Recipe: Key Lime Pie Bars

June 18, 2009
One glorious hour next to the ocean before heading for the plane!

One glorious hour next to the ocean before heading for the plane!

Hey Guys,

How are you??
So I realized that I forgot to post my recipe in the last blog! So check it out, below.


I just got back to New York late last night, and hit the ground running today!! In a very good way. 🙂  Some exciting meetings, and I got to teach my first yoga class in a week today. I really miss teaching and my students when I am away, so it was nice to teach a nice big class today.




Backbends are probably my favorite yoga poses. I love to shine the heart energy open!! 🙂 If you don’t have any kind of regular backbending practice you can start with some gentle ones, even holding on to the sides of your chair (if it isn’t a rolly chair!) and leaning back at work sometimes! Don’t worry if you aren’t too flexible, your spine can open up over time. Keep your shoulders relaxed and don’t hunch them up. Feel and imagine the light of energy expanding from your heart and throat chakras!

It is always interesting for me to be constantly traveling between New York and LA. In LA, I find that you have to spend a lot of time in cars driving around! I was  on some really cool movie sets  with my smoothies and had some great dinners. And of course having the ocean so close is so energizing and revitalizing, and great to connect back to our divine nature connection. These photos were taken in one last yoga hurray about one hour before I had to leave for the airport ☺ Today back in New York, I welcomed the flurry of running after cabs to rush into meetings in conference rooms and creative brainstorming sessions in coffee shops, and welcomed back the rush of high energy in the compressed space of Manhattan. So I really love and am grateful to be able to experience these very different environments.

I hope you are having a great week! How is your diet doing, as we adapt into summer? In the next few weeks I’ll be talking a lot more about summer food and diet choices.
Take care. 🙂
Lots of love,


Fat-Burning Key Lime Pie Bars


The whole family will love this recipe! They are a great substitute for all the summer ice cream and other deserts- as the lime is summer-y tasting, and they are creamy, rather than icy.

This desert contains coconut oil, which is an unprocessed, cholesterol-free oil that contains Lauric Acid. Overall, coconut oil stimulates the thyroid, increases your metabolism and can help you burn stored body fat!
Secondly, like lemon, lime has over 200 enzymes and helps restore liver tissue. The liver is our main fat-burning organ, so with this recipe we are also giving it a boost.

This recipe is low-glycemic, so will NOT spike your blood sugar the way refined sugar will. This is great for us adults that don’t want to gain weight, but it is ALSO great for kids-so they don’t get those crazy sugar rushes that other recipes give them!

Remember that one serving size is ONE bar, about 2″ x 3″. Nuts still have a lot of calories, so that is a good serving for a dessert!

1 cup organic lime juice

½ cup unrefined coconut oil

1/4 cup raw organic honey

4 cups cashews

Liquid stevia as needed, to sweeten

½ -1 cup water

Combine all ingredients in a blender except for the water, and blend on high. Add the water last and as needed to keep the blending going and make the mixture smooth.

Freeze at least 4 hours, or overnight. Cut into bars and serve! Makes about 15 full-portion sized bars. Can store in the freezer and keep for a few weeks.


  1. So I love this recipe but the amount of fat and calories in it is way to much for what I am used to intaking at a time. Is there anything I can sub out the nuts for that would be a little less fattening?

  2. Dear Kim,

    After finally having followed the recipe to it’s rapid conclusion, including freezing for 4 hours, I was having some difficulty trying to figure out how to cut the dish into 15 equal portions? Any hints would help. I did figure out 16 portions, but one of the guests (who also incidently is named Kimberly) got miffed and asked if she could have two as she thought we were shorting her a proper portion.

    Thanks, OH, I forgot, if my girlfriend ate 4 portions before I brought it over to the party, will she necessarily gain any weight, if she keeps to her otherwise same routine?

    Lots of love, and thanks for any insights. I do love this recipe, and look forward to enjoying and reviewing all your suggestions of good food for the body.


  3. Hi Kim,

    I have a question about the cashews. My mom is highly allergic to all nuts, and I planned to make this recipe at her house during Christmas. (I ended up just doing the chocolate macaroons, which were a hit!) In an effort to avoid grinding nuts in her blender, I bought Artisana brand raw organic cashew butter (16oz jar). How much of this butter do you think I should use in lieu of 4 cups of raw cashews? Does this change how I blend the ingredients in the Vitamix?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. Kimberly! My nutrition hero! I need instant help.

    I’m a big fan of yours and many of your recipes 😉 BUT now there is a problem. Especially with the key lime pie bars omg! I eat TOO MUCH of them :S In the beginning I was good, stuck to a little piece after dinner and felt totally satisfied. But now since I make a big amount of it, I can’t get enough! What is really enough to eat a day? I also love the cacao truffles but the sweetness keeps me too a few at most. How does a “normal” day look for you nutritionally based? Thank you already!!!

    ps. as a health instructor student I enjoy reading your blog, keep on! 🙂

    • Hi Stefanie! Be sure to eat your deserts after eating a big salad or alkaline meal The key lime pie bars- try to only eat 1 or 2. 🙂
      Greens should be a huge part of your day nutritionally.
      Come visit me again! xx Kimberly

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  7. Hey!

    I’ve made these a few times and loved them. Today I decided to make a batch but I didn’t have very many cashews on hand so I subbed some green apple. It was so delicious. The tartness went perfectly with the lime and it was still plenty creamy. Just an idea!

    Thanks for a great recipe.

    • Hi Jen,
      Wow! I will have to try that. It was still creamy??

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Ya, I used about 2 1/2 c cashews and 2 granny smith apples and it was creamy.

        PS–I’ve also made this recipe with lemon instead of lime and raspberries. Awesome!

  8. Hi Kim,
    I too couldn’t find the agave nectar. I did find Stevia extract in the packets for drinks. How many do I substitute for the 1/2 cup agave nectar? I don’t want to mix the wrong amount.
    Thank you!
    Also, just blended the green smoothie and gonna put in the fridge till morning to try! Can’t wait!!!

    • HI Lori!
      Hope you loved the Green Smoothie. 🙂
      Are you using liquid or powdered Stevia? Stevia is great and actually better than agave, but it does have a sort of bitter aftertaste. So it might take some getting used to!
      It is pretty sweet, so if you are using the liquid start with cutting the amount in half, taste, and add more to sweeten. The liquid would be best for this recipe. If you have powdered, start with 2 full TBS and add from there. We don’t want it to be too sweet or overpowering!
      Let me know how you do.
      xx Kimberly

  9. What can I substitute the agave nectar with? I have brown sugar, maple syrup, honey or artificial sweetners. I have absolutely no access to agave with is not sold in my country. I really need to make this, it just looks so very yummy. Help!

  10. Hi Kimberly, I hope all is well for you. I made the Key Lime Pie bars today…Yummy! Loved, loved, loved them. I was wondering if your Papaya Salad recipe was still posted somewhere, I have looked but haven’t found it?
    Love, Stacy Wooldridge

    • Hey Stacy!
      They should be in the recipe section. It is called the Papaya-Enzyme salad.
      Glad you are enjoying the recipes. Let me know if you still can’t find it!
      Love, Kim

  11. Hi, my question is can the green smoothie be frozen? I’d like to freeze daily size containers so I can keep the mixture longer. Will freezing effect the smoothies nutritional value? Thanks!!

    • HI Sandy,
      Freezing is a great idea. While fresh is always ideal, the nutritional content lost in freezing will be minimal. Enzymes hold up pretty great in the freezer, and that is really smart from a time perspective, to keep you on the plan so it is easy and you don’t have to make it every single day.

      xx Kimberly

  12. Kim,
    Can I use limes interchangeably with lemons? I like the taste of lemons, but my husbands likes lime juice better. Are there any nutritional differences? I love the recipes you post!

    • Hi Carmen,
      You could give it a try with lemons, if you love them much more! Not sure how it will affect the taste, so let me know. 🙂 Maybe they will taste like lemon-sorbet bars!
      There are no nutritional differences- in fact the lemons are slightly stronger with their citric acid enzymes, so that would be even better!
      Let me know how it goes!
      xx Kimberly

  13. Hi Kim,
    Made the Green Smoothie today cut it in half. I just could not get it to liquify. It was like munching on raw veggies in a glass.


    • Hey Kristina, bummer! It sounds like you don’t have the ideal blender for it. The refurbished Vitamix is the best one, or something that is somewhere between that and a $60 Oystertag blender. My Vitamix liquifies it in 30 seconds!
      Let me know how you do.
      xx Kimberly

  14. i watched you on GMA this saturday and plan to try the green smoothie recipe beginning this friday 7/17/09. I had a questions about the recipe: first, it calls for a 1/3 parsley, as in cut up and then measured? (can i sub something else for parsley?
    second, you said we can sub the cilantro for other greens…can you tell me what other greens?
    How long should i do this smoothie? Is it 21 days or everyday ok? What else should i eat throughout the day….is tuna in water ok?, salads only?


    • Hey Kathy,
      Yes, you can cut the cilantro and parsley completely. Some other ideas are kale, spinach, swiss chard, red leaf lettuce, etc. etc.

      This smoothie is not a short-term cleanse. Remember, we cleanse (as a verb) not do A cleanse (noun). Our bodies are constantly accumulating toxins every single day, not just from the environment but from poorly digested food particles that lodge in the body.

      The green smoothie should be drank a the first meal of the day. If drinking it every single day is not doable, then try to do it 3 times a week. The rest of the day is a whole other story! I need a whole book to write it out! check the post fourth of july cleanse for a few ideas for other meals.
      But small, long-term steps are the key. making the Green Smoothie every day is a huge improvement, as it will start to shift your body into more alkalinity.

      Let me know how you do!
      All my very best,
      xx Kimberly

  15. Hi Kimberly,
    I am impressed with you and appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Thank you. I have, over the years, tried many raw recipes and they are so convoluted or require so many expensive things that realistically it was just out of my reach. But, I really appreciate your simple recipes, with easy clear directions, and alternatives if don’t have certain tools…like not having a deydrator thus can just put in freezer.

    Soooo, here are some questions/comments:

    Was I supposed to use “raw” cashews? Because I did, thinking it was the “healthiest” and I don’t really care for the flavor. I was really looking forward to them myself but was disappointed – as it turns out – my hubby loves them.

    My blender is pretty strong but still not enough and still has left little bits of cashew – what blender to your recommend for purchase to achieve the smoothness you show?

    Also, do you have a TIP as to when to cut or how? Mine is one big ice slab that has been difficult to “cut”. Thx!!!

    • HI Hortencia!
      Thanks so much for reaching out and emailing me! The Green Smoothie is a great starting point for you! Complicated recipes are really great when we are transitioning, as we still have a lot of cravings. As our bodies get more and more cleaned out, believe it or not, the cravings go away and we want just simple foods- salads, and greens.

      Yes, for this recipe you are supposed to use raw cashews. Do you like Brazil nuts? You can replace that.

      I recommend a Vitamix blender. It is the strongest one out there, and you can get the refurbeshed ones- which are cheaper.

      All my best,

  16. Hi Kimberly
    I saw your Good Morning America piece and I’m going to try the green smoothie. I have a question regarding some of the recipes, specifically those that use tree nut s and oils.

    My 19 year old daughter has a severe allergy to tree nuts (not legumes, for instance, she’s fine with peanuts).

    If she ate some of the fantastic recipes you’ve highlighted, (like the AMAZING fat burning key lime bar), I’d have to get out the EpiPen in about 30 seconds. I’m serious.

    So, my question is, since your ingredients possess such particular value, i.e. coconut oil stimulates the thyroid, etc, are there any acceptable substitutes that she could use in place of tree nut products?

    Thank you so much for your help.



    • Hi Shirl- Well a serving can vary from person to person, depending on your appetite, how fast your metabolism is, etc. But I generally recommend people drink at least 16 ounces a day.
      xx Kimberly

  18. I made these this weekend and I think I ate half the tray myself! They were absolutely delicious! I liked them after they defrosted a bit, the girls in the house liked them frozen, and everyone but me agreed they were awful if left out and allowed to come up to room temperature. I can’t wait to try them again, and make them fully limey. Unfortunately, one of my limes failed to yield any juice, so I was a bit short on the lime juice. All in all a fantastic recipe! Thank you again Kim.

    • Ha! Shep that’s funny. I guess everyone like their desert a little different. 🙂
      Glad you liked it though!!

      • You use a lot of coconut oil, however scientists tell us this is a saturated fat oil and too much of that is bad for cholesterol.

        I don’t understand how this can be fat burning, as it has so much fat in it between the coconut oil and the cashews. I love them both, but so much fat?

      • Hey Barb,
        That information about thinking that coconut oil was saturated and full of bad cholesterol is outdated and FALSE! We now know that coconut oil contains Lauric Acid, which can stimulate the thyroid and metabolism, and can target stored body fat. Coconut is a medium chain fatty acid that metabolizes very quickly in the body.

        The high amount of lime also give the liver a boost, our main fat-burning organ.

        The cashews, which high in fat, are at least raw, so they will digest easier than any roasted nut. This recipe is so creamy and filling that you only need to eat a little bit!
        So they are fat-burning b/c of the coconut oil and lime, and they are low glycemic and so satisfying you won’t need to eat a desert full of flour, gluten, soy, white sugar and egg.
        All my very best!

  19. PS, what size pan do you recommend putting the mixture into? I noticed you said it makes 15 bars, but didnt notice a pan size? 13″ x 9″? or something else?! Thanks!

    • Hey Michelle, any glass pie dish is okay. I make 15 because I cut them into little bars and my dish was pretty deep, but maybe yours is more shallow!
      No biggie. 🙂

  20. Kim, could you substitue agave nectar for honey in this recipe? I understand that doing so would make these not low-glycemic or not AS low-glycemic, but. . . honey has a lot of other nutritional values (more than agave from the info I can find anyway). I know some honey has a stronger taste than agave which might interfere w/ the flavor, but what do you think? Is it worth a try? I don’t have any agave now, so I might try them w/ honey, then make them the correct way when i am able to get some to compare! This sounds great, thanks for the recipes as always!

    • Hi Michelle,
      I used to use more raw honey in my recipes, and there are benefits such as enzymes and B vitamins, etc. in raw honey. However, I consume bee pollen every day and get many of the benefits from that. It is my opinion that maintaining stability of our blood sugar and reducing inflammation is one of the most important things we can do for our health and our skin! So I have made a personal choice to consume very little raw honey, which is extremely high glycemic despite its amazing benefits- just maybe in some recipes. I think it could work here, but you could also use xylitol and Stevia. Not sure about the honey and lime! This is a much lighter recipe, and as you know honey is much stronger tasting!
      xx Kimberly

  21. ok, i just made these bars and i am salivating! I can’t believe i have to wait 4 whole hours before i can eat one! i practically licked the blender clean (i make no apologies, tee hee :-P) and it was delish…..! lol! GREAT recipe Kim! Yum! 🙂

    • Hi Melanie, Great!! What did you think of them once they were frozen?? 🙂

      • oh Kim, once frozen, they were super delish! Everybody in my house LOVED them! In fact, they are almost gone! People can’t keep there hands off of them!

      • Hi Melanie! That’s great! Now you have a new summer desert to enjoy all summer long. 🙂

  22. Thanks for the recipe! I’m not a big fan of cashews though, maybe I can replace them with hazelnuts…

    Awesome pictures of you! Everytime I see someone doing yoga, I’m in awe. I tried once, it was torture (in a good way!). I was so sweaty, I felt like I couldn’t do anything good lol. I was SO sore the next day! But I’m thinking of starting yoga seriously in July. Any advice?

    • Hi Ophélie, you can replace with macademia nuts or really healthy Brazil nuts (if you like the taste, they are a bit more earthy), and maybe hazelnuts? I’ve never tried those before.
      thanks for the yoga compliment! I’m not sure what kind of studios they have over there. But you can also get my yoga DVD which is coming out soon, and practice with me on that. 🙂
      xx Kimberly

      • Thanks for the reply! I really want to try this recipe, I love lemon! But it’s really hard to find coconut oil here, because there’s only one brand available 😦

        Your DVD sure looks nice! The scenery is fabulous!
        As for the yoga studios in Paris, it’s mostly teaching of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. The studio I’m interested in is the Sivananda Center (http://www.sivananda.org/).

      • Hi Ophélie- Actually the DVD was shot in French Polynesia, in Bora Bora!
        I took a class at the Sivananda Center here in NYC last Sunday. It was a nice Hatha class, with lots of pranayama. Same principles as the Dharma Shiva Namaskara- which is what my teaching is based on, though there is more of a flow to my teaching, and it is more physically vigorous (to help still people’s minds!).

        Hopefully the DVD will be out soon! I haven’t really been able to focus on it because of our other packaging issues, but I think I will be able to soon!


  23. Dang, work it out Kim! thanks for the recipe I must try this!

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