I only feel like that once every 2 years or so, when I’ve been working myself to extreme levels, like the past 3 weeks. But thankfully it always passes quickly.

Here are some things that always carry me through and back to health:

1. I drink loads of immunity tea. See my recipe here. When my throat starts to begin that itchy, scratchy feeling, I use raw honey it in instead of stevia, which is very soothing to the throat. To get the world’s best honey from the best beekeeper ever, check it out here.

2. I take this stuff: Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract, which is made from black elderberries which have twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and more than 50% the overall antioxidant capability of cranberries. It gives your immune system a boost, and has the equivalent of up to 1000 black elderberries in every 120ml bottle. It has a unique formulation and extraction process which preserves and maximizes the naturally occurring health benefits of the elderberry. While I shun commercial cough and cold syrups from drug stores, this one seems pretty powerful and natural. You can get it at health markets like Wholefoods.

3. Get to the sauna. There was a really nice one at our hotel in NY. Even though I may not feel like it, I know I feel better when I drag my butt in there and let some toxins steam out of my skin. Even if it’s 10 minutes.

4. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was, but on the plane to Atlanta I slept the whole way, before we even took off, then slept another 4 hours when I landed, then slept 13 hours overnight. Even with a great diet and lifestyle, the body does need sleep sometimes! My sheer exaustion really caught up with me.

I’ll write more back in LA!

I send my love. Kimberly


Detoxing Through Our Most Important Organ in the Cold Months

December 17, 2010


Hey Guys-

I am now in New York, and I was thinking of this topic.

Our skin is our largest detoxifying organ, through which a great deal of toxins and impurities are flushed out on a daily basis. Sweating is a really great way to detox, as it helps open up our pores to assist in the releasing of these toxins. Since living in LA for the last few months, because it is so dry I notice that I don’t sweat very much. Even this past weekend when it was in the 80’s (not rubbing it in to my East Coast friends! 🙂 ) and I went hiking, I didn’t really sweat very much.

Hmmm…some people might like it and find it more “comfortable.” Me, I welcome the sweat because I know how healthy and beneficial it is!

Here’s how to get your sweat on in the cold months:

1. Check out an infrared sauna in your area: An infrared sauna will heat up to high temperatures, definitely making you sweat. But it goes even further than a regular sauna in that it has the ability to penetrate deep down into the subcutaneous tissue for even deeper cleansing, helping to chelate heavy metals and foreign toxins that are trapped in our fat cells. Sunlighten in a popular infrared sauna brand that is found in spas or natural health centers. I like their saunas very much. If you have a choice between a 1-person sauna and a 2-person sauna, I do find that the 1-person Sunlighten saunas heat up much faster- generating more sweat during your session! Sessions generally last about 45 minutes. I try to go when I can…sometimes I get busy. But I would like to make an effort to go once a week here in LA.

2. Get thee to a hot yoga class. I’m not necessarily talking Bikram here, or even a heated “power” vinyasa class. Just a class in a studio that has rooms that naturally heat up- perhaps because the class itself gets really full, or that the room is a cozy size. It also combines deep breathing, which is in and of itself detoxing as well.

3. If you have a water filter, take a hot bath. If you don’t- then I don’t recommend it. Seriously! When we take hot baths and showers our pores open up, and you can absorb heavy metals and toxins in the water supply, such as chlorine. But if you have filtered water, then it is also a great way to open up your pores. Plus you can use a cloth or loofah to exfoliate your skin at the same time, promoting detoxification even more! I installed a filter in my LA apt. within the first few weeks.

We may have to go out of our way to sweat more in the winter…but it is well worth the effort to promote detoxification on an ongoing basis in our bodies, to look and feel our best.

Love, Kimberly


The Best Vegetarian Food in Maui!

September 29, 2010

Hey Guys!!

Hope you are doing well!! I just got back from Maui, and am (trying to) adjust back from the amazing last 9 days that I just had. My body is extremely sore from all the hikes we had- many of which were not really “trails” but rather picking our way right through the rainforests! Let’s just say that I’m really happy that there are no snakes in Hawaii… I don’t think I would do the same type of hiking in Thailand or Laos! It was slippery, there was a lot of falling involved, and trying to find mossy rocks to step on for extra stability. But the worst thing was a few scary huge spiders the size of my palm- it could be way worse, and hardly any comparison for the spectacular payoffs of each hike!!

The lush, rainforest part of Maui is Hana, which is reached by traveling along a beautiful highway that winds around the cliffs. It is marked by milemarkers, and right around mile marker 29 I found the glorious sign pictured in the very first picture of this blog!! I had been making food the whole time, partly because there was a great grocery store (below) and partly because there really wasn’t great vegetarian, soy-free, gluten-free options. So imagine when I saw the sign! I was like NA UHHHH!!!! There was a group of trucks parked in a little parking area: one was a man that cracked coconuts open for you and sold coconut candy, there was a little taco stand of sorts, and Cafe Romantica!!

Cafe Romantica is a real jewel. Run by Hans (pictured here) and his wife Lori (who I met on another trip but unfortunately did not get a picture of her!), Cafe Romantica serves absolutely delicious and gourmet vegetarian food, right out of the truck. Hans has worked at such kitchens at the Beverly Wilshire, but he and Lori are travelers at heart- like me!- and take off periodically after they make enough money! For the past 2 years they have been traveling around, and just opened Cafe Romantica 2 weeks before I happened upon it.

Here’s the inside of Hans’s spotless truck. He is trained in Ayurveda teachings, and his food ranges from fresh Indian curries to cacao desserts to the most delicious vegetarian soups. It is not raw, but it is hearty and delicious after a 6-hour hike! My predominant dosha is Vata, so I felt quite grounded by their food. Hans and Lori make the food with such love, and recite mantras while they are cooking. We talked about raw food, and they plan on adding a lot more raw food dishes to the menu and are going to get a dehydrator so they can make raw wraps! Might be there i by the time you go visit. 🙂

Also, along all these wonderful waterfall hikes I took this week, there was an abundance of guavas! Most people are just familiar with guava juice, but to have a ripe guave picked fresh from the tree is a real treat! Some might think they are too “seedy”, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. I would knock them down from the trees with a bamboo stick, and chow on them whenever I needed a snack or a natural boost!

I was staying near the town of Pa’ai, where there is the most amazing grocery store. If you happen to be in Maui, you have to go there!! It is called Mana Foods.

Besides a ton of Maui-grown, beautiful tropical fruit…

Mana Foods also carries an abundance of organic greens and sprouts grown locally, in farms in Kula, Maui! I even found my beloved sunflower sprouts!!

I’ll write more soon- now that I’m back on the mainland!

Hope you are taking care as we roll right into October. Let’s rock the last few months of the year- and your daily Glowing Green Smoothie!!

Lots of love, Kimberly

Here is another treasure I hiked down to on our friend's property- a hidden beach that emerges about an hour and a half into the hike! Absolutely not another person in sight, and around the bend begins the waterfall hike... truly a little piece of heaven. I think if every person on earth also had the wonderful privilege to come to this hidden beach, I don't think anyone could ever pollute or hurt the earth in any way.


Our Body’s Various Elimination Channels, and How to Support Them

September 14, 2010

We must keep our bodies as clean and toxin-free as possible, the way nature intended. Then we will be our most beautiful.

Hey Guys!

Hope all is well with you during this beautiful month of September! I just got back from Vegas, which was a lot of fun. I was working a lot, so I didn’t see get out to see toooo much, but I saw a really great show and thank God I brought food for my clients!! 🙂

Everything is energy. Consequently, we can therefore classify everything as either emitting a positive energy or a negative energy. Good quality food, clean air, pollution, and toxicity in the body are physical entities that contain energy, but the energy of the company you keep, your co-workers (since you are around them all day) and friends and your thoughts are also energy. Things that we can not see with our two eyes have energy as well! If you intuitively feel that someone is negative or an “energy suck”, avoid them or situations that you have to be around them for a long time! It WILL affect you.

In order to increase the positive energy in our body, it is key that we increase the quality of our food, and consume as much natural, organic and whole food as possible. Our diet should be anchored in plant foods.

However, the other side of the equation is that we must be sure that we are consistently removing (cleansing) the toxicity from our bodies, which is negative and has disintegrative qualities. Pollution, waste and acidity are constantly building in our systems. We must work to eliminate them as much, and as efficiently as possible on an ongoing basis.

Our bodies have several different systems and organs that are involved in our body’s cleansing mechanism. Pooping is the obvious way, but it isn’t the only way! 🙂

Diagram courtesy of

Here are some of our body’s major cleansing organs and mechanisms through which toxins are released from the body, and how to support them and avoid things that impede them:



–       Organic, high plant food diet

–        Exercise

–       Dry skin brushing


–       Excess fat

–       Cholesterol (from consuming animal products)



–       Clean drinking water (never drink tap water!)

–       Foods that contain a lot of liquids

–       Watermelon juice

–       Coconut water


–       Holding in (pee when you have to!!)

–       Coffee

–       Alcohol

Colon/Bowel Movements


–       Eating the right foods, in the right combination and way

–       Colonics and enemas

–       Drinking plenty of water


–       Dairy

–       Too many (other) animal products (they contain no fiber)

–       Overeating

–      Having a mental disposition of not “letting go” of things

Photo courtesy of

Lungs/Proper Respiration:


–       Consistently being aware of taking deep breaths through the nose, and expanding the entire lungs (the belly should rise            but  the shoulders should not go up, which could restrict air flow)

–       Exercise

–       Meditation


–       Short shallow breaths

–       Getting angry, stressed out or agitated often

–       Not exercising or meditating



–       Drink a lot of water

–       Using non-toxic skin products and not too many of them!

–       Exercise

Infrared sauna


–       Anti-perspirants. No one should be using an anti-perspirant as it blocks our sweat channels and holds toxins in !!

–       Deodorants that contain mercury and other toxins

Hope this helps you to keep your precious body, and those of loved ones, more clean.

I send my love!



Skin and My Other Product Obsessions Of the Moment

August 23, 2010

Last night I went to an Emmy's party in Hollywood. The first person I met right when I walked in the door, through a friend of a friend, was Kathy Griffin! I admire her courage and just putting whatever she is thinking out there, and for being a strong woman! I'm a fan. I'm wearing the Sally B's natural lipgloss here in Ruby's Red.

Heeelloooo there!!

Hope you had a great weekend! I just finished my first week here, which was amazing! It was busy, but very successful. Again, the past week sort of feels like a month, because so much happens and my days are so full. The days never blur together. Isn’t time funny how it can seem to fly by or slow down?

I have noticed my skin freaking out a bit since I’ve gotten to LA. I am not a huge fan of the dessert climate, but what are you going to do? In the summer I usually don’t put any lotion at all on my body, but here my legs started getting flakey, almost immediately. I feel the moisture being leached right out—–eek!! I’ve been doubling up during the day with coconut oil as a lotion.

I really love the Artisana brand’s coconut oil, which is free of pesticides, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, stabilizers, added oils, GMO’s. Coconut butter is the coconut meat ground up, but coconut oil is only the oil pressed out, and that is what you want to use on your skin rather than the coconut butter.

By the way, the Artisana has a great raw tahini! I used it yesterday to make my Raw Chickpea-less hummus for a party yesterday.

I was given a bottle of Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion, which is decent. It sort of creeps me out that there is milk (dairy!!) in there, and I found that I had to keep applying it to make my skin feel anywhere near “naturally nourished.”

The quest continues to find a good paraben-free body lotion! For now I’ll just stick to the coconut oil.

I managed to squeeze in getting to the steamroom at a very luxurious, organic spa the other day, because I miss the humidity of Chicago and New York so much!! Call me crazy, but I love the moisture on my skin. It makes me feel moisturized, rather than my skin is being choked of every last drop of its precious natural water!

I’m totally obsessed with the Ojon hair products now. They are awesome because they don’t contain parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMO’s, or triclosan. Here are my faves: The Ojon Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment, Ojon Ultra Hydrating Shampoo, and Ojon Ultra Hydrating Conditioner. You can get it straight from their website,, or at Sephora.

And speaking of Sephora, you know how everybody gets those little tins of lipgloss/moisturizer that they sell at the front? They seem so innocent because they are strawberry flavored (I think) and are labeled as “natural.” I can’t remember the name because I never use them…because they are all petroleum-based! Terrible for the collagen in the lips. My advice? Chuck ‘em right now!

When I was working on a movie in April in Atlanta, I found a great brand down there called Sally B’s Skin Yummies. I now use their B Glossy Organic Lip Gloss, which not only moisturizes, my lips, but it is a pretty color and has a great smell/taste. Check out the ingredients: Organic Castor Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Vitamin E, Carneuba Wax, Organic Lecithin, Mica, Peppermint.

I use Ruby’s Red. I keep one in my purse and one in my bathroom. Love!! Their website is

Speaking of lips, I love the non-toxic lipgloss by the Christopher Drummond line ( Here are the ingredients: Castor oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, beeswax, candella wax, mica, iron oxides, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

My favorite is Carnival, which I think is so pretty. It feels and looks great!!

Enjoy! I’ll write more soon!!!!

Lots of love, Kimberly


Changes and Being Non-Attached

August 15, 2010

These were all taken my last night in Chicago, Thursday night, on my porch overlooking the city. This is where I would practice yoga- when I could fit asanas (poses) in! 🙂 Otherwise, I would just meditate, which is what I REALLY can't do without.

My yoga practice gives me stability and grounding in my life.

Hi there,

I hope you are had an awesome weekend!

I’m writing to you from my parents’ house outside NYC, where I had a relaxing weekend of hiking and just hanging out. It was like a mini calm in the eye of the storm! I got back from Chicago Friday morning and had a crazy day running around New York that day, trying to finish a million errands and fit in a bunch of meetings. Now I’m leaving for LA tomorrow morning…for an indefinite amount of time.

Each yoga pose makes you feel a different way. Warrior 2 makes me feel really strong- stand in your truth!

In so many ways, I am unbelievably grateful and excited! I am living my dream and my passion as a nutritionist. I get to teach others about my nutritional philosophy and being healthy from a holistic standpoint, and the difference I see in others is incredibly rewarding. I get to work with amazing and fascinating people who do interesting and creative things in the world in film, music, etc.

But in order to really soar, I have had to cut ties and leave behind some things that I really love in New York. The first and hardest was giving up my group yoga classes, which I have been teaching for 4 years exactly this month. I love my students so much, and all these new opportunities came up so quickly I didn’t really have time to say goodbye. If any of my students are reading this, please realize that I went to Chicago for only a week, and then my clients and movie work really took off, and I couldn’t come home until now, a month later. I will always love you all and will come visit when I can! And I still get to teach clients privately.

Inversions for me represent getting over fear in life and pushing forward into unknown territory to grow. When the world seems to turn you upside down, you can still be stand strong in your life- even it if it is upside down!

Now some amazing opportunities have come up that are dreams come true for me out in LA. 🙂 I am still going to keeping my apt in NY, and I am staying in a hotel the first week in LA, then looking for a place in LA for after that… I also had to give up my yoga classes that I love to take myself, some of which are from my very dear friends in NY and which I love very much. I am giving up seeing my friends, teaching Sunday School at my meditation center, visiting my favorite parks that are always playing live  music… really my life as I know it now in New York.

It is not that I am moving to LA permanently, it may be just a few months, but there has been a major shift in my life where I have to cut out ties so that I can really soar. I can’t be attached in any way with any ongoing weekly commitments…so I can just move and fly around with my clients as needed all around the country and world! I’ll also be moving a lot when my book comes out early next year! It is sort of like how I felt like when I was backpacking… but now I am staying in one city for at least a few months at a time. This is why I can’t have a dog! And I love and am incredibly grateful that by the grace of God I can see and do so much, and I will live it up until the day that I decide to have children…which will maybe be in a few years. 🙂

I think as humans, and especially us women, it is really easy to get attached to people and things, even when we are yogis and conscious of the idea of attachment. I know I do! So tonight, on the eve of leaving for my next big adventure, I am feeling a bit jittery. I am excited, sad, nervous, thrilled, joyful, overwhelmed with gratefulness and sort of feel like I’m going to puke… all at the same time! I have to let go of everything, and trust that I am on the right path. It feels right, and I know that I am following my dream, and yes, standing in my truth.

Lots of love to all, and especially my beloved yoga students that I will always love and who will always be in my heart!

Love, Kimberly

Om namah shivaya. Amen. Shanti. OM.


Finding Food, Making Food on the Go(!) Across Europe!

August 2, 2010

At the famed Soho Hotel in London, making the Glowing Green Smoothie!

Hi Guys!

I hope you had a wonderful week last week!

I had an unbelievable time in Europe working on a whirlwind press tour for a film. We were moving so fast, that when we got to a city I had to really hit the ground running. I called ahead to request certain food be sitting in my minibar in each of the hotels, but there was always shopping I had to do, and things I had to source on the go. It was incredibly stressful at times, and I slept about 2 hours a night- but what an experience!! So fun!! And crazy.

Here’s my mini bar in London. If I had 10 minibars, I’m sure I would have filled them all! I wondered if any of these 5 star hotels ever had as much food made in them?! Btw we flew on a commercial jet First Class to London, and I made food right there in my seat on the way as well!

Here’s my room in Dublin. The table where I would chop and assemble things, and desk area was Vitamix central!

Taken from my hotel window in Dublin…There was always a fleet of black cars taking us around from place to place!

The Dublin premiere was insane.  Hundreds and hundreds of people were lined up in the streets! I had to walk the red carpet myself as I got out of the car and went up ahead, and I have to say that I’ve never had an experience like that with so many people screaming behind a fence, while you are in a little clear passageway. I’ve been to lots of premieres in LA and NY- but none like this one!

On and off the private jet! No need to go through customs! What I really liked was that our bags were labeled and picked up in our rooms, and then delivered to the next hotel room seamlessly! I know they are not great for the environment, but it certainly wasn’t my call! And I don’t see how we would have been able to move around to so many different press events so quickly if not for flying on our own time.

This is my view from my hotel room on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain. Gorgeous!!! I’ve been to Spain, but Mallorca is definitely my favorite spot in the country! Also, you do get a bit spoiled traveling like this :).

Below is where the party and the press line were later on that night…

Over to the right is the little boat that took us out to the yacht in the distance… It was beyond magical to be in the Mediterranean on a yacht, surrounded by beautiful Spanish people. I love everything about Spain- the energy, the culture, their look. Well, everything but their cuts and slabs of red meat that are so prevalent! I did bring food on the yacht by the way!

This table became my main food-making station in my room in Mallorca.

Or on the floor! One of my biggest issues was getting the converters to work so I could use the Vitamix in all the countries… Okay after this I stopped taking a lot of pics.

Anyways I am now back in Chicago for a few more weeks working on the movies. Promise to get back to some real nutrition, beauty and health posts soon!

Oddly energized, even with so very little sleep…and of course Lots of love, Kimberly


Video: How to Store Your Sprouts!

July 19, 2010

Hi Guys!

Hope you are well!!

I am here in Chicago, and it has been none-stop! If I haven’t been at set I’ve been making food at home to bring, and trying to squeeze in a little yoga here and there. It looks like I’ll be here for a few more weeks! I’m slowly finding my way around Chicago- well at least the multiple Wholefoods I’ve been sourcing groceries from. 🙂

Anyways, here is a quick video on the best way to store sprouts at home so they don’t get slimy, moldy and gross! They can if we leave them in plastic containers. Sprouts are incredibly how in enzymes and will help rebuild our bodies and supply us with beauty minerals, so we want to include them in our daily diet.

Enjoy, and I’ll post more soon!

Lots of love, Kimberly


Optimize Digestion and Chew Your Way to Better Beauty and Health

July 13, 2010

Hello my cherished loves,

I hope you are doing well! Today’s topic is on chewing and digesting food!

How many times do we rush through a meal to get on with work, get to our next task, drop the kids off somewhere- or even eat while we are working? Or should I phrase it- when do we not do those things, and actually concentrate on eating as its own separate, sacred task? I had some classes on chewing this past week at the Ann Wigmore Institute, with some interesting info and perspectives that I wanted to share with you.

Dr. Ann Wigmore says that if we are not chewing our food well or concentrating on eating- while we are eating- we are wasting our time with food!

When we eat, we are releasing stored energy locked up in the plant food (which is hopefully what you are eating!) that transfers into our body through digestion and assimilation. The food literally becomes part of our organs and glands. But in order for that plant food to really nourish us, even if we are eating the healthiest and most organic plant food on the planet, we have to be sure we are digesting it properly. This is not a mechanical task that always turns out the same no matter what- because it involves our total being, our state of mind, emotions and environment. Below are some ideas to help make sure you are optimizing your digestion:

1. Chew chew chew– the theme of Ann Wigmore. Even if you drink Green Juice, or drink the Green Smoothie, you should chew your food so it mixes well with your saliva to aid the digestive process! Solid food like salads should be chewed 40-100 times. I always ignored this popular adage 🙂 but it is amazing how much saliva you really do produce when you practice it! In one class we listened to music where every 60 seconds a bell would ring and that would signify to swallow. So it forced us to be conscious of chewing for 60 seconds, which pulverized the food into liquidity.

    When you chew this well, it is amazing how full you get on way less food! Swallowing chunks of foods is EXTREMELY harmful for the body, which has to waste copious amounts of energy and additional enzymes to then break it down. If you are a fast eater now is the time to change your ways, for your own sake!

    2. Prepare the body for eating. You eat with your whole body and your brain. So start by being totally relaxed. Take some deep breaths if that helps. Relax your jaw (most of us clench) and even say the vowels first to fully loosen up the muscles in the face. Move your hands to your stomach to prepare it to receive food. This also puts us mentally in touch with our digestive organs and we become more connected to our body. Smell your food first before eating it, and really look at it. Hopefully it will be vibrant and beautiful!

    3. Be conscious of your food in every way before you start eating it. Where did it come from? How was it grown? Who were the people that grew it? Under what conditions did it grow? When I was eating Energy Soup I started really thinking about the sunflower sprouts that it contained, that grew in the greenhouse there. We had classes on growing them, and I saw how full of amazing, vibrant energy they were and how they turned their beautiful little heads towards the light. Like us! We want to always turn toward the Light!

    So when we really think about our food, we become more grateful for it, and when we eat in a state of gratitude our food digests better and nourishes not only our bodies, but the emotional, mental and spiritual side of us. Food is energy, and energy affects us on all of these levels. There really is something to the idea of making food with love, and when someone makes something for you with love it does taste better! I always bless my food first.

    I know, deep right! Quite a contrast to people that jam the food they just bought at the drive-through down their mouth as they race down the highway driving! I don’t think they have any clue as to how the food came from the factory farm to the slaughterhouse to their packaged container, or the suffering and pain that the animal might have endured that would very much transfer if you were to eat the animal’s carcass. Bad energy transfers also, which leads me to…

    Lots of science in digestion that involves enzymes, etc...

    4. Don’t eat in a loud place! Clanking sounds and chairs and loud talking does not make for good digestion. If a place does not have peaceful energy, chances are that your food was made in a non-peaceful, rushed or agitated way as well. And I don’t want food with that energy in my body! If I sense that I won’t eat there. Many trendy New York restaurants are like that, so if I have a business meeting there or something with friends- I’ll just get something to drink. Don’t worry about what others think- the choices you make affect YOUR body.

    5. Don’t eat if you are angry, sad, agitated or stressed out. Your body will not assimilate the food in a good way! It really is better not to eat in these conditions- just wait or put it off!

    6. Don’t work, watch TV or read while you are eating. Your attention is diverted from the process of digestion, and you will not take in the food in the same way. Talking should be limited. This is really hard, as eating and socializing have been very much integrated into our culture. I too often eat with others. I try to concentrate on my food when I’m actually chewing and swallowing, then I’ll put down my fork and talk for a minute- then go back to eating, so on and so forth.

    There you are Mr. Rooster, who wakes me up at 5:30 am every morning!! You're lucky you are so cute. 🙂 I love you anyways!

    I hope that these ideas are helpful to you in promoting your digestion. Eating is a powerful and sacred ceremony of life that must be respected.



    Coconut keeper and lover!


    Advertures with Wild, Young Coconuts in Puerto Rico!

    July 11, 2010

    This is Antonio trying to take a picture of me, but I think it came out kinda cool!

    Hey Guys!

    I hope you are having a wonderful and vibrant weekend and taking great care of yourself!

    It’s so funny because through the Law of Attraction coconuts seem to rain down from the sky for me in Puerto Rico, because I love them so much! In the last few days I have met some Puerto Rican friends on the beach, with the right tools of machetes and knives, who literally went up to me and gave me coconuts! I am truly blessed! I know with confidence that all I have to do if I want to get a coconut to drink is go down to the beach!

    My first friend is Antonio, who only has about 3 teeth. 🙂 He was looking for old coconuts, as he explained that he opens them up and scrapes out the middle, tougher part, which he sells for $0.50 on the road, which people use to make candy and treats. He asked me if I wanted to drink some coconut water, which of course was a big YES PLEASE!! He used a stick to get them down from the trees around, after carefully selecting the exact ones he thought would be perfect…

    And here’s Antonio’s technique: He uses a machete and put them on the their side to remove the very outer part. You can tell how young this one is as it is yellow, and there was absolutely not a tiny bit of meat inside.

    He hones it down into sort of a cone shape, like what you would get at the health store, and then make a small hole in the top to drink out of. Since there is no meat to scrape out anyway he didn’t need to chop it in half or make it a wider hole.

    Here you go!

    Yummy!!! Thank you so much Antonio!!

    Here is my friend Amy taking her coconut into the ocean to drink. It was about 9:00 in the morning, but already hot and beautiful and perfect for swimming!

    Here is my other Puerto Rican friend, Hector. He started chatting to me in Spanish, as most people in PR do. 🙂 There is some Latin blood in the mix, but sadly I do not speak Spanish! He spoke a bit of English, and literally the first English sentence was was, “Do you want to drink some coco?” Again, YES PLEASE!

    Hector found a piece of beachwood that was on the piece and used it to scraped down some perfect young coconuts from a nearby, low-hanging coconut tree. I wish I got a picture of how he did it, because I love how self sufficient you really can be in nature. But he did it so fast!  Once he got the coconuts down his technique was to take out a pocket knife and make a wide circle around the top, which is more like the shape I make when I break mine up with a cleaver at home.

    Here I am – trying to follow Hector’s method! Much harder with a knife than a cleaver! Once the gave them to me he just went on his way, wherever he was going! Amazing!

    Back at the Ann Wigmore Institute, where they have young coconuts that are slightly more mature and do contain the soft, spoon meat I think it just magical. A perfect meal!

    While you may not be able to get them as wild as here, you can still get the young coconuts from health stores or even plain coconut water. It contains organic compounds that have growth promoting properties, and is a great source of potassium and other minerals. Great for rehydration.

    Have a beautiful day and remember to make the Law of Attraction work for you in things that you want to bring into your life. Hey- coconuts, a new job, a new opportunity to be creative- it really does work if you focus your mind! If we push fear and insecurity out of the way, in all the various forms it pops up, we are free to let our real power shine through that we all have within.

    Lots of love, Kimberly