Glow Inside & Out: Kimberly’s Glowing Green Smoothie(R)

October 9, 2008

For starters, do you feel like you could never, ever give up your morning coffee? Well, there is in fact a scientific reason for coffee “addiction”. The reason has to do with alkaloids- which are bitter organic compounds derived from plants bearing seed. Caffeine, morphine, cocaine, nicotine, are all alkaloids. Alkaloids give us a temporary high as acids are neutralized in the body and the blood is alkalized. What if you could feel like that all the time, without the horrible side effects (belly fat, energy slumps, um….illegal??)

Well, there really is a way to get a natural high (Yay!). Raw greens have the same effect as alkaloid substances, thereby giving your body the alkaloid stimulation it desires. The great news is that their high lasts much longer, and unlike the other aforementioned substances, greens soothe the nerves and calm the body.

Take two of these and call me in the morning.

Take two of these and call me in the morning.

By consuming a green smoothie, you are blending the greens, which is in essence “predigesting” the greens. Many of the important nutrients in greens are encased inside plant cells and getting their benefits requires these cells’ walls to be ruptured. So blending allows the food to be ingested as a whole vegetable with fiber intact (as opposed to juicing), so you feel FULL from the fiber and are able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrition from your greens. Plus, you are getting more greens than you would probably get in a day…or in a few days!

It takes only a few minutes to prepare this amazing green smoothie:

1 1/2 cups water
1 head organic romaine lettuce, chopped
3-4 stalks organic celery
1/2 head of a large bunch or 3/4 of a small bunch of spinach
1 organic apple, cored and chopped
1 organic pear, cored and chopped
1 organic banana
Juice of 1/2 fresh organic lemon

1/3 bunch organic cilantro (stems okay)
1/3 bunch organic parsley (stems okay)

Add the water and chopped head of romaine to the blender. Starting the blender at low speed, mix until smoothi. Gradually moving to higher speeds, add the celery, apple and pear. Add the cilantro and parsley, if you are choosing to add them. Add the banana and lemon juice last.

This smoothie tastes yummy. The fruit and lemon cut right though the grass taste.

Feel free to mix and match different greens and fruits, as these two specific food groups combine well.


  1. Hey Kimberly,
    I never thought a day would come when my teen-aged daughters would request a breakfast of greens. I have been making the green smoothie, or some variation of it, for about a month now and can’t imagine having any other breakfast. I make two batches in the morning, one for my daughters and one for myself. The batch for my girls is a little more fruit heavy than the one for me. A typical smoothie for my girls consists of strawberries, pomegranate (whole foods sells bag of frozen pomegranate), apple, spinach, celery, romaine, sprouts, broccoli, flax, and coconut water. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear them request it for breakfast!!
    Thank you for the green smoothie education and I am looking forward to getting your book in the mail soon!!!

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    I love your blog! Quick question: can you use frozen bags of organic fruit in the green smoothie, or does the fruit have to be fresh?


  3. Hi Kimberly,

    You speak about the alkaloids in coffee, etc. giving us a temp. high, doesn’t cacoa do the same thing? I feel there is a lot of difference of opinion about he health benefits vs. the depletion and addiction that chocolate can create. would love your view.

  4. That celery is just beauiful! I have been doing green smoothies for a couple of weeks experimenting, and I love it! I’ve lost 5 pounds and feel great. I plan to continue ongoing……..try it you’ll love what it does for you!

  5. Hi Kim! I’m so happy I found your blog! I’ve battled cronich stomcach conditions all my life and the Glowing Smoothie is already helping. I’m a big fan of swiss chard and I was wondering if I could use it in place of the romaine lettuce? I don’t have romaine in my fridge all the time, but I always have swiss chard. Thanks for all your helpful tips!

  6. Hello, I just found your site and am already hooked on the great nutrition advice. (can’t wait to try the smoothie and The Solution) Can you tell me how long will the smoothie last in the refrigerator if I make enough to last me a couple of days. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  7. Best you could make changes to the page title Glow Inside & Out: Kimberly’s Glowing Green Smoothie(R) Kimberly Snyder's Health and Beauty Blog to something more catching for your webpage you write. I enjoyed the post still.

  8. Hey Kim,
    Thank you for the education. I bought a Vitamix two days ago and am so happy to know that my kids will be getting lottsa fruits and veggies everyday, with no complaining because the smoothies are yummy. The green smoothie is delicious and it feels so good knowing that I am drinking something so healthy!
    Warm regards!

  9. Loved the green smoothie!! Really thnx for sharing and all the best!

    ps~ I made pictures of it!

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  11. hi kim
    i have been making the green smoothie for 3 days now and i use spinach instead of romaine lettuce as i cant find it in the supermarket and i also cant find cilantro(i live in new zealand)
    Also i am using a cheap blender which blends everything ok but it comes out thick and its difficult to drink i do end up drinking it all because i dont wanna waste it and i notice that i feel better during the day and i feel like i have more energy but my question for u is:
    Is it ok if i use a cheaper blender and get enough benefits from just using that? as the vitamax is extremey pricey here in new zealand maybe with the shipping costs etc im not sure? i saw the 5200 models priced as $1499 NZD couldnt believe it so u can understand why i wouldnt wanna buy it..lol.
    thanks kim and love your blog by the way 🙂

    • lilly,
      i am an Aussie who lives in the States and has just recent become a fan and reader of Kimberly’s website. i saw your question regarding Cilantro. it is Coriander to us. So i hope that clarifies that for you, as Coriander is typically very easy to get in Aust and NZ 🙂

    • If you can find a Magic Bullet blender or an Oster, they work just as well as a Vitamax at a quarter of the cost.

  12. I have a question…
    I drink green smoothies every morning. My favorite is your ultimate green smoothie. I drink two pint sized mason jars of it.I am famished by eleven o’clock. Should I keep drinking green smooothies, or should i eat some more solid foods? I am about 75% raw, and I eat a lot of veggies and fruit. Can hunger be a detox symptom? How many good oils and nuts are good in one day?

  13. I have a question…
    I drink green smoothies every morning.My favorite is your ultimate green smoothie, and I drink two pint mason jars of it. By eleven o’clock I am famished!!!! Should I drink more green smoothies or eat more solid food? Is hunger a detox sypmtom when eating a lot of veggies and fruit? And how many fats and nuts do you recommend in a day. I do have olive oil, coconut oil, pumkin seeds and sunflower seeds in a usual day. How much is enough?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Pam,
      Thanks for reaching out and emailing. I can’t really give you a food plan or recommend serving sizes without doing a full and personalized consultation for you. I generally recommend limiting all oil though and not having more than one handful or so a day- again depending on your size and lifestyle.
      Take care and all my best!

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  15. Hi Kimberly,
    You are amazing! I wanted to know what your opinion of mushrooms is—i realize its an extensive subject-but do you approve of some for health and nutrition?
    And what do you think of lucuma powder as a sweetener?

  16. Hi Kim! Great blog. I am trying to get more raw food in my diet, but I couldn’t go completely raw food! 🙂 ……But I said that it seems to hard to get rid of meat when I went veggie, HA!

    In this green smoothie, could you put flaxseeds in it too?

    • I’ve been drinking my Green Smoothie everyday for over a week now! I broke out a day or two after I started. Were the toxins being released from my skin? They’re gone now, and my skin does has more of a glow. 🙂 I feel great! I eat cooked food still, such as quinoa, dal, and other indian food. Being a college student, I have to live off beans and things that are cheap and can be made in bulk. Fruits and veggies all day can get expensive. I do have another question though; is a raw food diet compatible with high intensity cardio?

      • I meant, there were skin eruptions on my arms, chest, neck, and back.

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  18. Hi Kim,
    can i ask what kind of apples you use in your green smoothie? i feel like green apples are best to use, since they’re green, but gala apples are sweeter. what kind do you use?

    • Hi! I am not Kim, but I saw on a video that you can use a variety of apples, so Gala is fine. It is recommended to switch it up though, so that you get a variety of fruits and veggies. 🙂

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  21. Kimberly, I hope to get a response from the pro (you:) I have been drinking green smoothies EVERY morning for 4 weeks now. My cravings have terribly increased! I crave sugar! my hubby craves carbs! Please give us some advise :\


    • Hi Terri,
      I would need to look at your overall diet and see what you are eating and were eating in the past. If you would like to learn more about a consultation, which may be very helpful to you, please email info@kimberlysnyder.net.
      Sugar cravings and carb cravings indicate an imbalance. The first thing is to be sure you are taking a good probiotic every day to balance yeasts and bad bacteria in your body that can “feed” off the sugar and want more. Try drinking some Kombucha sometimes (the low sugar varieties). Don’t consume too much salt! Check out my blog on the sugar-salt connection.
      Take care!! xx Kimberly

      • We changed abruptly meaning; drinking a 20 oz green smoothie every single morning on an empty stomach (took your advice) seems like we are eating less food…anyhoo thanks for the tip; Probotic & some Komucha (have to look where or how to make this drink??)

        I hope that you plan on writing a book 🙂 !! Thanks again Kimberly, I appreciate all that you do! 🙂


      • Hi Kimb

        Could you suggest a good probiotic?

        Thank you,


  22. WoW! Such great tips! I’ve become quite a green smoothie fanatic this past year. And eating probably 80% raw. What a life improvement. Your tips are so helpful. Thank you!
    I love that I have gotten off of caffeine and have more energy than ever. Also the tingly feeling after filling up on a smoothie rather than the food coma one gets after a big cooked meal. blah. I’m looking forward to more of your posts!

  23. Hi Kimberly,
    I love your blog and all the helpful information. I want to try your green smoothie but it seems to be a lot. How many servings does this make? Do you drink all of this every morning? I didn’t want to make too much. Thanks

    • Hi Bobbi,
      It does make a lot. Please see my other blogs on “green smoothie tips” which answer all these questions!
      xx Kimberly

  24. Just wondering: how can I incorporate coconut oil into a green smoothie and if so, how much?

    thanks again for your great information!

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  26. Thank you for all of the info that you post, since I am a newbe I am trying to get as much info as I can! Purchased a Vitamix and love Green smmothies yum 3rd day! 🙂 I do have a few questions:

    Which Probotic is a good one?

    How can I rid the bloating/gas from the green smoothies?

    Thanks, I am so glad that I found youe website!

  27. What are your thoughts about adding ‘coconut oil’ to this smoothie? And omitting the banana and replacing with pear?

    • There is pear in it love. I wouldn’t do the coconut oil in this one- no need. Some people tell me they like it, but I personally don’t put it in!

  28. Hi Kimberly,

    I’ve tried the green smoothie and I’m LOVING it! I’ve been working on overhauling my diet with more greens for quite some time and the green smoothie really helps.

    I had a few of questions:

    1) Would you recommend having this smoothie twice a day (every single day, that is – I love it that much…)? In other words, downing an entire blender’s worth in two servings.

    2) Could I make this into a daily meal replacement(s) by adding raw hemp powder?

    3) Lastly, how far should I go with adding extra nutrients/supplementation to the green or detox smoothie? I have raw hemp powder, spirulina, bee pollen, wheat grass powder, flax oil, you name it; is it okay to add ALL of the above to the smoothie mix or would that be overkill?

    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful recipes and nutritional insight 🙂


    • Hi Angie, you should have the Green Smoothie first thing in the morning when you get hungry. You could have it again later on in the afternoon, at least 3 hours after lunch. I used to put hemp powder and all that stuff in my smoothie- but I now I don’t add a thing. Instead, you can put hemp seeds in your salads and ground flaxseed in your salads, the way I do. The less you put in your smoothie the faster it will go through your body and digest- giving you energy! Which is why we are blending the food in the first place- so our body doesnt’ have to work so hard to get all the nutrition.
      xx Kimberly

      • Thanks for the tips, Kimberly! The green smoothie is officially my favorite meal of the day 🙂

      • Yay! Mine too. 😉

  29. Hey Kimberly! I heard about your Ultimate Green Smoothie from some friends. Are all of the above amounts for the ingredients for one smoothie? I was also wondering if making a large quantity of this smoothie for a weeks supply would be ok or if it would just taste bad as the days go by.

    • Hi love, there is a blog I wrote on Tips for the Green Smoothie about how much to make and how to store, etc. Search the blog and it will pop up! xx Kimberly

  30. Hi Kimb! Can these green smoothies put on weight?
    I have been been drinking 1 litre of green smoothie per day for about 7 weeks now and I am feeling great, but I’ve gained about 2 kg. It is not 2 kg in fat, it is muscle, but still I am bit worried!
    I am eating exactly the same I was eating before including the green drinks in my diet. I guess that’s why I gained a bit of weight, because I am including more carbohydrate in my diet??

    Thank you,

    • HI Susana!
      It sounds like you are putting on some water weight. Are you drinking the Green Smoothie as a meal replacement, or having it FIRST in the morning and on an empty stomach? It is very alkaline, and can kick up a lot of waste. Be sure that you are going to the bathroom a lot. Sometimes people hold on to more water in the beginning, as our body holds water to try to neutralize the acidic waste that comes up. Drink lots of water. Generally the weight will fall off, and much more!
      xx Kimberly
      PS-If you are having the Green Drinks you should be eating less of other foods in the morning, not “exactly the same” as you said!

      • Hi Kimb!
        Thank you very much for your kind reply!
        Yes, I have been drinking the 500 ml of Green Smoothie first think in the morning on an empty stomach and then I have cereals 20 minutes after.
        Actually I feel more hungry in the morning, after drinking the Smoothie but I haven’t increased the amount of cereals!
        And then I usually drink another 500ml during the afternoon while I am in office.
        Shall I just drink 500 ml per day?

        Thank you!

  31. Hi Kim,
    I just got home from a free raw food class put on at my local health food store and the lady teaching was talking about green juice. She showed us how to make it and talked about all of the benefits. I’ve been on the “glowing green smoothie” for 3 weeks now and am in love! It has truly changed me. She seemed to think that the green juice was better for you than the smoothie. I know I need to decide for myself, but what is your opinion? I just hate to see all of the pulp and fiber wasted! What do you think? Thank you, thank you!

  32. Hello Kimberly,

    I ran across your site on the internet. I have enjoyed reading about your approach to nutrition and wellness and viewing some of your instructional videos on youtube. I am a very busy executive and travel weekly. I (and two of my eager colleagues) are interested in working together to end our bad habits and attain a more mindful and optimal level of health and nutrition. Are you available for a private small group consultation or do you have recommendation for a group of busy professional women who want to structure a sustainable program and support one another in the process?

    Thank you for your help and guidance…and for all the good work you do.

    With gratitude,

  33. Hi Kimberly
    Great talking to you tonight. We are thrilled to getting started with you! Thank you for your time and patience-

  34. I’m very excited to try the green smoothie next weekend! This is an odd question but I’m sure others are wondering the same thing, to be “regular” would it be normal to go only in the morning or does the green smoothie make you go throughout the day (I’d prefer to just go in the morning while I’m at home and not super busy).

    I’m an extremely picky eater so I’m trying to figure out things slowly. I discovered I do not like almond butter very much, is there a way to make it taste better?

    You are so inspiring!

    • It depends on your body! But any time we feel the urge to go to the bathroom, the REST of the world must STOP!! We want to go as much as humanly possible, to detox as much as we can!! Many people start going more when they have the smoothie, which is a very good thing!

      If you don’t like almond butter, skip it! It is not necessary at all for consumption or health.

      Let me know how you do! xx Kimberly

  35. Kimberly, love your site and your smoothies! Question I had is are there certain fruits you should not use in these? I’ve heard some fruits should be eaten apart from veggies. Would mango or pineapple be ok?

    • Hi love, don’t include melon. Pineapple would be okay. 🙂

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  37. HI Kimberly,

    I have really been enjoying your blog lately and your recipes. I have a few questions. Do you ever add any protein powder (hemp i believe is what you have mentioned previously)or flax seed oil to your green smoothies? How does this affect them? Also what do you feel about Psyllium husk for extra fiber?

    Thanks in advance for the feeback!

    • HI Lesley, I don’t add hemp anymore b/c I like the produce on its own, and it also digests faster. I use hemp in other smoothies, like a fatty fruit one (acai or coconut, etc.).
      I put flax oil in the Detox Smoothie and you could put it here if you like. Psyllium has to be used with caution b/c it bulks so much- not for everyday use. If you add a lot of it and don’t pull it out, it could bulk up so much it ends up backing you up even more.
      xx Kimberly

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  39. I LOVE your blog! I found it through your post on Bag Snob and have been devouring your archives. I just made this smoothie for the first time and it is delicious. I was extremely skeptical, but I think this will become a regular in my diet. I did it just like you said except for adding some collard/spring greens that I had left over from New Years Day. Thanks for sharing this very do-able smoothie!

  40. I’m going to give this a shot and buy the ingredients on Monday. I could be the poster child for coffee addition. Really. I did recently get down to 1/2 decaf though, so at least I’m somewhat halfway there… okay, those are excuses. I’m anxious to see how I do with this, maybe twice a day or is that too much… first things first… I will try it in the morning. Thanks for reposting this link today!

  41. I’ve been drinking the green smoothie for a few months now and I LOVE them. Recently I found that they taste much better if I sub in cocnout water instead of filtered water. Is this a bad idea or is using coconut water ok?

    Thanks for all your words of wisdom. You’re a true inspiration to us all=)

    • Thanks Christy!!! 🙂 You guys inspire me too!
      That is wonderful to use the coconut water if it works for you!

  42. Hey Kim,
    Thanks for the great advice on the green smoothie — because of your blog, I have gotten into green smoothies for breakfast and it’s making a noticeable difference in my day. I’ve been having the one from your recipe and loving it, but when law school/life gets busy, I’ve been buying Green Food Juice from Trader Joes. What do you think of this alternative? I’m sure it’s not as ideal as making it yourself, but is this an alright alternative for busy mornings?

    thanks, Shannon

    • Hi Love, I am not a big fan of pasteurized juices. They are acidic and DEAD. If you are busy, I would say you are better off grabbing some fruit and celery sticks. At least it is living food and will still cleanse your body and support you!
      xx Kimberly

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  44. Hi Kimberly!

    I love this smoothie! Every day that I am able to start with a green smoothie I have more energy than other days and feel amazing. I have a couple questions…

    First, when I am out and about what is a good alternative to the smoothie? How do you feel about the Naked Juice/ Odwalla green juices?

    Second, do you recommend juice fasting as a way to cleanse? Have you heard about the Blueprint Cleanse specifically?

    Thank you so much! Have a lovely day!

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  46. Kim! I’m so excited that I found your blog! I’ve been stuck in a caffeine addicted cycle for 10 years! Green-smoothie-powered yoga class for me tonight! 🙂 Thank you, and I can’t wait to discover more on your site! I can’t stop the exclamation points! 😉

    • Hi Margo! Great! I’m excited you found my blog also. 🙂 come visit me again soon! xx Kimberly

  47. Hi Kimberley!
    Just wanted to say you are a great example of what a healthy raw foodist should be! You glow, you are slender without seeming skinny! I love your recipes and videos! All in all I look forward to following you in your blog!!!

    Thank you!!!

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  49. Hello Kimberly,

    I LOVE your site!!! I was immediately drawn to the green smoothie and then i just tried it this morning – disaster…maybe not enough water. I blended the ingredients as you stated and ended up with a sludge like consistency. I added more water – maybe not enough still – what do you recommend – i am using a blender

  50. hi kimberly i just happened to click on your website when i was browsing detox smoothies… i was wondering if you can send me an email describing your green smoothie and your detox smoothie… how much and how many times a week do you drink each one?? where could i purchase tumeric?? and i was also wondering if you can send me your yoga video… i used to practice it in high school but since college havent had the money to invest… i greatly appreciate your time and helpfullness…im trying to get my mind and body back into shape…thanx a bunch

    • Hi Claudia! The yoga video is not done yet but when it is done I’ll announce it here. There are several blogs I have on the Green Smoothie- and they answer your questions. 🙂
      xx Kimberly

  51. Good morning kimberly!
    I Love your blog! So I decided to start making the Green smoothie for me and my BF, I made it last night, left it in the fridge and drank it this morning. Well tried to drink it. It was really thick and I couldnt get past the texture. Although the taste was yummy! lol So is this smoothie supposed to be that thick? (like baby food) Or is this my blender??

    • OH, never mind! =] Read a comment down there with the same question…. got the answer I needed! Thanks anyways!!

  52. I just came upon your website and just purchased a Kitchenaid to make smoothies. I have autoimmune issues (hashi thyroid and celiac), a vegatarian and have recently lost weight due to changing my thryoid medication and back spasms. Have had an Ultrasound and an MRI which were both negative, but still suffer from nauseau every day.

    Will this receipe help me to gain weight and do you have any other suggestion.

    Also, allergic to banana’s….. will that make a big difference?

    • Hi Marty-
      With all your specific health issues, you should definitely consult your doctor about your diet. I can say in general the Green Smoothie will help balance and alkalize the diet- and it can be made without the banana. If the banana is not in it, I would recommend putting in an extra apple or pear. Raw nuts- nut pates, young coconuts, avocados in higher quantities are generally recommended for gaining weight.
      good luck and let me know how you do!

  53. Hi Kimberly,
    I just descovered your blog and it is great.
    What I am getting from the green smoothie is that
    it will help with skin issues, but will it help support the adrenals and tyroid?

    • Hi Cindi!
      Yes, when your body is all over more alkaline and balanced all the organs will benefit and the body works more as an efficiently working machine. 🙂
      What else will be good for your thyroid are sea vegetables like Dulse, which you can get at the health food store. You can throw them in salads, and they add a nice salty flavor, and tons of minerals like iodine and magnesium. 🙂 xx Kimberly

      • Thank you! I went to the local health food store and purchased Dulse. I put it on both my salad and my sons salad.
        I loved it and my son ate it and never sad anything about it tasting different. YA

      • HI Cindi, Wow, that’s great! Really a great way to add more minerals to any meal. 🙂
        xx Kimberly

  54. Hi Kimberly,

    I am allergic to gluten so I have to be creative in my cooking ( I have 3 kids). I do love this green smoothie, but since taking it – only for 2 days…. I have been extremely dizzy and light headed… is this normal. I couldn’t even drive my 17 yr old daughter had to drive me home.

    • Hi Corrie!
      Being dizzy and light-headed is a definite cleansing response. The Green Smoothie is so alkaline and cleansing that it can stir up a lot of toxicity, which can cause the dizziness. If that happens, you can slow down the cleansing response by eating something heavier afterwards, like a piece of sprouted bread, celery sticks with almond butter, or whatever you like for breakfast. Over time, as your body gets more alkaline, those responses should minimize, but if it is really bad you should talk to your doctor!

      Keep in touch and let me know how you do.
      xx Kimberly

  55. Dear Kimberly,
    Do I need to add water to the green smoothie if I juice it? And what do you think of adding the powdered green drinks to the smoothie if they are raw? Thank you 🙂

    • Hey Donna,
      Yes! The smoothie needs 1 1/2 -2 cups of water so it blends correctly.
      Powdered green drinks are great options to have when you are in a bind or when you are traveling. However, if you are eating a fresh, raw, enzyme-filled green smoothie, they are not really necessary to add to that.
      Come visit me again!
      xx Kimberly

  56. How much of the smoothi eshould I drink each morning

    • Start out drinking one full glass every morning, and see how you feel. If you feel nauseous or light headed, eat something heavier afterwards.

  57. hi kimberly!

    i stumbled upon your website and am so intrigued by your beauty product and philosophy to health and beauty. i’m moving to nyc soon and can’t wait to purchase the solution.

    i’m a really new yogi, i started doing yoga just in february this year and i’ve fallen in love with it ever since. i’ve never liked the gym, having tried rather fruitlessly over the years to try and use one to tone up and lose the junk, but i always ended up leaving the gym feeling rather silly. i then discovered yoga, and through that lost a lot of my excess weight i’ve been trying to lose for years! yoga also led me to slowly purge out the bad food in my lifestyle – my tongue now craves things like oatmeal and wholewheat and greens, instead of oily fried things.

    i’d like to get more serious in my practice but i find it hard to – my yoga class doesn’t really dive into the history of poses or the exact technique to do them.. i guess because they are rather large (the classes, i mean). do you have any tips on how i can into a more deeper understanding and serious practice? i would like to be able to do yoga everyday but i never know what to do, or where to start.

    i’ve lost most of the weight i’ve wanted to lose, but i’m finding it hard to build up muscles and tone. do you have any tips? should i be eating more of a certain kind of food, drink, etc? do i really need to go to the gym to get me some muscles? 😦

    i really love what you’re doing here. you have this light about you in all your photos that really glows. thanks for inspiring xo

    ps: do you have a mailing list i could sign up for?

    • HI Shannon!
      Thanks for your kind words! I know exactly what you are talking about. You have moved past the gym! Yoga will be able to give you what you need, but it is helpful to incorporate going on beautiful and refreshing walks, like I do. You should be having a lot more greens in your life, check out this very recipe for the Green Smoothie!
      I also have a good blog called, “The First Dozen: Easy Weight Loss Tips.”
      Try to have only organic sources of sodium- like sea vegetables, celery etc. and occasionally just Celtic sea salt. There are tons of other eating tips around the blog…so read on.

      As for yoga, I know! there are many shallow classes out there where the teachers have not studied any sanskrit or scriptures. Be sure to read these 3 books: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramanhansa Yogananda, Light on Yoga, by B.K.S Iyengar, and the Yoga Sutras, with commentary by Swami Satchidananda.

      I have a yoga video coming out soon! So you’ll have to check it out. It has a strong series.
      A home practice is really great. Start with some breathing, some sun salutations, then you can move into a series that you like, that you did in class, or whatever. Be sure that you really are working on your breathing and meditate at the end. It is better to do some simple poses and hold (Warrior 1, 2, 3, etc.) then try to do a ton quickly…but for the mind and the toning of the body!
      I will add you to the mailing list!

      Thanks so much for coming by. I hope this helps, and let me know how you do with everything.
      OM Shanti,

  58. I juice the green smoothie and add frozen raspberries to it to make it more like a slushie. With the juicing should I add the water? I haven’t been and I really like the way it tastes and how I feel since starting the smoothies everyday. I am going try the weekly detox in my juicer too. I don’t have a very good blender so i have to use my juicer.

  59. My sister and I have been making the smoothie (romaine, cilantro, parsley, pear, apple etc.) and drinking it every day. However, we have both noticed that our appetite has increased tremndously and we are craving sweets–is this normal?


    • Hi Sheri

      YES that is totally normal. Part of the cleansing process means that old poisons, and cravings get kicked back up, as we have “awakened” those poisons, who are now in our blood and circulation and brought to the forefront. The Green Smoothie, with a ton of alkaline greens and strongly cleansing fruits, can do that.
      If you are hungry after the Green Smoothie have something more dense afterwards, like some nuts or an avocado. There are many stages of cleansing, so it may subside for a while, then come back unexpectedly. Just continue as best you can! And remember that your body is going through a transition.
      The fact that you are feeling these things means that you are indeed stirring things up. I would take a good probiotic every day. A gravity-centered colonic wouldn’t be a bad idea either, to help remove more toxins. However, if you are progressing nicely by slowing the cleansing process down when you need to = like I told you, by adding some heaviness or cooked food afterwards as you feel, then you may feel okay at the moment. Just make sure you are going to the bathroom regularly!
      On that note, 🙂 I’ll say goodbye for now but please keep in touch as to how you are doing!
      Love, Kimberly

  60. I found the flax oil in Shaws Market , in the organic section by the vitamins. I’m doing the detox smoothie once a week and the green smoothie each morning for breakfast. I have mixed up the fruits and it’s delicious! It’s definitely trimming down my stomach. Look forward to more recipes. I’m wondering where I get get acai though. Haven’t been able to find it yet. Any helpful hints would be great! Thanks! Lynn

    • Hey Lynn, you should be able to get Acai at Wholefoods in the freezer section! Try to get the raw, unsweetened kind.
      xx Kimberly

  61. Question, I eat alot of cabbage soup, the liquid is v-8 juice. I use green beans, carrots, celery and tomatoes with the cabbage. I use your smoothie, I can’t find flax oil for detox. Is there anything I can use in place of this. Also, will this really help me lose my belly fat that has accummulated.
    Thanks alot, Larry.

    • Hey Larry,
      If you are trying to lose weight, I would really focus on the Green Smoothie to start for now, and not even worry about the Detox Smoothie.
      V-8 juice is NOT the same. It is a pre-packaged, bottled juice full of sodium, and is pasteurized- meaning it has been heated to really high temperatures to kill possible bacteria so they can sell it on shelves. Unfortunately, with the heating process much of the nutrition and ALL of the enzymes have been destroyed. It is no longer a living, healing drink.
      It is certainly better than drinking a martini or a Diet Coke, but don’t think you are getting adequate nutrition from it at all!! If it keeps you from drinking something worse, then its okay, otherwise I really don’t recommend it.

      As you get more alkaline, your belly fat will start to diminish. You have to be sure you are cleansing properly at the same time, by also taking a probiotic every day, going to the bathroom a lot, etc. The Green Smoothie will help with that b/c it has so much fiber.

      Be sure to work out sensibly, and don’t drink liquids with meals. Your food won’t digest as much and you will gain weight.
      Also check out my blog, “The First Dozen: Easy Weight Loss Tips.”
      You’ll get more good ideas there to lose the belly!
      All my very best and please keep in touch,

  62. What kind of blender do you use. I bought a new blender to purposely make this and it burned it up.I switched to my small food processor and had to process for 10 minutes to get it finely pureed or chopped. It tastes good a little gritty but good. What type do you recommend?

    • I have the same question as Cindy, and you didn’t reply in your blog.
      Maybe you can reply by email.

      What brand or power or size blender do you recommend?

      Have you tried getting the same smooth results with a food processor?

      • Hi John,

        No a food processor would not be ideal for the Green Smoothie at all!
        I recommend the Vitamix, and it is possible to get a refurbished one on their website, which is a bit cheaper. It is still pricey though ($300+), but it will last forever, is so easy to clean, and makes the smoothie smooth in like 30 seconds.

        There are probably some less powerful but decent and cheaper brands out there- but I am so in love with my Vitamix I’ve never used anything else!

        Let me know how you do with the blender situation.
        All my very best, Kimberly

    • Hi Cindy, if you can get a refurbished Vitamix that would be the best! It is kind of pricey at $300+ but it will last forever. If that isn’t possible right now, get something that is more than a $60 Oystertag blender, something in between. Also try chopping your stuff up pretty finely before you stick it in there. Be sure to add the water first!
      xx Kimberly

      • I just bought the oster classic beehive blender. My old blender couldn’t handle all the veggies. This one is simple and powerful. Plus it’s only about $60.

      • Hi Sue Ellen,
        That’s great! Good to know, and I will keep that in mind to pass on to others.
        Come visit again!
        xx Kimberly

  63. Hi Kimberly-

    I saw you on GMA this past weekend, and just made the green smoothie today. I love the IDEA of drinking it, but I am having difficulty actually doing it. I am thinking it is the texture more than the taste that is bothering me. I have an ordinary kitchen blender and I don’t think it blends as well as the commercial blenders. What is your thought on this? Do I need to invest in a better blender?

    Thank you!

    • HI Jane,
      If it is too thick and your blender can’t get it smooth- it will be nasty!! A $60 Oystertag blender probably isn’t strong enough. When its smooth you can drink it really easily when it is cold.

      A good blender is pretty important for this and your health!! I recommend the Vitamix, and they have refurbished ones that are cheaper. It’s kind of pricey though still ($300 something), so if that’s not an option there’s probably a better one that is in between.

      Let me know how you make out and if you have any other questions!
      xx Kimberly

  64. I’m excited to start with the Green Smoothie ever morning! Currently, I’m mixing “Green Vibrance” with 2 ounces of acai juice and 6 cups of water. Can I add the “Green Vibrance” to the smoothie? Can I discontinue the Green Vibrance all together?
    Thanks…. and I’m really glad I discovered your website!! Amy

  65. Hi Kimberly,
    This is the 65 year old lady who don’t like veg., I made the drink this morning, closed my eyes, while my husband and 15 year old daughter watch me drink it, the drink was good, this is a good way I can get my veg. I have a question, if I have the drink in the morning can I work out at the gym for 2 hours , can it give me enough energy?

    • Hi Annie,
      That’s great!! I’m glad you like it.

      Yes to your gym question. The smoothie will give you enough energy to go to the gym, and you can eat afterwards. This would be the best thing to have…you don’t need eggs and heavy food like that before you go to the gym, as 50% of your body’s energy would then be directed to digestion! And you want to maximize your energy to burning calories and building muscle at the gym.

      Keep in touch!
      Love, Kimberly

  66. can you please tell me if I can drink this smoothie and will it clean me out. I nhave high blood pressure and need to loss about 40 pound. @Will this help me get on the right road to a health me at 57 years old.

    • Hi Donna,
      It is hard for me to give personal advice to someone I haven’t had a consultation with, since I don’t know your health and diet background.
      But the high amount of greens will help with your blood pressure, and if you have this Green Smoothie as the first meal of the day, consistently, you should definitely lose weight.

      Stick to it consistently, and this will get you on the right path! It is important to think of the road to health as a ladder…you climb up one rung by one, and don’t do anything too drastic, and you will make permanent changes that will have long-term benefits.
      Let me know how you do!
      xx Kimberly

  67. Where do you buy hemp seeds for the green smoothie?

    • Hi Cynthia- Hemp seeds can be found at Wholefoods or any health store like that! You can also order them online in bulk.

  68. Hi,
    I just saw you on TV, the morning show. I don’t eat veg. I just have a hang up about veg. Looking at your drink I think I will try it. I never eat vegetables of any kind, my husband and 15 year old daughter is begging me to try it.

    • Hi Annie,

      Well I hope that the Green Smoothie will help get some veggies into your diet!! Very important.
      And wow, your daughter wants to try it at 15 years old?? That is just awesome. She sounds just wonderful, my kind of kid!!
      Let me know how you like it!
      xx Kimberly

  69. I wanted a copy of the green smoothie recipe that was presented on the ABC news on July 11, 2009. Please e-mail it to me.
    Thank you,

  70. Hi Kimberly..I really enjoyed your segment on Good Morning America this morning..the green smoothie looks like something I would like to try. I am very conscious of eating lots of fruits and vegetables, each day..In fact, most of the ingredients of your green smoothie are in my daily diet…Would it be wise to drink this smoothie in addition to my regular diet of fruits and vegetables? I tend to prefer to eat, rather than drink…I am counting calories, how many calories are in this green smoothie? Thanks so much..Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Judy!

      What’s great about the smoothie is that you are “pre-digesting” the greens by blending them, so your body doesn’t have to work to absorb all the minerals and nutrients, and you get way more greens in one drink, than from eating a salad even! So I recommend it even if your diet is great, even if you do it only a few times a week- for you.
      You don’t have to count calories when you are eating something raw and fresh that doesn’t have any oil in it, and digests so quickly through the body!
      I’m sure it is very low b/c its mostly greens, then just some fruit.
      Let me know how you do!
      xx Kimberly

  71. Kimberly,
    I want to know if its ok to have the Green Smoothie and be Breast feeding? Thanks

    • Hi Andrea,
      I would think the Green Smoothie would be great for pregnant women, because it is just greens, lemon and fruit! So there is a lot of great nutrition!
      But I would check with your doctor first- just as you would with starting anything new when you’re pregnant. 🙂

      All my best and please come visit again!
      xx Kimberly

  72. You referred to a Detox Smoothie, doing it every Sunday, what’s different in the Detox Smootie from the Green Smoothie?

  73. I know this smoothie makes 4 servings. How many servings should I drink for breakfast? Also home many servings should I drink for 1 whole day? Thank You. Cindy Staten Island

  74. When you say a large glass or you referring to 8oz, 12oz, 16oz.

    • Hi Marlene,
      A large glass would be at least 16 ounces!

  75. The recipe seems like it would make a lot. How much are you to drink in one sitting. How many servings per recipe? I am always in a rush in the morning…can you save it in the refrigerator for a couple of days?

  76. I read about the green smoothie about 3 weeks ago and was unsure how I would like it. I have to say I am ADDICTED to it. I have a green smoothie every day now. I even got my daughter to drink it which is a miracle as she shuns almost anything green! I haven’t ventured out and tried variations yet- I’m so stuck on this recipe, but I am looking forward. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

    • Hi Din, That’s wonderful!! I’m so happy that even your daughter drinks it. Starting good habits early!! 🙂
      xx Kimberly

  77. Hey!

    I live in Kolkata, India, and it’s really hard to find organic stuffs here. For the green smoothie, is it ok to use the everyday kinds and not the organic ones? Will this decrease the nutritional benefits? Thanks, ❤

    • Hi Rimi,
      If you have no access to organic, just be sure to wash your produce really well (even soak it for a while) with even a few drops of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in there (if you have access) as a natural cleaner, to get as much of the fertilizers and pesticides off. You will still get tons of benefits, don’t worry!! And great for you to be doing this in India! This is quite a different meal than the wonderful (but much harder to digest and super cooked!) daahl and rice meals you might otherwise be having. You will be the most vibrant woman in Kolkata. So yay!!
      xx Kimberly

  78. Hi Kimberly,

    I returned from Peru with serious amoebic dysentery that caused damage to my small intestine. It is painful and sometimes draws blood to pass all the bulk.

    I love the green smoothie, how would you modify the recipe to greatly reduce the bulk but not the benefit?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Linas,

      Oh my gosh! That sounds horrible! Well I think you should see your doctor if there is a blood situation happening. That sounds really serious.

      To reduce the bulk in the situation you are in, you should use the same exact ingredients (minus the banana) and put them through a juicer and make a green juice, rather than a green smoothie. The juicer will strip the fiber and the bulk completely out of the drink. If you don’t have a juicer you can go to the health food store, one that hopefully has a nice juice bar (not like Jamba Juice!!), and instruct them that you want a green juice and tell them the ingredients you need…
      the nutrients will absorb easily and instantly into your body, which you really need, since you are haven’t been able to hold any food down.

      Feel better and let me know how you do!
      All my very best, Kimberly

  79. Hi Kimberly,

    I really enjoy the detox smoothie and I’m dying to try the glowing green smoothie but I’m one of those people whose palates don’t taste cilantro correctly (it tastes like incense smoke or Irish Spring soap to me). What is a fresh herb that I can use in replacement to cilantro in this recipe? Should I just double the parsley?


    • Hi Kera,
      Feel free to mix up the greens in the smoothie as much as you like! Yes, you can double the parsley, or just keep the recipe as it is and just omit the cilantro. Everyone’s taste is different, so feel free to make sure the green smoothie is suitable for your taste! You can also mix the romaine with spinach, red leave lettuce, etc. Be sure to keep the element of fruit and lemon though, or it will be really thick-tasting and sludge-like. 🙂

      Let me know how you do!
      All my best,

      • Thanks Kimberly,

        I have been doubling the parsley and it works great! This might be an odd question, but when you say “bunches” of parsley do you mean the leaves or the stems as well?


      • Hi Kera,
        I don’t worry too much about removing the stems…if the taste doesn’t bother you (as it would most people eating, if we weren’t blending), I saw keep them in! There is nutrition in the stems, and it will save time not to have to separate them. 🙂
        xx Kimberly

  80. […] and live a healthier life! There are tons of delicious looking recipes to get you started…her Ultimate Green Smoothie being one of my favorites! Kimberly has also developed her very own skin care product called The […]

  81. HI kimberly 🙂
    i wanted to ask u what ur thoughts are on soy lecithin and nutritional yeast as health foods
    i know they arent the best ,but should i be cautious
    cuz i really like the taste!!!!!

    • Hey there respectyomama,

      Great name! 🙂 Soy lecithin and nutritional yeast are great in moderation!! They are not technically raw, but are accepted in many schools of raw foodists. Nutritional yeast is a great source of protein, amino acids, and B vitamins. It is great to thicken salads, and I put it on my kale salads sometimes. Soy lecithin has wonderful benefits as well for the skin and the brain. It is great in certain recipes and deserts. Just try not to have more than 2 Tbs. or so a day of nutritional yeast…and the Kal brand is my favorite!
      Come visit me again soon here.

  82. Hello,

    Thanks for getting back to me! I just wanted to know if eating uncooked oats is OK? I noticed in a book they had them soaked in almond milk for breakfast. Also, do you have any recipes for garbonzos or lentils?



    • Hi Carolyn!

      I avoid grains myself, which are starchy, high glycemic and not as mineralizing as other food groups- like veggies, greens, nuts and seeds, etc.
      So I personally don’t eat uncooked oats. Instead, I would HIGHLY recommend raw chia seeds soaked in almond milk for breakfast (check out that blog). They are very high in Omega fats, minerals, fiber, etc.
      Same with garbonzos, lentils- I avoid them b/c they have the combo of protein and starch inherent in them, meaning they are very difficult to digest and will cause bloating. There are health benefits for sure, but I find that there are better sources of minerals and nutrition that I digest much better. (Plus you have to cook them so much!! No more enzymes).
      You should also check out my garbonzo/chickpea-less hummus recipe!
      xx Kimberly

  83. OK, I thought of something else to ask.. sorry! 🙂 What powders do you think are good to have? I know you use Spirulina, but can you list poders or liquid nutrients that you use?



    • Hi Carolyn,
      I use bee pollen (if you are not allergic), maca powder, spirulina, raw hemp protein, lecithin (which I add to certain smoothies).
      If you can get your hands on some E3 LIve that is the best liquid algae ever!

      I don’t recommend all those liquid juices fruit or green juices though- like mangosteen, goji, etc. They are ALL pasteurized, so heated up really high and therefore dead and lacking enzymes and a lot of digestible nutrients. I’d rather just go out and buy some goji berries and eat them whole!

      Let me know if you have another question!
      Have a great day,

  84. Great, thank you! I tried the green smoothie today and it was delicious!! I wanted to ask you about fat content… should I be using the seeds,nuts,oils sparingly to avoid weight gain?



    • Hi Carolyn!
      I would use as little cooked and processed fat as possible. Raw plants fats digest much more easily- like avocados, coconuts, etc. Don’t go overboard on the nuts and seeds, but if you sprout them first (look out for an upcoming post on this!), they will be much easier to digest. But good fat is so important and beautifying! So be sure to distinguish between the plant fats, and say butter, animal and dairy fat, etc- which are much harder to digest.

      Try not to combine fruits and nuts, so they both digest easier and leave the body.
      Let me know if you have any other questions!
      All my best,

  85. Hello,

    I am going to be on business in NYC and I was wondering if you could suggest any restaurants? Also, what are some good travel snacks/meals that I can bring with me?

    • Hi Carolyn!
      For an upscale restaurant try Pure Food and Wine. Their raw ice cream sundae is amazing!

      Also for travel snacks, check out my blog called, “Easy Travel Snacks!”

      All my best,

  86. I’m kind of at a state of confusion….i wish someone would get back to me.

  87. I just want to know…would you drink the green smoothie for breakfast or later in the day, and when would you drink the Detox smoothie? I’m so excited about trying these out but I feel overwhelmed and don'[t know where to start

    Thank you so much!!!

    • Hi Barbi-

      Start wtih the green smoothie first. Buy the ingredients for “My Glowing Green Smoothie”, and aim to have it for breakfast as often as possible. Every day would be ideal! But to start at least 3 times a week. You can vary the fruit and greens, but the recipe I supply is a good place to start. The lemon and banana cut through the green taste.
      Do this for 2 weeks, getting used to buying the ingredients and alloting time to make the smoothie and clean the blender, etc.
      Then, after that you can try making the Detox Smoothie every Sunday for the rest of the Spring.
      Try that!
      All my best,

  88. Hi–I am allergic to bananas—do you have a suggested substitution?

    • Hi Nancy- feel to put in more apples, or use a pear and an apple (which I like), peaches, etc.-whatever is seasonal! Greens combine well with all fruits (except melons).
      xx Kimberly

  89. […] raw, try sliding into it; Kim Snyder’s blog is a great place for advice and tips.  Have a Green Smoothie for breakfast every day, and start eliminating alcohol, dairy, processed foods, sugar, and animal […]

  90. Hi!
    I was just wondering if I can make this green smoothie in advance and freeze it into portions?

    • HI Melissa,
      Fresh is always best, but I understand that it is not feasible for some people to make the smoothie every single day. I usually make one whole blender-full, which lasts me 2 days, that I store in the fridge.
      If it keeps you on the plan- then definitely freeze away and consume your daily portions!
      I bet it will also taste good icy cold. 🙂
      All my best, Kimberly

  91. Hi Ebene!
    That is so great you are inspiring those around you to be healthy. 🙂 🙂

    To spice up your smoothies, why don’t you try mixing in different herbs- like cilantro (very yummy), parsley, etc. Also, different fruits like apples, oranges, pears, grapes, etc. mix great with the greens and add different kinds of taste.

    Here’s one you might like:
    – kale
    – dill
    – lime
    – garlic
    – a few sundried tomatoes

    Let me know how you do!
    Om Shanti

  92. Once again Kimberly,
    Thank you for your informative response. All my girlfriends are waiting for my review of the Solution to go and purchase their own. I am sure it won’t disappoint.

    I took note of the bananas “in moderation.” Between my daily green smoothie and my night dessert banana (with frozen fruit or with ginger and cinnamon) smoothies, I’ve been eating about 3-4 bananas a day.

    I thought about carrots because I already love them boiled with salt and pepper and was starting to feel that I needed to add to my smoothie arsenal which is currently alternatively comprised of lettuce, spinach and kale. I was looking to spice up my smoothies. I’ve been looking up raw food recipes, notwithstanding the fact that I do not have a dehydrator or a juicer (yet) and for more smoothie ideas.
    As per your recommendation, I bought bee pollen, nutritional yeast and powdered wheat grass. I’ve even inspired my (guy) friends and family members during Thanksgiving break to eat better and to purchase these supplements. It’s all thanks to you.

    And the pictures you posted today (12/2/08) are fabulous!


  93. Hi Ebene!
    Yay that you ordered The Solution!! I am confident you will really love it. 🙂

    I am so happy for you that you are making the effort to improve the quality of your life. That is so fantastic. When you feel better and have more nutrients and energy, everything improves!

    To be honest, I never, ever eat carrots. The carrots of today are highly hybridized- meaning they have been bred very far away from their original nutritional constitution, and can not survive without manmade help. They are also very highly glycemic and full of starch and fast-moving sugars. Not great for your skin and weight maintenance. Yes, they are high in beta carotene and Vitamin A, but there are better sources for these nutrients. Now, some of these properties could also be said of bananas- but when purchased organically, and used in moderation, they add texture and taste in ways that are not as easily replaceable as carrots.

    Please let me know any other questions you have.
    Again, thanks so much for stopping by!!
    Hope to see you soon.
    All my very best, Kimberly

  94. Thank you for your response Kimberly. I am glad you clarified the serving issue because I was forcing myself to drink it all. Oh well, more greens for me I guess.
    I was wondering if there is any way to incorporate carrots into smoothies (shredded maybe). All of the raw food recipes I’ve read seldom mention carrots.
    Oh, I ordered the Solution and am really excited to try it. Thanks to you and the information provided on this website, I am improving my quality of life.I have been diligently incorporating more greens, fruit, nuts and vegetables into my diet. Thank you!

  95. Hi Ebene,
    That’s great you are loving the green smoothie! Yes, feel free to substitute the greens and modify the taste. You can and should change it up. 🙂

    This is about 2 servings- as in 2 large glasses. I make it this way as it keeps for a day in the fridge, and so I don’t have to make it every single morning. But if you’d rather have it fresh every day, cut the serving in half.

    Hope to see you back soon!
    All my best, Kimberly 🙂

  96. I meant “filling.” 🙂

  97. I tried it and substituted the lettuce for spinach and added one more banana (the smell was killing me)…yummy and feeling. Thank you for an amazing website and great recipes. Can’t wait to read more.
    I was wondering if this recipe for one serving?

  98. Hi Holly- you’ll see that the green smoothie is really a variation of Dr. Wigmore’s concept of “energy soup.” Hers was made primarily with sprouts, apple, and avocado. So as not to waste any of the energy or integrity of each vegetable.
    I don’t have a wheatgrass juicer- but do buy fresh shots of it when I am in the Union Square farmer’s market sometimes.
    I also consume powdered wheatgrass juice daily (which I keep in my freezer)- which I do add to my green smoothies every day. It’s not the same as fresh of course, but I have to invest in a
    a wheatgrass juicer- which is difference from a normal juicer, and will be one of my next raw tools!

  99. Do you consume wheatgrass juice (suggested by Wigmore) and green smoothies?

  100. Hi Holly,
    Dr. Ann Wigmore is really the founder of the modern raw movement in the Western world, so I suggest reading any of her dissertations and writings.
    If you’re up for it, one of my favorite books is Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ CONSCIOUS EATING, though it is a whopping 700 pages! I also think GREEN FOR LIFE by Victoria Boutenko is a nice overview of the power of eating greens.
    Let me know how you do!

  101. Since reading your blog I have been reading more about raw food diets. Is there a book that you would suggest to start with or any other info you would suggest. Thanks

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