Battle the BLOAT

April 2, 2009
Feeling BLOATED sucks!!! It will bring down your energy and keep you from radiating your inner light as much, because all you can think about and feel is your tummy! :(  So let's work to prevent it! :)

Feeling BLOATED sucks!!! It will bring down your energy and keep you from fully radiating your inner light, because all you can think about and feel is your tummy! 😦 So let's work to prevent it! 🙂

No one likes feeling bloated. Especially us ladies that wear skinny and/or snug-waisted jeans and form-fitting shirts. You may be headed out for what you think will be an awesome party or dinner and then…BAM….the BLOATING bug hits you and you are rendered feeling gross, fat, unattractive and uncomfortable. So check out some of the reasons for bloating I’ve pinpointed for you:

1. When you add more vegetables to the diet (and Yay! for you if you are), you also have to be sure that you have a good buildup of Hydrochloric acid (HCI) in the stomach. HCI breaks down all the plant fiber and roughage in the stomach. Low HCI is a reason why some people say that raw veggies make them bloat out.

–    When HCI is low, it affects the metabolism and you don’t digest your food well (even if it is raw plant food) and will yes, cause a protruding belly and BLOATING- and can contribute to candida, anemia, chronic fatigue, etc.

–    So here’s the skinny on what causes your body to lose its ability to produce HCI: Eating a ton of heavy animal foods, and high quantities of refined carbs and sugars, prolonged emotional stress.

–    Here’s what can help build up HCI: Raw apple cider vinegar (especially with a  salad), black olives, lemon juice, ginger (see the Detox Tea).

2. Poor food combining can reek havoc in the stomach and also screw up proper digestion- so yes, again BLOATING. As an example, on a technical note, when you eat carbs and proteins together, the carbs will not be properly digested in the presence of the pepsin protein- digestive fluids. Furthermore, protein digestion is compromised by the presence of the carbs in the chyme. The result?? Fermentation of the carbs and putrefacation of the protein. Gas, gas, gas, and bloating, bloating, bloating…no, no, no!!!

Food combining really deserves its whole own blog altogether, but here are a few basic tips:
–    Don’t eat cooked carbs and cooked proteins together

–    If you are going to eat cooked protein- pair it with salad

–    Don’t eat fruit after cooked food- at least 20-30 min. before

Of course, if you are eating all raw plant food at a meal- you will keep building up your HCI and your digestive power, and you will digest foods from various raw plant groups well. 🙂  Dr. Jubb always told me that if you’re eating all “life food,” don’t worry too much about complex food combining because the enzymes in “life food” help it digest so well.


3. You may have a candida overgrowth, or some other kind of microbial/fungal imbalance in the digestive tract. Candida is a nasty fungus that excretes toxic waste and definitely causes BLOATING. Candida forms long roots and can penetrate the tissue, bridging the boundary between the internal body and the digestive tract. (Yes, I said roots! A absolutely terrifying word to describe something in your intestines! I know).

– Refined sugars and cooked starches feed candida- bread, baked potatoes, cakes, pasta, as well as a heavy history of taking antiobiotics, which kill the healthy intestinal bacteria.

–    If you suspect you may have candida, I definitely recommend getting gravity colonics. It will help to flush those disgusting little creatures out of your body. If you think colonics sound gross then think how much worse it is to let them suckers STAY in your body, getting bigger and bigger…EEEEEEK is all I have to say.

–    Take a very high quality probiotic supplement on a daily basis. Make sure it contains at least acidophilus, bifidus, and L.bulgaricus.

4. Don’t drink large amounts of water and liquids when you are eating! They will impede the digestive process by diluting gastric juices, such as your HCI. You also dilute the digestive enzymes your body needs for the effective digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. You will BLOAT out sister. So just sip on water and other liquids at meals, but no chugging please. (See my Easiest Weight Loss tip blog for more on this topic).

5. Pasteurized dairy is known to particularly cause BLOATING…since it lacks all its enzymes and is one of the hardest foods most people can digest. So avoid or cut back.

Hope this helps you and your belly feel more comfortable and beautiful. ☺
Much love,



  1. Hi Kimberly,
    I have battled the cycle of constipation far too long. I now have something called “Pelcvic Floor Dyssenergia” and let me tell you it is NOT good. I had to go down to UNC’s GI Motility Center for testing. An hour of oh so much fun poking and proding to test my pressures down there. UGH! I want to get a gravity colonic pronto! I’ve been suffering using enemas and miralax and fiber and on and on! Could you recommend a reputable colon hydrotherapy center in Maryland? I live in Montgomery County. I know you say to look for gravity ones but I haven’t had luck locating a specific center. Any help would be great! Thanks and have a great week!

  2. When combining food, you mention ‘Don’t eat cooked carbs and cooked proteins together’. What about cooked rice and a raw salad and raw seed crackers? So… combining healthy fats (Raw pumpkin or flax oil and sprouted chia seed crackers) and cooked brown rice. Does that cause bloating as well?

    Absolutely love your approach to living a healthy life! Thanks for your advice and tips!

    • HI Ashley! Fats combine pretty well with starches, and different starches (rice and crackers) combine well together. 🙂
      Come visit me again soon! xo

  3. I just made the mistake of eating a large cream-based soup (huge no-no, I know!) and now am feeling awfully bloated.

    If we’ve messed up are there foods/supplements to take that will help with that bloated feeling?


    • Just wait it out and don’t put MORE stuff on top of it for you body to deal with. Just remember how you feel so it doesn’t happen again..at least soon! xx Kimberly

      • Thanks, Kimberly! I had some peppermint tea in the evening and felt okay in the am.

        Interestingly, I had a reflexology treatment the next day, and my practitioner said that she noticed some disruption in my digestive system.



  4. Hello Kimberly,
    Your website is very helpful and the advice and suggestions are great. I had some questions. Concerning having liqids with a meal would that include hot tea? And with food combining would having brown rice with almond milk be the same as having a starch with a protein? Thanks for your help:) Donna

    • Hey Donna!
      Thanks for reaching out! Yes, hot tea would count. It doesn’t mean you can’t have any liquids, but you should limit them as much as possible. Like if you like an after dinner tea, wait for as long as you can after eating to drink it, but definitely at least 20-30 minutes. The almond milk with the brown rice isn’t horrible, since the almond milk is a liquid. 🙂 Best to make sure you are having that brown rice with some green veggies like bok choy or kale though, as the rice is acidic and the greens will make the combo digest more alkaline.
      Come visit me again!
      Love, Kimberly

  5. Hi Kimberly,
    I came across your blog yesterday and love it! I had my first green smoothie this morning and am really excited to try your other recipes.
    I’ve been struggling with GI issues for over a year (mainly bloating almost every day); I’ve since cut down a lot on fast food, alcohol & sodas, and have been eating more vegetables, went to a gastroenterologist who found nothing wrong with me, but I am still having problems. I’ve tried drugstore probiotics (Sustenex) and got temporary relief for a few weeks, and it seemed to stop working. I saw some pricey ones at my natural foods store, but I’m afraid to blow money on a product I know nothing about. Can you recommend a good probiotic?
    Also, I am curious about colonics but am a little wary because I have read they can also rid your system of good bacteria, and do more harm than good in the long term; what are your thoughts?
    Last question, I promise! I am not a believer in quick fixes, but I ordered the “Clean Program” book the other day because I thought it might be worth looking into; do you have any thoughts on this program? Any info you could share would be much appreciated, thanks!!

    • Hi Julia!
      I don’t think they will have good probiotics at the drugstore! Go to Wholefoods and get the kind that are in pearls. That way, they can pass through the stomach and actually make their way into the intestine, whereas other brands are usually eaten up in the stomach acid. With your bloating, it sounds like you definitely have a bacterial and yeast imbalance.
      Colonics are AMAZING!!!!!!!! After you have one, just take a probiotic, and you replace your friend flora. They do a TON of good and I can’t recommend them enough. They pull tons of waste matter out, and stuff that your body can’t pass on its own that is getting in they way. For someone like you, I definitely recommend them.
      Be sure to use the gravity colonic method- that is the one that uses continuous water to flush the system and doesn’t hurt.
      The Clean book is good to put info out there on drugs and chemicals, though I have different ideas about getting people started and food diets! 🙂
      Keep in touch and let me know how you do!!
      Love, Kimberly

      • Hi again Kimberly!
        I JUST found your reply- I forgot which I entry I hade commented on, haha! Thanks so much for the advice, I will definitely get a better probiotic, and will summon the courage to do the colonic. All the info in your blog has been so helpful to me the past few months, and I am spreading the word! Thanks 🙂

  6. Kimberly,
    Thank you SO MUCH for your response and offer to assist my efforts to help my son. I’m going to give the Vitamin A a try and then I’ll let you know. I want you to know how impressed I am with the quick delivery of The Solution to me. I’ve already started using it and absolutely love it! It’s really incredible that I could already be noticing a change! I am so energized by all your knowledge and tips. I went to Whole Foods with my list to get started on some of your suggestions! Thanks again for all you share!

    • Great Laura!! Glad you are making great food changes. 🙂
      Please keep up updated about your son!!
      xx Kimberly

  7. Hi Kimberly!
    I am so excited that I’ve found your product and your blog. I have been taking copious notes and am working on changing my diet to at least 50% raw. My question is specifically about my 9 year old son. He has it on his cheeks and I’m desperate to find something for his otherwise beautiful skin. He was born with such beautiful skin and then developed this on his cheeks several years ago. I refuse to use any chemical-based or prescription-based products on his young skin. Was wondering if you know anything about this and perhaps what we both can do for it. (I have it on my arms and have for years.) I’m open to any supplements or specific food/diet suggestions also. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.
    And thanks for what you’re doing for us all! I am amazed at what I have learned from reading your blog. I am hopeful that a book is in your future as well!!
    Thanks, Laura

    • Laura, I too suffered from the dreaded chicken bumps years ago on my arms and read somewhere (can’t remember where) that it is due to a Vitamin A deficiency. Voila, bumped up my Vit A and the bumps disappeared and have not returned. Occassionally I see them start to return and I take the Vit A and they are gone. I went to many, many dermatologists over the years to find a solution and nothing worked. I was so happy to find such an easy solution as the Vit A. Good luck,

      • Hey Julie and Laura,

        Thank you so much Julie for jumping in there. Hopefully your suggestions can help Laura’s son?? It does sound like it definitely be diet- based. I hope that the Vitamin A can help, as I am not that familiar with keratosis pilaris. Laura- Please let me know if it does continue. If so, I can reach out to some raw food doctors I work with, and see if they have any suggestions on the subject.

        Please keep in touch with me on how you and your son are doing!!
        All my best, Kimberly

      • Hello Ladies!

        Very useful info! Thank you!

        Also I have developed severe keratosis pilaris during the last 4 months on my legs and nothing helps. I also checked whether my daily vitamins include the vitamin “A” and it does: 150% daily value.

        Thus, for some reason I truly believe that my keratosis pilaris is somehow connected to the diet. I have been on macrobiotic diet for four months now. My keratosis pilaris woresens each day by spreading.

        If someone has any information what grain or vegetable may have trigered it I would greatly appreaciate.

        Thank you!

  8. Hi Kimberly,

    I know that sprouting seeds, nuts, and legumes are supposed to make them easier to digest and allow more nutrients to be absorbed into our system, and I LOVE sprouted lentils on my salad. However, 2-3 hours after consuming them, I get sharp, incredibly uncomfortable pains in my lower abdomen (I’m guessing my intestines), that last for hours and I also feel bloated. Cooked lentils only make me feel bloated and give me gas. Why is it that sprouted lentils are supposed to be easier for me to digest, but cooked ones give me less painful symptoms? I’ve heard people say that the more beans you eat, the easier it becomes for your system to tolerate them. I love sprouted lentils so much but the pain they give me is horrible!
    Is this a common reaction to eat sprouted beans?

    • Hi Sara,

      Oh no! That sounds horrible. It sounds like either way your body is saying no to lentils! Lentils are a protein- dominant legume that I have read can drain the body of water, and yes, throw the digestive tract out of whack. It is also a very difficult digestive mix, as they contain both the protein AND the starch – so that is one of the reasons they are so bloating!! When you cook food you denature the proteins. So maybe the reason it is less painful for you to cook the lentils is that you have denatured the proteins in this protein- dominant legume- though that’s not really great either!

      Can you switch to sprouted chickpeas? They have a higher ratio of fat to protein than spouted lentils, and may be easier to digest.
      Of course, the best spout to buy of all is coming into season NOW- the mighty sunflower sprout! If you ever see them you should buy them up and consume them as much as possible. They are incredibly healthy and mineralizing.
      Our bodies tell us so much. If your body is telling you to stay away from the lentils, I think you should try to as much as you can my dear Sara.
      There are so many other amazing foods out there.
      I used to think I couldn’t live without breakfast cereal and English muffins– but now I never, ever think of them!
      Let me know how you are doing in the future!

  9. Hi Kimberly,

    I know that sprouting seeds, nuts, and legumes are supposed to make them easier to digest and allow more nutrients to be absorbed into our system, and I LOVE sprouted lentils on my salad. However, 2-3 hours after consuming them, I get sharp, incredibly uncomfortable pains in my lower abdomen (I’m guessing my intestines), that last for hours and I also feel bloated. Cooked lentils only make me feel bloated and give me gas. Why is it that sprouted lentils are supposed to be easier for me to digest, but cooked ones give me less painful symptoms? I’ve heard people say that the more beans you eat, the easier it becomes for your system to tolerate them. I love sprouted lentils so much but the pain they give me is horrible!
    Is this a common reaction to eat sprouted beans?

  10. I found that my bloating was due to unsprouted grains and nuts. When I switched to using sprouted grain flour (Shiloh Farms) and sprouted nuts, the bloat went away and I dropped 35 pounds in three months. They say on the package that sprouted flour digests as a vegetable. Have you ever heard of this? I just found sprouted pretzels (Unique Essential Eating) at my health food store and they too say the flour digests as a vegetable. Would love to get your take. Thanks for the great article.

    • Hi Julie!

      That is a great thing to point out! I actually was planning one doing a follow up post on more specific foods, as the first blog I wrote was more about overarching reasons for chronic bloating.
      Sprouting your seeds and nuts is very important! That is awesome that you lost so much weight.

      I sparingly eat some sprouted bread, especially when I am traveling.
      However- grains are definitely not a stable of my diet (If anything I like the ancient grain quinoa in the winter and sometimes).
      Spouted flour and pretzels, while sprouted, are STILL processed. They are no longer living, like raw nuts and seeds. And they have nowhere near the mineralizing, alkalizing and beneficial of vegetables. By the way- even the term vegetable is a misleading term. It includes potatoes as well as romaine lettuce.
      Sure the flour may digest like a potato- but is a potato even like kale, chard, spinach??? I think not. And I do not consume potatoes!
      Those sprouted but still cooked grains will still leave behind residues that are difficult for the body to metabolize and detoxify.

      So in the world of worse, better, best: Worst: regular bread, Better, sprouted bread and sprouted flour products , Best, sprouted bread very sparingly!

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Thanks Kimberly for the response about sprouted whole grain flour and sprouted pretzels.

        You mentioned romaine lettuce and potatoes. I know about potatoes, but is romaine lettuce a bad veggie choice too?
        Thanks in advance,

      • HI Julie-
        Great to see you again! Oops sorry for being unclear. I was trying to say that within the huge umbrella of “vegetables” potatoes and romaine lettuce are polar opposites (or greens in general). Potatoes are hydridized starches, and greens are mineralizing and alkalizing veggies from heaven.

        So just try to use moderation with the sprouted grain products. And remember that greens are the most important food group in my opinion!! If you eat enough of them you will get balanced and not really want too much grain anyway. 🙂

        Keep in touch!

      • That is what I thought, but in our crazy food world, one never knows! Keep the good info coming!

  11. You have perfect timing,
    I’ve been continuously working at cleaning out the “crap food” and eating a more clean and colorful diet… I love the flavors and it really fills me up quick, but then the bloat comes and it is extremely painful! OUCH!!! I’ve been known to have some digestive problems in the past, but that’s a whole other story. I am unfamiliar with the gravity colonics and the probiotic supplements that you mention… can you give any insight? is there anything I can do at home or on the road?…. I travel a lot for my career.

    Most sincerely,

    Mary Cooper

    • Hi Mary!

      Check out my blogs called, “The Deep Healing of Colonics” and “Healing from the Gut.” There is some good info on colonics there- which I am a huge fan of!
      Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria which help clean the digestive tract and system, keep parasites at bay, and will help with bloating.
      Since you travel a lot (pilot, right?), if you go to Wholefoods or a healthfood store, there are brands that have individual “pearls” that you open up one a day for. That way you can still have them on hand instead of having to keep them in the fridge, like normal probiotics. I really recommend that you look into them.
      And of course wherever you are- still watch the food combining, the lemons to build up the HCI and the water with meals…

      Hope that helps and let me know how you do!!
      xx Kimberly

  12. Hi Kim

    Love your blog. Through your blog I have realised, food can be used for healing/getting certain conditions under control. I was wondering if you could suggest some foods I could add to my diet to control harmonal cystic acne?

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi EA!
      Yes, there is LOTS to talk about with acne!!
      I think I shall do a whole post on it. Look out for this Wed. or really soon!!
      xx Kimberly

  13. Great information, as always. I too have had ongoing “issues” with gas and bloat ever since changing my diet to a more plant-based one. Can you recommend a specific probiotic supplement that contains the bacteria you suggest?

    • Hi MO,
      Unfortunately there are a lot of not-go great brands.
      I’ve been trying a few…. Let me confirm this one good brand and get back to you!! I want to be extra sure for you.
      Kimberly 🙂

  14. Roots? Oh my God, that is so disgusting. I’m totally going to think of that the next time I’m craving something horrible and sugary.

    Great post!

  15. thanks!! i was waiting for this blog! Dairy was definitely causing me havoc. I changed my diet in January to macrobiotic and now not so strict but I’ve been eating a large amount of vegetables, limiting meat (every two days or so) and I still get some bloating and other gastrointestinal issues. having a bit of difficulty totally breaking down some stuff like kale. Yesterday I purchased Enzymedica DIGEST supplements…what are your thought of enzymes? effective? necessary?

    • Hi Kathy-ann,

      Still watch your food combining with macrobiotic! I know there are some meals that are like fish, steamed veggies and brown rice. So you’re sill putting the starch and protein in your belly at the same time.
      Kale can be very dense, so what’s good about the macrobiotic is the light steaming in that case…

      I would definitely recommend a probiotic for you, every day! It will help a lot.
      There are good enzymes and non-effective ones (and look out for what Envision Beauty is developing in the future! 🙂 ).
      I don’t know that particular brand but make sure it contains amylase, protease, and lipase.

      Let me know how you do!
      xx Kimberly

  16. thanks Kim!
    your explications are so claer and helpfull….as always!
    Being informed thrgogh your blog took me to be more conciuos about food combining, drinking water, adding lemons( now I m having my glass of water w lemon as a first thing!)….but I still bloat (without meat, milk, diary, refined foods, etc) so I am wondering if I dont suffer from Candida maybe, do yo recommend me any type of “medicine” to have?
    ps: The Solution is going great

    • Hi CB,
      About 85% of people can be low in HCI. How long have you been a vegetarian? Even from years of eating meat and other foods in the past, we could still be low in HCI. So add more of what I recommended, like the apple cider vinegar, etc. and fresh kale and other vegetable juices even.
      It sounds like you bloat after having veggies all the time- and that could be a sure sign.

      Also, remember that as raw foodists we are consuming a large amount of raw produce, so unless we wash 100% of the time really, really well, we may unknowingly consume some parasites or other worms. I recommend that you buy a really good Probiotic at a health food store and start taking one every single day. The good bacteria will help clean up your digestive tract and help your body combat poisons and parasites.

      Let me know how you do!
      All my very best,

  17. Great post!

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