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Decoding Produce Codes

October 15, 2010

Hey Guys,

Hope you are having a great week and happy Friday!! This week has flown by for me. The weather has been sunny and beautiful here in LA, and I’ve been hard at work! I am going to be traveling for work in the very near future, sooooo even given the glorious weather here I did go and buy my first pair of this season’s winter boots this week! Don’t you just love the first shopping purchase (or 2) for the new season? 🙂

When I was recently in Hawaii I was talking to a friend about grocery store codes, and someone recently asked me about it here yesterday in LA. Hence this topic was on my mind! When shopping at the market, most individual fruits are labeled with stickers. Not so at the farmer’s market, but all regular markets. Have you ever wondered what all those little digits mean? And wondered if there is any rhyme or reason to them? Maybe you’ve never really paid attention to them, except to think they were a nuisance that you had to rip off so you wouldn’t accidentally bite into them!

I used to think they were random and only corresponded to each grocery store. But then I discovered that there is actually a uniform system! It is set up by the International Federation for Produce Standards. Doesn’t that sound so official and serious?? There are only a few basics you have to be aware of, and then you can always be sure you are buying organic produce. Buying organic ensures we are getting the highest quality produce with the greatest amount of health and promoting minerals. It also supports sustainable farming practices that don’t use pesticides. Buying certified organic produce is the only way to ensure that we are not consuming genetically modified (GMO) produce, which unfortunately does not have any labeling codes to abide by (!). Genetically modified foods have been altered from their original form, and may introduce allergenic or toxic characteristics to foods. The way GMO foods are grown is detrimental to the environment.

Here are the basics:

Organic produce: Always begins with a 9 and has a PLU number that is 5 digits long.

Here’s an example: Organic Bosc Pear #93296


Conventional produce: Always begins with a 4 and has a PLU number that is 4 digits long.

Here’s an example: Conventional Bosc Pear #4568


So always check to be sure that you purchase produce that begins with a “9” on the PLU code on the sticker –  as much as possible!

Now that you’re aware of the number system, it is kind of fun to know that you know a little something about the coding for grocery stores! You can feel like a grocery store “insider.” 🙂 Go ahead and check it out next time you are at the store!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!! I’m going to my best to get my butt hiking again this weekend.

I send my love,




Sunlight: Giver of Life, Promoter of Health and Beauty!

October 11, 2010

Hi Guys,

Hope you had a great holiday- for those that actually got to observe it!

I was thinking about the sun as I went on this beautiful hike in Malibu on Saturday when I got off work.

Everywhere you turn, you’ll be sure to find information on how “bad” and “aging” the sun is for you. You’ll be bombarded with reprimands urging you to avoid the sun as much as you can, and not step in the sun for a second without being sure you are completely slathered in sunscreen!

But I have a different opinion about the sun. I actually think the sun is a beautiful thing. After all, the sun gives life to the entire planet (by the plan and grace of God). It supplies all plants with chlorophyll, and all animals and humans live directly or indirectly off plants. The sun hitting our bare skin promotes the formation of vitamin D naturally in our body, an essential nutrient for our health that keeps our bodies functioning properly.

Wait you say- what about all the talk about the sun causing skin cancer and premature aging??? Isn’t the sun evil?? Well…. let’s dig a little deeper into the topic. The sun can certainly trigger such issues in a toxic body. Our skin is our biggest detoxifier through which pints of fluid and material are poured out every day. The sun promotes an even larger amount of fluid being extracted from the body to the surface of the skin. If the body and the fluids of the body are toxic, the fluids will act as carcinogens that will bake in the sun’s rays on the surface of the skin and can develop into cancer or other issues. But if the body is clean and free of toxins, these issues will not be a problem. This might sound “controversial”, but if you really think about it I think it will intuitively make sense to you.

This doesn’t mean any of us should bake in the sun all day! We only need a few minutes of exposure every day to stimulate Vitamin D formation. We can build up from as little as 5-7 minutes up to 20-30 minutes, depending on our complexions and skin tone. If you are trying to protect your skin from OVERexposure do what I do- wear a hat or get out of the sun and into the shade! Most sunscreen is toxic and just adds ugly chemicals and synthetics to bake on the surface of your skin. Not beautifying!!  Also, an antioxidant-rich plant-based diet can greatly help protect our bodies (and skin) from radiation damage. I make a big effort to be in the sun at least 20 minutes every single day, and I don’t have an issue with fine lines! Yes I’m not fair-skinned, but I also have the Glowing Green Smoothie every day and keep my system clean and free of foods that putrefy upon digestion (dairy, meat, etc.) and release ammonia (associated with causing wrinkles), that can be pulled to the surface of our skin.

The sun is the most important entity in nature to give life. It has a multitude of healing powers for our bodies and minds. Do not look at the sun with fear! Treat it with respect, and get into the LIGHT!




The Santa Monica Farmer’s Market…and an Alpaca!

October 3, 2010

Hi Guys!

You might be wondering why there is an alpaca and goat in this post(!)… I will explain shortly!

First off, isn’t it crazy how fast life can change? Last Spring I lived a short walk away from the Union Square Farmer’s Market in New York City, and now I live an even closer walk to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market here in LA! I’ve learned to embrace change as being exciting and bringing constant opportunities for growth. It doesn’t mean we all have to make drastic moves, but if you sense any stagnation in any area of your life, it is definitely time to do something about it!

The Santa Monica  farmer’s market is still going strong this time of year, with a variety of vegetables, greens, sweet and subacid fruit, avocados, etc.! My only complaint about this LA market is that it closes at 1:30 pm…versus the Union Square one which goes until at least 6 pm. They both start early in the morning. Is that because New Yorkers are notorious for always working so darn hard?? 🙂 Even when it comes to farmer’s markets??

I would say that my 2 biggest fruit obsessions of the moment (since cherry season went bye bye) are white nectarines/white peaches, and figs. Plums come in (a rather distant but still respectable) 3rd place!

A lot of the time, I’ll just buy what is seasonal and looks the most fresh and beautiful, and figure out what to do with it later. These chives looked amazing! They inspired me to make a raw “chive cream cheese” this week, with a macadamia, lemon juice, garlic and onion base, and I’ll chop up the chives to add.

I always buy radishes whenever I see them, to add to my salads. They are a skin glowing food, with lots of silicon and beauty minerals. Yummy!

As I was leaving the market, I found this amazing little petting zoo. I talked to the man who brought in the animals, and he says he runs a petting zoo about an hour away that children come to visit, and he comes to the Santa Monica market once a month. The animals will never be eaten or used for commercial purposes, and are treated extremely well. I think petting zoos are really wonderful, because it teaches children to love animals, care about them and respect them.

Okay, I admit it- I was the only adult in there not with a child… 🙂

Isn’t this sweet alpaca’s face hilarious!?!

Come here chicky!! This adorable chicken had really hairy legs. A lot of people don’t realize how social- and playful- chickens really are by nature!

I hope you have a great start to this first week in October!

I send my love, Kimberly


The Best Vegetarian Food in Maui!

September 29, 2010

Hey Guys!!

Hope you are doing well!! I just got back from Maui, and am (trying to) adjust back from the amazing last 9 days that I just had. My body is extremely sore from all the hikes we had- many of which were not really “trails” but rather picking our way right through the rainforests! Let’s just say that I’m really happy that there are no snakes in Hawaii… I don’t think I would do the same type of hiking in Thailand or Laos! It was slippery, there was a lot of falling involved, and trying to find mossy rocks to step on for extra stability. But the worst thing was a few scary huge spiders the size of my palm- it could be way worse, and hardly any comparison for the spectacular payoffs of each hike!!

The lush, rainforest part of Maui is Hana, which is reached by traveling along a beautiful highway that winds around the cliffs. It is marked by milemarkers, and right around mile marker 29 I found the glorious sign pictured in the very first picture of this blog!! I had been making food the whole time, partly because there was a great grocery store (below) and partly because there really wasn’t great vegetarian, soy-free, gluten-free options. So imagine when I saw the sign! I was like NA UHHHH!!!! There was a group of trucks parked in a little parking area: one was a man that cracked coconuts open for you and sold coconut candy, there was a little taco stand of sorts, and Cafe Romantica!!

Cafe Romantica is a real jewel. Run by Hans (pictured here) and his wife Lori (who I met on another trip but unfortunately did not get a picture of her!), Cafe Romantica serves absolutely delicious and gourmet vegetarian food, right out of the truck. Hans has worked at such kitchens at the Beverly Wilshire, but he and Lori are travelers at heart- like me!- and take off periodically after they make enough money! For the past 2 years they have been traveling around, and just opened Cafe Romantica 2 weeks before I happened upon it.

Here’s the inside of Hans’s spotless truck. He is trained in Ayurveda teachings, and his food ranges from fresh Indian curries to cacao desserts to the most delicious vegetarian soups. It is not raw, but it is hearty and delicious after a 6-hour hike! My predominant dosha is Vata, so I felt quite grounded by their food. Hans and Lori make the food with such love, and recite mantras while they are cooking. We talked about raw food, and they plan on adding a lot more raw food dishes to the menu and are going to get a dehydrator so they can make raw wraps! Might be there i by the time you go visit. 🙂

Also, along all these wonderful waterfall hikes I took this week, there was an abundance of guavas! Most people are just familiar with guava juice, but to have a ripe guave picked fresh from the tree is a real treat! Some might think they are too “seedy”, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. I would knock them down from the trees with a bamboo stick, and chow on them whenever I needed a snack or a natural boost!

I was staying near the town of Pa’ai, where there is the most amazing grocery store. If you happen to be in Maui, you have to go there!! It is called Mana Foods.

Besides a ton of Maui-grown, beautiful tropical fruit…

Mana Foods also carries an abundance of organic greens and sprouts grown locally, in farms in Kula, Maui! I even found my beloved sunflower sprouts!!

I’ll write more soon- now that I’m back on the mainland!

Hope you are taking care as we roll right into October. Let’s rock the last few months of the year- and your daily Glowing Green Smoothie!!

Lots of love, Kimberly

Here is another treasure I hiked down to on our friend's property- a hidden beach that emerges about an hour and a half into the hike! Absolutely not another person in sight, and around the bend begins the waterfall hike... truly a little piece of heaven. I think if every person on earth also had the wonderful privilege to come to this hidden beach, I don't think anyone could ever pollute or hurt the earth in any way.


Aloha! Videos: Monkey Grass and Other Adventures Hiking in Northern Maui

September 21, 2010

Hi Guys!

Hope you are feeling and doing amazing!

I am in Maui right now for 9 days, here with friends and some people I’ve been working with. Doubly fun!!  It was a bit hard to pull away from work in LA but I’ll be back there soon. Sometimes you have to just go! Otherwise more time will pass and you still haven’t gotten to go to places you wanted to go!

I’m staying right on the water in a beautiful space built around coconut trees, far away from resorts and tourists. Today we went hiking through a magical place on the property of a friend that owns over 60 acres of undeveloped land, surrounded by lots more undeveloped land. It was full of radiant and people-free waterfalls, barely marked trails through a lush rainforest and hidden rock beaches.

One of my favorite discoveries of the day was monkey grass, which is this spongy, bouncy kind of grass that you can jump in, and I certainly dove in! I love when things have an element of an unexpected dimension, like the loss of gravity in two fun activities I’ve done and loved- scuba diving and sky diving. There was also that unexpected feeling in being able to bounce on grass like on a trampoline on the middle of a tropical island. The grass seemed that it would be the static, dense surface of grass that most of us are used to feeling. Instead it was incredibly soft and bouncy!

The hike today was an incredible adventure- truly magical.

I’ll check in soon. Take care!

Love, Kimberly

PS: Just found a 5-inch centipede on the floor of my bathroom right under the sinks. Eek!! But it is part of living in the jungle!


Our Body’s Various Elimination Channels, and How to Support Them

September 14, 2010

We must keep our bodies as clean and toxin-free as possible, the way nature intended. Then we will be our most beautiful.

Hey Guys!

Hope all is well with you during this beautiful month of September! I just got back from Vegas, which was a lot of fun. I was working a lot, so I didn’t see get out to see toooo much, but I saw a really great show and thank God I brought food for my clients!! 🙂

Everything is energy. Consequently, we can therefore classify everything as either emitting a positive energy or a negative energy. Good quality food, clean air, pollution, and toxicity in the body are physical entities that contain energy, but the energy of the company you keep, your co-workers (since you are around them all day) and friends and your thoughts are also energy. Things that we can not see with our two eyes have energy as well! If you intuitively feel that someone is negative or an “energy suck”, avoid them or situations that you have to be around them for a long time! It WILL affect you.

In order to increase the positive energy in our body, it is key that we increase the quality of our food, and consume as much natural, organic and whole food as possible. Our diet should be anchored in plant foods.

However, the other side of the equation is that we must be sure that we are consistently removing (cleansing) the toxicity from our bodies, which is negative and has disintegrative qualities. Pollution, waste and acidity are constantly building in our systems. We must work to eliminate them as much, and as efficiently as possible on an ongoing basis.

Our bodies have several different systems and organs that are involved in our body’s cleansing mechanism. Pooping is the obvious way, but it isn’t the only way! 🙂

Diagram courtesy of

Here are some of our body’s major cleansing organs and mechanisms through which toxins are released from the body, and how to support them and avoid things that impede them:



–       Organic, high plant food diet

–        Exercise

–       Dry skin brushing


–       Excess fat

–       Cholesterol (from consuming animal products)



–       Clean drinking water (never drink tap water!)

–       Foods that contain a lot of liquids

–       Watermelon juice

–       Coconut water


–       Holding in (pee when you have to!!)

–       Coffee

–       Alcohol

Colon/Bowel Movements


–       Eating the right foods, in the right combination and way

–       Colonics and enemas

–       Drinking plenty of water


–       Dairy

–       Too many (other) animal products (they contain no fiber)

–       Overeating

–      Having a mental disposition of not “letting go” of things

Photo courtesy of

Lungs/Proper Respiration:


–       Consistently being aware of taking deep breaths through the nose, and expanding the entire lungs (the belly should rise            but  the shoulders should not go up, which could restrict air flow)

–       Exercise

–       Meditation


–       Short shallow breaths

–       Getting angry, stressed out or agitated often

–       Not exercising or meditating



–       Drink a lot of water

–       Using non-toxic skin products and not too many of them!

–       Exercise

Infrared sauna


–       Anti-perspirants. No one should be using an anti-perspirant as it blocks our sweat channels and holds toxins in !!

–       Deodorants that contain mercury and other toxins

Hope this helps you to keep your precious body, and those of loved ones, more clean.

I send my love!



Syrup Alternatives to Agave

August 30, 2010

This picture is from my Chicago apt- I don't have any from my Santa Monica apt. yet!

Hey Guys!

Hope you had a great weekend!! It’s still only the end of August dammit- we can still hold on to summer!! 🙂 I love my apt. now in Santa Monica!

I headed down to Newport Beach to visit some clients at a beautiful spa there, and had some nice beach walks.

I also caught up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while. She was a travel buddy that I met in Australia, and we would periodically meet up on the road. Some adventures we shared include camping on frozen ground in Nepal in January (!), sharing a bungalow in Thailand and having a zillion dead bugs rain down on us when we let down the mosquito net, exploring some random deserted islands in the Philippines with only a few fishing families living on them, and taking a small plane around Mount Everest. She almost killed me when her ocean kayak flew right by my head when we were getting huge air kayaking in Byron Bay, up the coast of Australia, and we also touched the Great Barrier Reef in Australia together for the first time… she also came back to visit me when in Sydney after I was working there after college. With all the craziness we’ve been through- or should I say survived- we’ll always be super close, and when I see her its as if no time has passed!

So back to thoughts around the kitchen… I started drastically cutting back on agave over a year ago, and stopped it cold turkey a few months ago. Agave is highly processed and is a very high percentage fructose. Despite its being advertised as being low-glycemic and a “natural” alternative, it really isn’t a viable option for those of us that want to look and feel our best. I recommend you cut it out completely as well! Also, be sure to check labels. I was in Wholefoods in Venice the other day looking at the labels of raw food products, and almost every single one had agave in it!! If we all start to shun it I think hopefully eventually manufacturers will have to switch!

Stevia and xyletol are good dry, powdered sweetener alternatives. Liquid stevia is very concentrated and you drop it out with a little dropper. But how to replace agave for liquid needs?

Organic dried or dehydrated fruit is a great source of natural sugar that comes right from nature off the tree or the bush! Be sure to purchase varieties that are free of sulfites and other preservatives, and don’t have any additional added preservatives.

Lately I’ve been using dates, figs and raisins, and I make a syrup/paste by adding water. I start with 1-2 Tbs of water and blend with the dried fruit, then add more depending on how thin I need the syrup to be and what I’m using it for. Soaked nuts combine okay with dried fruit, so depending on what you are making, you can also add some of the oilier seeds and nuts for texture. These include sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and almonds.

Dried fruits should be used in moderation (or avoided altogether for those with Candida or sugar issues), as they do have a high concentration of sugar, but they are easy for our bodies to digest and break down. They also have some health benefits as well:

Photo courtesy of

Dates: High in calcium, also contains copper, iron, amino acids, Vitamin A, and some riboflavin and thiamin.

Figs: High in potassium! Contains mucin and pectin, and have detoxifying and blood-cleansing properties. Also contains calcium and magnesium.

Photo courtesy or

Raisins: Contains iron, potassium, calcium, silica, magnesium, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, zinc and amino acids.

Give these little “candies” of nature a go, and see how you do!

Have a wonderful early part of your week!!

See you soon.

Love, Kimberly


The Balance of Nature and Hollywood in LA

August 26, 2010

Hey loves!

Hope all is well with you.

LA to me is a combination of the wonderful nature all around (desert and all!) and of course the obvious and enormous entertainment aspect of the city. What is so interesting to me is that most people I meet here are either really into the natural elements and ocean, OR are highly involved in the entertainment world and sometimes seem to be oblivious or don’t really pay attention to some of the natural wonders around.

I enjoy the balance of both! I love the trees and flowers, and interesting plants. I love being able to pick scrunchy looking natural lemons from the local trees in all the various shapes and sizes nature created them in, and being able to go down to the ocean every evening to watch the sunset.

But I do enjoy aspects of the entertainment world here, of course, which is part of what I do. On Monday night I went to the premiere for the film Going the Distance. It comes out Sept. 3rd. It was great and you should go see it! Very relatable and real!! I loved it and thought it was adorable. Since a lot of the movie takes place in New York, seeing the scenery really made me miss it!

PS: If you scroll down you might notice I wore the same outfit to the Emmy’s party the night before. 🙂 Oops! I just moved into a new apt. in Santa Monica and I couldn’t be bothered to go through all my stuff and find my dresses and other clothes. Hee hee….our secret!! 🙂 Very NOT Hollywood I guess to be seen at two events in the same outfit!! (gasp!)

I have to say I thoroughly enjoy the drum circles down at Venice Beach. I love percussion of all types, especially since my long journey through Africa where I could hear drums everywhere I went!

Plus I love seeing people like this um Native American-eque (?) guy!! 🙂

Rock on my friends!

Life is so interesting! I am taking in my new surroundings, and I am starting to really love it here!! There are always positives and negatives to anywhere you go, but there is so much beauty around everywhere in creation if we pause to feel it.

Have a great rest of your week!! Keep seeing the beauty all around… and in each other- we are all the ONE.




Skin and My Other Product Obsessions Of the Moment

August 23, 2010

Last night I went to an Emmy's party in Hollywood. The first person I met right when I walked in the door, through a friend of a friend, was Kathy Griffin! I admire her courage and just putting whatever she is thinking out there, and for being a strong woman! I'm a fan. I'm wearing the Sally B's natural lipgloss here in Ruby's Red.

Heeelloooo there!!

Hope you had a great weekend! I just finished my first week here, which was amazing! It was busy, but very successful. Again, the past week sort of feels like a month, because so much happens and my days are so full. The days never blur together. Isn’t time funny how it can seem to fly by or slow down?

I have noticed my skin freaking out a bit since I’ve gotten to LA. I am not a huge fan of the dessert climate, but what are you going to do? In the summer I usually don’t put any lotion at all on my body, but here my legs started getting flakey, almost immediately. I feel the moisture being leached right out—–eek!! I’ve been doubling up during the day with coconut oil as a lotion.

I really love the Artisana brand’s coconut oil, which is free of pesticides, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, stabilizers, added oils, GMO’s. Coconut butter is the coconut meat ground up, but coconut oil is only the oil pressed out, and that is what you want to use on your skin rather than the coconut butter.

By the way, the Artisana has a great raw tahini! I used it yesterday to make my Raw Chickpea-less hummus for a party yesterday.

I was given a bottle of Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion, which is decent. It sort of creeps me out that there is milk (dairy!!) in there, and I found that I had to keep applying it to make my skin feel anywhere near “naturally nourished.”

The quest continues to find a good paraben-free body lotion! For now I’ll just stick to the coconut oil.

I managed to squeeze in getting to the steamroom at a very luxurious, organic spa the other day, because I miss the humidity of Chicago and New York so much!! Call me crazy, but I love the moisture on my skin. It makes me feel moisturized, rather than my skin is being choked of every last drop of its precious natural water!

I’m totally obsessed with the Ojon hair products now. They are awesome because they don’t contain parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMO’s, or triclosan. Here are my faves: The Ojon Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment, Ojon Ultra Hydrating Shampoo, and Ojon Ultra Hydrating Conditioner. You can get it straight from their website,, or at Sephora.

And speaking of Sephora, you know how everybody gets those little tins of lipgloss/moisturizer that they sell at the front? They seem so innocent because they are strawberry flavored (I think) and are labeled as “natural.” I can’t remember the name because I never use them…because they are all petroleum-based! Terrible for the collagen in the lips. My advice? Chuck ‘em right now!

When I was working on a movie in April in Atlanta, I found a great brand down there called Sally B’s Skin Yummies. I now use their B Glossy Organic Lip Gloss, which not only moisturizes, my lips, but it is a pretty color and has a great smell/taste. Check out the ingredients: Organic Castor Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Vitamin E, Carneuba Wax, Organic Lecithin, Mica, Peppermint.

I use Ruby’s Red. I keep one in my purse and one in my bathroom. Love!! Their website is

Speaking of lips, I love the non-toxic lipgloss by the Christopher Drummond line ( Here are the ingredients: Castor oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, beeswax, candella wax, mica, iron oxides, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

My favorite is Carnival, which I think is so pretty. It feels and looks great!!

Enjoy! I’ll write more soon!!!!

Lots of love, Kimberly


Interview with Vital Juice, NYC!

August 19, 2010

Hi Guys!

I hope you’re week is going well! Mine has just flown by! What a whirlwind- I can’t believe it is Thursday already (it is right??I don’t really keep track of days right now 🙂 ). I’ve been cranking it up with my people out here, and last night I gave a 3-hour nutrition lecture in a private theater.

I made a bunch of different raw food for people to sample, including cacao mousse, fresh hazelnut milk, raw beet raviolis, raw buckwheat granola, raw pancakes (a huge hit!) and different dips, etc.

I did an interview for Vital Juice a few days ago, which got cut down a lot as all interviews do…but I thought you guys would enjoy it!

Click on the link here: VITAL JUICE INTERVIEW

I’ll report back soon!

Lots of love,


I'm starting to feel my way and adjust to my new life here in LA for the next few months...

And I'm really excited and happy!!