Good Day LA Segment: Raw Key Lime Pie Bars

June 15, 2009

Here I am, pretending to be one of the Good Day LA hosts. Ha! 🙂

So Friday I was on Good Day LA, doing a demo for my Raw Key Lime Pie Bars. Check it out!

xx Kimberly


Hmmm....waiting by myself until the hosts come over. Trying not to get nervous!! Even though I'm just sitting there completely by myself!


Here I am with Michelle, one of the Good Day LA producers. She is awesome and I love her so much!!!


Here I am with Steve and Lisa, 2 of the hosts, before the show. They were funny and sweet!


  1. It’s Quick. It’s Easy and No Mixing or Measuring.
    No Hot Ovens. It’s Foolproof And You’ll Always Know That You’re Getting The Best Of The Best That There Ever Was Or Will Be. It’s World Famous, It’s The World’s Greatest Key Lime Pie. You Can Get It From Only One Place, And That’s Where I Get Mine. Every Time!..Kutchie’s Key West Kutcharitaville Cafe. Address 2186 Hendersonville Rd. South Asheville, North Carolina…28704
    So Stop Wasting Your Time, Energy and Hard Earned Money On Some Second Best, If You’re Lucky Key Lime Pie. Drop Kutchie’s A Card Today.

    Honey Mustard

  2. Hi!
    I luv your green smoothie recipe, it has changed my whole entire eating habit!! never ate so many vegtables in my life! but I have a question, I am having alot of trouble finding Agave Nectar anywhere, went to numerous health stores and organic food stores… is there some other type of replacement for this?
    as well for the cashews can I use almonds as I am allergic to cashews

    • Hey Melissa!
      That is awesome that you have changed your eating habits so much!!! You can use organic maple syrup for liquids, and stevia.
      You can replace cashews with pine nuts, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, or possibly try almonds.
      Let me know how you do!
      xx Kimberly

  3. I found the recipe on the Good Day LA website and made these last night – my first raw food dessert and very good!

    Here’s the recipe:

    1 cup organic lime juice
    ½ cup unrefined coconut oil
    ½ cup raw agave nectar
    ½ tsp. Celtic sea salt
    4 cups cashews
    ½ – ¾ cup water
    Combine all ingredients in a blender except for the water, and blend on high. Add the water last and as needed to keep the blending going and make the mixture smooth.
    Freeze at least 4 hours, or overnight. Cut into bars and serve! Makes about 15 full-portion sized bars. Can store in the freezer and keep for a few weeks.

    • Thank you so much for posting the recipe. I made these today and they are wonderful! Very refreshing and delicious–perfect dessert for the summer weather. Thanks again!

    • Hi Courtney! Glad you liked the recipe!! 🙂

  4. Hi Kim.

    Great recipe for the Fat-burning key lime pie energy bars. I would like to get the recipe.

    Can my 10 year old daughter eat these bars. How can they be stored in her lunch box.


    • Hi Bigred45,

      This would be so great for your 10 year old daughter to give her a nice, fresh desert without the refined sugar and craziness that goes along with that!

      The only problem is that they need to be kept in the freezer until you are about to eat them, because they do melt (as they are not help together with flour, egg, or dairy products). So if she doen’t have access to a little freezer she could put them in, they might better be saved for home.

      You could freeze the raw cacao truffles overnight and give her a few for lunch in a mini tupperware. They will get a big softer but will hold up a lot better than the key lime pie bars!

      Please keep in touch and let me know how you do!
      All my very best,
      xx Kimberly

  5. Hi, Kimberly. That looks like a great recipe. Can I use a different nut other than cashews? (I’m allergic to them!)

    • Hi Dorothy,
      You can try using Brazil nuts, or macademia nuts! Do you like the taste of Brazil nuts? If so then it will be great for you, a bit more hearty.

      Cashew allergies are pretty common, and it is an okay nut to use for fun recipes, but cashews should not be an every day food!!

      xx Kimberly

      • Great, thanks so much, Kimberly. And it is good to know that I am not alone in the cashew allergy!

  6. Can you provide me with the recipe, not sure what amounts to use and I am not a good guesser!! Thanks

    • Hey Michele! Well I just got around to answering blog comments, but I assume that you’ve seen my recipe by now posted…for people just like you that wanted to make it but I had forgotten to post!

      Well if you make it let me know what you think.
      All my very best,

  7. that looked soooo good! I must try it! You looked lovely Kim…as always!

  8. interesting….i must try this! 🙂 u looked beautiful too Kim…and not the least bit nervous!

    • Awww, thanks Charlene! You are so sweet. Well admittedly, I am getting less and less nervous for live segments! 🙂

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