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Beverly Hills Event…and Raw Food-Making Sprint!

June 11, 2009


Hey Guys!!

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far. 🙂 Well here I am back in LA! It is Thurs. morning here, and thankfully I am just now getting a moment to catch my breath and be fully aware of my surroundings.

I was going to fly here on Tuesday, as I had this event on Wednesday starting at 2:00, but it was too busy Tuesday and I had too much going on. So I had to wake up yesterday at 4:30 am to catch the earliest flight to LA, which was slightly delayed but still came in at 10:30 AM. I landed to a million important emails to answer right away, which I tried to do quickly while I was waiting for my bag to arrive. 🙂 Then I was picked up and dropped off at the house where I was staying with a BIG kitchen (yay!). As soon as I walked in I dropped my bags then raced to the kitchen, which my partner John had wonderfully stocked with my shopping list of everything I needed! I was supposed to make all this raw food for this event, with about 100 women coming, and I only had a few hours!

So it was sort of like that show Top Chef, where the chefs are under the gun with the time! I was running (oh yes! literally) around the kitchen, muttering to myself, “Where’s my chopping knife?”, “Where is the Vitamix plunger?”. Thank GOD the kitchen was so big that I had different stations set up! There was the lemon cutting and squeezing area, a table with the food processor ready, an area to mix, another one to chop, and of course a whole table dedicated to the Vitamix and Vitamix prep area. After a few hours, miraculously I had concocted a variety of dishes: spreads, a few different kinds of raw “cheese”, etc. etc. Right when I was running out of steam, John came over, and I put him to work chopping so I could go take a shower and get dressed! I threw on a dress, did my hair (sort-of!!!), then we had to run out the door.

The event was fabulous!! It was in Beverly Hills, at the gorgeous Point de Vue salon, which has an amazing outdoor space. There were drinks and food and women gathering and chatting- I of course served the food and was able to talk about Envision Beauty, and I met SO many amazing women!!


The amazing Chantal: Broadcast superstar (including hosting Good Morning America for 13 years, also hosting "Conversationg with Remarkable People" and "A Second Look,"), philathropist, humanitarian.

This is one of my favorite women in the world: Chantal Westerman. She was the one that pulled me into the event, and I love her!! She is the most vivacious, intelligent, loving woman you can imagine.  She has been one of my biggest chearleaders! And I am forever grateful to her. She wants nothting but for me and other women to succeed, and it is so amazing to be in that energy of support and love. I am inspired to continue on this quest to pass that onto as many women that I encounter directly or indirectly through my company, including of course all of you!!


So… after dozens of refills for the food plates, tons of wonderful conversations, photos for various media and press outlets, I was officially exhausted…and cold! I forgot that the temperature drops like crazy in LA at night, and by 8:00 pm it was chilly in that beautiful backyard! I went home, passed out around 11:00 PM LA time (eek 2:00 am NY time, so much for my “Getting More Sleep Naturally for Beauty Sleep blog” info :). Oh well, no one’s perfect, especially me!!). So I just woke up recently, and am writing to you now first thing after meditating!

Lots more adventures happening in the next few days…I’m trying not to get overwhelmed by focusing on each day as it comes. I’ll write to you in a few days.

Have an awesome day!!!!

Lots of love, Kimberly