Be Oscar-Beautiful… With A Healthy Lymph System!

February 27, 2011

Photo courtesy of osteodiet.com

Hey Guys!

I’m back in NY at the moment and I’m writing to you from my favorite tea place here in the Village- it’s called the Tea Spot and has a million loose-leaf teas to choose from. I rotate around the Rooibos collection and tonight I’m having a pot of the pumpkin flavor. I need to use their internet because it’s not turned on anymore in my apt. of course, since I haven’t lived here in over 8 months! It is great to be back and feel all the energy in the streets of New York! I feel home! And want to know a secret? No, I’m not watching the Oscars tonight. 🙂 I’ll just see who won tomorrow.

So, let’s talk about something more exciting than the Oscars! 🙂 Our lymph system! Why is it more exciting? Because of just focusing on others’ beauty, your lymph system can help support YOUR natural beauty and help you look your best! What is lymph and what is its purpose? Lymph bathes all the cells of our body (except our nails and hair). It is a fluid substance composed of white blood cells, proteins and phagocytes. A specific and important part of our lymph system- the cerebrospinal fluid- cushions the brain and spinal cord and helps protect them.

Lymph circulates through our body and its tissues, picking up fats, bacteria, and toxins, filtering these substances out through the lymphatic system. At the same time, it bathes our cells in oxygen and nutrients- which is a very important function to help us reach our optimal beauty! Proper circulation of the lymph is important for immune health, though there is no pump to circulate the lymph (unlike blood). The quality of our lymph fluid is very important, as it helps maintain our mental and physical well-being. It is renewed and exchanged by fine capillaries of blood vessels.

Lymph also helps us maintain our physical balance. Our ears channels contain lymph and their changing levels and pressure is connected to sensitive nerves which send impulses so the brain and spinal column, helping us balance and maintain our physical equilibrium.

In order to maintain our youthfulness, perfect resilience and balance we need to keep our lymph system and the blood vessels that supply it clean and free of impactions. What causes impactions? Refined starches is a biggie- namely the highly problematic family of white flours and white sugars. They create unstable glucose levels and stress our lymph systems. Cooked fats and especially animal fats are also a doozie to our lymph system, since fats are collected from the intestines by lymph nodes and are converted into a fine emulsion. They are then passed through the lymph channels to the thoracic duct- which is the main lymph channel in the throat, and then transmitted into the bloodstream. Natural and raw fats such as avocados can be emulsified quickly and effectively and used for fuel and lubrication throughout the body. But cooked and fried fats are much harder and complicated to emulsify, and end up clogging up our systems so that the fat can stay in the circulation of the blood sometimes for hours after eating it.

Eating natural whole foods-mostly greens, other vegetables and fruits- are the foods that will help support our lymph system, keeping us stay healthy and beautiful. Exercise, especially bouncing on a trampoline, and deep breathing will also support efficient lymph circulation.

Have an inspiring and beautiful start to your week! Use all that unlimited power you already have with you to go after those goals!!!

Love, Kimberly


  1. Hi Kim,
    I know from reading your blog regularly that dairy products are highly mucus-forming and anti-beauty promoting. I don’t believe I’ve read much on your blog about raw milk products though. I’ve been avoiding dairy products for almost a year now, but now after hearing a lot about the benefits of raw milk products, I’m considering incorporating some into my diet. I would love to know what you think about raw milk products. 🙂
    Thank you!

  2. Hey Kimberly! Do you still need any assistants? I live in the Mar Vista area and absolutely love your blog! I am extremely passionate about health and nutrition and I would love to work with you! Please let me know! Thank you so much, Kat

  3. Welcome back Dear Kim!!!

    Thank you for the information as usual!
    Winter is a hard season for me because I eat a lot of cooked food. I still eat my salad but at night I like to eat a soup or lentils or beans. The problem is that I put olive oil to cooking them : (
    I also like to bake one cake a month…I just need to make warm my place and since my birthday is on January well my excuse for baking is big : )
    BTW this last Sunday I went to buy my vita-mix!!! That was my Christmas present from Jeff, I can’t wait to be delivered!

  4. Hi Kimberly! I love your site and am a regular reader, lots of great info! I have a question about dry brushing. I am pregnant and have read several places that it is safe to do while pregnant and beneficial to prevent stretch marks and swelling. What are your thoughts? Much appreciated!

  5. Thank you Kimberly for the info on our lymph system. You are awesome.

  6. how wonderful! i’ll be in nyc next week and will put this lovely spot on my list – along with pure food and wine 🙂 any other suggestions for my first trip to new york as a raw foodist?? thanks, kim!

  7. This is so fascinating! Olive this stuff:)!!! What’s a good amount of raw fats to have in reg. To Avis and coconuts they are the only fats I use. Occasionally durian as a treat:)! Your my idol. I’d love to work with/for you someday.

    • What about nuts? Is there any reason to not eat nuts/seeds? I know that they should be soaked/sprouted, but are they not as good as avocados and coconuts?

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