The Green Baby Movement

June 25, 2009


Hello my Loves,

Have you ever met someone who is so full of light and love that it just strikes you like lightening that this person is very special? And they stick in your head? And you just want to do everything you can to help them in whatever they are up to?

Well I have met one such person: Mary Boehmer. She is a beautiful young woman who is now my friend and is extremely motivated to bring light and health into the world. She started this amazing organization called BeamGreen.com, which is all about creating healthy babies and health in the world for the next generation! Below is my interview with her:

Kimberly: So, Mary what is BeamGreen.com all about?.

Beam Green - Bio PicMary: BeamGreen.com eco-educational community dedicated to The Green Baby Movement! Beam Green is a Green Social Club for women – a forum created for the sharing of Green knowledge and wisdom in order to guide parents and children towards superior health and wellness.

Beam Green’s mission is to be a positive eco-educational community for families that will assist in the creation of children who are strong, vibrant, and healthy that they contribute to the world in countless ways.

Kimberly: I know that you don’t have kids yet yourself and are not pregnant (right! 🙂 ), so how did the inspiration come for working with pregnant women??

Mary: I speny most of my childhood and College years overwhelmed by “death”. After losing my 42 year old Dad when I was 12 in 1996, and my 17 year old brother when I was 20 in 2004, and having my mom diagnosed in 2005 with two benign brain tumors and helping her undergo two craniotomies- I CAME TO TRULY APPRECIATE THE NOTION OF A HEALTHY HUMAN BODY free of disease! 🙂 I wanted to contribute to the prevention of disease/death and contribute to the opposite side of the coin … LIFE! There is nothing better then healthy, happy children and families!

Kimberly: Wow! Amazing that you turned tragedy into so much love!! (Her story does bring a tear to my eye whenever I hear it.) Tell us a little bit about the importance in detoxifying in preparing for pregnancy?

Mary: A healthy child starts before conception. The healthier the parents re at the time of conception, the stronger genetic foundation of the child. Beam Green suggests that couples prepare at least six months to a year prior to conception by cleansing and building their bodies using certain guidelines that will be shared during The Green Social Club each month. Prevention is a critical component! Cleansing and re-building the body may also have a favorable effect on fertility challenges once any underlying medical problems can be ruled out.

Note by Kimberly: This is not to make anyone feel bad that perhaps didn’t detox at all before conceiving! We can onlypregnancy-baby-massage-how-to do our best with our given information at the time. So if you already have children Mary’s forum can be more about having them lead more detoxed childhoods or getting more info now!

And what are some easy ways that women thinking about getting pregnant can start to detoxify?

Mary: My Top 3: What is Simple is True! (and often makes the greatest impact!)
1) Each 5-9 servings of GREEN vegetables a day. (Do not eat pass 7pm
at night! This will help you to get the best and most healing sleep!)
2) Exfoliate in the shower!
3) Rebound! Rebound! Rebound!

Kimberly: Oooph, eating past 7 is hard for me a lot, but I’m trying! (LOL). So, what’s on the agenda for BeamGreen this year?

Mary: BeamGreen.com will continue to hold its monthly Green Social Club meetings at Tavern on the Green once a month with guest speakers from across the country who are experts on Going Green! Women nationwide and international (we have 15 different countries who watch the archived uploads and live webcasts) can watch the Green Social Club Meetings by going to www.beamgreen.com and clicking on the button at the top of the homepage that says “Green Social Club” Monthly meetings!

Kimberly: Anything else??

Mary: YES 🙂 The ultimate mission of BeamGreen.com and The Green Social Club is to have fun and take small steps everyday, in our own individual lives, to MAKE THINGS BETTER FOR THE NEXT GENERATION.

When you almost have your entire family die (me) you realize that other people’s families are actually your own as well
— that all are equal — if I am a single twenty-something year old girl who has embraced this — then anyone can embrace the notion that we are all detoxing and preparing for the next best thing …. Our next best version of ourselves and our next best version for generations to come.

Just amazing!!

Well have a great day and happy Friday tomorrow!

Love, Kimberly



  1. dear Kimberly,

    I discover yoga,raw fodd and vegetarism 2 months ago and I can’t get back to my old life.
    I discovered your website and I love it! It helps me a lot in my new life style.
    I found this post today because I was wondering if I can’t find a solution of my problem on your blog.
    I struggle to get pregnant, even if I am young and have a healthy life. It is so important for me that I suffer a lot.
    I guess many women in the world have the same problem.
    I am sure that there is some food or health stuffs wihch can help but I can’t find it! I thought that maybe you can give me some light!
    anyway, thanks for your blog and the time you spend to take care of all of us
    XX Anne

  2. Dear Kimberly,

    I follow your website for 2 months as I just discover Yoga and raw food (vegetarism) by the same time. And I love it!
    I guess I can’t get back to my old life now.
    I just found today this post. I am struggling to have baby, I am under 30 and have a very healthy life. But I don’t know why I don’t succeed to get pregnant and I rea

  3. Hi Kimberly

    It was so nice to meet you the other night at the BeamGreen meeting. Mary is amazing as are you!

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Thanks so much for commenting! It was so lovely to meet you in person.

      I hope to run into you at another health/raw inspired event in the near future.
      Please keep in touch!
      xx Kimberly

  4. Hi Kimberly, I can’t say enough good things about your blog! Love it! What does she mean by “rebound” in the Top 3?

    • Amy,
      Rebounding is jumping on a rebounder (a small trampoline). I remember these being super popular when aerobics classes got to be the craze. You’d see ladies in their colorful leotards jumping around on these all the time.

      This exercise is embraced now by many in the raw world (though, sadly?, the psychedelic spandex hasn’t made the transition!) and is said to improve internal organ function & help move things along so you don’t have toxins stagnating in your system.

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