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Happy Valentine’s Day! A Couple Special Picks for You

February 14, 2011

Sending love out and hiking today in Topanga Valley!

Hey Guys,

Happy Valentine’s Day! Though every day is a day for love, today I especially wish you extra love and gratitude!

Need some last minute Valentine ideas or add-ons?! Here are some of my picks for you on this special day of love:

Music: Donna de Lory- I went to a private recording/concert Saturday night, and it was great! She toured and was Madonna’s backup singer for years, then went on her own to pursue a solo career. I think she describes her music as “devotional world beat”, and her songs are both in English and Sanskrit. She is a channel for love through her silky, smooth voice.

You can download some of her soft and dreamy tracks from iTunes. Perfect for some romantic or relaxing time at home!

Chocolate: Of course on V-day there will be inevitably be some chocolate around somewhere, somehow. Check out the organic delicious dark varieties from Dagoba or Big Tree Farms (also sustainable).

Fair Trade Flowers: Since 80% of cut flowers are grown outside the US, fair trade flowers ensures that these farms get a fair price for their flowers, the environment is treated well and the workers receive fair wages. Because of Fair Trade, communities can reap the benefits of global trade while building sustainable social, economic, and environmental business practices. Check out One World Flowers as a great source!

Organic wine: For a nice glass of wine, why not sip one that is organic and without any added sulfites? Check out Frey Vineyards, which is America’s first organic vineyard and also incorporates biodynamic practices. Sulfites are synthetic preservatives which can cause allergic reactions and headaches.

Charity Gift Cards: What’s more romantic than giving for good and to help others? Instead of buying a paper card, why not send a charity e-card, donating to a cause of your choice. Check out the Charity Gift card site.

Have a wonderful day! And lots of LOVE!



Organic Vs. Biodynamic Wine

December 7, 2009

I do NOT advocate heavy alcohol consumption, but with the holiday parties around us, we may enjoy the occasional glass of wine. Here’s how to make sure we are making the best choice for ourselves and our planet..

Hey Guys!

I wanted to do this post because the reality is that many of us may have an occasional drink of alcohol. And really, it isn’t the end of the world. If we eat well and are conscious, having an occasional glass of wine is okay. I like wine over hard liquor, as it is still raw and not as hard on your liver. If you know any collectors or people that appreciate wine, a bottle of wine can be a nice present. Therefore, as you will see in the video, I wanted to interview Jean-Luc Le Du on the difference between organic vs. biodynamic wine, so we can make the best choices. Jean-Luc is one of the top sommeliers in the world, and he supports vineyards which are taking care of the Earth. In fact, his store carries wines from over 90 biodynamic producers!!

Short Bio on Jean-Luc:

Jean-Luc Le Dû, originally from Central Brittany in France, is one of America’s top sommeliers. For 10 years, Jean-Luc served as Head Sommelier for Restaurant Daniel, expanding the wine list to almost 2000 selections from around the world and established one of the best wine programs in the United States, while also creating wine lists for the all the new restaurants opened under the Daniel Boulud banner (DB, Café Boulud – New York and Palm Beach)

Jean-Luc has won the Best Sommelier awards at the Sopexa Competition, as well as Wine Spectator magazine’s “Grand Award” in 2002, which proclaimed him as one of the best sommeliers in the World. After already being nominated, he has also been awarded the James Beard Foundation 2003 Award for “Outstanding Wine Service.”

Jean-Luc also consults for publications such as Wine & Spirits Magazine (member of advisory tasting panel), Elle Décor and has written food and wine pairing notes in Daniel Boulud’s “Daniel’s Dish” and “Cooking in New York City”. He has been featured in New York Magazine, House & Garden and Vogue among others, and in Jay McInnerney’s book Bacchus & Me and Karen Page and Andrew Donnenburg Dining Out.

Today Jean-Luc’s dream has finally come true as he has just opened a temperature controlled wine store in the West Village called Le Dû’s Wines, that features all his favorite winemakers in a simple, unassuming location. Selections are geared toward artisanal winemakers and wines that are a reflection of their terroir.

Le Dû’s Wines

600 Washington Street (Between Leroy and Morton)
New York, NY, 10014

5 delicious Biodynamic Wines Jean Luc recommends from his store:
Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil “Clos Senechal”, Domaine Breton 2006   $23.99
Vin de Pays des Coteaux de l’Ardeche, La Selve “Palissaire” 2008    $14.99 (this is the one we tried together)***
Vouvray “Argiles”, F.Chidaine  $30.99
Shinn Estate “Red”, North Fork of Long Island $ 13.99

Remember Le Du Wines ships nationwide!
See you back here soon.
Love, Kimberly